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  1. [Controls] Oculus Rift Side Menu Operation
  2. [Graphical Issues] Oculus Rift Outfitting menus/view angles
  3. [Gameplay] Unable to Jump to System: IC 4604 SECTOR DL-Y D78
  4. [Graphical Issues] Incorrectly appearing red arrows on reputation shift summary screens
  5. [Connection/Network Issue] Bounties sometimes are not assigned for next kill after new player have appeared in instance
  6. [Controls] Game adds extra keyboard layout
  7. [Misc] "Credits spent on ships" always shows 0 Cr
  8. [Gameplay] Docking Interface Does Not Appear
  9. [Graphical Issues] GFX Card not detected in settings on Laptop with AMD Enduro type setup
  10. [Graphical Issues] LOD Rendering issues with planetary rings
  11. [Gameplay] System with close binary stars may hyperjump you into one of them
  12. [Graphical Issues] Graphics bug has the crane missing at pads 8, 23, 38
  13. [In-Game Text] Metallic world descriptions inconsistent
  14. [Graphical Issues] Jumping from Super Cruise to Spacestation/Signalsource F10/ALT-F10 during jump, game crashes.
  15. [Gameplay] Transactions pane selection changes on mission timer updates
  16. [Gameplay] Wingmen in Supply Strike training turning hostile
  17. [Audio Issue] Interdiction sounds continue if interdiction is cancelled
  18. [Misc] NPC jumps mere km away
  19. [Gameplay] Target lead indicator disappears at random
  20. [Gameplay] Assassination mission stacking bug
  21. [Gameplay] NPC ships continue to act briefly with 0% hull
  22. [Gameplay] Community Goal "A Matter of Security" not showing
  23. [Gameplay] Highest threat selects proxy mine instead of attacking ship.
  24. [Gameplay] Warzone missions from Bulletin Board not giving reputation
  25. [Rewards/Online Store Purchases] New decals and paint jobs are not immediately available
  26. [Gameplay] Galactic Map Filters Omitting Dual Economy Systems
  27. [Gameplay] 8% hull damage & long recharge on interdiction submission
  28. [Gameplay] Incorrect loitering infraction after entering a station
  29. [Gameplay] Minor but annoying: Next system in jump route on left panel lost when dropping out of SC
  30. [In-Game Text] "Proxy mines" are prisoner mines
  31. [Gameplay] Don't always get your bounty when you should
  32. [Controls] Game controls not recognized when docking
  33. [Gameplay] Logging me in at the wrong system
  34. [Gameplay] Missions: several ways they break.
  35. [Gameplay] Background simulation Civil War failed
  36. [Gameplay] Fighting in Civil Wars has no effect on which faction will win
  37. [Gameplay] Rail Gun on Type 6 won't fire
  38. [Audio Issue] Music cuts off abruptly when scooping starts
  39. [Misc] 'Discovered by' tags missing.
  40. [Gameplay] Anaconda medium hardpoint turret bug
  41. [Gameplay] Anaconda huge hardpoint weapons are useless
  42. [Gameplay] NPC pirates have odd behaviour when facing a ship with no cargo hold
  43. [Gameplay] Station changes control from local faction to major faction in an instant
  44. [Gameplay] Wrong Direction
  45. [Misc] Screen not maximised
  46. [Graphical Issues] Lighting problems in T Tauri with ice rings
  47. [Misc] ED Launcher Crash
  48. [Gameplay] Maths wrong for buying my ship!
  49. [Performance] Galaxy Map - Route planner not working in the galactic core
  50. [Gameplay] The Route Planner may lose its next destination if you get to close to a star
  51. [Graphical Issues] Proximity circle around stars disappears when scooping.
  52. [Controls] In station L/R/U/D thruster controls fail, and boost occurs randomly
  53. [Controls] DK2 problems: F12 for head look-reset crashes game, other button(s) do not / Map issues with DK2.
