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  • CMDR labrunning's Avatar
    Today, 9:20 AM · 1 replies and 30 views.
    Anything that reduces the need for an A4 sized flow chart to work out whatever has happened with your fine/bounty is a good thing. I've not suffered much from murder, I don't think this was anywhere near as common as it is on PC, so it's never really been a big issue for me. It will be much easier when doing surface scan missions/skimmer missions to grab a ship, do what you need to do and then ditch that ship. Personally though, I wouldn't have made notoriety decay. Not sure what the logic is there.
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 6 replies and 103 views.
    France is a big country with many different climates the same day :)
  • RobH's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 5234 replies and 670793 views.
    So easy when you know! Rob
  • Jorki Rasalas's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 1763 replies and 166616 views.
    Whisky in warm milk is ok if you run out of Horlicks whilst on the Kessel run. and SC is definitely only in alpha at the moment, anticipate release in 2 years time. But fun still to be had whilst alpha testing, think FD have forgotten that a game is supposed to be fun.
  • Seizewell Warrior's Avatar
    Today, 9:16 AM · 95 replies and 1719 views.
    Made it in to Rohini late last night, successful autoland - phew. Sold off my nav data for @10 million credits in total, two Explorer ranks gained and a bucket load of first discoveries. Tried to optimize my Asp a bit but just ended up selling off my secondary weapons for a gain of about 0.75 LY jump distance. Didn't really want to lose my primaries or mining lasers (just in case), my slightly engineered thruster and I couldn't get rid of my armour block (probably the biggest lump of weight) as there was nothing in stock at a lower grade to replace it. So the good old Galaxy map has just quoted me a 558 jump course to Colonia. Well look on the bright side, all that nav data to collect and already surprised to find systems only a few jumps from Rohini not yet marked with anyone's name. Reckon it will take me about two weeks of actual gaming to get to Colonia - better to travel than arrive (or something like that).
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 9:16 AM · 17 replies and 2124 views.
    Primer post actualizado con los último capítulos: Episodio 15: Adiós a Colonia Episodio 16: 3304 Episodio 17: Tripple Ripple
  • Adventuremount's Avatar
    Today, 9:16 AM · 4823 replies and 491838 views.
    I was awed by the sheer size of it. I'm over 300 hours in now and still loving it. Many mission types I haven't tackled yet and my combat skills are lacking, but between exploration and making the almighty credit, it's been fun. I just got a python added to my mini fleet (cobra mkiii, keelback, type 6, type 7, and asp ex) and starting to spread my wings a bit more. I jumped in running and my only issue is that there is so much to do I have problems making up my mind where to go next. I got the game to explore, but lately have been working on my cash flow and fed rank (finally got into sol this week), but now need to get some engineering upgrades, I want to see a thargoid and help out there too... and exploration is still on my to do list. I haven't been gamer in years, but this one has me hooked. I haven't had this much fun since playing privateer way back in the 90s.
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 4 replies and 53 views.
    Mozart composed extraordinary musical pieces of sensibility
  • Vardaugas's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 36 replies and 790 views.
    Vardaugas replied to a thread ED movie in Dangerous Discussion
    Well, I guess you could make a single movie about a gang of pirates planning a heist on a super freighter that goes horribly wrong when they discover a Unknown Artifact in the hold and then Thargoids attack.
  • Macros Black's Avatar
    Today, 9:13 AM · 24 replies and 459 views.
    Seen a few others.
  • Jorki Rasalas's Avatar
    Today, 9:12 AM · 1763 replies and 166616 views.
    I started to investigate the other verse last week,but a bit bogged down by hotas setup. So long since I did it for ED Im having to relearn it, and SC doesn’t yet cater for hotas modifier keys but my ED setup has one on throttle & one on stick. Want to keep the two game setups aligned as far as possible
  • amigacooke's Avatar
    Today, 9:11 AM · 4348 replies and 259917 views.
    Given that DS has repeatedly forecast the demise of SC without effect, he's joined the great mass of white noise as far as I'm concerned. You don't really need anyone else's opinion to see the self evident facts. For whatever reason SC is years away from fulfilling the vision of its backers.
  • Marra's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 AM · 59 replies and 1051 views.
    I play in Open as it is, but sure - I'd love to be able to hire a wing of NPC thugs to help me take out some trader's escorts.
  • smiths121's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 AM · 185 replies and 5556 views.
    I think we will hear about paid DLC after update 1 and in tune with update 2 and 3. I seem to remember Update 2 and 3 are the less impressive updates, so that would make sense to me. Update 4 is the next biggie. This is what I got fron Frontier XPO. I sort of that ithat was quite a good roadmap actually. we know update 1 is coming before the end of Match (Q1) from the same stream, so I am expecting an update roughly once a quarter, although by not announcing this FD have the ability to slip if a release is not going well. So from my point of view I have roadmap (check), know when update 1 is predicted to be finished by (check). The only bit that feels different this time to Season 1, is 3.0 beta seemed quite early this time round. Following the logic of some in this thread, I have a DDF pledge, and another account with LEP - I am therefore entitled to double compensation compared to a lowly DDF member or even lower LEP owner! Cheers Simon
  • OtroLagia's Avatar
    Today, 9:09 AM · 5 replies and 63 views.
    La foto gana muchísimo vista en grande desde un ordenador y no diminuta desde un móvil... XD (PS: Sólo veo UNA flor :P ;) )
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 9:08 AM · 59 replies and 1051 views.
    Donno but either way NPC wingmates as well as crew were probably the most interesting features in the DDF for me. Forgetting open part of the equation I am desperate for them
  • Flatkat's Avatar
    Today, 9:06 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Thanks for sharing this buddy
  • DARGAN's Avatar
    Today, 9:04 AM
    Hello! I can not believe that Frontier has dared to include a Galnet autoplay with the external app use by Anonymous Hackers of youtube. So in another area, an external application of automatic text translation would be very useful integrated into the communication panel (activatable on demand). this would allow a Russian to write to a Japanese and be understood very simply.. because "google translate".. translates Japanese into my language better than English, really surprising. an automatic translation function very well replaces an international server network.
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  • RadMadMonk3y's Avatar
    Today, 9:02 AM · 18 replies and 373 views.
    Open can be a dangerous place, I kind of like that when you meet other cmdrs you don't know what's going to happen. Keep an eye on your scanner, they are the hollow squares instead of the usual solid ones. If you see hollow triangles then you should be more cautious, this means hardpoints are deployed or an fsd interdictor is selected. I always scan cmdrs and if they are wanted then check out what build they have. When in open don't be flying around in you brand new D rated anaconda until you know what your doing, get yourself an A rated cobra and make sure you can always afford the rebuy. Most cmdrs are friendly and will help you if you ask. Unless you are in a popular bit of space though you will hardly meet anyone. You are right about horizons too, without it you only have half the game.
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