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  1. [Suggestion] A case for usability - please give the control setup/key binding screen an overhaul.
  2. [PLEASE READ] Guidelines for posting threads about bugs
  3. [PLEASE READ] Known Issues for PC & Mac 1.3 PowerPlay Beta 8
  4. [PC] Galaxy map text problems
  5. [PC] UI: Extra special characters in Archon Delaine "Control" paragraph
  6. [PC] Mouse cursor stuck in middle of the screen
  7. [PC] Incorrect text on Galactic Power Standing Summaries
  8. [PC] Shield status from SC - Working as intended?
  9. [PC] Diamondback Decal 2 clipping
  10. [PC] Diamondback rear Landing Gear not extending fully
  11. [PC] Fuel tank crash Then commander retrival fail.
  12. [PC] Galaxy Map defaults back to view by star class
  13. [PC] Typo in Galaxy Map / Powerplay?
  14. [PC] Ship not Repairing
  15. [PC] Self Destruct Not returning Player to Last Station
  16. [PC] Cannot dock at stations after receiving a tresspass fine.
  17. [PC] Sucessfully interdicted vessel of enemy power did not appear in normal space
  18. [Mac] Launcher error while downloading
  19. [PC] Frequent matchmaking server errors
  20. [PC] Utility slots not displaying correctly on Diamondback
  21. [PC] Typo in permit list for Phekda
  22. [PC] Preparation spelled "preperation" in powerplay menu
  23. [PC] Are the powers' avatars supposed to be silhouettes?
  24. [PC] Faction Page, Spelling and Sentences.
  25. [PC] Imperial Courier runs incredibly hot when scooping fuel
  26. [PC] Munitions - Limpet purchase requires individual mouse clicks for each limpet purchase
  27. [PC] Founder Decal not appearing in gold .
  28. [PC] Diamondback: Outfitting: Utility Slot Camera Display Mixup
  29. [PC] Oculus Reset Key not working
  30. [PC] Alliance status
  31. [PC] Missions above "Neutral" not Possible
  32. [PC] Landing gears not deployed at starport
  33. [PC] Supercruise lines showing over power's description
  34. Lights can be activated in supercruise
  35. [PC] Typo in overview for Edmund Mahon
  36. [PC] Heavy performance drop when showing routes on galaxy map
  37. [PC] Oculus graphics quality
  38. [PC] Status > Statics pane not appearing once updated
  39. [PC] Screen tearing/lagging?
  40. [PC] Shield banks used in Super Cruise - Intended ?
  41. [PC] Missions sometimes require both "Founder or Elite" and "Elite"
  42. [PC] Can no longer access Galaxy Map from System View
  43. [PC] Stop Docking Computer boosting!
  44. [PC] Cannot purchase ship.
  45. [PC] Diamondback preview in Shipyard & Load screen -> Visual rendering bugs in animation
  46. [PC] Shinrarta Dezhra is Exploited by Felicia Winters
  47. [PC] Disable UI Camera Lock-On Not Functioning
  48. [PC] Mission : currency variable not properly repaced
  49. [PLEASE READ] Intermittent Connection Issues
  50. [PC] Supercruise speed indicator lines can be seen under the Powerplay interface
  51. [PC] [PC] Oculus Rift support broken along with reset view.
  52. [PC] Limpet appears to cause disconnect
  53. [PC] Shields start empty when logging in inspace
  54. [PC] Galaxy map does not properly remember display settings
  55. [PC] Bug
  56. [PC] Gimbals wobble when no target is selected
  57. [PC] Imperial Capital Ship not engaging in combat (War Zone)
  58. [PC] Crash as soon as I log in after a crash
  59. [PC] Text Error in mission heading
  60. [PC] No Vouchers/Bonds being rewarded in powerplay expansion combat zones
  61. A Note on Fuel Tanks
  62. [PC] Typo in Powerplay pdf
  63. [PC] Collector Limpet bugs, pathfinding, self-destrucing and proximity alarm
  64. [PC] Galaxy map camera doesn't remember current position
  65. [PC] "Repair All" disabled
  66. [PC] Strange things in command configuration
  67. [PC] Diamondback Outfitting -> Power Anomaly (Shipyard vs. actual Power consumption)
  68. [PC] Sound issues persist
  69. [PC] even worse stuttering around planets in super cruise in 1.3 beta
  70. [PC] Mission not acceptable
  71. [Mac] Game Crashes to Desktop after fitting Mining Drones
  72. [PC] getting stuck in hyperspace
  73. [PC] Mouse Disabled.
