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  • Adaris's Avatar
    Today, 4:20 AM · 294 replies and 7765 views.
    I like the changes proposed a lot; it'll add a sense of real progression to the game, to replace the really random frustration currently there. However, I am in agreement with many others about the fact of having to grind from level 1 to level 5 for each individual module you brought to an Engineer. That'll actually increase the grind by quite a bit, which is counter to the goal of increased player engagement. I suggest a bit of a compromise. Instead of leveling an ENGINEER from level 1 to level 5, or level an individual MODULE from Level 1 to Level 5, it feels more logical than either of those to do something kind of in the middle: To level every module improvement TYPE/MODIFICATION from level 1 to level 5. How would this work? For example:, you go to say, Todd MQuinn, and bring in a railgun you want to upgrade with Long Range. You gradually level that railgun's Long Range engineer mod from 1 to 5, but then any subsequent railgun you bring you can choose a maxed level Long Range mod...
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 AM · 89 replies and 2111 views.
    There are probably hundreds of MMO's out there where I can explore a single planet with atmosphere, most of them are indeed set on a single planet, WoW of course, Perfect World, Rhyzom, Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, Black Desert Online to name a few I have played, and every single one of them will do a better job of a single planet than ED, because ED isn't about exploring or adventuring on a single planet. If I want to just wander around adventuring on a single planet I will play a game that is dedicated to that task. But for instance fuel scooping from gas giants? There are sure to be many more things we can do with atmospheric planets than just recreating WoW, limiting us to a single world is not a very good idea, it would be very disappointing to many of us for a start as well as a failure of vision from Fdev.
  • AJW's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 AM · 89 replies and 2111 views.
    ^ What he said. If ED models the galaxy anything like the real one is expected to be: Only a small proportion of planets with atmospheres will support life. Only a small proportion of planets with life will have any form of multi-cellular organism. Only a small proportion of planets with multi-cellular organisms will have 'wildlife'. And so on... 'Earth-like' in EDs terms merely indicates the presence of a breathable atmosphere. Which is almost certainly indicative of the presence of some sort of life. In almost all cases, simple single-celled 'bacteria'. That is how Earth itself was for most of its existence:
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 4:10 AM · 89 replies and 2111 views.
    I applaud your optimism, OP. It would be grand to have earth, or an earthlike, act as a social hub. A 'large instance' version of a station, with all the eye candy one could dream of. I just don't think such a thing, would happen in elite. However your understanding of 'atmosphere' and 'earth-like' being interlinked, and that the only atmosphere relevant is earth, ignores that a great many planetary objects can have an atmosphere, and there's a lot frontier could do with that. People are highly imaginative on the forums, but have very little grounding in what the game client can actually do. Look at the terrain we have now, versus what Frontier propose. Frankly, without an entirely new generation of the Cobra engine? "I don't think so, Tim." We know what they can do with terrain and features in planet coaster. It's whether there's enough hours in the day, to bring that into the game, whilst also doing all the other things that are clearly occupying more than 100% of the time available. --
  • etien's Avatar
    Today, 4:09 AM · 89 replies and 2111 views.
    Well not to me, I mean I would expect a logical roadmap of Procedural Generated landable planets delivery from FD in ED: Maybe a DLC each In a incremental way: - Gas geants ( adds clouds, wind, storms, rain, lightning, floating bases airballoon type, maybe some limited birds, spore like life ) - Landable dead planet ( adds runway type of landing and booster shuttle like type of launching for heavies in lots of Gs, dry or icy grottos to visit as well as icecap ) - Landable volcanic planet ( adds big volcanic eruptions, volcanoes and lava lakes and flows. Maybe some rare elements to harvest there ) - Landable water world ( adds water, and underwater explorations and bases, fishes, corail, fishing missions ) - Landable underdevelopped life world ( adds vegetation, lakes, rivers and dinosaur type life, forest harvesting and bighunt missions, some remote settlements ) - Landable developped life world ( adds indus farming, big factories, big cities, roads, war type missions ) there is alot to learn to...
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM · 1 replies and 4 views.
    Yep it's a pain in teh neck. Clearly not working right and just breaks the whole flow of the game.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 3:58 AM · 131 replies and 2880 views.
    I swear there is confusion abounding; i'm not sure this is what frontier is proposing. We will know soon enough.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 3:55 AM · 131 replies and 2880 views.
    It's a common approach, that leads to slight variation, but a far more consistent experience; gives develop what they want, engagement and time sink, gives players what they way, perceived value from time invested and some degree of predictability. We shall see what happens.
  • Gunner Deckard's Avatar
    Today, 3:52 AM · 21 replies and 335 views.
    Turn off all windows game dvr and game mode settings. I recently reinstalled and also had to upon install unplug the ether net and immediately pause all updates to stop windows from installing 388.13 automatically. Then got the latest nvidia driver installed from a downloaded version then plugged the ether net and did the regular updates. Everything runs great now.
