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  1. [PLEASE READ] Known Issues (UPDATED 09/03/15)
  2. [PLEASE READ] Guidelines for posting threads about bugs
  3. [Gameplay] Class 2 Pulse Laser Turret does not fire automatically
  4. [Gameplay] "Slow Down" message appearing with no hope of acting on it
  5. [Graphical Issues] Galaxy Map Goods Selection Causes Unusual Trade Route Behaviour
  6. [Controls] x52 controller hat stick frequently stops working after landing.
  7. [Controls] Cannot use Xbox 360 controller
  8. [Controls] Head look 'HOLD' mode no longer seems to work
  9. [In-Game Text] Comm UI switches directly to Text entering when navigating to the comm icon
  10. [Controls] Keybind to select next target in a planned route does nothing when in supercruise.
  11. [Graphical Issues] Vulture livery points incorrect
  12. [Gameplay] Scanned by Fed Sec Service "all clear" - then attacked by them?
  13. [Audio Issue] Wing Voice chat setting does not affect voice chat after join
  14. [Gameplay] Problem with selling exploration data
  15. [Gameplay] Jumping out to wingman beacon or wake doesn't work properly
  16. [Controls] Mouse head look far too fast
  17. [Gameplay] Interdicted near to star, submit and stay in SC but no SC sound.
  18. [Gameplay] [BUG] Boosters Not Showing in Modules for on and off
  19. [Graphical Issues] Vulture inside cockpit clipping left and right at 5760x1080 resolution
  20. [Gameplay] Surrender marked cargo does not work
  21. [Gameplay] error message - data corrupted please try again
  22. [Gameplay] "Frame shift online" message spamming whilst fuel scooping
  23. [Controls] Headlook Toggle Causing Controls to Drift
  24. [Controls] Cannot fire Beam laser (fixed) in FDL
  25. [Gameplay] Enemy Not Turning Wanted
  26. [Gameplay] Sub-System Not Registering Hits
  27. [Graphical Issues] Planet terminator far too far around the planet
  28. [Graphical Issues] Debug camera has Remlock overlay when canopy breached
  29. [Gameplay] Scanner no longer shows Interdiction attacker as red
  30. [Controls] Debug Camera key binding affects ship speed.
  31. [Gameplay] Self-destruct in supercruise doesn't work
  32. [Gameplay] No docking interface
  33. [Gameplay] landing pad lights
  34. [Connection/Network Issue] Crashed! Can't get back in. Here's what happened.
  35. [Gameplay] ctrl+alt+o crashes game
  36. [Gameplay] cant fire laser from class 4 hardpoint on FDL
  37. [Misc] dropped cargo display error
  38. [Saves] Faction Reputation reset to Neutral
  39. [Audio Issue] Sound bug after long super cruise to Dalton Gateway
  40. [In-Game Text] Solo mode - spinning ship error message in raw XML
  41. [Gameplay] NPC ship does not appear on the scanner
  42. [Misc] [Graphical issues] Cannot deploy Camera
  43. [Performance] Jumping into LHS 3447 frame rate drops to < 10fps Seems like 2fps
  44. [In-Game Text] Repeated items in PROHIBITED text
  45. [Graphical Issues] Ship hull is transparent:
  46. [Connection/Network Issue] UC "Sell Page" persistent data bug is still here.
  47. [Graphical Issues] Bloom Issues in Oculus Rift
  48. [Audio Issue] Crackling audio at high supercruise speed
  49. [Audio Issue] Music cuts out randomly in Super Cruise
  50. [Graphical Issues] Planet rings disappear during supercruise transitions
  51. [Graphical Issues] Particles being drawn in gaps in planet rings
  52. [In-Game Text] Text selection/mark not visible when entering text
  53. [Audio Issue] Specific audio drops out after in a Wing and chatting
  54. [Graphical Issues] [1.2b] Exterior cam during docking causes loss of UI and UI functionality
  55. [Gameplay] FDL and railgun
  56. [Graphical Issues] Fer-De-Lance hardpoint doors close over weapons with triple monitor setup
  57. [Connection/Network Issue] 3 people in wing - can't all see each other
  58. [Controls] Using headlook no longer resets steering
  59. [Gameplay] landing pads spinning and re-orienting everytime i request dock
  60. [Gameplay] {Gameplay Affected] Star Tooltip Disappearing In Galaxy Map
  61. [Gameplay] Wingman Auto nav loses lock randomly
  62. [Gameplay] All ships & modules NOT available at Dalton Gateway
  63. [Compatibility] Crashed Game Client.
