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  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Today, 5:46 AM · 33 replies and 599 views.
    It would be closer to accurate, though, Current it seems like a random number. I'd be curious to see the internals of ships, though. Perhaps the Anaconda is a big hollow tube that's be styled a bit... Z...
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 AM · 33 replies and 599 views.
    You can't work out the mass from a volume in a space ship. It's not a block of a homogeneous material where you could just put a volume and density into a formula. A ship can be more or less hollow, depending on her purpose and the bulkheads and hull armour can be of a various thickness. For example Dropship and AspX are basically of a same size, but dropship simply has the armour twice as thick, so she's twice as heavy. That being said, I do agree that generally the masses of several ships are way off. This is an artificial problem Frontier "created" for (or rather against) themselves. The modules have their given performance (generally, too, but now I'm talking specifically about thrusters and FSD) and FD can't do anything with them. If they did, they would throw all the ships that use said class of module off balance. The only way they can "balance" a ship to their intentions is by adding and subtracting mass.
  • Manticore's Avatar
    Today, 5:44 AM · 5 replies and 110 views.
    There's nothing wrong with good ink. Thread of the week.
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Today, 5:43 AM · 25 replies and 506 views.
    Yaffle replied to a thread Challenge excepted! in Xbox One
  • Plaxinov's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 885 replies and 20452 views.
    people's 'patience' with this puddle-deep title will come to an abrupt end sooner than you think.
  • Gunnet's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 5 replies and 110 views.
    Yes please. I'll have the same thing for ship skins while they're at it :D Love the artwork too.
  • Limoncello Lizard's Avatar
    Today, 5:40 AM · 3 replies and 29 views.
    Exactly. It did work, as it was possible to get most things. There were a few rare items that I don't think were ever offered, such as yttrium. This is fine for a few. Now I don't even bother looking at the material rewards, as it's always the same things.
  • Gunnet's Avatar
    Today, 5:38 AM · 9 replies and 103 views.
    On one hand, it makes perfect sense that you should be able to send a ship from anywhere to anywhere rather than just from anywhere to your current location. On the other hand, it borders upon being instant transfer by any other name.
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 AM · 31 replies and 723 views.
    Do you really have to ask this? It's a bounty payout for multicrew combat activities. You don't overwhelm your target with rare goods or scan them into submission, you blow them up. Your other ranks are completely irrelevant for combat duties. Tying multicrew bounty payouts to the player's combat rank is one of the best decisions FD has made in terms of game balance. Allowing them to gain combat rank by participating in multicrew makes this even better because in theory they can level their combat rank through those same mutlicrew combat activities.
  • Morbad's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 AM · 2063 replies and 105270 views.
    Yes, ammunition was a limiting factor, which was a key balancing factor. Now that those limits have been undermined, there are more problems. I agree that the original limits were too low (eleven shots on a railgun in particular), but I still think the current levels are too high for some. I can't remember the last time I ran out of railgun ammunition in one encounter since the increase to 81 shots. Frag cannon are specialized big ship killers. Increasing their ammo pool has made it impossible for large ships to go toe to toe with a frag heavy setup (unless you pack adequate frags of your own, are part of a regen wing, or have kinetic resistant shields and boosters) but done next to nothing to make them useful against other ships. They used to be specialized hull/module killers, only used sparingly, and almost always used in conjunction with other weapons.
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 5:32 AM · 22 replies and 548 views.
    If they ever come back, they're in for a nasty surprise. :D
  • space voyager's Avatar
    Today, 5:28 AM · 178 replies and 5515 views.
    Why don't you people add your ideas about the exploration missions you'd like to see?
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Today, 5:27 AM · 33 replies and 599 views.
    I nail 44-45 sec/jump with my AspX constantly. It's not even a contest. 6A fuel scoop. Having said that, it depends how much fuel a DBX uses/jump. I may have to set up a DBX and do my own tests. Also, it's far more complex than this test makes out. This test assumes there will always be a star at the max jump distance (there won't, unless you're in the core). Having said that, for 5T of fuel, it takes the DBX 2.9s/T, and the Asp takes 1.12s/T. this would work out to about 9 seconds per jump (assuming 5T used/jump). Though, let's call it 7 seconds, as this calculations don't take into account the spool time. 7 seconds is a fair chunk. Regardless, I may give this an actual practical test myself, I've times my jumps at an average of 45s/jump for my AspX many times, I'll have to set up a DBX and give it a run, too...
  • fus roh potato's Avatar
    Today, 5:26 AM
    Right now it sits at 3.0 degrees. The chances of hitting a mid-sized combat ship within 200m is 100%. That's the only range where it's damage buff comes to benefit the user. Once the ship is 600m away, the accuracy falls to 50% making it impractical. The only way to keep accuracy high enough to take advantage of the mod is by using a very small ship against a very big ship, like a DBS vs the big 3. However, with hull hardness coming in even stronger to weaken small ships, there won't be any point. A thermal weapon with a focused mod will do more damage. I'd like to see the jitter reduced such that it would at least be useful within a 600m range. That alone is hard enough to maintain. I think 1.5 degrees would do it. PLZ
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  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 520 replies and 10892 views.
    With efficient scooping (Diamondbacks need not apply), around 45 seconds from jump to jump has been my experience.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 5:23 AM · 5 replies and 110 views.
    This is not mine. Pic comes from the EDC Facebook group. Full rep to this bloke for going hard. If my skin was cherry, I'd probably be snobby about it too - but my skin has a little ink. I see my own tattoos as the high tide marks left by youthful 'research' into mysticism, rationality and the occult. AKA witchy girls, hard drugs and some of the most dire punk rock you ever avoided.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 AM · 89 replies and 5046 views.
    Nice art, but I have no reason to believe it will ever look like that in-game.
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