  54. [Help Guides & Videos] Broken link for player guide (manual) in KB
  55. [Misc] Negative rep gain from mission to deliver goods completed
  56. [Graphical Issues] Game crashes whilst in Galaxy Map
  57. [Gameplay] Heat damage still bugged in 1.2.2
  58. [Gameplay] Impossible to complete Kill Pirates mission in uninhabited sytem
  59. [Graphical Issues] Heart Nebula Missing
  60. [Graphical Issues] Starfield - bright stars look fuzzy on DK2
  61. [Gameplay] Falisci combat bonds don't apply for Falisci community goal
  62. Can you please change the color of Refinery and High Tech Systems in the Galaxy Map?
  63. [Gameplay] Interdiction deletes `next jump` from console
  64. [Gameplay] Bulletin Board empty
  65. [Gameplay] That's more than enough of my patience Frontier Developments
  66. [In-Game Text] Galnet news article on CG Tanmark has {[progress}} tag instead of top 5 list
  67. [Audio Issue] (minor) FSD charge-up sound missing in asp
  68. [Gameplay] 1.2 : Detailed Surface Scanner gone from Module-Listing
  69. [Saves] fed up now of updates
  70. [Gameplay] Shields always power off when in outfitting....
  71. [Misc] Unifinished Tckets
  72. [Gameplay] No Anaconda in Founders World
  73. [Gameplay] Broadening the frontier
  74. [Graphical Issues] Cockpit Brightness after installing 1.2 update
  75. [Graphical Issues] [Minor Impact]Debug Camera not activating
  76. [Audio Issue] Sound issues with ship (ASP)
  77. [Graphical Issues] Gap in side of Cobra cockpit
  78. [Graphical Issues] Eye-Burning Saturation
  79. [Misc] Group members showing "Main Menu" when online
  80. [In-Game Text] MS class star description
  81. [Connection/Network Issue] Launcher "click here for new launcher" not working
  82. [Performance] Framerate drop over time
  83. [In-Game Text] Docking permission distance threshold text does not match behaviour
  84. [Graphical Issues] Head tracking clipping problems in 1.2
  85. [Gameplay] Enabling wing beacon enables voice comms
  86. [Misc] Loaded into already occupied Hangar
  87. [Connection/Network Issue] Unable to download. Incorrect manifest Checksum
  88. [Graphical Issues] Galaxy map shows two destinations for cargo mission
  89. [Graphical Issues] Missing Texture From Asp Cockpit
  90. [Performance] CTD approaching George Lucas at Leesti since mini patch 11/03/2015
  91. [Gameplay] Game won't stop crashing omg fml
  92. [Gameplay] Dropped Cargo Names Wrong
  93. [Gameplay] Cannot turn into A Matter of Security (Ngaiawang Community Goal)
  94. [Gameplay] Fuel scoop not always scooping
  95. [Misc] [Severe impact on gameplay] When entering hyperspace game crashes with "Crash reporter doesn´t work"
  96. Shipyard - Ship Internals
  97. [Gameplay] Instance Inconsistencies While in a Wing
  98. [Gameplay] Civil War Bug - Influences synced like when a civil war starts, and civil war cirtical, but no war
  99. [Gameplay] CTD regularly when i disengage at strong or weak signal sources
  100. [Gameplay] Game Freezes when ever I repair all in Station
  101. [Gameplay] Invulnerable NPCs in combat zone
  102. [Misc] Not possible to add decals to Imperial Clipper
  103. [Gameplay] Python: sell prices too low
  104. [Gameplay] Can't complete
  105. [Gameplay] Following a wingman Frame shift puts you in a different system
  106. [Connection/Network Issue] Can not reach authentication servers
  107. [Gameplay] Member leaving wing cause everyone to leave wing
  108. [Gameplay] Automatic wing voice comms upon enabling wing beacon
  109. [Gameplay] Automatically being attacked after paying off bounty when docked with a scanned wanted status
  110. [Compatibility] Launcher content tiny on HiDPI monitors
  111. [Gameplay] system map doesn't regenerate and show info on previosly visited system
  112. [Gameplay] Bug selling data to Universal Cart
  113. [Misc] Onionhead livery crashing game immediately on 1.2.03
  114. [Gameplay] No current location when viewing galaxy map
  115. [Gameplay] Bounties not appearing on pirates in some anarchy systems
  116. [Gameplay] Reloading inactive shield cells issue
  117. [Misc] Unable to Play Game
  118. [Gameplay] Unable to claim community reward for Lambda Andromedae Norse Orbital
  119. [Connection/Network Issue] Cant play still black screen issue back again tonight 2 hours and still cant get into game.
