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  • C64F's Avatar
    Today, 5:32 AM · 12 replies and 297 views.
    C64F replied to a thread Selling exploration data? in Exploration
    I love watching all those new discoveries registrering. I usually fetch a cup of coffee and something sweet while I watch it. It’s soothing somehow. Yes, I am strange - I know :o .
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Today, 5:32 AM · 42 replies and 1135 views.
    Or... Hit boost at the letterbox when entering a station. A 700+m/s small ship is a good start. Then let the naysayers tell us how "slow" everything is... Z...
  • Ulaidian's Avatar
    Today, 5:29 AM · 9219 replies and 844294 views.
    So how do you actually make a mf?
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:28 AM · 26 replies and 1561 views.
    Cue twilight zone music!
  • Martian Successor's Avatar
    Today, 5:27 AM · 8 replies and 144 views.
    Phasing sequence bleeds some damage directly to the hull but it doesn't hit modules for example. You'll be causing them the hassle of having to repair their hull eventually but you won't be doing them a serious amount of damage at all. It's definitely a harrasser tactic, which is what you're looking for but keep in mind most opponents will have chaff and they'll have your shields down before you can really bother them as the phasing sequence effect lowers your overall damage. Loadout-wise for the Vulture: - Shields I would recommend Bi-weave shields with a Thermal resistance mod to balance out the resistances and roll for a bonus to either broken recharge rate or active regen rate. The Vulture is a nimble fighter rather than a shield tanker, it's like a mini-FAS. It has a tough hull and plays well to being able to avoid fire and tank a little while your shields come back up, which essentially gives you a small rechargeable health pool. - Armour Reactive with a thermal resistance mod. Mod the hull...
  • ChipStar65's Avatar
    Today, 5:25 AM · 21 replies and 1644 views.
    Another Tip: Consider setting up an "Escape Route" for a quick getaway if you happen to clip a friendly. That's easier than you may think as as lot of the pilots I've been fighting have used ECM, which sets your hardpoint aim a-wandering crazy-like, and the security forces often like to get in close for their chops. Check Navigation for your getaway options, but be aware a number of the closest systems are allied with the CG sponsor so you'll be Wanted there as well, so choose wisely.
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 5:25 AM · 42 replies and 1135 views.
    Apart from everything that has been said before, very few of us actually get to fly low over the landscape in vehicles travelling at in game speeds, videos on the internet don't convey anything like the actual experience, so I would really doubt my own ability to judge based on videos. Here's a test, trying flying at a cliff 300 metres up and pull up at the last moment, then do the same a few metres above the ground, there's a definite brown pants moment there somewhere. Disclaimer, never try this in real life!
  • znôrt's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 162 replies and 2333 views.
    not really. that menu log is endorsed by frontier is beyond doubt. it still is nothing but a weak attempt at handwaving the cl issue away, and it's also common knowledge that frontier does nothing about ilegitimate combat log, which makes the difference between both scenarios even more irrelevant. it's just a technicality. 5/1 refers to an exploit that allowed to get g5 rolls at the cost of g1 materials. frontier's response was removing all g5 rolls of the same type of any detected fraudulent g5 roll, on all ships, which removed all cheats but also some legit ones. my take is that this was just because of the extent to which their diagnostic method allowed narrowing the offending modules down. some considered this lenient (i do), but it's debatable. the thing is that frontier had been aware of the issue for months, didn't patch it and did nothing to prevent it from being exploited, and only reacted after it was made public and the crap hit the fan. they weren't in a good position to set an example, it...
  • damon8r351's Avatar
    Today, 5:23 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    damon8r351 replied to a thread Exploration CGs??? in Exploration
    I...didn't even know these sort of things existed. I thought your choice was either shoot things or deliver things. Yes, we need more exploration CGs. Please make it happen Fdev.
  • Vistitor010100's Avatar
    Today, 5:23 AM · 2499 replies and 259249 views.
    Capture the Flag- Mission?
