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  1. [PLEASE READ] Guidelines for posting threads about bugs
  2. [Misc] Launcher: Cannot copy and paste password or verification code.
  3. [Graphical Issues] Minor Launcher Art
  4. [Misc] Launcher Error : Failed to read from response stream, network connection closed
  5. [Misc] Error Message When Attempting to Install
  6. [Misc] Game Crashes on start
  7. [Misc] Can't download through launcher
  8. [Misc] Launcher Error :Unhandled Error during project update: Array index is out of range
  9. [Compatibility] Game doesn't switch to/detect discrete graphics card
  10. [Connection/Network Issue] Game Mode: Solo after I choose Open Play
  11. [Graphical Issues] Sun flare images not loading in
  12. [Controls] Saitek X52 Joystick not recognised.
  13. [Graphical Issues] Low quality graphics with everything on ultra
  14. [Audio Issue] Bluetooth Headphones Loose Sound Just after Splash Screen Starts
  15. [Controls] [-mouse z-Axis] doesn't work for throttle speed decrease
  16. Poorly formatted display when selecting keys
  17. [Misc] Can't launch training videos in game
  18. [Graphical Issues] Colorful planetary rings & FSD charge fx
  19. [Misc] Error on Launch and Unable to Log On
  20. [Compatibility] Graphics - Screen memory, keyboard shortcuts
  21. [Graphical Issues] Corrupt Icons and other Graphics issues
  22. [Graphical Issues] Graphics pop up looking through letter box
  23. [Performance] Game temporarily freezing in stations
  24. [Misc] Opening the system map crashes the game all the time
  25. [Controls] Custom x55 .bind from PC Crashes App
  26. [Graphical Issues] Oculus Rift support?
  27. [Connection/Network Issue] Array overrun during installation
  28. [Compatibility] Crash after clicking Play in Launcher
  29. [Audio Issue] iMac sounds device not correct.
  30. [Misc] "The given key was not present in the dictionary" when attempting to install.
  31. [Gameplay] Left Right arrows do nothing on UI Panels when Keyboard Only profile selected
  32. [Graphical Issues] Can't get back to game after switching away
  33. [Controls] Mouse limited to screen edges
  34. [Graphical Issues] Orbit lines flick on and off
  35. [Performance] Launcher consumes a lot of CPU once game as loaded
  36. [Connection/Network Issue] Server XX.XXX.XX.XXX:XXXXX [Unconnected]
  37. [Compatibility] CTD moving towards Wohler Terminal in Kremainn system
  38. [Graphical Issues] Gamma setting default high
  39. [Misc] Crash on Launch
  40. [Performance] Galmap Search engine Freezes map on TEAKA system
  41. [Graphical Issues] Hi-res Screenshots cut off
  42. [Graphical Issues] Thin graphically corrupted line on cockpit frame and scanner
  43. [Compatibility] CTD when launching mission from game main menu
  44. [Misc] Crash to Desktop Approaching Planets in SC
  45. [Controls] No joystick calibration makes throttle nearly useless
  46. [Compatibility] Crash on loading open play or solo
  47. [Controls] [LEFT CMD]+[LEFT SHIFT] activates FSD
  48. [Misc] Launcher update is downloading a windows installer
  49. [Connection/Network Issue] Unable to connect
  50. [Misc] Hot Corners and Dock pop
  51. [Gameplay] Travelling in SC to RES gives CTD
  52. [Audio Issue] Terrible sound quality in Iota Piscium
  53. [Misc] Damaged Launcher
  54. [Performance] Station services panel extremely slow
  55. [Gameplay] One Anaconda hard point not firing.
  56. [Graphical Issues] Dust Motion Effects Appear Above Nose of Anaconda
  57. [Graphical Issues] Delay when first turning ship lights on.
  58. [Performance] Low frame rates in the Galaxy Map, very low frame rates in the System Map
  59. [Misc] Elite Dangerous Launcher Not Responding
  60. [Gameplay] Unable to launch game when logged in to different user account
  61. [Misc] Game Crashes Instead of Launching
  62. [Graphical Issues] Low frame rates in stations, even lower in station undercroft.
  63. [Graphical Issues] Shadow glitches on medium settings
  64. [Controls] Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 not detected
  65. [Controls] unable to bind Left Ctrl+Tab combo
  66. [Controls] PS3 Controller Issues
  67. [Controls] Can't retract hardpoints on Cobra Mk 3
  68. [Gameplay] Classic Backwards landing Pad in station
  69. [Misc] Game Binary Location
  70. [Graphical Issues] Anaconda cockpit flickering
  71. [Graphical Issues] Transient orange translucent "flames" in station.
  72. [Misc] Launcher: Auto-update downloads Client-Installer.exe
  73. [Gameplay] Game controls freeze in 'target practice' after few minutes
  74. [Connection/Network Issue] Error: Failed to synchronise time with server...
