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  1. Can someone explain the new Beta 1.1
  2. Oooh this is new ....
  3. Elite: Dangerous Update 1.1 BETA Incoming - 18.30 GMT
  4. Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Update 1.1 Beta - Things we'd like you to do!
  5. [TESTING] Test the Friendly Fire System
  6. [TESTING] Test Missile Effectiveness VS Trading and Combat Ships
  7. [TESTING] Test Community Goals Through Participation
  8. [TESTING] Test Discovery Data and First Found
  9. [TESTING] Test Station Responses and Ship to Ship Collisions
  10. How to find and install Beta 1.1
  11. I'll see you at Dalton Gateway punk!
  12. City lights
  13. Ticket Logging.
  14. Russian Localization Issues
  15. Bug - Hotas X52 Pro
  16. 1.1 Oooh
  17. I see a Type-9 Heavy in Beta 1.1
  18. Just accidentally deleted save of my main game... :(
  19. frameshift bug: endless jump sequence
  20. [F12 Bug Feedback] Please post details about this issue in this thread
  21. [TESTING] Long distance route plotting
  22. Outfitting Filters, remember last setting please.
  23. Ships prices
  24. Drop in FPS
  25. Why isn't every ship free?
  26. 11 Chaff ammo is not enought, thats way too low
  27. Interdiction bugs,issues and general discussion thread.
  28. Interdicted by NPC cobra, and you'll not believe what happened next
  29. German localisation issues
  30. Game doesn't quit
  31. Oculus rift bugs
  32. Station Pad Halos
  33. Petition for 700 Million credit buff
  34. Update stalled.
  35. Awful Audio in 1.1 Yuk!
  36. Dalton Gateway doesn't have all the ships and modules.
  37. Traffic Report Looks Weird
  38. Constant disconect or CTD
  39. HUD is now a dynamic light! YES! (PICTURES)
  40. Pls. Rebalance the Dumbfrire missiles
  41. Obtain stuff mission icon arrows. Have they been reversed?
  42. Love the new music, seems a little loud?
  43. Capital Ship in Frigaha
  44. [BUG] station unexpected death
  45. Super-cruise drop out sound effect and thruster deceleration noise when re-spawning.
  46. [Bug] Joysticks X and Y axes deactivate after deploying landing gear
  47. Headlock bug with EDtracker and joystick - stops joystick working
  48. Decals are in
  49. still downloading, but hows the 1000ly galaxy map route working.
  50. Heatseeking missiles track next closest target if original destroyed during flight, bug?
  51. Please explain beta 1.1 and 1.0 coexistence
  52. Python
  53. Exploration community goal
  54. Fired 4 heatseeker missles at Hauler with no shield, no damage dealt
  55. I thought the cops kill stealing was previously fixed?
  56. Major Sound Issues with beta 1.1 Solo & Open
  57. Info on 1.1b please
  58. [Bug][Feature?] Over 50 NPCs in one system caused massive frame rate issues
  59. [BUG] Conflict Zone / Capital Ship Dumbfirerocket
  60. bounties for murder not changed?
  61. Founders Permit gone?
  62. Improvements
  63. What's new in this beta?
  64. Prohibited Rares reported multiple times (back again :) )
  65. When do system maps get updated after scanning and selling the info?
  66. Is 1.1 beta only for beta backers?
  67. sharing means caring
  68. Sound tearing when entering a station
  69. Opening of the map when opening the outfitting screen
  70. Bought mercenary edition on Dec 15 before release, am I able to test 1.1?
  71. [TESTING] Route Planner
  72. Landing pad not working
  73. [Updating list] Problems so far
  74. Accidental Damage System too forgiving? (Post bugs here)
  75. how can WE TRUELY TEST this?
  76. Outfitting livery issues anyone?
  77. Where is "Discovered by" tag to be found?
  78. Pad lights/numbers still vanishing.
  79. Where are the screenshots?
  80. So where is "wings"?
  81. Flying backwards at launch.
  82. I believe I may be misunderstanding the Bounty Hunting Community Goals
  83. [BUG] Shield cells, when equiped more than 2 and bind to a button...
