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  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 1:38 PM · 24 replies and 639 views.
    Yes. Source: Me.
  • Cmdr Ultra's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 PM · 40 replies and 802 views.
    Just pick the right mode. They are clearly labelled.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 1:35 PM · 478 replies and 11835 views.
    Please let the POI's mostly be physical anomalies and not just buildings/outposts/crashed ships/burned up srv's....
  • Jezzer's Avatar
    Today, 1:34 PM · 32 replies and 666 views.
    My 1st week of ED in VR was amazing then the dreaded poor performance started stutters, judders etc. I have tweaked changed reinstalled almost everything and without any success at all. I came across this thread and ran the disk checks which did find some corruption which it duly repaired, and hey presto performance is considerably better, 90fps even in stations whereas before it 45 or less. Many thanks J
  • Evanitis's Avatar
    Today, 1:34 PM · 40 replies and 802 views.
    Well, it's the only sane thing to do. Game features aren't designed by only looking at the optimal use - devs should also calculate with misuse, exploitting, griefing, trolling or whatever. Neither players are designed by... wait, they aren't designed at all, they just crawl all over the product, doing whatever. What's the point for blaming them for the whatever they do? I rather blame devs for making an environment where people could do this and that.
  • merry's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 PM · 4 replies and 76 views.
    of course, I fully agree that Dryosaurus is a higher priority, but like Ouranosaurus, It's already in the theme "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis - Dino Pack". thus, I think it is necessary to add these 7 herbivores in the end!
  • Mist0's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 PM · 3188 replies and 689574 views.
    Name Causualty of lotus GalMap Ref Xeehia GT-G d11-8 POI Type Planetary Features
  • Frank's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 PM · 25 replies and 668 views.
    I am a supporter of the LRN cause. I can only speak for myself here, but I can categorically deny that I used any in-game murder to help them achieve their aims. My memory of when LRN first took control of the system is a little hazy now, seeing as it was quite a while ago, but I can't remember the system going into lockdown during the takeover. I'm a miner. My mining ship has a large cargo bay. Whenever I found myself in Lave I would check the missions and do the odd job for Lave Radio. I'm sure there were many many pilots like me who did the same thing. I don't advocate or endorse use of in-game murder for LRN to achieve their ends.
  • Hydrino's Avatar
    Today, 1:31 PM · 2 replies and 45 views.
    I think for passenger gameplay FD need to expand the mechanics. In addition to your ideas where are the Passenger Comfort considerations? Modern pilots of passenger jets have parameters to operate within that the aircraft will exceed. Why do they have these? Passenger comfort. Do you want your drink spilled in your lap? No. Do you want to fly out of your seat and hit the ceiling of the cabin? No. Do you want a scary and rough landing? No. FD needs to continue to focus on core gameplay for like 9 "professions" or game loops.
  • Tippis's Avatar
    Today, 1:31 PM · 3576 replies and 191658 views.
    The ADS is not half of the discovery, though. It's not even a tenth. It's the very first sliver of numerous activities — exploration being just one of them — and its being automated just means it does not get in the way of, or overstay its welcome before you get into the meat of what you actually want to do. Even if it were half of discovery, that's not sufficient reason make suddenly get in the way of things — rather, it's an argument for actually adding more exploration bits to the exploration; to give people something more (not something else) to do; to simply have more parts. Again: the part of this UI update where they actually do that — probing — seem to have been met with approval. It's the part where they keep you away from that for longer, and where they interfere with the gameplay of a number of other activities, that the problems begin.
  • Cmdr Ultra's Avatar
    Today, 1:30 PM · 99 replies and 2214 views.
    PhysX is actually pretty good - it's hard baked into any Unity or Unreal 4 engine game now. It's not advertised on a game by game basis anymore.
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 1:29 PM · 3576 replies and 191658 views.
    No you have the same and or more information that you had before when using the tools provided. Of course if you don't use the tools you will have no information, no different to the ADS now. If you don't use it, you are flying around blind like the current way. I am not talking about the information you get after. I am talking the five second honk which I thought was obvious. Does the charge up really give you a sense of anticipation. You are easily pleased it seems. Personally I hate it and have put up with it because there is nothing else in the game apart from paralax which I find even worse. What you just described is gameplay. How good that gameplay is, none of us know as we haven't seen it in action or used it yet.
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 1:28 PM · 72 replies and 3249 views.
    The challenger is an excellent ship. It has a very nice combination (in minmaxed resistance hybrid build) of decent biweave (thermal, force block) shield values with 2 force block HD boosters (500ish mj) with exceptional recharge speed (about 50secs, providing a solid heal over time in long engagements which WILL happen due to the...), excellent armor, which can reach almost 44% to all resists, while still having 2 MRPs and leaving two slots for mission gear, or making it EVEN MORE tanky. Basically, a full resistance based hybrid build with an SRV and a disco scanner is a rare thing indeed, I think only the Challenger can pull it off and still do 490 boost and better pitch and roll performance than a Krait. It even has acceptable jump range, about 10% less than a Krait in similar spec. It's just an overall combination of not just jack of all trades, but really good at all trades, if not exceptional at any in particular. In fact, I'm gonna say it, dun dun DUN! For the way I play the game, the Challenger is a...
  • cpbtrading's Avatar
    Today, 1:27 PM · 6979 replies and 576664 views.
    Really good NMS youtuber: Landing Pad, among others...:eek:
  • Hydrino's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 PM · 77 replies and 1336 views.
    This goes back to me stating multiple times FD really should reconsider the DDF. I think they did that to some extent with the Focused Feedback Forums. aka= new expanded DDF. But have they done it for Exploration mechanics enough? Will they do it for the new paid expansion mechanics they are working on? Will they keep hammering away at the old DDF items that are still extant? Etc. Etc. I think FD have course-corrected vs. Seasons 1&2, which they probably had roadmapped out for Console deployment and considerations for which we are not privy. But I hope that is correct and FD aren't falling back into old ways of implementing major headline features like Power Play with zero customer input. For a live game with a much smaller base than the billion-dollar-a-year World of Warcraft machine, this would seem to be more in the lifeblood and DNA of FD and ED.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 1:25 PM · 40 replies and 802 views.
    Sure, blame game for chickening out. Sounds very solid argument to me.
  • SubitusNex's Avatar
    Today, 1:25 PM · 25 replies and 668 views.
    Since you're stepping outside of in-character bounds, I'll go ahead and welcome you to Elite Dangerous where factions take systems by players playing the game. Welcome to the fun.
  • Ceekay's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 PM · 6 replies and 127 views.
    Try the "pirate activity detected" ones they have loads of engineered ships all wanted and high payouts, threat level 6 is doable singly at 7 it's probably time to wing up.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 PM · 6 replies and 127 views.
    Did you use a KWS?
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