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  • Faded Glory's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 AM · 9 replies and 55 views.
    Most of those small POI's are not persistent, unlike actual planetary bases. Once you log out and back in they are gone. If they are part of a mission that you still need to complete, they will respawn, but not in exactly the same place.
  • Xae's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 AM · 148 replies and 2403 views.
    Ugh. This is literally the definition of shallow game play and false choice. You are given the opportunity to make two choices. Neither really has an impact because the net effect of the change is so small that if the game actually made the opposite choice under the covers you would never notice. It is Bad Game Design 101: "Give the player a ton of options that all seem different but in the end their choice doesn't matter"
  • That90skid's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 AM · 110 replies and 4529 views.
    I never thought id be able to use this in my life and have it make sense. Dont hate the playa. Hate the game.
  • space voyager's Avatar
    Today, 6:37 AM · 1 replies and 35 views.
    No developer will ever punish players with not being able to play the game unless banned for good. With reason.
  • Morbad's Avatar
    Today, 6:33 AM · 4 replies and 126 views.
    This isn't a bug. SRVs can't stop a ship from being dismissed, but they can pin and damage vessels that are taking off normally. Making it more time consuming/difficult to get SRVs (especially multiple SRVs) on top of landed vessels, or to sit under them and be able to fire at that vessel or other nearby targets from relative safety, were probably the motivations behind this. As for lack of yaw control, that's also quite deliberate. Frontier wants SRVs to be driven rather than flown, and on many worlds the Scarab can easily spend more time in the air than touching the surface.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:32 AM · 4776 replies and 235584 views.
    Amazing as that is, technically speaking, he is correct, at least on the first part. The privledge and blessing part is either sarcasm of the highest order or someone has drank too much kool aid. Ok, there is this little thing called The Pledge, but i think CIG abandoned that several years ago.
  • Tiwaz's Avatar
    Today, 6:32 AM · 363 replies and 7064 views.
    You still have this deluded fantasy that people are somehow required and MUST play ED even if it is not fun. That is not true. You try to force people to play football on your field where you can kick them in the nuts and so on... And in the end you STILL have empty field because everyone opts NOT TO COME TO DAMN FIELD AT ALL! Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, makes it so that people must come play ED if you try to force them into something they find unfun. Have fun in your empty field.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 6:26 AM · 148 replies and 2403 views.
    It's intentional. The whole point of materials is that you cannot buy them. FD didn't want to give all the billionaires any more of an advantage. That's also why you can't drop some for another player to pick up. Personally, I'd leave the materials RNG, but improve the tools. When you find a signal source and scan it, you should see whatever materials are there. Then there's no need to drop out of supercruise unless there's "unobtainable magic crystals" or whatever. When you scan a planet/moon with a Detailed Surface Scanner, you should get detailed "heat maps", which indicate where Arsenic (or whatever) is most prevenient. This would leave the RNG in place, but allow you to be intelligent as to how you collect the materials.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 6:22 AM · 8 replies and 17 views.
    Well, you have to explain it... I don't understand? The wires are shielded, the bundle has a plastic/rubber sheath. I mean it's standard 14/2 wire. It's connected inside the shielding boxes of the fixtures. What's wrong with it?
  • BongoBaggins's Avatar
    Today, 6:17 AM · 17 replies and 455 views.
    BongoBaggins replied to a thread Sensors... in Xbox One
    Yeah, the ADS and DSS are scanners, not sensors.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 6:16 AM · 8 replies and 17 views.
    Nothing against you personally - but things like that get people fried when lightbulb housings break and make the popular aluminium cladding live at mains voltage :( Of course, I wish you all the best success with your refit :)
  • Butter of Sorrow's Avatar
    Today, 6:16 AM · 48 replies and 1278 views.
    well that would explain it. I've never done passenger missions since I've never bothered to fit passenger cabins in them and I never seem to have high enough reputation anyway. I never do board flipping either, assuming you mean changing game modes to reset the mission board.
  • Klajorne's Avatar
    Today, 6:15 AM · 334 replies and 11521 views.
    I never went looking for a story in ED, but I seem to have found a few already. And there's huge excluded middle between "hand holding" and "we threw you in the middle of the ocean with the hopes you'll find dry land". The odd road sign couldn't go amiss. I'd even be happy if it was written in Swahili.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 6:15 AM · 110 replies and 4529 views.
    I tend to think the idea was to sow some seeds, and see how commanders reacted to it; perhaps their goal was to see if player groups were interested enough to take the bait? Uncertain. It's also just as likely Frontier changed tack, half-way through, as they established a habit of doing. Start a thing, decide something else is more interesting and never really go back to the thing. Essentially; there was an out-of-game group of folks; that Frontier automatically treated it like a player group, does suggest it was actually acting like one, even early on. It caused a fair bit of the friction, because Frontier were quite happy to talk to groups, including the 'not-group' CCN, but virtually oblivious to the far larger contingent of commanders who were all basically faction and player group independent. I think it's been pretty clear for a long time, that there are some staples in elite. One, is that singular infernal homicidal NPC eagle AI driver, the rest are basically CGs and player groups. The...
  • Tkael's Avatar
    Today, 6:12 AM · 14 replies and 543 views.
    Thanks Mitch. It's good to see this one on the list and visible.
  • D.D.Hariman's Avatar
    Today, 6:12 AM · 9 replies and 55 views.
    I agree now that I have had some more time on this planet that seems to be a very busy place. Hit one of those perimeter zone places. Going to post video of that. It was producing a "weeeppping" sound and was in the middle of the scanner/radar bar. When I logged back on to look closer at that turret, it was gone..
  • tranquil eternity's Avatar
    Today, 6:11 AM · 4174 replies and 344984 views.
    Да дайте вы чуваку ссыль на пвп дискорд в личку, оно ж созданно чтобы из новичков головорезов делать и в том числе.
  • ziddan's Avatar
    Today, 6:09 AM · 554 replies and 28869 views.
    ziddan replied to a thread PiMAX 8K VR in Virtual Reality
    Because i didnt get in on the kickstarter till a few days before the end and didnt really follow it that closely before then my understandings before getting in were: The inside-out tracking was going to be an addon module released later. The hmd itself would have rotational tracking like their previous offerings. That the hmd could drop-in replace a vive. Seemed pretty clear to me. About the refresh rate i wasnt bothered, didnt get all the whining, ive used a dk2 for 100s of hours before i got the vive and 75hz was never a problem for me, id actually welcome the ability to set the refresh rate to 75 or 80 to give some performance headroom because my 1080 will be pushed to deliver for the higher resolution. "120+ degree FOV cheating" - for screen games, i doubt that limitation is in any VR title.
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