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  1. Apple Mac users for Elite Dangerous - Hopes and fears
  2. Mac Beta
  3. Welcome Mac Elite: Dangerous Players!
  4. Lowest system requirements? Is macbook pro enough?
  5. Mac Beta Testers...
  6. Open the beta and maybe attract some new sales?
  7. Launcher won't launch client
  8. Unable to install
  9. Rift Support
  10. Cursor lag
  11. Performance on your Mac
  12. Beginner's Intro Guide To Macs
  13. TrackIR support under LinuxTrack
  14. Where's the insert key?
  15. Manually submit Mac configurations, or beta automatically fetches those?
  16. Can't Install Game - Error message during download
  17. Joystick/HOTAS config files
  18. Share your OS X screens, please!
  19. Tell me about Mono
  20. Verification Code woes
  21. Question For The Devs: How is Retina Scaling Being Handled?
  22. Load Commander from PC profile to play on Mac Beta
  23. E:D on Hackintosh
  24. Mac and PC installs appear to be completely separate
  25. Name Carryover from PC Character?
  26. Mac Client such a tease
  27. Graphic Card Detection
  28. [Suggestion] Bundle Mono Runtime with the Launcher
  29. Had good luck with ControllerMate for custom HOTAS control mapping
  30. Great, just flippin' great...
  31. Head tracker (10 variety)
  32. Cannot resize window size
  33. XBox One and XBox 360 controllers
  34. Vulkan
  35. Voice Attack equivalent
  36. Primary Concerns From a Mac OS X Developer
  37. CH Fighterstick
  38. Uninstalling
  39. Keyboard Custom binds
  40. CH Fighterstick
  41. Good job on desktop switch support!
  42. Mac Beta 1 - New Launcher - Move your installation!
  43. Hackintosh and Saitek X52Pro ?
  44. Who Wants To Test Out Wings?
  45. Thrustmaster T.16000M
  46. So, which controller/HOTAS do you suggest?
  47. Are there enough Mac beta testers?
  48. Anyone using an Xbox 360 controller with their Mac?
  49. Watch out tip , otherwise you'll be reinstalling.
  50. Could anyone else not resist installing it on their MacBook Air?
  51. What's with the long slow sync times ?
  52. ED Launcher download process highly unreliable
  53. [BETA TEST] Is it normal to get lower fps when flying Anaconda?
  54. OBS MAC Streaming
  55. Mac Beta hardware requirements
  56. Screen capture: Which are the hot keys?
  57. Access refused - though had beta access for PC version?
  58. Launcher upgrade downloads Windows executable
  59. Curious application installation location and file structure.
  60. Please add support for head tracking
  61. Frontier - Please remove game stored in the Library Cache!
  62. Mono from Homebrew
  63. Mac Launcher crashing?
  64. Controls resetting
  65. I Find It Funny...
  66. Mac Pro (Early 2008)
  67. NVidia Detection on Macbook Pro
  68. Mac Beta Access to Shinrarta
  69. Awesome job for a first beta
  70. System keyboard shortcuts work!
  71. Just bought a Federal Dropship
  72. Mac IRC (Internet Relay Chat room)
  73. Launcher upgrade: redirected to Windows client
  74. No access to Mac beta
  75. A Bit of Stress Relief Playing The Mac Beta...
  76. Commander names in Mac Beta
  77. Where are screenshots ? Or how do you capture them?
  78. Game Breaking Hack Needs to be fixed quick.
  79. Cant install the game
  80. Disable macbook display when using an external one?
  81. Oculus Rift Mac Beta
  82. open beta?
  83. Sudden INCREDIBLE performance boost...
  84. Fuel scoop trouble
  85. Active desktop corners
  86. Any idea how long non backers will have to wait to be able to beta?
  87. Quite literally 'hot keys', ouch!
  88. Initial feedback positive
  89. Wings
  90. cargo transfer
  91. eGPU suggestions?
  92. Mac Release Date, Specs, and HOTAs Questions (All in One!)
  93. Game freeze
  94. When 3D modes are enabled ...
  95. How long will the Mac Beta sandbox last?
  96. OS X 10.9.5 - Thread for collecting experience and may be specific issues?
  97. X52 to X52 Pro making a switch
  98. Start button greyed out
  99. Triple External Monitors?
  100. instant exit
  101. minimum requirements ?
