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  2. Known Issues for Xbox One (13/10/15)
  3. Server Connection Issues
  4. Died and can't respawn
  5. Cargo marked as stolen after update
  6. Incorrect Starting Amount of Credits
  7. Stuck in my ship since update!
  8. Quivering Orbit Lines: Supercruise Final Approach
  9. HUD error in combat
  10. Bulletin Board Mission Payouts VERY LOW Credit Amounts Now! (New Missions Still Missing!)
  11. Fuel scoop possible bug
  12. Station entrance lights are missing and some stations appear very dark
  13. Federal Assault Ship
  14. Gamepad controls don't work in game
  15. Controller not responding
  16. Can't see game gamma doesn't help.
  17. Exiting hyperspace and supercruise with thrusters on
  18. Game kicks to Main Menu When filling up refinery
  19. Cant move at all either in training missions or main game
  20. Unable to Find CQC Match
  21. Mining planet's asteroid belt can not complete transaction
  22. Bug: Controller Triggers Rumble Briefly When Being Interdicted
  23. minor player faction dissapeared
  24. Ship Scan Notification
  25. Kepler's Eye not unlocking
  26. Cant control speed while looking at panels
  27. X1 cant change controller layout from normal to classic
  28. Secret Achievement not unlocking
  29. Feedback on throttle reduction during system jump
  30. Can you enable saving of screenshots from Beta?
  31. Mission server is down
  32. Ship destroyed while offline, again.
  33. Graphical Bugs (also, the problem is missing effects, not "lights off" stations)
  34. Distances Missing in Galaxy Map
  35. Bulletin Board problem
  36. Load failed
  37. Transaction Server Error
  38. station lighting out
  39. Xbox One - Bug - Ship interior lights & Starport Interior/exterior lights not Illuminated
  40. Xbox One - Bug - Throttle setting while entering/exiting Supercruise automatically sets to 100%
  41. Training missions near impossible
  42. Throttle max coming out f hyperdrive
  43. System Fails To Load
  44. Star System not Discoverable?
  45. CQC Rank gets reset after exit
  46. Language selection and debug camera problems
  47. CQC Rank gets reset back to 1
  48. STATS and EXPLORATION data lost
  49. Missing Explorer Scout Rank Decal
  50. Possible galaxy map bug while in "Transactions" tab of Target Panel
  51. game keeps crashing
  52. Crashed 3 times in 15 min. All different error types.
  53. Can't log into solo play
  54. fined twice by same guy within 5 minutes
  55. keep getting stopped by pirates for my cargo when im not carrying cargo
  56. Huge hard point will not fire when told
  57. no private groups????
  58. Probleme of language?
  59. constant interdictions
  60. Hard crash to Xbox Dashboard (Open Play)
  61. Request more than a bug - Landing pad lighting
  62. Collector limpets collect abandoned cargo
  63. Xbox - Weber Gateway Community Goal Bug
  64. route planer not working
  65. All game controls locking up
  66. Crash after fill relesae
  67. Flight assist stopped working/Broken thrusters
  68. control options problem
  69. faction rank broken
  70. Xbox one mining error
  71. Can't access galaxy map from mission tab.
  72. Keplers eye achievement not unlocking + hard crashing
  73. No Controller Input
  74. silent running issue
  75. Docking computer/Silent running
  76. Bounty For Defending Myself
  77. Xbox One game crash
  78. issues forming wings!
