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  1. The Onionhead and general Onion discusion thread full of oniony goodness.
  2. What is retrofitting?
  3. Any word on when we'll see passenger cabins?
  4. Joining the big kid's club.. build advice? (First Python)
  5. Eagle - 2Mcr boredom buster (RES BH fit)
  6. Viper power plant retro-fit.
  7. Weapons resale bug?
  8. Retrofitting - a definiiton
  9. Projectile Weapons Ammo Magazines
  10. Wire frame cobra
  11. My Vulture... Any suggestions / advice?
  12. Ideas for upgrading long-range Cobra
  13. [YouTube] Outfitting Asp - Exploration and Combat
  14. Res Hunting Vulture
  15. Retrofitting and Outiffting suggestions - Multiple small modules in bigger slots
  16. Unknown Artefact Asp Skin
  17. Smuggling holds
  18. My Python cheap(ish) combat load out :)
  19. Thoughts on this Eagle build?
  20. Thoughts on Vulture Build ?
  21. FDL? 75M Versatility Combat Build
  22. Looking For Weapons - I Know Dead Horse!
  23. Auto field-maintence unit question...
  24. shield cells to boosters ratio ?
  25. ASP build near Quivira
  26. comparing modules is funn't
  27. Anaconda paint info
  28. What is the niche of C rated internals?
  29. Python: a viable full combat setup
  30. FDL question
  31. The Burst Laser Appreciation Thread
  32. What's the point of upgrading Life Support?
  33. Thrusters' impact on maneuverability during supercruise
  34. Build progression and shield discounts from Community goal
  35. Bixby Station Location?
  36. FSD Mass
  37. Heavy Armor Transport: The Conda
  38. Attention, Fellow Bookmark Ship Owners! With 1.3 The Bell Tolls For Thee!
  39. MJ required to boost
  40. Questions about sensors modules
  41. Falcon DeLacy Special Offer: Cobra MK III Fun Edition [Thoughts on this PVE build?]
  42. Upgradable cargo scoop idea.
  43. Fixed beam lasers not converging/tracking?
  44. ASP Outfitting
  45. Question about extra fuel tanks in 1.3
  46. Torpedos/ Missles
  47. Pulse Lasers need a...oops, beam lasers need a buff
  48. Outfitting internal compartments - suggestion
  49. Asp way under powered
  50. How do shield generators work?
  51. Modules and Free Makert
  52. RES - Cobra or Viper?
  53. Trying something different with a Clipper...beams and cannons...
  54. Any good fedral dropship combat builds?
  55. Any experience of efficacy of the mirrored armour variant?
  56. Diamondback Explo for rare trading?
  57. Change ship ?
  58. Lighter weight courier build
  59. Shields, Thrusters, or Weapons
  60. Combat with small ships
  61. Huge cannon effectiveness
  62. Advice on these interceptor builds
  63. I need an A6 Power Distributor - in Empire, preferrably... Anyone know a station?
  64. Mine Launchers
  65. Advantage of better interdictor?
  66. Help with build for Combat
  67. Thrusters - undersized, right sized, oversized - what do you really get for a thruster's power requirement and mass ?
  68. Thoughts on my Vulture set-up?
  69. Asp Mining Build
  70. A6 FSD,,, looking for one
  71. Question about Shield Boosters Multipliers
  72. Size 3+ rail guns (Mass Drivers) and ammunition
  73. Need a A5 FSD, anyone know a location?
  74. Considering a thermal/kinetic combo on a Vulture
  75. Combat missions -is a FSD Interdictor needed or not?
  76. Pulse Laser power/performance
  77. Federal Dropship - combat miner?
  78. Massless modules
  79. Looking for that sweet spot of a Clipper build...
  80. Cannons? Cannons. Cannon discussion thread.
  81. Noob Mining Outfitting
  82. Anaconda: Combat Loadout
  83. Help tracking down a few parts for my Vulture please!
  84. Point Defence
  85. Exploration Conda, now with 352 tons of fuel!
  86. Discovery Scanner corrupting data.
  87. Shield booster / SCB priority mechanics
  88. Courier bulkheads costs the Earth
  89. Is this okay for a Bounty Hunting Vulture?
  90. Logic in outfiting supply
  91. variations in equipment at different high tech systems?
