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  1. Asp Explorer remove rudder fins
  2. Ship Specifications
  3. Lakon Type-7 Thinking of upgrading to a Lakon Type 7 seven - any advice welcome
  4. Vulture Vulture Weapons; What to choose and why?
  5. Meta Discussion My take on dedicated exploration ship
  6. Federal Dropship The Federal Dropship: Is It Any Good?
  7. Vulture Vulture loadouts
  8. The Federal Dropship and You
  9. Diamondback Scout Lakon Diamondback, how much will it cost?
  10. Imperial Clipper The Imperial Clipper, for all your Imperial needs
  11. Diamondback Scout Will this ship really be called "The Diamondback"?
  12. Vulture Looking to buy a Vulture - tips on locating a station that sells it
  13. Imperial Courier The only ship for which I'd abandon my beloved Clipper!
  14. Anaconda Best canopy/Hardcore Exploration Ship
  15. Python Python! Python.
  16. Vulture The Vulture Appreciation Thread
  17. Cobra Mk. III 200 years of excellence in lone wolf trading and combat: The Cobra Mk.III
  18. Fer-de-Lance Jump range
  19. Meta Discussion Small ships' niche in the metagame
  20. Type-6 Transporter If you could name your Type-6, what would you call it?
  21. Viper Mk III The Viper thread
  22. Meta Discussion new revisions
  23. Sidewinder Mk. I More fighter type ships like the Sidewinder (Gecko, Mamba and Krait)
  24. Meta Discussion Proposed Future Ships in Elite Dangerous
  25. Vulture The Official Vulture Haters Club
  26. Fer-de-Lance Is the FDL a straight upgrade from the Vulture? (PVE)
  27. Asp Explorer Problem with Asp cockpit and shadows?
  28. Viper Mk III The Viper's belly
  29. Vulture Design modification?
  30. Lakon Type-7 Missing in the "Shipyard -> Ships" section on the web
  31. Anaconda best Anaconda NPC bounty hunting/trader setup?
  32. Empire Fighter Exquisite Fitting, Eh?
  33. Meta Discussion Easy ship progression
  34. Meta Discussion Vulture VS ASP
  35. Meta Discussion Internal Wiremaps/Cutouts
  36. Cobra Mk. III What's the natural successor?
  37. Meta Discussion Firefly equivalent?
  38. Meta Discussion Ship Skin Discussion
  39. Meta Discussion Millennium Falcon
  40. Meta Discussion Battle Beyond the Stars - Space Cowboy's Ship - Ships and ship builds
  41. Fer-de-Lance Fer-de-Lance Owner's Club
  42. Meta Discussion Explorer opinion: how important is maneuverability vs jump range?
  43. Dolphin Is the Dolphin (or the Saud Kruger series of ships) the new Moray?
  44. Asp Explorer orthographic (blueprint) views of ships for replica building?
  45. Fer-de-Lance FDL vs. Python for my needs
  46. Diamondback Scout Possible Diamondback render based off concept drawing
  47. Lakon Type-7 Height Above Docking Pad
  48. Eagle Mk. II That's not an Eagle
  49. Eagle Mk. II How much fun is this!
  50. Vulture At what minimum loadout does the Vulture beat a Viper?
  51. Federal Dropship Even wtihout stat buffs, dropship could use some love on its power plant positioning
  52. Lakon Type-9 Heavy Type-9 Trading vs Other Trading Options
  53. Anaconda Anaconda Maneuverability
  54. Meta Discussion Comments about Alliance Ships from News Letter
  55. Vulture now I understand!
  56. Sidewinder Mk. I The Mark I; no improvement necessary
  57. Lakon Type-7 Just got a Type 7
  58. Orca Orca Outfitting and Locations
  59. Meta Discussion Statistics on ship Usage
  60. Panther Clipper Panther Clipper - memories and guesses
  61. Vulture Anywhere to buy cheap Vultures?