  102. Should Frontier open the Mac Beta to everybody?
  103. Founders world
  104. Mac version release today with a bunch of paintjobs ?
  105. Can't find libgdiplus
  106. Crashes when trying training missions
  107. Flying With Your Friends
  108. Request: Rename "Elite Dangerous Launcher" to "Elite Dangerous"
  109. Weird Planet-Graphics Glitch
  110. Beta access
  111. OS X 10.10.3 Release improvements
  112. Re-download the game?
  113. Good citizen on OS X (file & folder locations)
  114. Share your MBPRO Retina Graphics Settings
  115. Have you noticed things are a little bit more polite in this sub forum?
  116. Medium landing pads
  117. CH Products Pro Throttle. Anyone running?
  118. New to the game - Looking to test some Multiplayer / Wings in the Beta
  119. Is the beta in the same universe as the main PC game?
  120. ControllerMate
  121. TrackIR for mac?
  122. New patch, any dev or someone know when?
  123. Mac IRC Chat Channel
  124. Mac Beta 2.0 incoming
  125. Advice for Mac user ref upgrades?
  126. Comparison of the 4 preset Graphics settings.
  127. The EDGE Syndicate
  128. my performance and other observations on Mac beta 2.0
  129. Need Port #'s. (Game Window Not Showing...Solved...sort of.....)
  130. Support Ticket Turnaround
  131. Current community goal - The Talons of Justice not working!
  132. Credit and Ship Carryover to final?
  133. Mac Mini
  134. Performance drop with Beta 2
  135. Where are bindings kept?
  136. New Mac Specifications
  137. HUD color swapping in Mac
  138. Pictures from the top
  139. Mac Spec Requirements Ghz vs Intel Core
  140. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro question
  141. Saitek x52 question
  142. Minimum Internet Requirements
  143. Which New Mac for ED - iMac vs MacBook Pro with similar spec?
  144. Mac Beta
  145. Saitek X55 Rhino
  146. Good MBP for Elite?
  147. Mac Beta 3.0 incoming
  148. Gamma Defaults Opinion Poll
  149. Are you Mac people suffering with stutter like us PC people?
  150. Trade press hints at ED OS X version coming "next month"
  151. Frustrating fun in Eravate last night
  152. Windows vs OS X graphical differences. QA please read and kindly answer a couple of questions
  153. OMG! - Just got ED working on my MacBook Air 2011 with HD 3000 Graphics card!
  154. Can not complete preflight launch check on Mac?
  155. Newb question
  156. mac beta launcher array index is not in range
  157. The Cost of Supersampling - Windows vs. OS X
  158. Elite: MAC, General Release?
  159. Kinda Random...
  160. System Map broken in Mac Beta 3.00?
  161. Mac Beta 4.0 : Cross-platform Release Incoming
  162. Crossplay Beta - Where is everyone?
  163. Shouldn't all kickstarter backers be allowed mac beta!
  164. DK2 on OSx
  165. Got ED running under Parallels 10 w/ Windows 7 VM!
  166. The Thrill of Exploration
  167. Unexpected Item in storage bay
  168. Tips for optimization?
  169. New version of Mono
  170. I want a dual license. Is buying on Steam superior?
  171. Kickstarter Perks not in Mac version
  172. Random Disconnects!
  173. Anyone seeing very slow framerate in Shipyard? - solution found
  174. Mac/PC Wings for testing
  175. Training Missions: Game Crashes every time
  176. Docking Computer too stupid to dock
  177. Killing Missions
  178. pre-instal?
  179. Available but unobtainable promotion missions
  180. [PROPOSAL] Paint job scheme
  181. Rare trading in a nutshell - can anyone offer advice
  182. Missed a shot, no most wanted criminal
  183. What are your graphic settings?
  184. Mac Beta 5.0 incoming
  185. The possibility of less demanding graphics - the game without the cinematic graphics
  186. Tuesday!!!
  187. Please fix my bug before mac release!
  188. When will it be out
  189. MacBook Fans working hard
  190. Need key binding help??
  191. Mac/Cross Platform BETAPOCALYPSE
  192. Head Tracking using a WebCam - Linux-Track
  193. Change Language Mac Launcher
  194. TeamSpeak 3 "on top"?
  195. where should we be checking to find the Mac download?
  196. It it out yet?
  197. Have to buy mac version?
  198. User Hostile Mac Launcher
  199. No Borderless display option?
  200. Anyone else getting Firewall messages when launching?
  201. Elite Dangerous Mac Release
  202. PSA to Mac Beta testers!
  203. Failed to synchronise time with server - Help
  204. Help! I can't turn off Headlook!!!
  205. Awesome NPC traffic management at spaceports (NOT!!)
  206. No 3D/Rift support in Mac client?
  207. cant get past the 'start status'screne
  208. Much faster load times!
  209. XBox 360 or Logitech F310 controller
  210. Mac release - hats off to you FDev!
  211. At last!
  212. Launcher Download Issues
  213. Graphics settings for iMac Retina 5K
  214. KICS3/Voice Attack equivalent for Mac?
  215. Trying to Install. Am I dense? (Rhetorical)
  216. Why does my Mac Pro work with bootcamp but not in OS X.
  217. Low Spec iMAC - can I run it anyway?
  218. Joystick Configuration file location
  219. About Mac version
  220. Some screen resolution questions
  221. Not Working :(
  222. ED Mac on multiple monitors
  223. MacBook Pro (Late 2013, Intel HD4000) + PS4 Pad -> Great performance!
  224. Help! Does Elite: Dangerous work on my Mac?
  225. X55 Rhino HOTAS
  226. Change FOV in mac version
  227. My stuff is gone!
  228. Stickey keys and flying backwards
  229. Graphics Glitch
  230. Still having controller issues
  231. Blips on Scanner incorrect.
  232. Am I going mad?
  233. Control gear
  234. Launcher causes network havoc, discoveryd problems, slow download
  235. Magic Mouse and Galaxy Map
  236. Trying to play in open but just goes straight to solo
  237. X55 Binds Document
  238. Own up, who said ED runs better on MacOS than Bootcamp?
  239. No Oculus support guys, sorry
  240. mac client crashes and game is not entered
  241. No Transaction in Commodities
  242. Would I be able to run Elite: Dangerous?
  243. Star rendering issues
  244. Not regognising my Unofficial PS3 Gamepad, help!!!!!
  245. Mac middle mouse button
  246. Windowed resolution issue..
  247. Getting slower and slower
  248. Landing Gear binding issue - Insert key
  249. Mac Pro 4,1 w/ NVIDIA GeForce GT 120: will it run?
  250. slow dowload
  251. Uninstalling OSX version
  252. Testing on my Mac Air...
  253. What are the best add-ons/enhancers for playing ED on a Mac?
  254. Is this good enough
  255. Launcher is too complicated