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  1. Universal Cartographics Galactic Record Breakers
  2. The Great West Nebula Expedition (PICTURE HEAVY)
  3. My journey to Coalsack Nebula - how I hit the jackpot
  4. Incredible find! (Exploration)
  5. [Exploration] Seasons In The Abyss : An Epic Journey
  6. Sagittarius A* visitors list
  7. Bubble Expedition: Another Journey to the Far Reaches
  8. Mapping NGC 7822 Nebula (It's Black Hole Paradise!)
  9. [Information] The Galactic Mapping Project & Expedition Hub
  10. Type 6 - To boldly go
  11. Lonely Explorers friends list
  12. Swift Arrow's Guide to the NGC 3199 Sector
  13. Track of Jaques Station?
  14. Way of the Exploring Fist
  15. New adventures & wonders lies ahead! (for me! :P)
  16. Exploration: Quest for the loneliest planet
  17. Documentary Series "Deep Space Surveys" by yours truly
  18. First Great Solo Expedition
  19. EDDiscovery
  20. Exploration : Mini Neutron Field guide
  21. Exploration Guides/Lists/Tools/Diaries
  22. [ROUTE 66] Need your friend request
  24. Anybody tried exploring in a Wing yet?
  25. Starsoul: A music video tribute to exploration in Elite
  26. Roleplaying Aid: Explorer's Lexicon
  27. Post your weird systems!
  28. [YouTube] Exploration playlist - "Into The Black"
  29. Anybody found Braben's in-game secret(s)?
  30. Random Pictures from Perseus
  31. Mining repair with non deminishing supplys.. it doesnt have to be good, just work.
  32. The Rise and Fall of Ranger M
  33. What can the devs do to improve exploration?
  34. HP 42160 - beautiful, a near-perfect system.
  35. How green is your valley? Or: How I learned to stop wondering how Earth-like my favorite planet is!
  36. My God, it's full of ice
  37. Sag A with 100% Hull
  38. Fer de Lance to Sagittarius A* journey
  39. Gas giant with water based life
  40. Sagittarius A*: What is that thing in close orbit?
  41. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This Forum Was A Long Wanted Wish!