  62. Asp Explorer Where am I going to hit my limit in an Asp?
  63. Lakon Type-9 Heavy Where do I Buy the Space Cow Near Peraesii?
  64. Anaconda Anaconda questions.
  65. Federal Dropship Federal Dropship : good ship or ... as bad as ugly ?
  66. Meta Discussion Ship progression
  67. Imperial Clipper Upgrading route for a Clipper? plus I need advice for an eventual combat loadout
  68. Fer-de-Lance Fer-de-Lanze Loadoutz
  69. Meta Discussion Making the best explore ship
  70. Meta Discussion Is there a point to having more than one ship?
  71. Python optimal mass for shields
  72. Meta Discussion Ship size vs weapon size: what do we actually know?
  73. Meta Discussion Best Smugglers Smuggling Ship and Outfitting it
  74. Anaconda Anaconda or Python?
  75. Vulture The default layout seems really poor on my new Vulture
  76. Diamondback Scout The Diamondback is Forthcoming - Time to be EXCITED!?
  77. Cobra Mk. III Best all rounder?
  78. Python Python!
  79. Meta Discussion ASP and Vulture in combat
  80. Federal Dropship No FDS fans out there?
  81. Anaconda Time for some paints!
  82. Meta Discussion Having trouble finding stations with ships.
  83. Lakon Type-9 Heavy Has anyone fully upgraded their T9?
  84. Federal Corvette New ships?
  85. Meta Discussion Will there be a clarification on this ?
  86. Anaconda Which Powerplant
  87. Imperial Courier Imperial Courier
  88. Asp Explorer Advice?
  89. Vulture Any discounts available on Vultures anywhere?
  90. Meta Discussion Ship Sizes Comparison
  91. Orca Passenger liner - very low range?
  92. Meta Discussion Ship List
  93. Meta Discussion BOA - Large playable ships
  94. Meta Discussion Should I upgrade to Imperial Clipper from Vulture?
  95. Meta Discussion Unbalanced combat and ships overall
  96. Diamondback Scout any news on the Diamondback yet?
  97. Adder The Ugly Duckling Of Elite
  98. Meta Discussion Work in Progress: Complete Full Colour ED Ship Size Chart
  99. Diamondback Scout Diamondback stats?
  100. Diamondback Scout That diamondback though
  101. Lakon Type-9 Heavy The space COW- Type-9
  102. Diamondback Scout The Diamondback Looks Amazing!
  103. Cobra Mk. III How fast is your Ship? (while still being useful)
  104. Diamondback Scout Diamond Back Weapons
  105. Diamondback Scout Diamondback - Jump Range Calculations
  106. Cobra Mk. III Cobra Mk III is containing shuttles???
  107. Meta Discussion Frontier will be at E3 PC Gaming Show, What ships are you guys hoping to hear from them?
  108. Meta Discussion Best shipyards with most ships and outfitting
  109. Cobra Mk. III Cobra Mk III weapon outfitting
  110. Imperial Clipper Stealth Clipper Setup
  111. Viper Mk III viper
  112. Fer-de-Lance Right on the power limit build
  113. Cobra Mk. III Jump Routing
  114. Diamondback Scout Diamondback Stats and Figures
  115. Diamondback Scout diamondback outfitting 1.3 beta pics
  116. Imperial Courier Actually courier is a better explorer ship than diamondback...
  117. Diamondback Scout DB has a "3" for manuerverability? Typo?
  118. Diamondback Scout Diamondback: My new favorite ship.
  119. Diamondback Scout LiveThread - Diamondback and Imperial Courier [Images/Stats/Videos]
  120. Meta Discussion Cutter and Interdictor
  121. Imperial Courier Imperial Courier: cockpit, hangar stats, triple raigun build, outside view.
  122. Diamondback Scout [AdoredTV] The Diamondback - Outfitting and Combat.
  123. Diamondback Scout Diamondback- cockpit, hangar stats, outside view.