  74. [PC] Hi Rez Screenshot = CTD every time
  75. [PC] Reputations are now "Friendly" instead of Allied
  76. [PC] Ship Damage not repairable
  77. [PC] Clean ships attack bounty hunting player at Nav points
  78. [PC] Preparing Shaders at EVERY Client Start?
  79. [PC] Self destruct appears to lose the connection to the server
  80. [PC] Unable to purchase fuel limpets
  81. [PC] Not locked to station rotation on spawn
  82. [PC] Required exploration rank for a mission is listed as 'Starblazer'
  83. [PC] Wing invite still not working
  84. [PC] Stuck while exiting the game
  85. [PC] Galactic Powers section has no hover effect on top tabs
  86. [PC] All limpets, closing/opening cargo scoop misbehaviour
  87. [PC] Community goals rewards messed up
  88. [PC] Custom binds corrupted on save - affects MAIN game as well
  89. [PC] DiamondBack Rendering
  90. [PC] Can't Connect to Edserver
  91. [PC] Powers Illustration not displaying
  92. [PC] Lost all HOTAS Bindings
  93. [PC] Limpet Purchases in Munitions Screen -> keeping Mouse Button pressed on Buy Arrow doesn't work
  94. [PC] Chat box problem
  95. [PC] No Near-field asteroids - Jupiter Halo ring
  96. [PC] [Oculus Rift] Asteroid LODs not rendered correctly
  97. [PC] Vulture cockpit clipping playing at 5760x1080 resolution
  98. [PC] Founders Decal Is Not Gold
  99. [PC] System Map - Missing distance from star information
  100. [PC] [French] some space replaced by "u00a0"
  101. [PC] Cargo Scoop Retracted Message not Displayed in right top Info Panel
  102. [PC] Supercruise speed indicators visible in Galactic View
  103. [PC] Traderoute Filters in Galaxy Map don't show the new materials
  104. [PC] [Galaxy Map] Cannot view Contested System Stats in Powerplay View
  105. [PC] New icons and images not visible for 1-3 frames
  106. [PC] MANY In-Game Text issues in 1.3 Beta
  107. [PC] Map - Show By Color Mode changes to next mode when closing and reopening map.
  108. [PC] Got murder bounty even though I was fired on first
  109. [PC] Spelling and grammar errors in Galactic Power Standing pages
  110. [PC] Paid fine constantly reappers
  111. [PC] Diamond back landing legs dont touch when landed
  112. [PC] Module Priority All Set To 2 (New Ship Purchase)
  113. [PC] Accessing sytem map from Galaxy Map causes the program to stall
  114. [PC] Mission text has words missing
  115. [PC] Using comms when docked does not move screen towards comms panel
  116. [PC] Mission Branching doesn't seem to be working
  117. [PC] Unable to Connect to Authentication Server after Self Distruct
  118. [PC] AI Bug - NPC Bounty Hunters - New Wanted State
  119. [PC] Please exempt Shinrarta Dezhra from powerplay effects
  120. [PC] [Imperial COURRIER] Manoeuvrability set to 0 - Worse than Clipper
  121. [PC] [Imperial CLIPPER] Position Thrusters - sterring too much on left
  122. [PC] Everlasting spinning ship on destruction - still
  123. [PC] Imperial Courier can't cargo scoop (Moderate/Severe Impact)
  124. [PC] Supercruise music continued playing in powers screen
  125. [PC] Imperial Courier - Camera doesn't turn to face comms panel (Low Impact)
  126. [PC] Destination Station incorrectly specified
  127. [PC] Hostile badge hides Speeding tag
  128. [PC] Mission text Getting rid of the evidence - discreet cleaner incorrect currency mask in description
  129. Fuel Tank module for General Purpose slots missing
  130. [PC] "This contact is unavailable at this time" when delivering PowerPlay items
  131. [PC] Issue with updated NPC chatter tables
  132. [PC] Bounty while idle outside Irkustk
  133. [PC] Corrupt text in mission counteroffer
  134. [PC] Mission timers don't match
  135. [PC] Railgun still only has 30+1 ammo
  136. [PC] Assassination Missions are bugged
  137. [PC] Module availability wildly different to 1.2.x
  138. [PC] Starting player position
  139. [PC] [GAMEPLAY] Possible duplicate missions and missions indicating incorrect elite rank
  140. [PC] Imperial Clipper Cockpit Chairs Bugged Still/Worse
  141. [PC] Repair all button is broken
  142. [PC] [UI] "Discreete Redistribution Agent Required" mission should be "Discreet", and possible duplicate missions
  143. [PC] Low intensity Resource Extraction Sites are not low intensity.