  84. You guys mucked up decals
  85. Outpost docking issue
  86. Some Thorough Testing
  87. Warning for Oculus users: pressing F12 drops to desktop
  88. SHIELD CELL power unbalanced
  89. 1250%~ heat dmg Laser & Dumbfirerocket setup
  90. Strange quantity &5
  91. Place to hunt pirates?
  92. Heat damage from weapons
  93. Where do I download the new client?
  94. Oh perfect
  95. [TESTING] Best addition so far!
  96. None beta gfx are smooth. Beta .. jerky
  97. Crazy amount of rebuy cost for Type-9
  98. L9 needs a boost
  99. Base Scanner is unusable
  100. Cannot clear Wanted status
  101. CUSTOM Key bindings not recognised going back to game 1.07 after testing beta 1.1
  102. a few questions before I download...
  103. It unplayable for me!
  104. Testing Request: Resource Extraction Sights
  105. Rebuy cost 18.4 Quintillion Cr!
  106. No offence but Dalton?
  107. Dumbfire thoughts.
  108. Is this a seperate galaxy? I just saw a Cmdr in a Clipper
  109. If you want us to test, give us at least enough money to freely test stuff.
  110. Community Goals don't seem to track any progress.
  111. Kubasov Orbital
  112. connection error
  113. how do I get out of this 1.1 beta
  114. Beta 1.1 on VR on strong computer -> un play able! The forgotten support.
  115. Outfitting Camera Bugged T9 DK2
  116. Sounds
  117. All non backers can pay for beta access
  118. Left hat on X55 not working for previous UI panel in beta; works fine in release
  119. So basically systems will all be named by people with beta access..?
  120. Galaxy map glitching
  121. I'm getting access denied to the Beta?
  122. Route planning issues
  123. Connection error selling stored ship
  124. no bounty
  125. Translation Missing (ship-fitting)
  126. Docking Lights still vanishing
  127. Still waiting for the 5 new ships.
  128. [Graphic bug] station menu offset from radar screen
  129. Audio is really choppy
  130. Auto Field-Maintenance Unit Improved
  131. Impressions: A Bounty Hunter's perspective
  132. Type-9 Stations List
  133. "Reserved" names in the beta
  134. Community Goals
  135. [Testing] Community Goals - Bounty Hunting at Ekonir
  136. Is double chaffing gone?
  137. Landing Pad Chevrons
  138. Cant get started...
  139. space station construction locations
  140. Thrustmater Warthog Headlook disables joystick
  141. K- Warrent Scanner and illegal interdictions
  142. [Testing] Ship collision & Pad lights
  143. (bug?) FDEV Please read your own kickstarter description (Founder decal)
  144. Cargo quantity bug in mission missions that canot be accesprd.
  145. cheap ships but can sell the equipments
  146. Module sorting - design change proposal
  147. Can you
  148. Nvidia Drivers still bugged?
  149. New clouds look worse up close than the previous ones..
  150. There are 2 Dalton Gateways !
  151. DEVs? GraphicsConfigurationOverride.xml does it do what I think it does?
  152. GraphicsConifg.xml location in Beta?
  153. Supersampling
  154. Unable to update
  155. Friendly Fire allied exemption clarification please
  156. Test Station Responses and Ship to Ship Collisions feedback
  157. [Rebalance] Python Speed / BeamLasers / Shildcells / Dumbfire/seeker/missiles / Torpedos ?
  158. Few bugs (friendly fire, bounty bug, anaconda) [VIDEO]
  159. Judder Hell (DK2 Beta 1.1)
  160. Station hostility
  161. Beta test with what?
  162. Well done to FD for the balancing in 1.1
  163. dont think ive seen this before?