  92. All-laser DB Scout
  93. Smugglers ships
  94. My PvE Anaconda build
  95. Beam lasers under preforming
  96. Vulture - C2 beam or C3 pulse?
  97. Using FSD, any suggestions on how to avoid Hull Damage?
  98. Thruster mass bug?
  99. Autocannons? maybe more?
  100. Ship builds for everyone and everything!
  101. A5 shields generators any were near nanomam
  102. Looking for advice on my planned Asp build.
  103. missles seem useless?
  104. Any ship-boosting requirments
  105. Vulture now or wait ?
  106. Looking for L/G Beam lasers
  107. Cobra Loadout?
  108. Auto field maintenance unit
  109. Taxi Loadout
  110. What happened to the choice of cockpit?
  111. [1.4] Planned changes to powerplant damage
  112. Arissa cobra
  113. Secondary Weapon Preference: Multi-Cannons or Pulse Lasers?
  114. Problem after buying a fuel module :-(
  115. 4A Shield Generators near Lave/Leesti/Diso?
  116. Where to find Class 6 shield generators?
  117. module will exceed maximum mass
  118. Multi-Cannon changes
  119. Do unpowered modules show up in scans?
  120. Viper for dog fighting and Bounty
  121. A4 Power Distributor ?
  122. Swapping loadouts/partial load-out to another owened/stored ship?
  123. E5 shields - worth upgrading?
  124. A6 Shield Generator
  125. Sell equipment and upgrades before trade-in?
  126. Custom Fitted Power Plant?
  127. Does an Interdictor help evade?
  128. Mass when upgrading Modules
  129. STAR DASH (Multi role ASP: miner/explorer/fighter)
  130. Where to find A8 Power Distributor?
  131. LY TO THREAD Thread: Good station to outfit trading Python in Li Young-Rui ? Preferably near Lembava
  132. My opinions and suggestions of weapons.
  133. [Video] Tips on Outfitting a Mining vessel
  134. Anaconda build (x2!)
  135. All ship speeds and FSD jump ranges
  136. Shields: are recharge times right?
  137. Best and/or Recommended Fighter
  138. type-6 transporter
  139. Searching for some outfiting near Sol
  140. What does everyone think of cannons
  141. Change Proximity Mines
  142. ASP Explorer help plz
  143. My new Python
  144. [Suggestion] Alternate star jump destination
  145. Outfitting A Sidewinder for Exploration
  146. School me on turreted weapons
  147. Best ship for stealth railgun build?
  148. Getting my ..behind... kicked in CG - help with my Vulture loadout?
  149. What to do first with my Asp?
  150. Python shields. class 6 series in empire. Help plz.
  151. Do the non beam turrets work yet?
  152. What is the best ship and build to climb through the Empire ranks to Baron
  153. Turrets wont "Fire at Will"
  154. 1.4 Impact on Module Priorities & Power Management
  155. How to minimise loss on selling a ship
  156. I have Cobra, a new ship for the PVE and a Fit
  157. Help outfiting a PVP ship
  158. A-class Sensors. Any value?
  159. Question about Mining with drones
  160. Module visualisation - Strange
  161. Shield recharge rates
  162. Why do rail guns stop at class 2
  163. FAS - For Ambivalence Sake
  164. What with mines, missiles and mining lasers?
  165. Heat Efficiency stat question
  166. Module Priority Puzzle...
  167. 15% Discount @ Li Yong-Rui
  168. PvE Imperial Clipper - any fitting tips?
  169. Where are the Prysmtaic sheilds ?
  170. Suggestions for my Cobra in combat
  171. The NPC Pirate Anaconda Skin
  172. Unable to find 6A FSD
  173. Loss of credits when selling modules
  174. Help me out fit a Cobra for 2 - 2.5 Million CR?.
  175. Type 6 transporter for mining
  176. Pulse lasers vs Multicannons?
  177. Fer-De-Lance - D vs A thrusters?