  • mtt9999's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 AM
    mtt9999 started a thread Exploration CGs??? in Exploration
    Hey everyone. When was the last exploration CG? Are there any plans in the future? It sure seems like there has not been an exploration CG in a VERY long time... perhaps the Abandoned Settlement CG in November 3302??? Is this a purposeful policy of Fdev? The reason I ask is that me and my trusty Type-6 'The Summanus' have just returned from the 3-1/2 month Norma Mission. I am in Shinrarta Dezhra and pondering what to do with my data. I already have all the bubble permits, so the only reason I would hop around is to be allied with the Alliance factions (allied / alliance... hmmm...). My thought is I could just hang out for a week or two and wait to see if there will be an upcoming exploration CGs, but I feel that might be futile - there have not been any for a long time correct? Here I am after just arriving back. Btw, I just love this picture because the paint on the front of my type-6 is incredible... completely worn off with only black hull remaining!
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  • Narfiam's Avatar
    Today, 5:20 AM · 80 replies and 2773 views.
    Si ahora no basta con que te destruyan la nave para que te quiten la recompensa, cómo se hace entonces?
  • Rafe Zetter's Avatar
    Today, 5:15 AM · 28 replies and 544 views.
    Andrak - really? is that what you took from that? You've just proven to us all how shallow and limited you are as a person. Don't expect people to take YOU seriously from now on. Do you know Jasonbirder? Is english his primary language? Even if it yours isn't, levels of education / intelligence and good written and language skills DO NOT go hand in hand. I'm not even going to report your post, because I want people to see you for whom you really are. "it is better to be considered a fool, than to opens one's mouth and remove all doubt"
  • Adhock's Avatar
    Today, 5:14 AM · 74 replies and 1791 views.
    Sorry. Just felt like it was needed. High Tech aren't producers of ships because what you're mostly buying are ship frames with basic parts. Mass production of such things is usually done on assembly lines. AKA the Industrial Sector. *points to the Industrial Station Economy* Ultimately you're going to find a much larger selection of ships in the Industrial Economy because that's where they roll off the mass production lines. High Techs on the other hand are those with advanced Technology and therefore the production of such. Therefore High Techs are going to find an abundance of things like advanced Electronics and modules.
  • DaedalusVar's Avatar
    Today, 5:13 AM · 272 replies and 5544 views.
    The grind is inconsistent, so one month it will be easy to make money then they kill that way and you're stuck till you find the next. 1 month ago i decided to just get the money grind out of the way and enjoy the game. So i went from a meager 1bil and under to 15bil in about a month. Almost there.
  • damon8r351's Avatar
    Today, 5:12 AM · 5 replies and 38 views.
    Krait's roughly the same size as the Keelback then. If it has adequate enough slots, I may use it to replace my SLF-escorted Keelback miner.
  • Yushiro's Avatar
    Today, 5:10 AM · 49 replies and 3376 views.
    Yushiro replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Simbad Regime Campaign (Trade) in Community Goals
    This CG is certainly different than the last trade CG a few weeks ago - I've had to switch supply stations a number of times to keep my racks full. Although I have a larger capacity now, I never had any issues last time. Either many more CMDRs are participating right now, or the supplies are more accurately reflecting how much is being bought/sold. Either way, it's a bit more of a hunt this time around!
  • DaedalusVar's Avatar
    Today, 5:09 AM · 272 replies and 5544 views.
    I find that the people that claim they don't need all this money are the people that never see a rebuy screen, it's not because they are a "good pilot" but because they combat log. Any little situation regardless of it being NPC or Player they instantly log to avoid having to pay. On a regular PvP day i'll go through 200-400mil credits. You go make that in the so called legit way with the broken mission board. I'm sorry that some of you play this game for life but I play this game for fun. I don't have hours to spend in front of the computer to grind for one rebuy then go grind for a day or two for another rebuy.
  • Rafe Zetter's Avatar
    Today, 5:08 AM · 28 replies and 544 views.
    part of this comes down to the lack of roles FDev has been willign to assign - in the "balancing of what a player can do in what ship - or lack thereof" they have broken everything else. Sideys shoudl be "training wheels ships" and NOTHING MORE, something to get OUT OF at your earliest possible opportunity. Jump range limited to "the bottom of my garden" - I'm not familiar with the starting systems jump ranges but within that small locale. And scale up from that with additions and reductions accordingly - with the big three not necessarily being able to match the JR of the so called "explorations ships". Same for cargo capacities and everything else. I know people don't want ED to become EO with cockpits, but as you add more ships you MUST set them a role with the stats to prove it - or see some of them forever ignored - and there must NEVER be a ship that is so close to "perfect at everything when engineered" that to fly anything else only comes down to a player WANTING to have limitations.
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