  120. [Gameplay] Killing Feds for combat bonds increases Federal reputation
  121. [Gameplay] I literally cannot play!
  122. [Connection/Network Issue] Can't Change Server, Can't Play with Friend
  123. [Gameplay] missing players and missing NPC's
  124. [Gameplay] Wings - Peer Not Visible
  125. [Rewards/Online Store Purchases] Bug with mission, you can do infinite money
  126. [Gameplay] Quest reward not recieved
  127. [Controls] Backwards and down
  128. [In-Game Text] Isinor permit mission is missing its text
  129. [Gameplay] Tanmark community goal done. Does not show on the board
  130. [Gameplay] Galaxy Map unusable at 2.2fps
  131. [Graphical Issues] missing graphics/planet in DONGONES star system
  132. [Gameplay] BUG! Damage when dropping out of supercruise to a starport.
  133. [Gameplay] Can't sell Personal Weapons for the Lugh Event
  134. [Audio Issue] Starport announcements gone
  135. [Gameplay] Frequent CTD when entering Frameshift
  136. [Gameplay] Handing in combat bonds does not add to Community goal earnings
  137. [Gameplay] Minor bug. Kill Counter reseting.
  138. [Rewards/Online Store Purchases] How many Credits are you supposed to start with in a new Elite Dangerous game ?
  139. [Gameplay] Trespass Warning Leaving a Station
  140. [Connection/Network Issue] Unable to Play Game - Again!
  141. [In-Game Text] "GalNet News: Blaine refuses Patreasus's" text has mistakes
  142. [Gameplay] Lugh community goal invisible in board and bulletin board
  143. [Compatibility] Game crashing constantly since patch - Unable to play
  144. [Gameplay] Emergency air not refilling.
  145. [Gameplay] Only one BB contract available in George Lucas
  146. [Gameplay] Lost Anaconda in Lugh high conflict zone (no faction chosen)
  147. [Gameplay] Vulture - Energy Problems
  148. [Gameplay] Ship destroyed in PAUSE
  149. [Graphical Issues] Screen goes black when switching ships
  150. [Gameplay] Federal Invitation Mission
  151. [Gameplay] Cargo Vanishing
  152. [Graphical Issues] New Onion Head Livery missing Paint job icon in outfitting.
  153. [Graphical Issues] Debug cam glitch when making a jump.
  154. [Gameplay] Commodities information not synced between maps/stations
  155. [Controls] Dissappearing context menu of systems in Galaxy Map
  156. [Gameplay] Unable to turn in Community Goals
  157. [Rewards/Online Store Purchases] Lost every credit after combat mission
  158. [Gameplay] More fines and wanted status for attacking wanted NPCs with bounties
  159. [Controls] 2015.03.13.60900 update broke all my controls
  160. [Gameplay] Local npc's status not being reset after fine is paid
  161. [Gameplay] System map displaying wrong system
  162. [In-Game Text] HUD Text Overlapping In The Vulture
  163. [Gameplay] No Trade Dividends at Zaonce
  164. [Connection/Network Issue] Wing Navlock not always spawning us in the same instance.