  • MrFailfactory's Avatar
    Today, 3:49 AM · 89 replies and 2111 views.
    It seems that you are confusing the generally accepted definitions of earth-like, and atmospheric. Regarding an earth-like, I would indeed expect weather, vegetation and water, though not necessarily wildlife. Wildlife would be a nice bonus, perhaps, but not expected, especially on all of them. None of the above should necessarily be expected on any given atmospheric, though some could (and should) have some form of weather, liquid and/or plant life, but even less likelihood of wildlife running around. There also seems to be some confusion between being easy to please (your words), and realistic expectations. I don't have any personal issues with your idea, OP, but it is rife with game-related issues. So much so, that it's really a non-starter. The sad part, is that none of these issues would come from Frontier - they would all come from the community. This is why we can't have nice things, as the saying goes. Why just on Earth? Why can't I land on any Earth-like? You already have the...
  • wrmiller's Avatar
    Today, 3:49 AM · 131 replies and 2880 views.
    It is looking like I should enjoy the next few months. If this engineering proposal comes to pass, I may just have to put this game where it belongs. The garbage. :(
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 3:48 AM · 494 replies and 97611 views.
  • CMDR Corlas's Avatar
    Today, 3:47 AM · 125 replies and 3401 views.
    Yeah, I'm too lazy to spend very long chasing godrolls, lol. I think my Corvette boosts around 360 or something. I only bother with class 7 power though. On both the Corvette and the Anaconda, I've never had a need to go class 8. (unless I am being cheap and putting an 8C in there)
  • Absintu's Avatar
    Today, 3:39 AM
    My first post here, hello guys playing the game for quite some years and this bug is not fixed That said, next year on the update, please fix this old problem that we players have. Get out of a planet, re-log and try again in ohter search place is not the way to go.... Had a mission to go to a crash site, to recover 8 items, and there were only 6.. jesus... please fix this next year
    1 replies and 4 views.
  • _RUKUS_'s Avatar
    Today, 3:39 AM · 3597 replies and 182597 views.
    Whoo! Getting close! The difficult part is out of the way, now just the home stretch
  • MTBFritz's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 AM · 7439 replies and 379016 views.
    +1 rep for the sheer intensity of nostalgia that picture evoked :)
  • shadow133's Avatar
    Today, 3:34 AM · 1 replies and 34 views.
    Im sure this has been discussed before, perhaps amongst the threads. I think not a lot of people have interest in substituting a hotas for the touch, as it is cumbersome and you will get tired fast without physical support. However, upgrading the interfaces on Elite Dangerous to support touch is useful for some things (galaxy map) and, more importantly, it will future proof for when Oculus gloves arrive. They are making one and it will be awesome to actually see your hands and still be able to use a hotas.
  • andicoombes's Avatar
    Today, 3:31 AM · 1 replies and 89 views.
    I can't say I have seen any differences in recent hours, in the types of missions available. The last station I went to seemed to have a low number of missions on reflection, but I had just put that down to random chance until I read your thread. But I have noticed an increase in mining mission frequency in recent days . Maybe I need to repeatedly log in and out many more times than I normally do? As in, one time, has always seemed sufficient for me to play and enjoy the game, but maybe FD meant it to be the other way around? Seven systems is not really enough to make a conclusion I would not think, but again I wonder if your logging/hopping the mission board is giving you a view that is not particularly helpful nor realistic. Not wishing to mention board-hopping again, but it could be the reason you are seeing these symptoms in your game? It could also be a symptom that mission-stacking and mode-hopping are pretty weird ways to play the game, or not play the game as the case may be? Interesting...
  • TigerTen's Avatar
    Today, 3:30 AM · 131 replies and 2880 views.
    This game is fast becoming more work and less fun, see what happens in six months - Have a Happy Holiday too ALL...
  • Sapyx's Avatar
    Today, 3:28 AM · 89 replies and 2111 views.
    They certainly won't do Earth first. I have every faith that they will eventually let us land on Earth-like planets, both inhabited and uninhabited ones, but Earth itself would require too much handcrafting. Yes, they can import topological data, but I'm talking vegetation (putting oak trees in Australia, or Eucalypts in Scotland, or any kind of trees at all in Antarctica, simply isn't going to cut it), animal life (everyone will want to go to Africa and see the Big Five) and cities (3300 years is a long time and there was a horrifyingly devastating global war in the mid-2000s that nearly wiped us out, but I'm pretty sure the street layouts of Paris, Moscow and other non-sunken-by-sea-level-rises cities will be more or less the same). Here's how I predict FD is going to "do Earth". Once other atmospheric and Earth-like planets become landable, then Earth will be "landable" too. But Earth will have special restrictions, to prevent casual sightseers. Nobody living on Earth in the 3300s wants...
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