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  1. Galaxy map trade routes not showing
  2. Wings (Update 1.2) Beta Incoming
  3. 1.2 [WINGS] Update Instructions
  4. I'm in :)
  5. Ship to ship transfer and docking ?
  6. Using non-beta commander?
  7. ship save
  8. 1.2 still playable for solo players?
  9. Selecting target from System Map?
  10. 1.2 and EDTracker
  11. Normal price tag for new ships?
  12. So I've started at the Ringed Earth Like! How did they know! Thank you! FD!
  13. 1.2 Beta Crash to desktop
  14. Stars are grey on the scanner?
  15. Targetting modules
  16. Temp gauge broken
  17. Are these new?
  18. Fer-de-Lance Jump range: is it a joke ?
  19. Vulture
  20. Comms interface - exiting is clunky - suggest blank "return" to exit?
  21. Wingman Icon too comical ?
  22. Where is everybody?
  23. Leonard Nimoy Station is a Sol like station for those wondering.
  24. ZP FDL!
  25. [BUG] Boosters Not Showing in Modules for on and off
  26. Dropship Cockpit Clipping/Missing
  27. Wingman not in the station really.
  28. Dalton Gateway?
  29. The Vulture Load outs Any Ideas???
  30. Nice texture upgrade for station rings.
  31. External View?
  32. Fuel Scoop Heat does not match Cockpit Display
  33. Crashed - can't get back in - here's what happened
  34. Skybox rendering
  35. Broadcast messaging range and possible conflicts...
  36. Shiled booster question
  37. Still no love for bounty hunters - Lets make crime pay.
  38. Whereabouts is the FDL?
  39. odd vibrating orbit line showing in unexplored system
  40. Love the FDL so far BUT...
  41. Vulture and Fer De Lance Pricing- someone mess up?
  42. fellow rifters what is 1.2 in DK2?
  43. Reboot/repair sequence!
  44. final price for fer de lance and vulture?
  45. A bit confused about the capital ship combat.
  46. Bug with the satandard docking computer on the Vulture...
  47. Rebooting of destroyed modules
  48. Sidewinders - Thousands of em...
  49. Galaxy Map and new icons
  50. Transaction Denied
  51. Idiot's guide to new comms panel please!
  52. Chat System?
  53. I had a lot of fun tonight - I like the way things are going!
  54. keybinding for next route destination not working in SuperCruise
  55. Pathetic download speeds....
  56. Wing expierences
  58. The Vulture - Not So Ugly
  59. Fer-De-Lance information?
  60. Shield Booster Doesn't Appear in Modules Tab
  61. Comms interface suggestion
  62. Ticketing beta bugs via support.elitedangerous.com no confirmation
  63. I MUST KNOW!
  64. unable to sell cargo "albino quechua mammoth" in Altair - Solo Orbiter
  65. FDL and class 4 hardpoint
  66. Friendly Request: Vulture and Fer-de-Lance Engine sounds.
  67. Starting with Live CMDR Save In Beta?
  68. Beta 1.2 Conflict Zones, places for PVP etc ?
  69. How's the A.I. in 1.2?
  70. Voice comms in wings, anyone tried it yet?
  71. Slow Download
  72. Submitted two ticks - neither showing up
  73. Shield Boosters & Hull Upgrades
  74. Vulture PowerPlant issue?
  75. Did all exploration data transfer over to Beta?
  76. Warning - taking heat damage
  77. Can't scroll options windows all of a sudden??
  78. Decals - not working on Vulture
  79. command "beacon" missing in the German version of the game?