  165. [Gameplay] Pirates in belts, far outside habitable space
  166. [Gameplay] Extra information that may help for assassination mission bug
  167. [Controls] UI Focus wont close comms or quick comms
  168. [Gameplay] Combat bonds and failure to pay bond rewards (kill rewards upon kill)
  169. [Graphical Issues] Broken Python Cockpit window removes visbility of target ring, name over broken area
  170. [Misc] cant turn in reward
  171. [Gameplay] Exploration data not showing up in navigation panel
  172. [Gameplay] Rank loss on mission turn in
  173. [Gameplay] Problem after choosing a faction in combat zone
  174. [Gameplay] Not receiving combat bonds (Lugh)
  175. [Gameplay] Illegal goods on the commodities market
  176. [Gameplay] Receiving rewards from unexplored planets
  177. [Gameplay] galaxy map viiew tab wrong faction colour for fed and empire
  178. [Graphical Issues] Gaps in Adder cockpit
  179. [Gameplay] Significant part of HUD missing while deceleration
  180. [Gameplay] Cannot sell Battle Weapons to Qurashi Enterprise for Lugh Event.
  181. [Gameplay] Same limited number of ships in all Stations visited
  182. [Gameplay] Explored system sell problem
  183. [Gameplay] hud not showing correct system maps
  184. [Gameplay] Primary star not on Navigation tab, and remote objects all have distace of "Wide Range"
  185. [Gameplay] When you select "Wingman's Target" or "Wingman Nav-lock" the current Wingman is deselected
  186. [Performance] Station services (esp Commodities) take excessively long to resolve in the past few days
  187. [Gameplay] Slaves sold in a system where slaves are Illegal bug?
  188. [Gameplay] Ship destroyed from nothing
  189. [Graphical Issues] Pella system incorrect colour on economy galaxy map
  190. [In-Game Text] Commodity info not refreshing
  191. [Gameplay] Warzone ships disapearing or appearing
  192. [Misc] Not reproducible - wrong size landing pad
  193. [Graphical Issues] Do not draw the black hole gravitational lens
  194. [Gameplay] Select star systems crash game when entering framespace to journey to them
  195. [Gameplay] Route mapper no-longer guaranteed to include scoopable stars.
  196. [Misc] Unable to play game - launcher does not launch client
  197. [Gameplay] NPC's cannot take off properly - Station killing the NPC's
  198. [Gameplay] NPC AI failing during station takeoff
  199. [Gameplay] Galaxy map search result ordering
  200. [Misc] Cargobay full spamming when drpping cargo
  201. [Gameplay] Proxi mines targeted as high threat targets
  202. [Gameplay] Wanted for killing Warzone
  203. [Gameplay] Exit FSD in middle of Station! BOOM
  204. [Misc] ED32.exe process
  205. [Gameplay] Rank and permit
  206. [Misc] Civil War Ends, victor is a faction not involved in the Civil War
  207. [Gameplay] Lugh's Dullahan Community Goal has no first tier
  208. [Controls] Mouse in galaxy map broken in 1.2
  209. [Gameplay] Huge Game Skips
  210. [Gameplay] Wing with friends bug
  211. [Gameplay] Receiving negative rep with Empire after fighting for Empire in Cemiess CZ
  212. [Gameplay] Problme to see players in wings
  213. [In-Game Text] Text includes string variables?
  214. [Gameplay] Lasers wont fire in any fire group. 2 different ships.
  215. [Gameplay] Class 4 Harpoint of FDL retracts without reason
  216. [Graphical Issues] Freeze and CTD when alt-tabbing in borderless mode
  217. [Gameplay] Bountyb not rewarded
  218. [Gameplay] Lasers not firing
  219. [Gameplay] Everything hostile
  220. [Audio Issue] Audio bug in ASP regarding Fuel state
  221. [Controls] Lakon Type 7 Transport - is this a beta model ?
  222. May have found a bug/ exploit with wings
  223. [Gameplay] Attacked when i shouldn't be?
  224. [Help Guides & Videos] Manual needs updating
  225. [Gameplay] FSD Bug in wings
  226. [Gameplay] Takes longer to drop out of supercruise when arriving at a conflict zone