  124. Diamondback Scout Diamondback Fuel Scoop - Another Typo?
  125. Diamondback Scout Disappointed in the Diamondback?
  126. Diamondback Scout I absolutely love the diamondback
  127. Imperial Courier Imp. Courier -where??!!
  128. Lakon Type-9 Heavy Pure enjoyment!
  129. Lakon Type-9 Heavy Finally my heavy Transport ship
  130. Diamondback Scout The diamondback feedback (and argument summary).
  131. Python 150M Python ,,, ???M Anaconda
  132. Diamondback Scout Upcoming Diamondback ship?
  133. Diamondback Scout Fdevs: The FdL is an "Explorer" Ship Too
  134. Diamondback Scout Diamondback: Let's think Outside the Box
  135. Imperial Courier [AdoredTV] Imperial Courier
  136. Diamondback Scout Are we missing something?
  137. Meta Discussion Tool for finding Mods/ships
  138. Vulture my loadout
  139. Imperial Courier Light Weight Courier Build Discussion
  140. Diamondback Scout Diamondback Scout
  141. Meta Discussion Clipper vs Courier (Exploration)
  142. Lakon Type-7 Lakon 7 is useless
  143. Lakon Type-9 Heavy Type 9 amusement
  144. Sidewinder Mk. I How do you treat your ships?
  145. Meta Discussion Unique ship details and animations
  146. Diamondback Scout E:D Shipyard Stats available for New Ships
  147. Imperial Courier The Suicide Sun Runner
  148. Fer-de-Lance What is the Best PvP Loadout?
  149. Vulture Advices on loadout
  150. Imperial Clipper Imperial Clipper for exploration? Ridiculous or worth the drawbacks for the great view?
  151. Meta Discussion PSA: Where to get a Diamondback or Courier, guaranteed
  152. Diamondback: I must have missed something?
  153. Lakon Type-7 Ship Interiors
  154. Diamondback Explorer Introducing the Diamondback Explorer
  155. Diamondback Explorer???
  156. Lakon Type-9 Heavy T9 fuel tanker build
  157. Meta Discussion Predictions for the 30 playable ships.
  158. Diamondback Scout Secret diamond explore MK2 Screenshot revealed!
  159. Meta Discussion Which ships are the best MINING ships, post 1.3?
  160. Meta Discussion Diamondback Explorer Question
  161. Vulture Ok Vulture build v1.2
  162. Imperial Clipper Looking for an affordable clipper powerplay allround build
  163. Diamondback Scout don't like
  164. Meta Discussion Prices at founders world for the new ships
  165. Fer-de-Lance Purple Fer-de-Lance
  166. Diamondback Scout You know you have bought an exploration type ship when...
  167. Imperial Clipper Tactical paint
  168. Cobra Mk. III The Streak
  169. Python Python or FDL?
  170. Lakon Type-7 New favorite Lakon 7 outfit
  171. Diamondback Scout The Scout is becoming Pretty Handly in Power Play
  172. Cobra Mk. III Cobra alternative....
  173. Meta Discussion Bounty Hunting/Light Trading, Grinding to Clipper, Currently on my Cobra, Whats next?
  174. Meta Discussion This is my Ship. There are many like it, but this one is mine. The Ships of PowerPlay.
  175. Diamondback Scout Diamondback - first impressions
  176. Meta Discussion What would you like from a luxury explorer?
  177. Diamondback Scout New Favorite cheep Ship
  178. Asp Explorer Need advice on possible combat loadouts
  179. Lakon Type-7 Worth getting?
  180. Meta Discussion Fittings: Diamondback Explorer versus the ASP
  181. Imperial Courier What do you use it for?
  182. Diamondback Explorer
  183. Imperial Courier Around the 10 million mark....
  184. Meta Discussion ASP vs Diamond back explorer
  185. Meta Discussion Imperial Courier vs Diamondback Scout
  186. Diamondback Explorer DBe as fighter?
