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  • Zetta's Avatar
    Today, 11:19 AM · 189 replies and 5323 views.
    I want to be an old school shadowrunner.
  • Grisnir's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM · 19 replies and 93 views.
    In the case of engineers we are talking about months of progress not days if we lose our mods after ship destruction, the amount of people ragequiting and throwing ED in bin would increase
  • thelivingdeadguy's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM · 9 replies and 120 views.
    If you're broke you only need to ask, man. 100 gold or so? I don't mind playing along. The meta alloys aren't for me though so that's 'take it from my cold, dead hands' stuff I'm afraid. The Maia part of the cruise will be in something that goes over 600 kps or something bristling with weapons, depending on how good of a day I've had at work... My regards to the mob.
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM · 1 replies and 71 views.
    Hey pishta74, Thanks for the report. I've not been able to reproduce this on my end. If this continues to happen please contact our customer support team for assistance: Customer support]
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM · 189 replies and 5323 views.
    Frontier made 27 million after paying their dues to Valve for the use of the Steam sales platform. I think they could afford to buy the building. In any case, this thread has gone into ludicrous speed territory. It is absolutely clear that FDev are doing pretty well for themselves. Trying to say they're not because they've got new projects on the go and are buying/renting new premises is making you look kind of like you're just desperate to see them fail. What did they do to you?
  • Taimaru's Avatar
    Today, 11:17 AM · 189 replies and 5323 views.
    According to a friend's wife who knows someone who's brother is a cleaner at FD, the large new building is required to build anti-thargoid technology, and the directors who are selling shares are doing so because they are cashing out quickly and moving to Colonia this weekend (they don't think the anti-thargoid technlogy will be very effective). :p Disclaimer: The above is not actually true.
  • Certacito's Avatar
    Today, 11:17 AM · 510 replies and 70407 views.
    Certacito replied to a thread Federal Corvette Rear Admiral's lounge in Ships of Elite
    I mainly PvE with my Vette. I had the Anaconda for a while and didn't really rate it, but once I had the money for the Vette I bought one, if for nothing more than she is beautiful! Man can this thing complete it's task! I run 2x Class 4 Gimballed Multis, (short range blaster with incendiary) 2x Class 2 Gimballed Beams (long range with Thermal conduit), 2x class 1 Gimballed Frag (double shot with incendiary) and 1x class 3 pulse turret (long range and scramble spectrum). I tried 2x class 1 Rails (super penetrator) and they are really good for module sniping, but at more than 1Km they aren't glorious, so I am trying out the frags at present. There is very little in the NPC arsenal that lasts more than about 10 seconds with this load out and to date, 12 months after buying it, I have never seen the rebuy screen. She is a beast and more importantly, I absolutely love flying her!
  • Frank's Avatar
    Today, 11:17 AM · 595 replies and 58075 views.
    It's a shame there were so few of us last night. Just me, Dayrth and Themadoll. But the foxhunt game was very enjoyable. If there were a few more of us Dayrth wouldn't of had such an easy time evading us. It would also increase the amount of nudging and backbiting of the following pack. Losing to Themadoll, after all the work I did, brought a massive smile to my face. Dayrth, if you want to go ahead and advertise the Fighter Club on the "Featured Commanders Application" that's fine by me. I think I kind of realised that the fact we don't have many members isn't really a good argument against advertising for new members. Also I think San Tu is brilliant and we should just go and make this the new home for Fighter Club.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 11:16 AM · 19 replies and 93 views.
    thanks to all the exploiting that has being going on, any form of balance in the form of credits is now gone. what is trivial to a billionaire who spanked the likes of quince, will be insanely harsh to the likes of me who goes out of their way not to do anything which feels like abusing "cheap" mechanics. The whole notion of engineers providing unique irreplaceable items is totally broken with the magic duplication in insurance. I have bought this up, and to be fair to him Sandro covered it directly in a live stream. I suggested it was currently not working properly, and that much better to have a dark souls style, you lose the engineered gear but give us each a "private" tracker which allowed us to have a uss that only us could see and allow us to go and salvage our weapons from our derelict ship - which we then take to the engineer who created them and can repair them for a fee. (the same mechanic i would use for rescuing ejected crew but i digress) however sandro - whilst admitting that some...
  • JesusRocks1988's Avatar
    Today, 11:15 AM · 7 replies and 496 views.
    It's one of the O's in SOON™ The rest of the community team are gonna do the other letters :D
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 11:15 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    It does sound like you should make backup files of various controls.
  • Von Shadow's Avatar
    Today, 11:15 AM · 19 replies and 93 views.
    But today - there's a big problem with well engineered 'meta' PVP ships being able to slaughter with impunity traders or explorers .... that inbalance won't change ... right now it punsihes the innocent because they pay full rebuy and to clear bounties the assassin can suicidewinder there way out .... now this is due to change to a degree .... but increasing the cost for ships based on engineers (which traders/explorers will do to a degree anyway) still makes that inbalance just more expensive for the innocent party
  • Silversmith's Avatar
    Today, 11:14 AM · 111 replies and 2914 views.
