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  • hoodini's Avatar
    Today, 2:37 AM · 36 replies and 718 views.
    Looking for recommendation to further optimize PVE Cutter shields & boosters Currently have the following with maxed rolls: Prismatic reinforced + hicap , 6xHD+super cond' , 1xTR+TB , 1xRA+TB current: 9541MJ 51.3% Kintic 32.1% Thermal 59.4% explosive
  • geo30's Avatar
    Today, 2:37 AM · 109 replies and 2083 views.
    Let’s face it: you could destroy a thousand people’s ships and pirate a million units of gold or palladium and you wouldn’t be as bad by a millionth of a millionth degree, as a single celebrity that endorses a gambling website. Radix Maloreum et Cupidatas! o7
  • Havvk's Avatar
    Today, 2:36 AM · 50 replies and 534 views.
    Because I'm not "convinced" enough into the world of the game to be immersed. I can imagine all I want, but imagination is biased always in favor of the thinker. I want something that feels real, like the feeling you get in a great book. Elite could be treated in a similar manner, but it has many advantages as of late. We're using VR now, personally I would love to have the option of taking full advantage of one day.
  • SkyB's Avatar
    Today, 2:36 AM · 49 replies and 876 views.
    I disagree. There are a lot of ways for decent money to progress reasonably through the ship tiers. The problem is the lack of knowledge to these methods and the high learning curve. Also, many are not used to bgs sandbox games. They just are different and it's easy to get lost in unnecessary grind. You can even use filters to find a healty amount of HGEs. All I am missing is some progression in mission rewards facing escalaring costs of high end ships.. but that really is all. Oh, and I want to trade in Thargoid and Guardian materials at the manufactured and encoded trader. Except for the broker those are rather useless.
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 2:36 AM · 240 replies and 4037 views.
    That is nothing but a lie. As you would know if you actually bothered to check my post history (trolls are bad at actual research). Just in the last few days I agreed with biohazard15 about the need to overhaul military progression, I agreed with those who complained that Anarchy systems shouldn't be locking out wanted ships, & I agreed that ships that get killed by someone other than the commander should *not* count as murder, but as a higher level of assault....& there are numerous other occasions where I have made suggestions about where I think the game needs improving, & agreed with people who have a LEGITIMATE gripe. The OP's gripe is not legitimate, however, as he even admits to murdering a clean NPC....but now thinks he shouldn't face any consequences for that. Now go play some CoD, troll.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 2:35 AM · 38 replies and 281 views.
    Esa es la idea un poco, sip.
  • Hessfire's Avatar
    Today, 2:34 AM · 72 replies and 1071 views.
    ***Posted by auto-response macro*** As there have been a litany of "autopilot" an "fast-travel" threads, this response macro has been created to automate the process of responding appropriately: Anything that would effectively remove the act of flying one's spaceship, from a spaceship flying game - is inherently the result of someone not having done their homework into said game and its purchase. In the future, it is recommended that the individual responsible for the creation of this thread do their research (utilizing the forum search function) as they will find that these topics have been DEBATED TO DEATH. Thank you for your time and consideration...
  • Demascus's Avatar
    Today, 2:33 AM · 5 replies and 0 views.
    How ever Smashing and destroying the occupied escape pod with your ship is perfectly legal.
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 2:33 AM · 2 replies and 28 views.
    metatheurgist replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.0.3 Horizons] Fitted module not able to store. in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    I'm going to take a stab at this. On your first picture I note your DBX appears to have a minimum mass of 450T. The maximum mass of 4E thrusters is 420T. When you store a module you are automatically sold a E class version of that module unless it is incapable of being used on your ship. Unlike others, this is actually an area of ED that requires improvement and could use a message stating exactly that. So try storing your other modules first until your ship mass comes under 420T.
  • PanTast's Avatar
    Today, 2:33 AM · 50 replies and 534 views.
    Thx man :D
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Today, 2:32 AM · 4 replies and 34 views.
    Ok, thanks Cmdrs!
  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 2:32 AM · 11 replies and 115 views.
    Mission generated NPCs are based on the mission rank (well the equivalent level combat rank) there will be some random in there but not much. Random NPC encounters are based on your combat rank with a potential 1 or 2 level boost to the NPCs rank if your combat rank is much below your highest rank. So yes an Elite level explorer or trader with no combat rank and skills is likely to be in for a bad time. Missions are there as a challenge not an easy income source.
  • Merkir's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM · 35 replies and 526 views.
    Subscribed for the lulz... just to see a 21% antimony planet. (Well, it can't be as bizarre as Mitterand Hollow after all).
  • SkyB's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM · 12 replies and 574 views.
    And then the fixed weapon police came to ruin all that fun.
  • SP_Predicador's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 AM · 38 replies and 281 views.
    Confio en la capacidad lectora de mis compañeros foreros para que aprecien la enfrentada finalidad de tus dos argumentos, el de entonces y el de ahora. El tema es el valor que se le de a los datos oficiosos. Si no hay datos oficiales, que queda? Cifras de ventas? tenemos datos de cuantos jugadores dejan de jugar por los que entran? los nuevos en que modos juegan? como cambian de modos? no hay en absoluto métricas. Glorioso steam como fuente alternativa fiable aunque limitada a lo que le interesa a Valve. Así que humildemente, solo queda volver a siglos atrás, y observar la naturaleza, seguir los foros, los cambios de política del desarrollador, los contenidos anunciados, etc. Que su valor es escaso y frágil. Por supuesto. Pero ya es mayor que un uso deshonesto de las encuestas de fans.
  • Red River's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 AM · 12 replies and 574 views.
    yeah they only seem to use chaff when a player shoots them. as soon as I use fixed weapons everybody suddenly stops using it even if I don't engage and watch security fighting.. odd and wish it was just more random. same with everything else.
  • OnTheMinute's Avatar
    Today, 2:29 AM · 50 replies and 534 views.
    Bro you have the gift! Help me spread the plague of enjoyment and infect the minds of those who say things like "im leaving elite"
    Today, 2:29 AM · 47 replies and 2085 views.
    I would find hunting grounds where the D mass systems in a cube are greater than 5-6000, having that many helps the averages work in your favor. If you haven't had decent results in the first 500..pack up and leave. Doing the IN-B subsector, I had 2 bad stretches, the 3000's and the 7000's, averages for those dropped to like 1 in 80, still better than blindly finding them cruising along, but I knew the 9000's were gonna be good, because I had already had a sampling of them as intermediate jumps lower in the sequence. I also prefer hunting right on the galactic plane, along the edges of the sector. On the original cubes, CMDR Frost was right above me, but we were in different 'E" parent cubes, the only major difference in our finds, were he had alot better luck with A7's than I did...actually they were his best producer. ZUNOU GS-B ZUNOU IN-B Also...although F0's are one of the best producers, skip over F0 VZ's and save yourself the trouble of a wasted jump.
  • SkyB's Avatar
    Today, 2:28 AM · 45 replies and 1197 views.
    I really don't like Imperial ships except for the Courier - but in all black then - because of the nice canopy. Also, I thought Viper III might be a decent racing ship due to high base speed. Immediately sold it for that amazingly ugly cockpit.. which Delacy seems to fail quite often. Then I decided racing aint for me.
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