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  • fu9ar's Avatar
    Today, 4:20 AM · 30 replies and 476 views.
    I don't think tutorials should go into patch notes... That makes no sense. On a scale of 0 to Doomed where are we now?
  • BlackSpaceCowboy's Avatar
    Today, 4:20 AM · 73 replies and 1702 views.
    +1 Useless feature. Yay, we can scan boring Guaradian ruins on a barren planet WITH an atmosphere. That's makes it so different.
  • cmdr milesred's Avatar
    Today, 4:18 AM · 170 replies and 10726 views.
    The 'Fix' is that your targets will now spawn in specific Mission related USS's. It works fine for completing the missions, its just that the ability to pick your hunting ground from say a res of whatever type or a cnb or via interdicting is still broken. And even though this might not matter to many players, as I previously stated, it does matter to me. Destroying the wanted mission related Pirate targets in anything other than a haz res or a cnb will damage your rep with that faction...for me this is undesirable and so to me the process to complete missions is still very broken.
  • Sweet&Dandy's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 AM · 100 replies and 3325 views.
    Damn that would be cool!
  • Madrax573's Avatar
    Today, 4:15 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    So open is this great big murder fest that everyone freaks out about and whine about how much they all get killed every five seconds.... In the local lingo - YEAH NAH! Honestly I've refrained from getting into PvP in ED as some of the stuff that is being spruked is pretty off putting (I've been an EvE PvP'er for over a decade before come to ED so I have think skin) but the call was too much. So I went out and engineered my murderbrick (Keelback of course) and started looking for people (no not PvP hub and those types as that's not my thing) and after hunting around the CG for hours I've come to the conclusion that the amount of wine generated about PvP is seriously out of proportion...... The only fights I had are with friends etc, are people really that scared of my little KB?!?!? So yeah. no sympathy for the whiners from me from now on. Not that I cared that much just felt the need to comment on my observations thats all. :)
  • Pinda Gupta's Avatar
    Today, 4:08 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I've decided that I'm interested in seeing comparisons of celestial objects in this game. It's often hard to wrap our heads around enormous numbers or explanations that have no context; thus, I wanted to start this thread to allow anyone to post a comparison of two objects. This comparison can show anything -- size, brightness, color, temperature, you name it. I'll kick it off with a size comparison. I've just discovered a system which allows a unique demonstration of the enormous size of Blue Supergiants. On the left, there is a Blue Supergiant sporting a radius of 485.265 solar radii, while the right features an O-class star (which are already known to be large!) with 6.149 solar radii -- both exactly 4,655 light seconds away (approximately the distance from the Sun to Saturn). Hopefully, this is the kind of thing that explorers can be on the lookout for, because finding just the right system to actually showcase these differences can be a challenge. Please feel free to post your own...
  • Lex Fernetti's Avatar
    Today, 4:05 AM · 12 replies and 434 views.
    Honestly, after remembering 1984 Elite and then looking at what Elite has become now.... a way for kids to get known on the internet and show their insecurities and frustration... How depressing
  • Eve Stargaze's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 AM · 7 replies and 187 views.
    Eve Stargaze replied to a thread Dinosaurs Breeding in Ideas & Feature Requests
    Yeah by no means do I think this should be a priority, back burner stuff completely. But the social and population limits would be only troublesome with the stegos family tree, ankylo family tree and triceratops Family tree. All those dinosaurs fight to the death when social or population limits are exceeded. Liked the feedback keep em coming!
  • Flowey's Avatar
    Today, 4:03 AM · 284 replies and 4305 views.
    Flowey replied to a thread In defense of murder (in game) in PvP
    Jesus crist, the OPs first encounter with the victim is question is more akin to a pirate raid since asking a player to stop or otherwise blow it up is the modus operandi of ED pirates. Is that clear enough?
  • BPR Birdman's Avatar
    Today, 4:02 AM · 30 replies and 476 views.
    Make sure you put all the commodities on the ignore list before you deploy your limpets, otherwise everything in the instance will turn on you and these are very tough ships.
  • Morbad's Avatar
    Today, 3:54 AM · 284 replies and 4305 views.
    Morbad replied to a thread In defense of murder (in game) in PvP
    Probably because you were playing a cooperative game where all the PCs were members of the same party. Some PC vs. PC hostility, even the occasional violent confrontation, might be expected, tolerated, but characters that are not compatible with each other won't make for a sustainable party dynamic. The ED equivalent to a party is a wing, not a mode. I wouldn't have my CMDR wing with someone I knew would be hostile (except as a means of confronting them), but getting bent out of shape because another player had their CMDR be hostile to your CMDR is little different than being angry at the GM in a tabletop RPG when they get killed by an NPC, or angry at another player for what their character does in a competitive scenario. As for bullying, there is no bullying tolerated between players in my tabletop RPGs, but everyone expects a fair portion of those characters with in-game power to use it to get their way, and most players are are just as willing to have their PCs use the implication or show of force...
  • Florenus's Avatar
    Today, 3:53 AM · 284 replies and 4305 views.
    sorry, I'm correcting it now: bully=no, because it's not comparable to actual bully space pirate=yes, because it is comparable to space pirate that doesn't even exist Let's just agree that we have no way of understanding eachother.
  • galaxias's Avatar
    Today, 3:51 AM · 73 replies and 1702 views.
    Opposite, as soon as I posted it came back up! :D
  • Kelriel's Avatar
    Today, 3:50 AM · 56 replies and 1461 views.
    Probably because Fdev still hasn't answer what we've asked for so we have to keep pushing it and make it heard?
  • mastermaniac's Avatar
    Today, 3:47 AM · 73 replies and 1020 views.
    I guess while we're at it: Practical applications of VR? What's the point? You just look around. Practical applications of freelook, for that matter? Why? All you need is right there, at your camera's zero position. Practical applications of GalNet? What do you do with it? How's it gameplay? It's all superfluous. Why not remove it? Practical applications of guns and shooting? What's the point? You might as well just teleport from Point A to Point B. Everything in between is fluff, anyway. People want to walk around in their ships, people. It's not that hard to grasp. Star Citizen made millions on that concept alone. Try not to swallow your tongues or anything. The vast majority of us would be happy with walkable ship interiors until the meaty stuff gets developed in the future.
  • Flowey's Avatar
    Today, 3:46 AM · 284 replies and 4305 views.
    Flowey replied to a thread In defense of murder (in game) in PvP
    Do I really need to say that I meant a space pirate that doesn't even exist? Also, you know that's not the reason why I think the OP isn't a bully, it doesn't even fit in your short sighted diccionary definition.
  • Demascus's Avatar
    Today, 3:45 AM · 100 replies and 3325 views.
    Surprise is not always a good thing....
  • AndrewA's Avatar
    Today, 3:42 AM · 1 replies and 41 views.
    AndrewA replied to a thread Raxxla in Groups / Recruitment
    Скажем так, что и сейчас на атмосферную планету сесть нельзя. Поэтому если она и есть, то точно на планете с атмосферой.
  • SharkBiscuit's Avatar
    Today, 3:41 AM · 111 replies and 5573 views.
    Hi all. Can someone with the VPC Constellation DELTA Grip on the WarBRD base please tell me the total height of the combo & the grip by itself? I'm curious just how big the grip is, plus how tall it'd sit if you just sat it on a desk (or some other arrangement, besides the full-on Desk Mount) As for comfort, does reaching the HAT controls require adjusting your own grip much, or is it pretty much at effortless thumbs reach? (i consider myself to have big hands, but I could not get used to the size of the x56. not wanting to offend anyone here, but i found the x56 ergonomics awful. made for giants?)
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