  144. [PC] Suicidal NPC pirates choose targets after scan poorly
  145. [PC] [GAMEPLAY] Wrong skill level prerequisite for "Obfuscated in the Outer Rim" mission
  146. [PC] EXPLOIT !! Urgent FIX needed : Ramming
  147. [PC] [GAMEPLAY] "The Wheel of Time Turns" mission has duplicate and contradictory skill prerequisites listed
  148. [PC] Make smuggling profits count towards trade ranks is not working
  149. [PC] Pledged but not pledged?
  150. [PC] System Map Hangs
  151. [PC] When trottle is bound to forwards/backwards thrust, throttle doesn't function in SC.
  152. [PC] Poor galaxy map performance in galactic core remains unaddressed
  153. [PC] Buying An Extra Fuel Tank And Swapping The Internal Fuel Tank Crashes The Game
  154. [PC] Typo in Elite exploration mission
  155. [PC] Turrets track target far away from target... never shoot the target.
  156. [PC] Friendly fire possible bug/wanted issue
  157. [PC] Fuel Transferrer have a typo in its name
  158. [PC] Hostile...not what I think it means.
  159. [PC] Clearing Legacy Fines....or is Trespassing supposed to be a legacy?
  160. [PC] n'n' characters in galactic powers description
  161. [PC] Mining Drones issues
  162. [PC] Text formatting and spelling in powerplay screen and map.
  163. [PC] Wing Beacon disappearing
  164. [PC] Bounty but no crime committed - can't remove bounty now
  165. [PC] System map not opening
  166. [PC] Typo in Preparation text of Edmund Mahon
  167. [PC] No graphic for Imperial Courier on the contacts panel
  168. [PC] Knight Dock in Lugh showing as an outpost
  169. [PC] Shipyard screen displays no ships and locks up
  170. [PC] Diamondback - gymnastic landing gear?
  171. [PC] Docking request at stations now requires you to be within 7500m
  172. [PC] Cargo not taken when mission completed
  173. [PC] Federal Navy Mission Rank
  174. [PC] Two issues found on system map
  175. [PC] Disable UI lockon off broken
  176. [PC] DiamondBack Landing Gear not touching the floor in the Hangar
  177. [PC] DiamondBack Debug Camera starts in the hangar ceiling
  178. [PC] New mission system spawns 'Founder or Elite' missions too frequently
  179. [PC] Criminal Power (Delaine) Has no Black market in HQ
  180. [PC] Retrieval of cargo for Undermine does not register on Undermine Goal
  181. [PC] Bulletin Board Target Mission Discrepancy
  182. [PC] Show by Population "Min" slider is not having any effect
  183. [PC] System Map lacks button to return to Galaxy map
  184. [PC] Faction Rep prevents from seeing Minor faction Rep which is now a requirement of some missions
  185. [PC] bounty/fine system bug
  186. [PC] System Map view fails to load when launching from Galaxy Map
  187. [PC] Galaxy map only working left eye on dk2
  188. [PC] Broken Missions 12`000`000`000 Reward & other Bugs!
  189. [PC] Use of the word "Turn" in Powerplay Screen
  190. [PC] Reputation going ▼ for no Reason!
  191. [PC] Typos and confusing text
  192. [PC] Autodock possible bug
  193. [PC] Issue with bounties and how bounties are applied
  194. [PC] Could not scan system after server drop out.