  64. [Gameplay] FSD nav-lock delay
  65. [Gameplay] Some fer de lance bugs in pictures
  66. [Controls] Debug camera vs bindings.
  67. [Graphical Issues] Fer-de-Lance clipped inside landing pad
  68. [Misc] Arjung System, Fallows Ring outpose (anarchy) - orbiting wrong planet
  69. [Gameplay] Federal invitation still offer permit already granted
  70. [Saves] Save Transfer = Possible Reputation Loss
  71. [Gameplay] Modules panel delayed refresh after outfitting
  72. [Gameplay] Can't sell ship with negative value
  73. [Gameplay] ESC and TrackIR
  74. [Gameplay] NPC tried to interdict me as I jumped, appeared in new system.
  75. [Misc] not powered modules cant reload but do make cost when a reload request is done
  76. [Gameplay] Continuous "FSD Malfunction" spam when attempting to follow wingman into hyperspace from SC.
  77. [Controls] Ctrl Alt Space ignored if Space key bound to another function
  78. [Audio Issue] Audio clipping in Vulture engine sound
  79. [Graphical Issues] Invisible ship in witch space after messing with debug camera
  80. [Graphical Issues] Fitted modules don't show up in Power Panel
  81. [Controls] Camera freelook not centering ships direction on toggle
  82. [Controls] Comms chat input activated on pressing 4
  83. [Graphical Issues] Elite Dangerous process keeps minimizing itself.
  84. [In-Game Text] wing member 3 shows text where icon should be
  85. [Gameplay] FDL pilot blinded by landing lights
  86. [Gameplay] Dropping "Stolen" cargo for wingman wipes stolen mark
  87. [Gameplay] Galaxy Map Location icons for ships/wingmen have no details
  88. [Controls] Unable to return to Local chat channel after chatting to Wing
  89. [Performance] Stutter/hiccup in asteroid field possibly due to LOD switching
  90. [Misc] Point Defense appears to still weigh nothing
  91. [Audio Issue] Sound intermittantly silences during Supercruise
  92. [Graphical Issues] Debug camera issue
  93. [Graphical Issues] Invisible ship in debug camera
  94. [Gameplay] Invoking repair when in SC allowed but crashes out of SC and stops repair
  95. [Gameplay] Authority vessels fighting each other
  96. [Audio Issue] Engines silent after repair until client reboot
  97. [Graphical Issues] Stuttering in SC near planet and bad rendering texture
  98. [Gameplay] Being neutral you can destroy all heat sinks (or guns) on capital ship
  99. [Gameplay] 20km from station when nav locked to wing member and dropping out.
  100. [Gameplay] Illegal goods bug?
  101. [Controls] Comms panel behaviuor
  102. [Misc] Galaxy map mission markers appear for other stations of same name
  103. [Controls] Frameshift drive sequence, turns WASD from ship controll into panel control
  104. [Misc] Debug camera does not work on Rift DK2
  105. [Exploit] Selling cartography data bug
  106. [Controls] comms pannel problems
  107. [Controls] Debug Camera uncontrollable when docked
  108. [Gameplay] Repair cost insanely high !
  109. [Controls] Navigation - galaxy map mouse pointer
  110. [Gameplay] Jump straight from Witchspace to normal space when locked to wingman
  111. [Misc] Switching to debug camera when landing screws up
  112. [Graphical Issues] Disapperaing module info in outfitting
  113. [In-Game Text] Missing Power Draw information on Shield boosters
  114. [Graphical Issues] Vulture - Canopy blown graphics not complete
  115. [Graphical Issues] Paint jobs not visible from cockpit in hyperspace
  116. [Graphical Issues] Black Hole - moving dot with headlook (not lensing)
  117. [Graphical Issues] Shadows/lighting from system sun seen inside docking bays
  118. [Gameplay] Black Hole - able to get within 0.1ls
  119. [Gameplay] New "Select next route destination" key not functioning in supercruise
  120. [Graphical Issues] Python - bottom C3 slot cover position
  121. [Controls] Freelook Y-axis disabled when Starport Services tab opens
  122. [Gameplay] Bugs and Feedback
  123. [Graphical Issues] Sidewinder engines running in outfitting.
