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  • dayrth's Avatar
    Today, 4:47 PM · 33 replies and 309 views.
    This is true. At least it was for me. When I was down and could see nothing worth trying for I would boil an egg (really, I like soft boiled eggs). I would get a pan of water boiling, get the plate spoon and egg cup ready. Have some bread buttered and cut into soldiers. Then I would carefully time the egg. Sit myself up to the table and enjoy the fruits of a job well done. It's a very small thing but it brought a bit of light in to a dark day. That helped me a lot. A friend of mine used to do something similar with rolling the perfect cigarette. Just find something small you can do. Something you enjoy. Concentrate on doing it will and be proud of the results. It's worth a go and if it doesn't work, you've lost nothing. :)
  • ozrix84's Avatar
    Today, 4:46 PM · 175 replies and 5675 views.
    Sounds more like just a reference to that other game to me.
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 4:44 PM · 23 replies and 464 views.
    Don't look at it then. The majority of bugs most people don't encounter or even notice unless you go looking for them. Look at any other large MMO an it will be also be filled with bug reports. This is not a defence of FDev, just saying that is isn't that much different to a lot of other games. More like this:
  • Sylow's Avatar
    Today, 4:44 PM · 91 replies and 3906 views.
    I also am not hyped too much by this. . The news that an update is coming, but between a plain text e-mail and this trailer, I'd pick the former. It would've been better if the time invested into this trailer would've been spend in a more productive way. (e.g. playing Tetris. ) .
  • Aaron T's Avatar
    Today, 4:43 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Pemepatung. They are there right now. The Acropolis mega ship is in Magek right now so there should be some there, but a friend was not finding any there. Usually you can fo to stations in and under station types filter for megaships, then go to where the Acropolis is and you will find them. Good luck.
  • Frankymole's Avatar
    Today, 4:42 PM · 5 replies and 106 views.
    Sounds like a great idea! I'd love that new level of communication.
  • Krash's Avatar
    Today, 4:42 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    Practice on Guardian sentinels. Turret and Pip management. 4-0-2, when under attack; 2-0-4 when firing. Using the brakes to prevent getting flipped. Once you can take out sentinels, skimmers are easy peasy.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 4:41 PM · 10 replies and 261 views.
    Nah, it's just an all around misplaced and silly premise in the first place. This isn't really that kind of software, and Frontier use their own procedures, workflows, and release targets toward their own ends. Might as well have a suggestion about driving on the left or right side of the road because you happen to think you might like one of the views more during your commute.
  • MickyG1982's Avatar
    Today, 4:41 PM · 10 replies and 261 views.
    Really? I don't think I have any games in my steam collection that gets updated daily. The only game I regularly play that actually has "nightly" updates is OpenTTD, and a lot of those updates can completely Bork your game...
  • Sylow's Avatar
    Today, 4:40 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Sounds good. Very unlikely that we'll still get this for the existing ships still. It would require reworking all of them. But it's an awesome idea for future ships. .
  • SmartBase's Avatar
    Today, 4:40 PM · 563 replies and 11344 views.
    It's honestly pretty poor design, there is zero skill involved. There could be any number of minigames to jump further and get at least some kind of risk and reward for the most tedious part of the game.
  • sidereal6's Avatar
    Today, 4:38 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    The way ship kits currently work is that they are entirely additive, obviously - that means you can add something to the ship's model, but you can't take anything away. Suggestion: the next ship that FDev designs should have a "default" ship kit that the player cannot remove - it can only be replaced by a different ship kit. This would allow FDev to create ship kits that appear to remove parts of the ship. Here's what I mean: Here's how ship kits currently work - the base model has wings, and the ship kits (shown in orange) can only add additional parts to the ship. And here's what I'm suggesting - the base model doesn't really have wings. What it has is a default ship kit that a player cannot remove. Instead, when the player buys a ship kit, that kit replaces the default one. In this way, it would be possible to have ship kits that appear to remove portions of the ship. Basically, it would just give a little additional freedom to the kit designers.
  • Lori Jameson's Avatar
    Today, 4:38 PM · 134 replies and 10656 views.
    I'll bring a sizable credit balance with a detailed description (in Guardian) of my intent. Hopefully I'll make off with a new ship and a rather unique crew member.
  • CARDAR's Avatar
    Today, 4:37 PM · 192 replies and 6811 views.
    Emmm, O_o lo que digas... XD
  • Lightspeed's Avatar
    Today, 4:36 PM · 21 replies and 704 views.
    That's a beauty for the T-10 also ! Probably too complicated, but I'd love to know where all the hardpoints and utility points are located also.
  • Misaniovent's Avatar
    Today, 4:34 PM · 51 replies and 1307 views.
    A huge disappointment and gameplay loss, as these locations are often very cool. I'd love a reason to visit them that doesn't require us to commit crimes.
  • Navynuke99's Avatar
    Today, 4:33 PM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    If you're at an installation, find a corner or some kind of cover to hide in- that way you can only be fired on from a limited arc. Makes it easier to force the incoming skimmers to group up on you and it's faster to shoot them down. Also limits the number of turrets that can come to fire on you as well.
  • Vasco Sapien's Avatar
    Today, 4:33 PM · 33 replies and 309 views.
    Im not saying that you are lazy..... (thats just how the video is titled)... but this does apply to motiviation in general. watch the video and give it a try. Im sure everything suggested here in this thread will sound like patronising advice from an unfamiliar source, each with no idea what you are really feeling or going through... which is why its up to you to cherry pick what makes sense from what is offered and mash it together. I personally have used the ideas in the video below and its worked for me.
  • MadDogMurdock's Avatar
    Today, 4:33 PM · 32 replies and 646 views.
    Seems like an odd character limitation to have in this day and age. I'm calling it like it is - NÖÖB coding
  • CMDR CPT Boris's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 PM · 21 replies and 704 views.
    damn it i can't rep you ! here, have some cookies
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