  42. system map conventions
  43. Borg Space : Ocampa or Bust
  44. Maiden Exploration Journey[RP Included]
  45. Automatic selling of exploration data
  46. making explorers physically return to sell data makes zero sense
  47. Explorer's holiday pictures
  48. Deep Space Surveys Documentary Series
  49. What is this?
  50. Eta Carina go-around timelapse
  51. Galaxy Map vs Multi-star Systems
  52. Who says Gas Giant "moons" are always worthless?
  53. Not back yet , but already planning next expedition
  54. Elite Status
  55. Earth likes - hints please
  56. Explorers Bad Days (Share yours!)
  57. Exploration question
  58. Meet Elite Dangerous' Most Intrepid Explorers
  59. Double Scanning - Glitch?
  60. Exploration Gems: Share yours (part 2)
  61. Exploration - Is it over?
  62. Going to try Exploring for the first time.
  63. At what plane do you typically travel?
  64. Exploring the Galaxy, less thrilling than mining?
  65. Where is Gamma Sagittarii?
  66. List of Planetary Nebula
  67. Maiden Voyage of 10,500 LYs :)
  68. [Video] Exploration Guides
  69. Are you Vegan? Veggie? Omni ? Meat-eater ?
  70. Red Dwarf will not Surface Scan
  71. HOLO ICONS CHART + Exploration values
  72. Pawing at the Planetary Bell
  73. Galaxy map question
  74. Mystewious stars
  75. I hate the Neutron Fields !!!!!!
  76. Leaving Home for the first time!
  77. When you return to inhabitated space...Solo or Open?
  78. Are you packing heat?
  79. No stations out there...
  80. Blake's Black Hole Bonanza in 5760x1080
  81. Reasonably priced combat-explorer vessel you say...
  82. They're watching..........they....are....always.....watchi ng!
  83. Finding your way around the Milky Way
  84. Travel Advisory Warning EOS AOWSY MK-H B51-91
  85. The (simple) mathematics of exploration
  86. Post your 'big system' pics here...!
  87. Extremely long times to calcualte routes
  88. What Universal Cartographics Needs!!!
  89. Fuzzy halos around certain stars on the galmap
  90. Wider range of discovery scanner
  91. Are you exploring because of 'greifing'?
  92. A red sky at night.
  93. Want to find a Black Hole? How about 430 of them?
  94. stuck in warp
  95. Exploration for the Rich and Gaud
  96. My ridiculous exploration trip + Top of centre of galaxy
  97. Maybe I can quit this habit of mine with dwarves
  98. Found my first system with visible motion
  99. Performance issues plotting near the core?
  100. Water Giant
  101. Galactic Tour Of Wonders! - Pics
  102. How rare are Ae/Be stars?
  103. 74 days out, 5,000 systems scanned and 53,000 LY from Sol...
  104. Picture Gallery from my Sagittarius A* Trip (Picture HEAVY 5760x1080)
  105. Small red giants
  106. Anyone know what this cluster is called?
  107. Landing on Asteroids and Rings
  108. Sector Ooch Aowsy
  109. 3 life worlds, 2 habbitable, one already terrestrial, but not colonizable?
  110. The Pleiades Screenshot Archive
  111. Huge system, not far away
  112. Question about exploration data
  113. Warning for the horn honkers(related to double scan glitch)
  114. Dark Clouds bisecting the Galaxy
  115. is it possible to change the background in this forum ?
  116. I wish i didn't get so easily distracted by shineez...
  117. This woke me up yesterday
  118. Anyone posting unusual systems?
  119. How OCD are you?
  120. Furthest station away from SOL
  121. 6 Easy Ways to Make Exploration Deeper and More Rewarding
  122. Sirocco is real
  123. How Far Out Have You Travelled for an Earth-Like Planet Scan?
  124. Nearly found my holy grail, nearly !
  125. Mysterious change of systems? Thargoids, angry deities or stellar forge fraud?
  126. HELP: Crashed into the GREAT ANNIHILATOR...
  127. Handing data in, one solution
  128. Iansan System
  129. May Day..may day...may day?
  130. Explorer's home system?
  131. Exploration 1/?
  132. Running out of stars?
  133. Timelapse of a solar max
  134. Weak signal sources alien search house party
  135. Terraforming Hell!!
  136. Warping into stars? How much of a problem is it?
  137. Does anyone have a file host I can use?
  138. My first long exploration trip - with screenshots!
  139. It's mine, all mine!
  140. 22k LY exploration trip. Some thoughts I had on my trip.