  124. [Audio Issue] Docking clamp audio treatment change too extreme
  125. [Connection/Network Issue] FDL Outfititng Bug
  126. [Gameplay] Assassination Missions: new sabotage option breaking the mission
  127. [Saves] Crash/unable to play - crashes on START since outfitting Vulture, open or solo
  128. [Misc] Crash Reporter utility still directs users to support.orerve.net
  129. [Graphical Issues] Heat Sink Launcher has weapon type symbol attached to it
  130. [Controls] Button binding bug still in 1.2
  131. [Gameplay] Cannot equip Asp first internal slot
  132. [Graphical Issues] Vulture cockpit depicts "LIGHTS" indicator as always lit
  133. [Gameplay] [LOCAL] and [DIRECT] come across as bugs, probably a feature?
  134. [Gameplay] Orca power output/usage display not correct (or overload module disable not correct)
  135. [Gameplay] Shield cell bank listed on module panel after selling
  136. [Graphical Issues] Vulture decals: wrong camera angle?
  137. [Audio Issue] Audio balance: system/station signature music inconsistent and too loud
  138. [Gameplay] Docking Request Denied - Outpost Stations
  139. [Performance] 1.2 performance issues mean game is basically unplayable now
  140. [Connection/Network Issue] Outfitting the Fer-de-lance
  141. [Misc] Contacts remaining on contacts list even when they are gone
  142. [Graphical Issues] Planets seem to fade in when you get close to them
  143. [Graphical Issues] Hard point on the FDL model is transparent
  144. [Graphical Issues] Asp heat vent animation bug
  145. [Graphical Issues] FDL Huge hardpoint POV is too close to see the weapons
  146. [Gameplay] Can't sell Prototype Tech on black market
  147. [Graphical Issues] Watery windows on FDL in Outfitting
  148. [Graphical Issues] The pilot chair quivers when looking around. Also the seat and pilot don't seem connected
  149. [Gameplay] Route selector can have no option selected
  150. [Graphical Issues] Fer-de-Lance decal camera angles reveresed
  151. [Misc] Arrival Point in System Map nissing
  152. [Graphical Issues] Part of star displayed when exiting galaxy map
  153. [Controls] Mouse headlook in station
  154. [Gameplay] FDL ubable to boost
  155. [Misc] Unhandled exception
  156. [Connection/Network Issue] Launcher stuck on "Download Manifest' for today's upgrade
  157. [Audio Issue] Can't Hear Other Player Ships
  158. [Graphical Issues] Severe FPS Stutter When Docked
  159. [Graphical Issues] Debug Cam Causes Jump Glitch When Used During FSD Charging
  160. [Gameplay] Crazy Spinning AI Ships In Supercruise
  161. [In-Game Text] Outfitting Descriptions
  162. [Gameplay] Exit from Hyperspace after using Flight Assist Off
  163. [Gameplay] FDL - Huge hardpoint - useless in real terms
  164. [In-Game Text] Exit text box leaves you zoomed in
  165. [Graphical Issues] Vulture scanner graphic issue
  166. [Controls] Mouse headlook sensitivity has no effect on headlook
  167. [Graphical Issues] Framerate in super cruise is way down
  168. [Graphical Issues] Asp Cockpit | Missing Texture
  169. [Controls] Ed Tracker problem
  170. [Graphical Issues] Vulture's decals aren't working properly
  171. [Graphical Issues] Wings Icons mismatch
  172. [Controls] Controls went bye bye :-(
  173. [Performance] NPC flood hyperspace instance
  174. [Graphical Issues] Camera debug mode - pilot seat empty
  175. [Gameplay] Modules panel desync with current outfit
  176. [Graphical Issues] Blibking "scanning" message when cyclign targets
  177. [Graphical Issues] FPS hit
  178. [Exploit] Double login + myriad other things that are left unchecked.
  179. [Misc] Client partially hung on me
  180. [Gameplay] Police shooting at me
  181. [Gameplay] FDL Decals incorrect
  182. [Audio Issue] Engine sounds drop out in long supercruise
  183. [Gameplay] Contacts List doesn't clear after leaving an area
  184. [In-Game Text] Credit Balance on Combat Bonds screen
  185. [Graphical Issues] Eagle looks washed out/grey if using debug cam inside station
  186. [In-Game Text] "First to discover" only showing first star/planet name
  187. [Controls] Debug Camera not working
  188. [Gameplay] Bounties from friendly fire increase by thousands when scanned at station.
  189. [Gameplay] Many many AI/NPC ships in supercruise
  190. [Controls] Headlook toggle working properly with 1.2 Beta X52 Pro
  191. [Gameplay] Paying off bounties/fines does not clear hostile status with local authorities
  192. [Gameplay] NPC ships not leaving starport, being killed by station for loitering.