    I'm Confused. Does ED support 8k images natively at source? If not using an 8K display cannot show any enhanced detail, all it can do is upscale the source image from ED. Upscaling cannot add detail, indeed there must be some degree of loss in the upscaling process. So why would one bother ? (apologies if I'm being stupid, not a video expert)
  • CMDR_Cosmicspacehead's Avatar
    Today, 11:14 AM · 22 replies and 441 views.
    I currently have 349,000,000cr in the bank. That's about; 15 Anaconda 'Pancake IV' rebuys (combat/mission spec) 31 Anaconda 'Event Horizon' rebuys (exploration) 43 Python 'Thunder Force IV' rebuys (combat/mission spec) 49 FDL 'Stellar Assault' rebuys (pure combat spec) I forget the rebuys on my smaller ships. I think they range from 500,000cr to 1,500,000cr. So from around 698 rebuys to 232 rebuys for the smaller ones. :D
  • Flimsey's Avatar
    Today, 11:14 AM · 54 replies and 1626 views.
    Didn't Obsidian Ant do some voice acting for Frontier? I have not heard about it yet, so will it come with this patch? In that case something is probably happening in Maia. I have most of my active fleet in ome station (bad thing, in the outer part facing Maia) so i can chose the most appropriate ship. Sitting in a fully functional battle sta.... Hrmmm Cutter (spect for fight/multiuse). Do not think the dare to take away our enginerd ships, to manny would complain but locking them for a time maybe.
  • S1xstr1ngs's Avatar
    Today, 11:13 AM
    S1xstr1ngs started a thread New to CGs in Introductions
    Hi there, Just registered to start looking into CGs. I enlisted the current one, but could not last long in combat with my vulture. Waiting for a trade or exploration CG :)
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  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 11:13 AM · 19 replies and 93 views.
    I could too. On a nearly related topic .. will insurance be getting more expensive, if Bank of Zaonce suffers massive losses when the Thargoid threat turns out to be real (like I've been telling you all along it is)?
  • Clicker's Avatar
    Today, 11:13 AM · 22 replies and 441 views.
    Wait. What? There are other ships? Clicker
  • Cmdr Marc Hamilton's Avatar
    Today, 11:13 AM · 111 replies and 2914 views.
    Your Fury might be powerful enough: Before owning the ASUS 1080 OC I have since February, I had a Sapphire Fury Tri-X OC @Default manufacturer clock settings, and I played ED @Pimax 4K from January till February with it without any problems. Of course, I wasn't able to raise in-game SS to its actual setting with the 1080 (1.4 instead of 1.8, if I remember correctly; not really sure anymore). I simply went to the 1080 to increase SS a bit more and to have some buffer, and of course, ED and every other VR game runs a bit smoother with it than with the Fury. But even planetary offroad or dogfights in an asteroid field worked very well with the Fury. Only In-Station and planetary stations sometimes were hard to the limit when there was a lot of traffic - but apart from this, everything was fine. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you whether the Fury was sufficient for Project Cars or Euro Truck Simulator 2 since at this time, SS in SteamVR only worked with work-arounds which I never tried. And playing Project Cars or...
  • FoxTwo's Avatar
    Today, 11:12 AM
    Hi all... I don't know where to put this, so I guess this is as good a place as any. Has anyone ever tried playing ED via Steam's In-Home streaming? Supposedly it's supposed to be the gaming PC that's "playing" it, but you're on a tablet/laptop/some-other-low-end-stuff but you are actually playing it, just not sitting in front of the gaming PC. Why would people do this? Well... maybe the gaming PC is located in the bedroom, and I have a tiny shoebox PC at the living room connected to the TV... so maybe I just wanted to play ED at the living room using the 50 inch TV instead? Anyway, has anyone ever tried it? Does it feel "laggy" to input responses? Will your HOTAS bindings get lost cuz you're actually playing from a couch in the livingroom with nothing much more than a gamepad?
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  • Kaltern's Avatar
    Today, 11:12 AM · 19 replies and 93 views.
    So you're suggesting the ONLY people who would be affected by this would be those who don't take part in PvP? The whole point of the idea of increasing module value is to ensure people ARE more careful with what they do. Increasing value on modified modules would likely, in the long run, HELP with C&P, because eventually it might dissuade people from taking pointless risks with their ships, for example, those who use their ships as ganking tools. It would also benefit PvP, because players would need to balance risk vs reward in choosing how they modify their ships. It won't eliminate the whole problem of ever-more powerful ships, but it might go some way to making RNGineeing a must-have accessory for PvP, as it would become too expensive to run godrolled modules on every part of the ship, if there was a risk they could either lose them completely, or pay a huge rebuy for having them. Like I said, great power should absolutely come with great cost.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 11:12 AM · 13 replies and 365 views.
    Not a bad idea. Also not a bad idea. Partially. But I've never much been a fan of the Federation, bugs or nay.
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 11:11 AM · 1 replies and 53 views.
    Hey n1b5, Sorry for the frustration with this. Can you please ensure your graphics card driver is up to date. If this continues to be an issue please contact our customer support team for technical assistance: Customer support]
  • chewbakka's Avatar
    Today, 11:11 AM · 16 replies and 2222 views.
    ... being careful requires sense, and when you state that 2-3 MASS is a downside, you have no sense. 3 MASS loss in exploration is around 0.15 less jump range.
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