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  1. Known Issues for PC & Mac 1.4.1 (UPDATED 04/11/15)
  2. Guidelines for posting threads about bugs
  3. Fer-de-Lance unnatural and bad deploy animations. Including clipping
  5. Important Notice Regarding Oculus 0.6 SDK
  6. Headlook/UI Focus
  7. Wings & private groups networking issues
  8. astroid lod coulour missmatch still present
  9. [PC] All exploration data gone in galaxy map
  10. [EXPLOITABLE] Federal Ship Rank Requirements mixed up!
  11. Bugs from Beta still there and not fixed
  12. Repair All stuck at 10cr
  13. Graphics corruption in some systems (space background)
  14. System map keeps opening previous map. No way to open current system map.
  15. No non-Elite missions on bulletin board
  16. Missing font in russian localization on CQC STATS screen
  17. Graphical Anomalies/Texture Corruption present in Space
  18. Did not want my paint repaired
  19. Joystick Galaxy Map Translate doesn't stop Joystick UI Panel Up & Left
  20. Head tracking not working
  21. Strange repair costs
  22. 78 Ursae majoris claims to be federal on map
  23. Bright blue discs have returned in Galaxy map
  24. Motion Sickness
  25. PC 1.4 - Ebana System- Faction name Spelled incorrectly and other issue
  26. Missing Powerplay exploited system
  27. New mission types not spawning
  28. Mouse Widget and Main Menu Problems
  29. Sothis Max Allocation of Crystalline Gold appears to be set to 3 and not 20.
  30. Ship says "Main Fuel Tank Drained" when you try to scoop with less than 1/3 of a tank
  31. Misbehaving station interior texture on docking port wall.
  32. Max distance from start incorrect
  33. Anti-Aliasing always disabled
  34. Mouse Stops Working In Menus
  35. Game forgets key state at beginning and end of instance transitions.
  36. Docking Computer not working
  37. Navigation system forgets targetted space station in other system upon arrival
  38. Slow FSD + Planetary Texture Stutter
  39. mission target colour
  40. no charge sound railgun and hammer
  41. [V 1.4.0] CQC Match would not stop at 0:00 time and score stopped counting
  42. Strange Chaff bug.
  43. Conflicting mission text and actual parameters
  44. Aim reticule and mouse widget on T9 are very large
  45. wrong speed or too ltip for Imperial Eagle?