  193. [Gameplay] Wingman Auto Nav constantly losing lock during SC and interdiction
  194. [Misc] Orca Class 6 & 5 internal compartments limited to cargo and hull reinforcement only
  195. [Graphical Issues] Orbit Lines have angles approaching 90 degrees
  196. [In-Game Text] French traduction problem
  197. [Gameplay] Problem to see each other in wings
  198. [Gameplay] Cannot sell stored Vulture
  199. [Graphical Issues] No Pilot sitting in the chair of my wingman when looking through his window
  200. [Graphical Issues] Player Vulture - Ship Remains Outside When Inside Dock
  201. [Graphical Issues] Federal dropship doesn't show up for the most part.
  202. [Controls] Cannot change Basic Discovery Scanner power priority
  203. [Controls] Debug Camera Stuck In Station
  204. [Graphical Issues] Comms Obscured By Pad Lights
  205. [Connection/Network Issue] Unable to etablish communications
  206. [Gameplay] Error when installing new modules
  207. [Audio Issue] Audio still crackles as of 1.2 beta 2
  208. [Gameplay] Disengage Into Station
  209. [Gameplay] System authority attacking bounty and fine free player
  210. [Graphical Issues] Star surface eruption element rotates (spin) with ship axis rotation
  211. [Audio Issue] Microfon Mute & Voice Indication
  212. [Gameplay] Kill warrant scanner scans are not shared in the wing
  213. [Audio Issue] Piano music vs reverb balance
  214. [Gameplay] Wake scanning works even if you have no wake scanner.
  215. [Gameplay] No ammunition for limpet controller, even after reloading.
  216. [Gameplay] Info Panel not working as expected in VR
  217. [Controls] Selecting chat does not select chat
  218. [Controls] minor controls error and potential bug for sub system targeting
  219. [Graphical Issues] Oculus Rift view of external ship in space station is a bit sickening
  220. [Gameplay] Attacking wanted NPCs at a RES causes space-cops to wig out
  221. [Gameplay] missing confirm dialog for mission cancellation
  222. [Graphical Issues] flickering in asteroid field, in the transition from gaz giant shade to light
  223. [Graphical Issues] FDL outfitting - class 2 guns coming through the door
  224. [Controls] Galaxy Map & UI Menu buttons can't be bound to same joystick button?
  225. [Graphical Issues] Shimmering/lighting bug in stations at ultra-wide resolution
  226. [Controls] Changes to throttle in Debug Camera mode stick when returning to ship
  227. [Gameplay] 3 factions in civil war at once
  228. [Gameplay] Wings instancing problem
  229. [Graphical Issues] HUD vanished
  230. [Gameplay] Wing request to ingame friend not being received
  231. [Gameplay] Cargo scoop on Fer De Lance has inacurate targetting as well as speed.
  232. [Gameplay] Modules (Power Plant) priority 2 ???
  233. [Gameplay] Game freeze when trying to bring up comms menu while outfitting
  234. [Performance] Loading times AMD Card
  235. [Controls] Minor change to comms special commands
  236. [Graphical Issues] Modules panel not refreshing
  237. [Misc] Ship lights don't stay on.
  238. [Gameplay] NPC wing interdicts me, wingmates not hostile
  239. [Connection/Network Issue] error from downloading patch
  240. [Gameplay] Reloading disabled modules
  241. [Controls] LRUD thruster control failure
  242. [Gameplay] [Capital Ship] Federal defenses seems immune to energy weapons
  243. [Gameplay] Can't choose faction in the Imperial Capital Ship zone
  244. [Controls] System Display Navigation feature request
  245. [Gameplay] [Capital Ship] huge imbalance between the Federal and Imperial heat relay HP
  246. [Gameplay] Claimed bounties still on Transactions pane
  247. [Gameplay] Station contacts menu locks up after rapidly switching between tabs
  248. [Gameplay] FSD failure during Nav-Lock "severe".
  249. [Gameplay] Problem in winng
  250. [Gameplay] Trade Dividends
  251. [Gameplay] Mining fragments no longer show percentage composition when targetted
  252. [Connection/Network Issue] Accepting a Wings Invite Crashed Game
  253. [In-Game Text] Non-Alphanumeric characters in Galaxy Map Search Box
  254. [Gameplay] Big problem in piracy profession. Cargo scaner marks cargo in victim cargohold.
  255. [Graphical Issues] Cobra Mk III Cockpit Issues