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    Today, 11:43 AM · 25 replies and 554 views.
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    Sir.Tj replied to a thread Camping in Off-Topic Discussion
    Ohhhhhhhh that's just cruel.... :p
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    Today, 11:42 AM · 28 replies and 229 views.
    Sir.Tj replied to a thread Camping in Off-Topic Discussion
    Yeah he is a bit of a lightweight.
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    Today, 11:42 AM · 16 replies and 206 views.
    I dunno about that, it seems the orcs did a pretty good job of it at the end of the first movie. :P
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    Today, 11:42 AM · 146 replies and 3301 views.
    Yes, my title was a little bait...on purpose to get a response. But for a reason. I really want Fdev to take note and deliver mission fixes at the same time as the mission server else I foresee many people rage quitting. I use missions a lot, and with the current state of the missions I'm likely to play a lot less than I do now. Two examples of my favourite activities: 1. combat zones (massacre missions) was something I really enjoyed when we could stack them. The thrill of earning 30-40M cr for 2-3 hours works was great and justified by the re-buy cost on several occasions and the time taken. Now you can't stack any, and the pay is an insult. 2. mining. I go out and look for OPP (Osmium, Platinum and Palladium). When I come back (and before I leave) I look and flip the mission boards looking for any missions accepting Osmium as the payout makes the trip worth the effort. Without the missions backing up the expedition, the time spend is just not justified by the payments. Now days, the mission board...
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    Today, 11:39 AM · 71 replies and 3112 views.
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    Today, 11:38 AM · 3542 replies and 191133 views.
    I'm not seeing anything being "forced" here. There are still other modules that exist in game which perform the tasks adequately- just not with God-like infinite range. IIRC the Intermediate and Basic scanners still have yet to be mentioned by Frontier as being "removed" from the game. It's not like people can't use either of them to perform the exact same honk-n-scan they have been. It shouldn't be "easy" or completely without difficulty whatsoever, IMO. And yes, that's MY opinion. YMMV
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    Today, 11:36 AM · 9 replies and 121 views.
    Juan2045 replied to a thread Nuevo torneo de PvP in PvP
    Yo que te respondo con toda la educación del mundo y tú no solo te vas por los cerros de Úbeda sino que dices que no se no se el que... Mira, hago PvP y del bueno, donde los jugadores se respetan, donde no se busca el afán de protagonismo, donde no se mide por la nave que lllevas sino el fin que te mueve... si Ceti, paso de jugadores como vosotros yo tengo otros jugadores a los que enfrentarme y créeme si te digo que les doy un 10 a ellos y no a vosotros porque realmente ese, es el auténtico PvP de ED lo demás son fantasías vuestras. Hace dos días éramos 16 naves bloqueando un sistema... pero tú ni te has enterado :D Ahora dime que me voy a solo... cuando lo que pasa es que no sabes ni encontrarme... adiós Ceti... adiós... no vas a leer ni una respuesta mía a tus erróneas afirmaciones, para qué perder mi tiempo.
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    Today, 11:34 AM · 1347 replies and 55171 views.
    On a slightly different note, while taking cargo size away as precondition for accepting missions (something I really like as it's now possible to collect missions for higher flexibility) I don't get why the delivery mechanism for cargo and mining missions aren't consistent. With delivery missions you can bring only a part of the agreed cargo now while mining missions only accept the full cargo on delivery. Why is it so? (note I'm not talking about wing missions here as I don't know how they work)
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    Today, 11:34 AM · 2 replies and 24 views.
    Yep, what's the mechanism that would determine this? Problem with PP is that it's completely unrelated to the BGS, both systems might as well not be in the same game. If only better BGS and faction mechanics were added on top of the very basic BGS sim when dev time was allocated. Instead we got PP.
  • Tippis's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 AM · 3542 replies and 191133 views.
    …and forcing them to bother would just slow down the process further because it would mean they would just not do it at all, and all discoveries would have to come from the far slower, less numerous people who don't need to be forced.
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 AM · 16 replies and 206 views.
    One does not simply mine Boromir!
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 11:31 AM · 25 replies and 554 views.
    Yeah but there are shades of grey...flaying less expensive ships, trying different approaches to beat griefers....etc.
  • askavir's Avatar
    Today, 11:31 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Having the missing real Hypergiants in the game would be great as well.
  • verminstar's Avatar
    Today, 11:31 AM · 62 replies and 1347 views.
    Ye know what the most insulting part is? The bug reports themselves have been deleted which begs the question of what was the point in taking the time to make them in the first place. Out of sight out of mind...if thats not ignoring the problem, then why were they deleted? Thats with no update on the bug fix progress just a spam in a can copy paste acknowledgement. So why bother making more bug reports just to have them ignored and deleted again? So...either they cant fix it and simply delete any mention of it so that it no longer exists in their minds...or they never had any intention of fixing it and they just stall us with excuses which equates to lying. Neither scenario is appealing to even think about...but I cant think of any other scenarios and frontier have offered nothing as an alternative which further reinforces the notion they just couldnt care less...cos if they did care, this thread wouldnt exist ^
  • M4st0d0n's Avatar
    Today, 11:31 AM · 94 replies and 2050 views.
    They tripled their output. Just not on this game. Besides, game industry dont quite need proper QA. Manchildren will all give their hard earned money even before design happens. At least games are not made of lead anymore nowadays. Cobra engine need raytracing, I'm sure they are working on it they plan on releasing new stuff with it. Global illumination is as important as tesselation IMO. Game changers in term of graphism. Not arguing it's ready with Turing, graphics cards are overhyped the same as games. But it would be stupid not to start working on it already.
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    Today, 11:30 AM · 5018 replies and 270402 views.
    "Elite Dangerous it's not out yet edition"
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    Today, 11:30 AM · 25 replies and 554 views.
    Who said anything about courage? OP complains that he ran out of money when playing in open, and that he needs to return to solo for making money. This suggest me that he wants to play in open. I'm offering him the perfect solution he may not have thought of until now. Coincidentally, that's the very same solution you offer: playing in whatever mode he likes.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 AM · 5018 replies and 270402 views.
    Yeah, that's the whole point - how Squadron 42 doesn't exist is baffling to me. Have to say, this is so much tasty than regular sodium salad we get here on forums.
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    Today, 11:27 AM · 94 replies and 2050 views.
    Accurate lighting, and the environmental cues we take from it, are things we take for granted in every day life. I think most real-time, first-person, or similarly non-abstract, games would benefit from realistic lighting, essentially automatically, without anyone needing to pay specific attention to it. Some games might need to be altered as they've been built around the limitations of fake and superficial lighting for so long, but plenty of gameplay scenarios would reveal themselves if rasterized lighting, reflections, and shadows were replaced with a more realistic method. Beyond gameplay, the fundamental ambiance of almost any environment would be greatly improved with more true-to-life lighting.
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