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  • CmdrIsaacVoidbearer's Avatar
    Today, 2:07 PM · 32 replies and 984 views.
    weighs* should be an edit comment option... or I could read what I write first.
  • mephisto9466's Avatar
    Today, 2:06 PM · 14 replies and 56 views.
    also tell me how to set the CPU priority to high and how to disable the ASW?
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 2:06 PM · 2480 replies and 56598 views.
    I just read your thread and there was only a single person who said that.
  • Morbad's Avatar
    Today, 2:06 PM · 21 replies and 485 views.
    I consider being flagged as a top 1% uploader by my ISP for wasting 'their' bandwidth success enough. No one even has to watch my streams.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 PM · 14 replies and 56 views.
    or supersampling with that gpu. (I use it with my (heavily overclocked) 1080ti but did not go near it with my gtx 980.... with my 980 with VR medium it was more than playable but still used ASW from time to time even without super sampling)
  • Garud's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 PM · 21 replies and 485 views.
    Threads like these makes me lose hope in the collective intelligence of humanity. 1. As StaurtGT and Shadowdancer said, "Watching people making idle conversation while playing a game" is the whole point of game streaming. 2. You are not forced to watch the stream 3. It is repeatedly being told that these streams as well as the upcoming Frontier Xtra stream are not feature announcement stream. 4. FDev caters to a lot of gamers and I believe many like these kind of streams. I personally don't (surprise!) but unless we figure out how to handle multiple realities things like these will continue happening. At least people will have a choice to not watch. I am pretty sure similar threads will pop up starting Friday after the stream.
  • Godnamedthor's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 PM · 8 replies and 136 views.
    Alright then...
  • MarcWP's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 PM · 28 replies and 897 views.
    Hmmm... I don't agree with that at all. I've seen numerous paintings and pictures in black and white that are way more creative and beautiful than most paintings and pics with color... So I don't follow here.
  • sorearm's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 PM · 32 replies and 984 views.
    sorearm replied to a thread Update Update 3.3.05 in Patch Notes & Server Status
    Thanks for the quick update, a few of my fellow players had commented on this bug crash o7 CMDRs
  • vonBrumi's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 PM · 166 replies and 4740 views.
    That's the problem. No one can go bankrupt here, because this game is so padded and treats players like 5 y olds who are always given some more in their first Monopoly game. We are not 5 year olds. Every entity should have its resources at least partly limited. UC, for example, could have a state subsidy for catalogueing valuable planets and systems, and pay the pilots from that. They could also make money by selling their data to CMDRs for a fee. Say, I'm on a long trip, damaged, and need directions to the nearest base. Or I need to know where the next scoopable is. Let me have it for like a mil. Also points of interests on surfaces. Same with minerals and all - X had it partly covered, weapons were made from components which took raw materials to make, which in turn required energy. You could not dump a trainload of silicon anywhere unless there was some end user present. But you could make a nice sum taking it where demand has risen due to a new factory. I don't know for sure, but suspect that...
  • Darth-Vader's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 PM · 32 replies and 984 views.
    Darth-Vader replied to a thread Update Update 3.3.05 in Patch Notes & Server Status
    I sent 4 within 4 minutes. Decided to read instead!
  • MarcWP's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 PM · 28 replies and 897 views.
    "the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness." Yes, it is. You take something and creates something new and better. It's exactly what it is.
  • Nutter's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 PM · 28 replies and 631 views.
    SRV is good - dismiss your ship ASAP. If you don't this happens - watch from 9:32 in..
  • discocat's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 PM · 21 replies and 485 views.
    Watching a stream of someone playing a game is like when you were little and watched friends playing games you don't like to play but like to watch them play. Unless you never did that, in which case too bad for you I guess ? Anyway, have a nice day :)
  • Cmdr Quit's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 PM · 11 replies and 152 views.
    I'm on PC. When I go to 'Ranks and Reputation' on Inara, and choose 'Import Frontier Data', I get to see this: However, my repuation with minor NPC factions doesn't show up:
  • Mardante's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 PM · 32 replies and 984 views.
    Mardante replied to a thread Update Update 3.3.05 in Patch Notes & Server Status
    I would have loved it if they could fly thru them instead of crashing into them and wasting another limpet. Also I would love it that they wouldn`t crash into the underside of my ASP X...
  • lallasro's Avatar
    Today, 2:02 PM · 32 replies and 984 views.
    lallasro replied to a thread Update Update 3.3.05 in Patch Notes & Server Status
    what about the BGS?
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    Today, 2:02 PM · 21 replies and 485 views.
    The streaming culture revolves around the personalities. It's not the games, it's the show the streamers put on. The vast majority of streamers aren't succesful, only those that are entertaining by themselves are. And with regards to Frontier's casual streams: I don't think anybody is going to accuse Will (or even Ed before him) of having an exuberant personality on camera that could entertain us while watching him play. I never missed a stream back when Sandro regularly showed up to discuss upcoming changes, but I don't quite see the point of these 'getting in touch with the community' streams. There is no information being shared, and I think staying involved with the community can be done equally well via the forums and reddit where you guys don't need to look awkward on camera.
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