  178. Python miner
  179. Mining Vulture
  180. Outfitting tutorial&Tips&Rules. All you want to know about how to outfit your ship in E: D
  181. ASP much better in combat than I thought
  182. Why can I disable Hull Reinforcement package?
  183. More fuel or bigger jump drive?
  184. Mining fire groups?
  185. Are class 2 PAC's really just Thermic?
  186. Ship Design: Any advantage to excess power?
  187. Enforcer Cannon Opinions?
  188. Is there any way of making supercruise faster?
  189. Anaconda Discount Outfittings
  190. Prospecting Anaconda build
  191. Hull mass etc.
  192. Different "builds"; How do you get and maintain them?
  193. Weapons Question?.
  194. Upgrading Ships and/or Modules Question?.
  195. Question on Retracted/Deployed %'s in Coriolis ship outfitting?.
  197. No more 3E/G Pulse Laser Vultures Please!
  198. Upgrading Modules at Discount Stations Question?.
  199. Does a chaff launcher protect against police cargo scans?
  200. Stealth build for combat?
  201. WTB upscaled version of the SRV Dual Repeater for ships
  202. Bi-Weave/Prismatic/normal shield generator.
  203. Looking for advice about Python/FAS/FdL builds
  204. Hull Tank Questions
  205. Horizon: exploration ship
  206. Mine Launchers on T-9 Small Hardpoints Issue
  207. CZ Vulture fit
  208. Can Some Please Give an Official Explanation of Shock Mines?
  209. Vulture High RES BH loadout help plz
  210. FSD Interdictor or AFM?
  211. FAS; Am I doing it right?
  212. Are new C4 weapons in the dev roadmap at all?
  213. Where to find Class 2 fixed Frag cannons?
  214. Imperial Courier: Wing Assassin
  215. Type 6: Boost speed?
  216. 1.2 million cobra configuration for bounty hunting, feedback please
  217. PvE Anaconda - should I stick with lightweight alloy?
  218. How can I pump more distance out of my multi-roll Asp?
  219. Viper mk3 res hunting loadout
  220. Distant Worlds Asp Explorer build
  221. Reactive vs mirrored vs military
  222. Quick Question about my current Viper fit
  223. Class 4 hardpoints are awful. What's the deal?
  224. Federal Assault Ship PvP
  225. Federal Assault Ship PVE
  226. Shield recovery speeds - quantified
  227. Moving from Cobra to Vulture
  228. Rigging an Explorer ASP for trade: size 3 shields do work?
  229. DBS BH Loadout question: 1E + 2D Beam on left half, 2F + 1G MC on right side?
  230. Need help with and exploration-conda build
  231. Question regarding weapon sizes
  232. Does a higher rating Prospector give a better chance of finding high value Asteroids?
  233. Safe to land Anaconda with 6A thrusters?
  234. I don't understand 5D HRP's
  235. Large Plasma-Was I expecting too much?
  236. Exploring in a Python
  237. Question about mass and shield size.
  238. Two Viper MkIVs outfitting identical but have MUCH different Laden and Unladen Jump ranges
  239. When Are Bi-Weave Shields Worth It?
  240. Looking for power distributors class 5 and higher
  241. asp explorer
  242. Vulture PVP-hazardous PVE fit
  243. Good compliment to rails? Need advice, CMDR's!
  244. Cheap PVE Anaconda outfit
  245. missile/torpedo build for a combat ship
  246. FDL - Imperial hammer
  247. ASP Explorer - Explorer/Trader Hybrid
  248. Armor vs Shields for Trading
  249. Mining tips and desired Reworks
  250. Need a critique of this Viper MKIV please
  251. Seeking Opinions on FDS Weapon Loadouts
  252. Questions from a combat novice. What weapons do what? A full list would be great! :)
  253. More Dakka
  254. Bi-Weave Shield Generator & FAS
  255. Reccomend A Weapon Fit for Viper mkIII