  164. Does the beta client show up on the launcher?
  165. list of bugs and stuff
  166. Changes for the explorer and long range trader
  167. Still disapointet by HIP 63835
  168. The Cobra
  169. No data for ten minutes, aborting download.
  170. Gas giant Shaders??
  171. Ship costs
  172. Any interest in a private combat testing group?
  173. Stored ships
  174. LHS 3447 Second Star
  175. Game wont start on my resolution
  176. Thanks... oh and detailed surface scanners umm.. don't.
  177. Choppy gameplay near gas giants
  178. Does Dalton Gateway *have* to be the station which sells everything?
  179. Background of side panel in Galaxy Map has changed colour
  180. Testing dumbfires in Stations
  181. Community Goal - Exploration Data for Cleve Hub (Eravate)
  182. First try bugs (check list bug,system map station description bug,out of SC sound bug,docking crash)
  183. [Testing] Community Goals - Mining at Potriti
  184. White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars now have gravitational lensing
  185. Quick feedback from initial impression / testing
  186. Elite: Dangerous, directed by J.J. Abrams
  187. beta testing non fun
  188. So, does 1.1 have "Sell All" for system data?
  189. clipping lacon 9 in hangar outfitting lower guns with Oculus rift
  190. Galaxy Map and routing
  191. Problems with Dumbfires and PDTs
  192. Creating support tickets
  193. I get only problems with F12 crash when in open mode
  194. Nerf of the Python : lower the price of fuel ?
  195. Long pause out of supercruise back :(
  196. Laser Are They Meant To Get That Hot!!!
  197. News on grouping features?
  198. Release date for the non-backers?
  199. Is this a wipe?
  200. Open "Bug Discussion" sticky thread for Beta 1.1
  201. Download..... waiting, waiting....
  202. Does class A guarantee that they is better quality?
  203. GraphicsConfigurationOveride.xml
  204. wife is complaining ...
  205. Vulture and Fer-de-Lance ?
  206. Unplayable right now...disconnects
  207. Dalton food drive community goal
  208. [BUG?] Control bindings screwed?
  209. Docking computer beep
  210. Can't install 1.1 Beta
  211. turrets and comms
  212. Friend request reveals account holders real name
  213. So I Just Bought a Lakon Type-9 For 100Cr
  214. Test Driving The Orca
  215. beta 1.1
  216. "Body exclusion zone hit"
  217. [Testing] Trying to Kill the Capital Ship in Frigaha
  218. Com Goals Exploration data and Ship Integrity costs
  219. Advanced Discovery Scanner changed?
  220. Symbol of Mission finisihing screen
  221. Nerf is a a problem in general and should be changed keep up what you released
  222. [SOUND PROB] - captured on video, take care on your ears commanders!!!
  223. Can't create a ticket
  224. Are Dumbfires good for anything?
  225. Annoying oo noise every three seconds
  226. apologies for my incompetence
  227. Are clouds Dynamic?
  228. massive drop in fps
  229. Are type 9 lakon and other ship type meant to cost that high ?
  230. Anyone near dalton want to fire some dumbfires at a PDT T9
  231. No shields
  232. Found two ships for 100cr each
  233. Dalton docking problems
  234. Paint Jobs not displaying from within the ship?
  235. Rename "Community goals", please :)
  236. Bounty Hunting
  237. General observations/possible bugs
  238. Unable to clear [WANTED] status.
  239. Something bad is going on with collision damage - hull is dropping too fast for no reason
  240. Decals for ranks
  241. [BUG] Loss of Route when dropping to normal space
  242. Is this can be a bug ?
  243. I Don't Like The Docking Assist Graphic ... Please Change It Back.
  244. Everyone is still Harmless
  245. Rebuy cost, way too expensive...in beta 1.1
  246. My hat is off to the designers!
  247. AI still pretty inept at docking :/
  249. Heat Damage Oddity
  250. New atmospheric effects
  251. Scaling payouts in conflict zones. Still too low.
  252. Will the stuff we do in the Beta carry over once everyone gets 1.1?
  253. Class 2 Turrets are OP atm -.-
  254. Sound dynamic range and a suggestion.
  255. Cut and Paste Bug in Comms MSG's