  187. Meta Discussion Best PvE small combat ship
  188. Diamondback Scout Need a Shuttle : DDB Scout or Cobra ?
  189. Imperial Courier Weapon loadout and speed vs. tanking your thougts please?
  190. Diamondback Explorer A bust?
  191. Imperial Clipper HUD colour for Gutamaya ships
  192. Fer-de-Lance
  193. Fer-de-Lance FDL Gimbal Cannon can fire upwards now?
  194. Anaconda Finding an Anaconda
  195. Imperial Courier Needing some advice for my courier
  196. Vulture Thinking of a Vulture
  197. Python Is the python less manouvreable in 1.3?
  198. Diamondback Scout is a particularly bumpy ride
  199. Python A6 FSD,,,,my Python in need of one,,
  200. Cobra Mk. III Which combat ship is after Cobra?
  201. Python Should I?
  202. Python Python or T9 Heavy?
  203. Imperial Courier Why you so good?
  204. Diamondback Explorer Where ??!?
  205. Fer-de-Lance Available weapons for the huge hard point on the FDL are a bit rubbish?
  206. Vulture Just purchased and... two kills
  207. Diamondback Scout Looking for the Diamondback Scout
  208. Imperial Courier About armor
  209. Lakon Type-9 Heavy Cargo build (Solo)
  210. Meta Discussion Post your Fleet
  211. Meta Discussion F63 CONDOR
  212. Lakon Type-9 Heavy I want the best for trading. Help me build it?
  213. Vulture Vulture, what to choose next ?
  214. Imperial Clipper Sensors forcibly changed?
  215. Python Question about the Python
  216. Meta Discussion Comparing ship sizes
  217. Meta Discussion Dedicated mining ship
  218. Meta Discussion new ship ? F63 Condor from trailer
  219. Meta Discussion F63 Condor
  220. I hate the Asp!
  221. Meta Discussion Bounty hunting upgrade from Vulture
  222. Meta Discussion Best Ship for PP?
  223. Lakon Type-7 Type-7, what's next?
  224. Meta Discussion [not important] New ships are so ugly
  225. Federal Corvette Docking issues due to size?
  226. Meta Discussion The Grind between the Type-7 and Python/FDL
  227. Asp Explorer Thanks decided on Combat/Trader Asp :) - loadout ok?
  228. Meta Discussion Cobra Mk IV
  229. Orca Why the Orca is such a great ship
  230. Orca Orca Owners Club
  231. Type-6 Transporter Gah! Really dislike this craft!
  232. Diamondback Scout Wondering if this is a good combat spec...
  233. Sidewinder Mk. I I think I broke something...
  234. Type-6 Transporter Gimme advice?
  235. Asp Explorer And explore she does !
  236. Meta Discussion 9 Ship Acceleration, speed and Maneuverability tests (Also Thruster testing)
  237. Diamondback Scout where to buy?
  238. Diamondback Scout That Rattle Isn't Just for Show
  239. Cobra Mk. III New Cobra?
  240. Diamondback Explorer Good starting Explorer setup?
  241. Meta Discussion More then a paint job
  242. Meta Discussion Exploration ship choice and loadout
  243. Viper Mk III Best Viper for RES and Combat Zones setup
  244. Vulture About the boosters
  245. Type-6 Transporter Shields and where to buy them?
  246. Meta Discussion Best ship, loadout and tactics for running away
  247. Imperial Courier Agility question
  248. Fer-de-Lance building some ferdie goodness
  249. Fer-de-Lance Where can i buy a discounted fer de lance
  250. Diamondback Scout diamondback skins?
  251. Panther Clipper Is Panther Clipper coming this year, perhaps early next year?
  252. Anaconda Sold my Anaconda - never happier!
  253. Diamondback Scout Dawn of Combat Silent Running Ships
  254. Viper Mk III Need to pack more punch
  255. Hauler The perfect space taxi!