  46. Unrecoverable transaction server error while mining
  47. Station Icon Missing in menu
  48. Audio of starport UI ambience remains indefinitely
  49. Interdiction slowly fails everytime
  50. Repair All Not Disabling
  51. STILL NOT FIXED - simple, annoying bugs . why?
  52. [Python] Mirrored text
  53. Selecting a target (in the same system) on System Map doesn't always work.
  54. SMAA doesn´t work!
  55. Supercruise framerate decreases (not planetary stutter)
  56. Slow frames close to planets in SC!
  57. Interdicting is to hard
  58. NPC Ships in RES sometimes not moving
  59. Stuttering in metal RES still there
  60. Asteroid field anomalies
  61. FSD refused to engage (for SC, not hyperspace): "Align with destination" appeared.
  62. When approaching planets its surface textures start flickering (especially noticeable on rocky planets/moons
  63. Trafic lights on space stations
  64. Pax Prime Vulture skin missing
  65. Sothis Crystalline Gold max allocation wrong
  66. Type 9 manuvering thrusters
  67. Imperial Eagle shipyard info incorrect
  68. Typo/Inconsistency in CQC Rapid Cannon description (obsolete dash compared to others)
  69. Chat window allignment off
  70. Up thruster doesnt work if help while launching.
  71. 1000ly router plan very slow
  72. 3D - mouse widget not at infinity, must be focused through to see
  73. Map overlay for system options in Galaxy Map disappears when mouse moved
  74. CQC information panel
  75. Ananconda Navball Misaligned
  76. Galaxy map frustrating to use
  77. Empty instance in hazardous RES
  78. Federal Assault Dropship requires Ensign rank instead of Chief Petty Officer
  79. SMAA broken in 1.4
  80. New Ship
  81. Can't start game after Launcher update
  82. starport services menu item will not "red" out
  83. Can't actually play the game - lost connection to matchmaking server
  84. CQC 1.4 Release Bug.
  85. CQC Join match into results screen
  86. Delivery missions not giving cargo to deliver!
  87. Mission targets are not appearing as "mission target"
  88. Players appear on radar as NPC's
  89. Landing gear key disables directional thrusters
  90. Sound issues and hyperspace jump looks different
  91. Hudson's Control Systems Triggers not changing.
  92. Mouse frozen in middle of screen
  93. Anaconda hud - vertically offset...
  94. Bug with menus cant move mouse curser
  95. Unable to sucessfully avoid interdiction.
  96. Imperial Slaves Commodity Description - Typo
  97. Income change for Gliese 828.4 after patch
  98. Long range missions not spawning in sothis
  100. [CQC] Bug where boosting puts thrusters to zero persists!
  101. Interdiction broken
  102. Fed Assault ship Bugs
  103. Missing Credits
  104. Black Markets ALL Removed in 1.4
  105. Unable to modify keybindings since 1.4
  106. Federal Assault Ship loadout camera for medium hardpoints is switched.
  107. all ships have damaged hull integrity after 1.4.0.
  108. NPC awareness near stations = frequent collisions
  109. Data Corrupted. Please Try Again.
  110. DBX functions tab image missing
  111. Infinite Ore chunks
  112. Repair All Stealing your Credits!
  113. Mission Target Missing
  114. PowerPlay: No Crime Sweep in CD-49 3617 where ALD is expanding
  115. CQC icon is cramped.
  116. Still stuck at Midshipman after Federation mission for Petty Officer
  117. Typo/Inconsistency between Class 1 & Class 2 fixed Multi-Cannon description
  118. AppConfigLocal.xml deleted on upgrade
  119. AI navigation issues
  120. VR mass ejection rotation
  121. Wanted ships attacking player don't always turn red
  122. Thruster control cancelled
  123. Not repairing paintwork
  124. Boost Sound Cuts Out
  125. [PC] German translation - nothing done well since Standard Beta
  126. FSD charging displayed when not neeeded
  127. Government type is incorrect on the galaxy map
  128. flickering radar contacts are irritating!!!
  129. Fraud at Newhom Station - Sothis Gold Allocation withheld
  130. Cut away hud and instantly destory me.
  131. "No Contacts In Range"