  79. Collector Limpets
  80. Lighting effects not working at all
  81. Mining Errors?
  82. Sounds of interdiction (open play)
  83. Am I your cat? Or: Point of light driving me crazy.
  84. Broken FAS Medium hardpoints
  85. Exploration problem - bodies discovered status stuck on "First discovered by Validating"
  86. HUGE Graphical issue
  87. Not able to find powerplay specific module
  88. Federal Assault Ship medium HP problems
  89. Interdictions are broken [Video]
  90. Game crashes when mining
  91. Can't fly my ship!
  92. Star cluster too dense in a nebula
  93. Xbox: B button goes from Galaxy to System map instead of exiting
  94. Gamma preference resets on each launch
  95. Location indeterminate on certain bounty transactions
  96. Solar collision mesh error and lighting
  97. Community Event at LTT 874 - Not Getting Kill Credit/Combat Bonds
  98. More interdiction problems
  99. Game won't load
  100. After Drop or Jump, camera zooms
  101. CQC Bug
  102. Can't buy the Imperial Clipper?
  103. Xbox one bug
  104. Semi-major Axis 0.00 for binary planets
  105. CQC Rank doesn't save!
  106. Cockpit shadow glitch
  107. Interdictions by the authorities
  108. Low Frame rate, Stuttering and Freezing in Super Cruise
  109. Server Error when trying to deliver mission contraband
  110. Cannot Instance with Wingmate
  111. Some Stars not mass locking on jumping in...
  112. Limpet bug
  113. Is Naval ascension bugged again/still?
  114. Exploring bug: The "First Discovered" dialog crash
  115. Are bulletin boards bugged again..
  116. Idiot AI and Bounties for clipping in combat
  117. Crashing while opening system and galaxy in supercruise
  118. Stuck in space station and controls wont respond
  119. B-button opens System Map form Galaxy Map
  121. Bounty mission bug
  122. Xbox one in-game gameplay unresponsive
  123. Mass disrupt
  124. Stuttering in Normal Space
  125. Refinery Issue requires manual intervention
  126. CG Goal totals differing?
  127. Democratic Party Fine
  128. Pad vibrates for no reason in dock
  129. Severe lag in LHS 3447 following latest update
  130. Stations and cops show up as being in a wing with me
  131. npc ships not showing as hostile
  132. Conflict Zones
  133. Python drives impossible to hit
  134. HUD Text STILL blurry
  135. Use of SPELL CHECK advised
  136. Some Texts need adjustments
  137. Game crash
  138. controller for XB1 issues
  139. Bug: Power Play Merits Earned less than it should be this week
  140. Frustration in elite dangerous on xbox 1
  141. Exiting frame shift at star - no decelleration
  142. Too much damage done to modules.
  143. Rating 5 randomly turned to rating 4
  144. Scanning a certain moon/planet crashes game
  145. All systems info gone
  146. System map cursor does not pan up/down when accessed from Galaxy map in up/down mode
  147. Pirates Interdicting Demanding Cargo When I Have Nothing
  148. powerplay fortification status not updating/ not working.
  149. Screen "flickering" and crashes
  150. Interdictions
  151. Galaxy/ system waypoint bug
  152. Canopy breach bug
  153. No station in contacts list so i cant request docking. HELP
  154. Imperial Clipper
  155. still having problems
  156. security strikes in open play
  157. Political Conflict Zones not appearing/Undermining tactics Substituted?
  158. Enemy Ships not showing red on Radar if they fire upon us first!?
  159. System error, "A file failed to load after multiple attempts "- 100%
  160. CQC mathmaking broken
  161. Planet rotation!
  162. Route Plotting
  163. wanted for what?!
  164. update on bugs?
  165. i figured out the interdicted when you get close to the station!
  166. Federal Assault ship Hardpoints, and Utility points switched. Hardpoints dont fire. [Video inside]
  167. Broken Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites
  168. Friendly ships fly into my line of fire and become enemies
  169. Faction promotion missions broken
  170. Can not create or join a wing
  171. FAS has FDS image on system menu
  172. In-Game Controls Not Working
  173. Interdiction Glitch
  174. Wing Bug
  175. no hull damage when shields are down
  176. Conflict Zones not in Conflict???
  177. Docking computer bug!
  178. pause menu
  179. Ranking does indeed seem to be of..
  180. Mass lock
  181. Magestic class interdictor cannot hit an asp
  182. UI Bug in Outfitting
  183. Xbox one onion head delivery community goal issue
  184. Can't wing up with any of my friends! Help needed!
  185. Blank screen after mission updates
  186. 0 bounty reward, bug or am i wrong?
  187. Bug Report - Controls
  188. wing invites
  189. npc combat logging
  190. Ship paralysis
  191. My account reset on its own?
  192. Cargo Deployed cannot hyperjump or supercruise
  193. Frequent Pausing/Freezing of Motion While Inside Extraction Sites Of The Bylgit System!
  194. Bug: Credit for first discovery
  195. Cluttered UI
  196. Wing instance issue
  197. Weird Dotted Line Running Through Solar System
  198. NPC Randomly Firing
  199. Ships, and trade
  200. Prospector Limpet Bug
  201. Not seeing anyone in Open play
  202. no earnings in conflict zones kausalya CG
  203. Decal bug on FAS
  204. nav computer xbox crash
  205. Rank lost
  206. Retrebution
  207. Missions diaooearing from Transactions tab
  208. Missions disappearing from Transactions tab
  209. Orbit Lines Jumping Around
  210. Game Crash in Galaxy Navigation.
  211. Station Navigation Lights
  212. No under attack warning or red contacts