  195. [PC] Landing wrong way round in Noegin
  196. [PC] Shinrarta Dezhra - system map fails to load
  197. [PC] PowerPlay Overview in Galaxy Map - cannot use X52 to scroll down to see the icon legend
  198. [PC] Haulage Missions:some cargo remains in hold after delivery and not marked as haulage
  199. [PC] Sorting Utility Mounts by Module Type not working
  200. [PC] Trivial Suggestion For Wording in Mission Details
  201. [PC] Assassination targets associated with faction not matching
  202. [PC] Assassination target not appearing in the correct system
  203. [PC] Stars not being rendered in Galaxy Map
  204. [PC] High rank needed for low skill mission
  205. [PC] Commodity name missing from ranking mission description, showing variable name
  206. [PC] Disconnected from server when idling at a station.
  207. [PC] Suicide is pointless
  208. [PC] Starmap filters do not apply changes on the map
  209. [PC] Selecting planet from System Map cancels route
  210. [PC] Error in the requirement for the quest?
  211. [PC] Outfitting Bug Fire Groups
  212. [PC] Imperial courier has no options to apply decals
  213. [PC] Flickering text on Galactic Map at 3840x2160
  214. [PC] Collector limpets crashing into each other
  215. [PC] Prospector Drones pointless?
  216. [PC] Minor Graphic glitches on Diamondback and Impiral Courier.
  217. [PC] "Stop and scan" message displayed multiple times.
  218. [PC] Galactic map "Show by Colour" changes to the next view when re-opened
  219. [PC] Welcome back to the orange spinning ship of death
  220. [PC] Unable to repair ship
  221. [Mac] Status in system showing HOSTILE but not sure why
  222. [PC] Can't repair Courier Hull Damage on Main Screen
  223. [PC] Alternative Mission path comm message still says transaction tab rather than inbox
  224. [PC] Powerplay bubbles only display in left eye for Oculus
  225. [PC] Flight Control Assignments go missing when moving from V1.3Beta back to V1.2 normal Play
  226. [PC] Target not visible in HUD when selecting from System Map, until you enter supercruise
  227. [PC] [suggestion] Boost Audio for Dimondback
  228. [PC] Bounty in Founders World. Never Undocked.
  229. [PC] Station: "Jamerson Memorial" is shown as hostile towards me after pledging allegiance to PRANAV ANTAL
  230. [PC] [Graphical Issue] Moving spot visible through windows in certain systems
  231. [PC] No reward for destroying ships inside millitary strike
  232. [PC] Blue screen of Death since installing 1.3 Powerplay
  233. [PC] Turret settings keep resetting
  234. [PC] Stuttering near planets still occurs
  235. [PC] Bug? Double the requirements for the rank
  236. [PC] Can pay off fines, but they don't disappear from transaction tab
  237. [PC] Cannot Defect to another Power
  238. [PC] Consistant crashing to desktop in Powerplay Beta
  239. [PC] Galaxy Maps 0 grid markers (projection of the stars to the grid) too big.
  240. [PC] Imperial Courier engine textures/lighting/geometry inconsistencies
  241. [PC] Station Services Home screen blanks when clicking on Home button
  242. [PC] Notification "badge" in comms tab is wrong colour until selected
  243. [PC] Docking request distance reduced...?
  244. [PC] universal gartographics
  245. [PC] Oculus Rift DK2 graphics quality
  246. [PC] mining outfit (two refineries) causing game crash, login not possible anymore
  247. [PC] NPC Wingman chatter refers to 'lead ship' when all others in wing killed.
  248. [PC] NPC Wingman spams chat when cargo scanned
  249. [PC] Mission system "available missions" logic doesn't consider permit-locked systems
  250. [PC] UI/Missions: Permit mission 'Associated With' line appears twice
  251. [PC] Outfitting: Diamondback Utility Mount 3 and Camera 1 swapped
  252. [PC] Missions: Typo in summary headers Affect -> Effect
  253. [PC] Comms Panel in Courier partially obscured when selected
  254. [PC] speeding
  255. [PC] Rating Not Updated