  132. Vertical thruster issue on take off
  133. Extensive stuttering in Hazardous Extraction Sites
  134. Only charity missions available at certain starports
  135. CQC game continues past time limit and score not logged
  136. Mouse cursor in wrong position
  137. unrecoverable transaction error
  138. No Osmium
  139. missions with rewards in millions
  140. CQC Loadouts Wiped Repeatedly
  141. Charity missions negative rep...
  142. Mouse widget much bigger than before
  143. CQC kill count absurd. Deathmatch is almost pure kill stealing.
  144. CQC always ends in a DRAW
  145. Game Freezes on "Preparing Shaders" on Mac El Capitan
  146. Powerplay menu "back" button not working properly
  147. iOS app crashes on startup
  148. CQC serious lobby-based issue
  149. Scan By System Defense Ship In Uninhabited System 500 Light Years Out
  150. My Trade Rank Change !!!
  151. Space graphical glitch
  152. Wanted Hazardous RES site?
  153. Launcher problems, steam version.
  154. Unable do see undermining and fortification numbers for turmoil systems
  155. Imperial Eagle not listed as Gutamaya
  156. [Powerplay] Incorrect messages when handing in merits
  157. "Cargo hatch ejecting cargo" - NOT Actually happening
  158. Anyone else got a free new ship? If not, can I keep it?
  159. Wing enemies firing at you do not appear red on radar
  160. DK2 - Supercruise is now sometimes very juddery. Frame rate drop.
  162. Federal Assault Ship has the wrong shadow
  163. Docking Computer Malfunction at Hostile Stations
  164. Diamondback Explorer paint and mesh bug still presists after 1.4 release
  165. Exploration lost.
  166. Sirius Permit vanished with 1.4 update.
  167. Transaction error when mining
  168. server connection lost when mining - no spare bin
  169. powerplant capacity exceeded message
  170. AI hyper jump through station
  171. Exploration Statistics not ok
  172. Gamebreaking Bug in CQC
  173. Got dormant bounty without attacking anyone
  174. MAC OSX El Capitan - [Mouse 1] Key binding only detects double-click
  175. still having bugs in CQC
  176. not getting mining missions
  177. V1.4 update game bugs
  178. When you select a target related to a bulletin board mission it no longer says "Mission Target"
  179. Federal Rank Progression Failure Persisting
  180. Pre-patch bounty not redeeming
  181. login failure
  182. Text 'Mission Target' not readable with Custom UI Colours
  183. unable to start game
  184. Transactions tab empty / no combat bonds / no bounties
  185. Bounties not recorded in Transactions tab or station contacts - no way to claim them
  186. serious bug or hack?
  187. Your power contact is unavailable at this time
  188. Unrecoverable error on transaction server.
  189. Unable to outfit - Error 500 (screenshots attached)
  190. Bounty claims missing
  191. Bounty vouchers not incremented and existing ones vanished while in RES site.
  192. Weird Respawn and No Bounties or Transactions
  193. Head tracking switches off automatically
  194. Me and my other wing players come whit this.
  195. Unrecoverable transaction error while mining
  196. Preparing Shaders each time the game loads
  197. System takeover not working
  198. Landing gear cancels out thrusters
  199. HIRES Bounties not showing up after kills.
  200. LP 926-40 bugged
  201. Overaggressive AI Damage Penalties
  202. Exploration issues (visual and functional), scanner visual issue
  203. CQC deathmatch won't end
  204. Possible Graphics glitch
  205. Graphic glitches inside stations.
  206. Deploying or retracting landing gear while using up,down,left,right thrusters stops them
  207. elite dangerous menu bug
  208. Unable to load Cmdr Data
  209. Blurred planet textures
  210. Landing pad on outposts going up and down
  211. Test text showing in "Imported From" section on Commodities Market Screen
  212. 100% Power Usage Loadout Randomly Shuts Down Ship After Deploying Hardpoints
  213. My Trade rank changed from Tycoon 92% to Tycoon 17%.
  214. CMDR hull in CQC stays at 1% forever
  215. Railgun 'rails' inverted
  216. Collector limpets die very easy.
  217. Multi prospector useage
  218. System Discovery Data lost after relogon
  219. 1.4.0 Mining (gold) collector bug.
  220. XBOX Controller Profiles do not match XBOX One version
  221. Some binds are changed/cleared
  222. Lost variaty of mission types with v1.4.0?
  223. Probleme when I press "play" on steam
  224. Lost some exploring data, data corrupted and cannot keep any new scans after logging out.
  225. Graphical issues on System Star Map
  226. Fed assault and gunship power nerf or bug?
  227. Cursor problem
  228. Headhunting mission fails despite target destroyed
  229. T9's center target pip and directional arrow are HUGE !
  230. Ship Randomly Exploded
  231. Cursor Frozen in Starport Services Menu
  232. Throttle slow down bug
  233. Too much wear and tear? (too sensitive?
  234. Repair always at 10 credits
  235. BUG Kill Warrant Scanner not adding bounty
  236. Lost Exploration Data
  237. Collector Limpets crash game while mining
  238. Point Defense turrets not activating
  239. Current system exploration data missing/partly missing after save and exit
  240. Controlling factions dropping to to 1.0% over night
  241. hostile ships not identified on radar
  242. Close Textures on planet render issues.
  243. Server broatcast greeting crashed me out of game
  244. Mining Duplicating bug
  245. No Bounty Pay
  246. Server issues - can not connect to server!
  247. [PC] Interdiction audio continuously played after failed interdiction attempt
  248. Experience with Salvageable Wrecks
  249. PowerPlay: Wrong reward for my rating
  250. Typo in CQC "OC BEAM" weaponry. Double "that" - one is obsolete
  251. Gliese 828.4 was Successfully Prepared, but isn't on Expansion List
  252. Planet Surface Shifting
  253. CQC Championship - Viewing the leaderboard when ship respawns results in loss of ship control
  254. Mouse getting stuck mid screen after cqc battle. (mouselock not releasing?)
  255. Powerplay "Take Control" materials are now not available at the HQ system