  80. FDL - Graphics issue - outfitting
  81. fixed beam on FDL huge hard point no fire
  82. Do I smell AI improvements?
  83. Were reputations supposed to carry over?
  84. DK2 Users
  85. Getting back to local chat after chatting with friend?
  86. Mouse look, what's changed and how do I get it back?
  87. beta crash
  88. Does playing beta effect /impact main game?
  89. Heavy Instance Problems
  90. ling UI stuff
  91. Illegal in Jurisdiction.
  92. Collapsing frame rates and audio breakdown.
  93. First Impression after an hour or so in...
  94. Signal Sources
  95. Did RES suddenly become awesome?
  96. Control problems Thrustmaster Tflight x
  97. Did the FSD interdiction get to violent?
  98. Logged into Beta - somewhere out there in ma Clipper
  99. End of Beta 1.2 testing for me. Have fun CMDRS
  100. Massive, Consistent FPS Loss over time in SuperCruise
  101. Suggestion: Wings with best jump range rather than worst jump range? (FDL and others related)
  102. Has Smuggling Become an Actual Career Now?
  103. Love the new heat changes
  104. Getting close to a Black Hole
  105. Changing ships with Cargo
  106. Vulture vs Imperial Clipper
  107. Cured the problem that Only I seemed to have :-)
  108. Beta 1.2 Starting Point 5000ly away from civ
  109. Beta crashed after taking Anaconda assassination mission and can't get back in
  110. Fer De Lance Needs more Power
  111. Suggestion: Wing NAV Lock notification
  112. Graphic Tweaks needed (thanks to new camera mode)
  113. npc wing
  114. Fer-De-Lance Huge Hardpoint
  115. Decreased repair costs?
  116. Geopolitical Changes?
  117. we cannot find any online servers for your region solo
  118. Bouncing Player Ships
  119. LLAP
  120. Free money for wings? Economic nonsense!
  121. Wings and conflict zones
  122. New features in cartographic map
  123. Painjobs for 1.2 ?
  124. Starfield looks Awesome
  125. allied police force attack after scan is clear
  126. The Vulture is perfect!
  127. Hud Email Icon in the 4th millenia
  128. Unable to etablish communications
  129. Keybinds - Good and Omitted
  130. petition for price adjustments for all ships
  131. Anyone tried the new USS missions balanced for more than one CMDR?
  132. Navigation confusion
  133. integrate debug camera into the game's lore
  134. Reversing/Accelerating when leaving External Camera
  135. Debug Camera is Fantastic, but needs some Inertia
  136. Wings Exploration - Needs slots really?
  137. Fer-De-Lance Cockpit. Offset pilot seat doing my head in.
  138. c3 Multicanons
  139. V1.2 release date
  140. Why the permanent shield bubble??
  141. Black Holes - Anyone noticed a lensing effect increase?
  142. Strong Signal Sources Thoughts So Far
  143. Point Defence
  144. Vapour Trails?
  145. Ode to debug cam.
  146. Fer De Lance...
  147. Wing - Jump as one Wing
  148. Where to find the Fer de Lance and vulture...
  149. Is 1.2 sandboxed?
  150. Wings question
  151. Is the FerdeLance that expensive a ship.
  152. Shared earning from missions?
  153. Vulture: Weak canopy is one con too many.
  154. FD : Don't you think trading players will move to solo only ?
  155. Bug in outfitting -- disconnected with each module sell
  156. Debug Cam Catches Exploding Ship
  157. Wing bountys
  158. Ships with not enough power is not fun design
  159. low energy wakes still ni on impossible to fly into
  160. Reputation-loss in beta 1.2: Bug or non-issue?
  161. Target the next system in a planned route, bind key.
  162. Elite Dangerous Manual update needed
  163. Capitol Ships
  164. "Stop him! He didn't fully scan the wanted criminal we're attacking!"