  75. [Graphical Issues] Massive drop in FPS at outpost
  76. [Connection/Network Issue] Launcher cannot sync time, US west coast, multiple networks attempted, 10.10.3
  77. [Compatibility] Unable to install
  78. [Graphical Issues] Graphical corruption on Galaxy map
  79. [Performance] FPS drop with Anaconda
  80. [Graphical Issues] Earth seems backwards
  81. [Compatibility] ED comparison on two older Mac Laptops 2009 & 2011
  82. [Graphical Issues] Gas Giants look pixellated and Mushy
  83. [Connection/Network Issue] Dual monitor issue.
  84. [Misc] Game freezes for a second when AI ship becomes hostile
  85. [Performance] Higher frame rates when flying python
  86. [Graphical Issues] Much brighter scattered light effects in Mac Beta compared to Windows
  87. [Graphical Issues] Graphical artifacts during FSD jump
  88. [Gameplay] Multiple Application Crashes in SOL
  89. [Compatibility] Game freezes on Mac Pro, then system also freezes
  90. [Controls] Handling the Mac Keyboards
  91. [Performance] Massive increase in frame rate after switching to dashboard and back
  92. [Performance] Screen freezing BUT NOT game freezing
  93. [Gameplay] Stuck in pre-flight checklist
  94. [Misc] Cut'n Paste from any Os X window to Crash Reporter is NOT possible.
  95. [Controls] Galaxy map zoom with trackpad unusable
  96. [Audio Issue] No surround sound through optical digital audio out
  97. [Graphical Issues] Poor framerate and Supercruise graphics odd
  98. [Gameplay] Is Open Play really working?
  99. [Controls] F10 Screen capture doesn't work.
  100. [Graphical Issues] Light cone of head lights not drawn correctly with "Shadow Quality" > "Medium"
  101. [Misc] Launcher not responding after wake up from sleep
  102. [Controls] Tab selection reversed
  103. [Graphical Issues] Minor bug - feathering/layering of the shadows
  104. [Graphical Issues] Low quality graphics compared to PC version
  105. [Gameplay] Unable to play in solo or open.
  106. [Misc] Game Window will Not Open on any external monitor
  107. [Performance] extremely slow (3fps)
  108. [Performance] [Crash] Total Freeze on 15" 2010 Macbook Pro
  109. [Controls] TrackIR or any Headtracking device not supported
  110. [Graphical Issues] Flight Assist Off warning not persistent
  111. [Connection/Network Issue] Slow update download
  112. [Gameplay] Exception request installer: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  113. [Connection/Network Issue] Could not connect to transaction server.
  114. [Gameplay] Is the ranking working?
  115. [Misc] Incorrect manifest checksum?
  116. [Graphical Issues] Eagle model is a hollow shell!
  117. [Misc] Vulture and Fer-De-Lance price
  118. [Misc] Crash shortly after starting the game.
  119. [Graphical Issues] Galaxy Map: The names of star systems "twinkle"
  120. [Gameplay] After being interdicted NPC doesn't always start combat
  121. [Controls] Menu Selection by mouse + T-Flight Hotas X, Rotation.
  122. [Misc] Moving the installation process needs clarification
  123. [Graphical Issues] Screen layout issue
  124. [Misc] Animation error.
  125. [In-Game Text] Station name not shown in direct communication...
  126. [Performance] Random Crash to Desktop when in Open Play - Random
  127. [Connection/Network Issue] Unable to launch launcher!
  128. [Graphical Issues] Amazing Fix for crashes and misc. issues - At least for me
  129. [Misc] Possible minor bug: In game clock an hour slow?
  130. [Controls] Control Setup - no way to clear a control assignment
  131. [Rewards/Online Store Purchases] Cannot apply purchased paint job
  132. [Misc] Pressing Play cases an error dialog to be displayed
  133. [Misc] No module discounts at the Founders' World
  134. [Graphical Issues] Planet looks like disco ball
  135. [In-Game Text] Missing #StatusAsset
  136. [Gameplay] Has anyone gotten the system map to load on an Radeon Mac?
  137. [Gameplay] Buying or selling a new module
  138. [Graphical Issues] LOD texture flips
  139. [Graphical Issues] GFX Glitching
  140. [Performance] FPS half after returning to game menu
  141. [Graphical Issues] Screen text resolution independent of game resolution (depends on desktop resolution)
  142. [Misc] Station menu Stuck
  143. [Gameplay] Debug Cam Effects Speed on Exit
  144. [Gameplay] lights on T9 Pad Obscure Comms
  145. [In-Game Text] Text Obscures Scanner
  146. [Performance] Frame rates marginally better in Beta 2.00, but...