  141. CMDR Walton's "Core Expedition:I Log"
  142. I can't go on like this...
  143. Catalog of Deep Space Anomalies in support of Unknown Artefact Analysis
  144. Is the cost of an Anaconda worth it for ~4 ly per jump over the Asp?
  145. Earth Likes Around Neutron Stars?
  146. Got a few milestones and goals hit today.
  147. [Video] Full HD View from Way Above the Core
  148. You Know You're A Real Explorer When...
  149. What keeps you company out there?
  150. A nice surprise on the way home...
  151. Exploration Snooker
  152. Level 2 and Level 3 Detailed Scans
  153. S 171 stars NGC 7822
  154. Litterbugs & Pirates
  155. What impacts the charge time of Frameshift Drives?
  156. Question on asteroid belts
  157. Basic scanner covers distance between Sun and Earth
  158. [Video] A Haunting Vision
  159. First trip to Sag A* - Need some basic tips
  160. Close shave !!!
  161. Beautiful hurricane...
  162. Powerplay and exploration
  163. The Future of Terraforming
  164. Galactic snapshot
  165. $ per hour
  166. 65,000ly from Sol
  167. Exploring the Universe
  168. Reaching Epsilon Orionis?
  169. The Non-universality of Universal Cartographics
  170. Back to the deep black
  171. A couple of points
  172. For those Lonely Explorers out there ...
  173. Ahh that's a beautiful sight...
  174. Almost got roasted!
  175. I thought this made for quite a cool pic...
  176. Logbook of a Explorer
  177. Will the thargoids be good for exploration
  178. Odds of another system identical to Sol?
  179. Streaming some close to the bubble exploration.
  180. Solo, grouped or in Open?
  181. I see strange faces while in hyperspace
  182. Clipper or ASP
  183. [Video] Timelapse of Sag A* Gravitation Lensing Approach/Retreat - Amazing
  184. My tale of stupidity and woe
  185. First Exploration Journey
  186. Efficient travel around a system
  187. How far can you go with a full loaded fuel tank?
  188. You want lonely?
  189. Who turned the lights out?
  190. ICZ GR-V B2-5 / Star collapse?
  191. Directional space sounds?
  192. The Running Man - Arnold planet
  193. Ok. Here's a dummy question for you all.
  194. [QUESTIONS] Exploring black holes and neutron stars
  195. Just returned home from my first exploration... some standard newbie questions/reflections
  196. Holy Grail of Exploration?
  197. Virgin Explorer - It Only Took 532 Systems
  198. The Sirius Colonies, Heart and Soul
  199. I just sold my Vulture...
  200. Easiest way home?
  201. Exploration and Death
  202. Weak Signal Source 700 Ly from sol in wregoe sector
  203. Gotta catch them all
  204. Has anyone found a cure?
  205. A fist full of T Tauri!
  206. A lovely red giant to finish off my night...
  207. Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring
  208. How rare (or common) is this?
  209. Diamondback==Thargoids ????
  210. Brown Dwarf warning !!!
  211. Has there been a Server-side improvement top planetary boidies?
  212. So whats the current %age of the galaxy mapped?
  213. Dancing With The Stars
  214. Is There a Quick and Easy Way to See What Systems I've First Discovered?
  215. Is this rare? M Star with a ring
  216. Where is our unsold data stored ?
  217. I thought I was an explorer, but
  218. Advice for those with shields in deep space
  219. Spacecat's exploration log
  220. Doubleskull's little jaunt...
  221. First Discovered by... on discovery or sale?
  222. Dark Waters
  223. Blackhole at Zunuae CL-Y F2683
  224. To scan or not to scan - Question for explorers who has sold lots of data.
  225. Have you ever clipped inside of a sun?
  226. Sound of Ammonia: how to know if that gas giant bears life from system map
  227. So this is gonna take some Time
  228. Exlporing with asp
  229. The Blue and the Brown Marbles.
  230. Am I an explorer?!
  231. The abnormal orbit of the TF planet - an attempt to find explanation.
  232. Water Giant
  233. Spinning Rings of Gas Giant
  234. Learned something new today
  235. <<What happened in the latest Erimus one video?<<
  236. Question to moderators: this subforum could use some sticky
  237. The Orca Is The Best Spaceship For Exploration !
  238. FSD and debug camera
  239. Spinning white dwarf star?
  240. Neutron field location?
  241. Going on the wagon
  242. Ammonia World
  243. [LIST]Your Exploration Data Logs & Records
  244. Discovering your first earthlike planet
  245. GUIDE: Planet sounds and how to know everything from System Map.
  246. O type
  247. Quick Q - System Map/Planetary Bodies Loading Times
  248. Stay Frosty !
  249. Faound a cluster of giants, need help to get there
  250. An edge
  251. The Long Way Round
  252. Today I found out what happens when you supercruise to the next star stystem
  253. Dwarf Spots
  254. Just a few pics from my current trip in my ExplOrca- nothing too exciting
  255. Made it to Kepler - 82