  165. Fer-De Lance- Huge hardpoint, whats it good for.
  166. Heat fiddle has increased difficulty
  167. 1.2 Wings Beta 2 Incoming
  168. Arena Commander planned ?
  169. Strong Signal Sources! Bravo!
  170. What are my "huge hardpoint" options for the Fer de Lance?
  171. Heat damage still bugged in 1.2.2
  172. FdL cargo scoop
  173. Missing : Arrival Point in System map
  174. Sticky needed for Beta Game Save Status
  175. Residual footprint of beta
  176. New Black hole - are they supposed to be harmless?
  177. George Pantazia - Painite ??
  178. Wow. Hang on. Wait: Marked Cargo
  179. Oculus rift and debug camera - first impressions
  180. Access coms
  181. Stuck on "Download manifest"?
  182. Is ship-to-ship docking a thing in 1.2 or on the horizon?
  183. Main game save file used in Bata 1.2
  184. where is Fer De Lance? want to buy it
  185. Should we really be able to see who is/isn't in a wing?
  186. It's awesome to wake up excited for ED like I was last May again!
  187. Common sense to communicate in 1.2
  188. @FD Devs, Asking nicely: Can we please get the intended costs of the new ships.
  189. Vultures weak canopy
  190. Power issues with set up on new beta 1.2!
  191. Is the wings system flawed at the moment?
  192. Beta Access?
  193. NPC Wings have more than 4 members!
  194. Audio is still bad in 1.2
  195. Beta download size.
  196. So I want to send local chat...
  197. Massive improvement - Docking computer.
  198. Wings = Salvation
  199. What to do with marked cargo?
  200. The RES I just visited was chaos
  201. Does my Beta progress persist into release version?
  202. Vulture Cockpit Broken?
  203. Really enjoying 1.2 so far although anyone know how to use the comms tools ?
  204. Downloading 1.2 twice...
  205. Shield Boosters
  206. Oculus Rift Extra Display Recording - fails to join game
  207. Joystick controls lost
  208. Sub System Targeting
  209. Wings! WOW, JUST WOW! Well done FD, just superbly well done!
  210. Wings Question: Can wing members attack other wing members?
  211. Wings: 12 very exciting minutes (Nailed it Frontier)
  212. My Feedback on 1.2 (Few minor things)
  213. friends and groups in the galaxy map
  214. Capitol Ship info & sub-systems broken
  215. A small "Good job"
  216. Wings are so much fun!
  217. Best night ever in Elite.
  218. New debug camera pictures and a video
  219. Fer-De-Lance is the ship I've been dreaming for
  220. Security Services Attacking Eachother
  221. Auto Docking Computer Fails during docking when Debug Camera is engaged. (Causing Ship Crash)
  222. Shield Boosters/Shield Cell Banks
  223. Bring back the !
  224. Hate To Rain On Your Parade But We Want Our Pythons Back in 1.2
  225. Anybody out there? (gone midnight EST / shiftworkers in UK / bingers / whatever)
  226. Wings + Trading?
  227. Comm Menus
  228. ALT + any key combination makes a bell sound (Bug, Plz Fix)
  229. TrackIR + Joystick - COMMS Panel Issue
  230. Player 2 player trading
  231. Dalton Gateway?
  232. Key Mapping For System Map
  233. Wing wanted, serious pilots only please
  234. Survivability with shield and hull upgrades.
  235. BETApocalypse Reloaded
  236. Comms panel still not acting consistent with the other panels
  237. Wings Scanner Suggested update
  238. Vulture model LOD / Reflection shader bug
  239. Vulture Stunt Pilot Squadron antics.
  240. TrackIR and New comms panel
  241. TrackIR and New comms panel
  242. Some interesting videos with winged action ?
  243. Minor bug during FSD spooling up
  244. Wing Combat Bug?
  245. 1.2 Mining Nerf. Intentional or unintentional?
  246. Unable to sell "Marked" Goods on Black Market
  247. Do wings effect mass lock?
  248. Cant Access More than 1 stored ship in a port
  249. Money Exchange Within Wing?
  250. Please no more 100cr equipment in future betas
  251. ED - Wings: The First Encounters
  252. interdiction rate in anarchy systems too high?
  253. Can you get AI squadron players in SP in Wings?
  254. Fer de Lance is underpowered
  255. Very Expensive Mineral: Painite?