  147. [Performance] Bug Report - Missing Stutter/Stall
  148. [Compatibility] Mac Beta 2.0 client still crashes on launch - unable to play
  149. [Gameplay] System map still gives CTD
  150. [Misc] Can't Update.... "Incorrect manifest checksum" error
  151. [Gameplay] Beta 2.0 screen freeze after 30 seconds or so
  152. [Misc] Crash when opening system map for shinrarta dezra
  153. [Performance] feedback on my performances observations for beta 2.0
  154. [Graphical Issues] Tearing
  155. [In-Game Text] Cartographics Data not filled in after sale of data
  156. [Performance] Observations during a normal gaming session
  157. [Misc] Launcher Won't launch!
  158. [Graphical Issues] Vulture is hollow.
  159. [Graphical Issues] Rich Ocellus station interior lighting issue
  160. [Misc] Dear Devs, can you please update the known bugs post?
  161. [Graphical Issues] Background Milky Way not seamless
  162. [Performance] Debug Camera Causes Massive FPS Loss & Input Lag
  163. [Graphical Issues] System map show blinking black squares
  164. [Graphical Issues] graphical slowness after buying a new ship
  165. [Misc] Command + Tab Doesn't Bring Game Back Into Focus
  166. [In-Game Text] Commodities description not always updated
  167. [Controls] Mouse scroll too sensitive
  168. [Graphical Issues] Game menu items flickering
  169. [Graphical Issues] Strange graphical artefact on planets
  170. [Graphical Issues] Shadows render only at short distance
  171. [Controls] Saitek X55 HOTAS - flight controls very on / off
  172. [Connection/Network Issue] mac beta launcher array index is not in range
  173. [Gameplay] Trying to sell Ship
  174. [Graphical Issues] Planet pops in and out when close to the edge of the viewport
  175. [Graphical Issues] Battle damage disappears after leaving scene
  176. [Gameplay] Issues with leaving Supercruise
  177. [Misc] Freeze on Home Screen in Starports.
  178. [Controls] SAITEK FLY 5 Bindings / non-responsive
  179. [Compatibility] CTD when approaching AREXE system
  180. [PLEASE READ] Mac Beta 4 - Cross-platform Play
  181. [Misc] Freeze in Contacts Tab - Mac Crossplay Beta
  182. [Misc] Text chat name goes missing from chat window after SCing away
  183. [Performance] Massive number of canisters at Dalton Gateway - down to 6.6fps
  184. [Performance] Mac Beta 4.0 Keeps crashing to desktop while in FSD
  185. [Connection/Network Issue] OPEN play only allows SOLO access (PC test test build)
  186. [Gameplay] Crossplay Beta Voice Comms
  187. [Performance] Long freeze when approaching planets (Beta 4.0)
  188. [Gameplay] CTD with docking computer
  189. [Performance] cross platform beta - performance issues in supercruise
  190. [Misc] Lock up after about 1 minute in training
  191. [Gameplay] Head look freezes
  192. [Gameplay] New version of Mono breaks installer
  193. [Gameplay] Stored Ship gone missing
  194. [Gameplay] CTD on approach to any Planet/Station/RES
  195. [Misc] Mac Beta Issues
  196. [Connection/Network Issue] Server refused to provide installer
  197. [Graphical Issues] Choosing sidewinder after death shows previous ship spinning instead
  198. [Graphical Issues] Distorted aspect ratio
  199. [Performance] Screen freezing for 4-seconds
  200. [Exploit] Mission did not Expired
  201. [Performance] More frequent CTD's
  202. [Misc] Beta versions should have logging enabled by default
  203. [Compatibility] Mac Beta 5 - Crashing to Desktop on Preparing Shaders!
  204. [Graphical Issues] Broken, incomplete, shaders
  205. [Graphical Issues] Invisible planet!
  206. [Graphical Issues] Triangles on exit countdown screen
  207. [Performance] Graphics performance worse in Beta 5
  208. [Graphical Issues] Sidewinder outline lines are distorted
  209. [Misc] Game freezes after approx 1 minute of play
  210. [Graphical Issues] Multi-Monitor display issues
  211. [Misc] Stuck on Contacts screen
  212. [Misc] After 12/5/15 what forum should we post bugs in?
  213. [Graphical Issues] Preparing shaders happens on every launch.
  214. [Gameplay] Galaxy map shows additional mission system
  215. [Graphical Issues] Client not correctly enumerating attached adapters / displays
  216. [Gameplay] Contact Tab Retains Targets in SuperCruise
  217. [Gameplay] Combat ranking (still) not updated
  218. [Graphical Issues] Ocellus Starport Gap In Model and Headlamp Issue
  219. [Misc] Mouse Issue in Game Menu
  220. [Rewards/Online Store Purchases] Bought paint job - not showing in game
  221. [Graphical Issues] Python decal 1 not visible
  222. [Graphical Issues] Python model is hollow