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  1. Can we tidy up the options -> control bindings list please?
  2. SRV Wave Scanner sound too quiet
  3. Horizons Detail FX
  4. Horizons SRV Sterring response curve
  5. Where are you going to land first?
  6. The waternark will be removed in a hot fix...
  7. Free Viper mkiv
  8. Congratulations FDev, you did it in style!
  9. Safe Landing
  10. Cobra Mk IV???
  11. Getting nausea of Horizons...
  12. New Horizons install and key mapping
  13. Framerates?
  14. Shorten your download time
  15. Horizon
  16. A probably quite stupid question about servers
  17. Planets visible from long distances
  18. Thargoid in the Horizon?
  19. Post here if you find a location selling a Cobra Mk IV
  20. How to exit Planetary Map back to system Map?
  21. Is this subforum really necessary?
  22. Already managed to crash into side of planet!
  23. Top 5 Bounty Boards.
  24. Turtle download speed why?
  25. 64 Bit Installations
  26. MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!! Yes Frontier you've done it again. Horizons = AMAZING!!
  27. missing cobra mk4
  28. Location on where to buy a Cutter?
  29. So do we download 32bit launcher first then the 64bit one?
  30. Track IR in Horizons
  31. Cobra fom beta? Where is it?
  32. Crashed object
  33. Planet Surface has unplayable fps
  34. Can't Claim Horizons Steam Key
  35. Premium Beta - no horizons key
  36. Beginner question about SRV
  37. My first landing
  38. Do shields charge faster when docked in 2.0?
  39. Does gravity matter?
  40. Was what happened in Beta, supposed to stay in Beta?
  41. Black Friday paint is white on FAS?
  42. Server refused to provide installer: Not available.
  43. Combat missions gone?
  44. Less than stellar first impressions
  45. What happend to free ship benefit?
  46. Horizon wipe
  47. Cobra MKIV
  48. luv my xmass tree
  49. Missions vanished
  50. @FDev : Having a good bottle of wine on you guys
  51. Can someone explain Horizons to me?
  52. Steam Purchase
  53. Build 2.0 bottom left corner plz remove.
  54. Planetary Vehicle Hangars
  55. Horizon Launch
  56. Please Advise How To Keybind Mouse To Turret
  57. Planets for missions none existent?
  58. Great performance on old hardware - Thanks Frontier!
  59. Landing gear noise
  60. Any of Sol's bodies landable?
  61. Mission Failes 1 hour left
  62. SRV driving and turret
  63. Systems with discounted Imperial Cutters?
  64. I must be daft... can't find surface location for mission
  65. Dual install if on Steam?
  66. Fed rank progress wiped?
  67. Can we get the Hutton Orbital Mug in the store as a bobblehead?
  68. Pyrophyllite?
  69. Missions
  70. SRV head look binding anyone figured it out?
  71. Planet ports and allegiances
  72. Can't land on planets
  73. Horizon and facetracknoir
  74. Can someone explain how the price of the new Expansion makes sense?
  75. Stuck Inside a Surface Facility (Grimwood Arena +++)
  76. Planetary vertical hangar module, no power management?
  77. Plotting route to stations?
  78. POI : Non persistant buildings limitation - Need enhancement
  79. Lasunch Trailer
  80. why is horizons beta 67 and the non beta 49
  81. Changes in how the game handle dogfights?
  82. Need some help.....
  83. How many folders/GB of E: D do have on my pc by now, and how do I get rid of what?
  84. Launching SRV
  85. The 300
  86. Repairing an SRV
  87. Market prices dropped alarmingly
  88. No odometer on the SRV?
  89. SRV can't move... To what did you bind the controls Frontier?
  90. SRV can't refuel on ship, good joke, but now can I have the real stuff?
  91. Can't refuel at station BUG
  92. Aldin gone AWOL
  93. What are the odds? First Landing.
  94. Is it ok to delete my old products folder?
  95. Planetary flight question
  96. Graphical Corruption on Macbook Pro 2011 (AMD 6750 )
  97. game wont start
  98. Data link scanner works only with "Fire deploys weapons" - Proposterous!
  99. Does Horizons Install in a new Folder?
  100. Where's the Horizons Steam Key?
  101. Anybody else having SRV issues with FORWARD ONLY throttle?
  102. Trade routes!
  103. Anybody else having SRV issues with FORWARD ONLY throttle?
  104. How to find your ship on a planetary settlement?
  105. 64-bit does not play
  106. SRV turret will not fire - anyone else have this problem?
  107. Launching your SRV from Your Ship
  108. Separate Release on Steam.
  109. Planetary Landings & Wings
  110. Where have all the pirate hunt missions gone?
  111. 4 hours of surface missions = 0 completed
  112. Heading back out into deep space taking screenshots along the way.
  113. Uber AI for Traders
  114. Why is FD recommending using 32bit over 64bit in the launcher?
  115. Where can I find a Planetary Vehicle Hangar near me? 16 C Ursae Majoris
  116. Horrible Launcher Download Speeds
  117. [STEAM] Is there ANY reason to keep Elite: Dangerous installed?
  118. Ship I logged out in is not the ship I logged in on.
  119. Have Black Markets been removed from System View?
  120. Materials trading test- nogo
  121. First few hours: Not perfect, but certainly very good.
  122. X55 Rhino Questions
  123. Planetary construction at it's finest
  124. Beacons
  125. Phenomenal!
  126. The great reputation debacle of Horizons
  127. a few basic horizon noob questions
  128. Could not find & rejoin my ship while in srv on planet base...needed to self destruct!!
  129. Wait another 6 months?
  130. Sell/store ship with SRV. What happens to materials?
  131. [Horizons] Planet surface map, deep space...
  132. Awesome job FD!
  133. NPC pilots interdicting TOO MUCH
  134. Wasted my entire night trying to find a Planetary Vehicle Hanger. I give up.
  135. I thought it was a bug...
  136. Upgrading From ED to ED Horizons
  137. maaybe some bugs!
  138. Below the specs laptop, but playable
  139. Where to fit the new SRV hanger?
  140. Cobra Mark IV, where is it?
  141. Astronauts been farting too much on their landings?
  142. Some strangeness Version number on screen and blur.
  143. How to repair the SRV?
  144. First Impressions of Horizons
  145. distress call
  146. Out with the old in with the new
  147. The two types of vehicle bay hangers
  148. Kids and broken control scheme
  149. SRV - Elite Dangerous: Horizons Pilot Training; Just look at this...
  150. Hud colour
  151. whoa - what's Elite Dangerous 32 bit doing on my drive?
  152. Has anyone found the elusive "black" world?
  153. Land vanishes
  154. Planetary and system maps
  155. UI Focus?
  156. Official Horizon Installation Guide Lines
  157. Change of Vulture construction for boarding with SRV
  158. Please, how to : Install a surveillance software on the Comms Arrays
  159. Where do i find Nerve Agents?
  160. Please remove 'Elite Dangerous 2.0' from the bottom left
  161. How to add Head-look to right-stick on Joypad??
  162. Land mines
  163. Congrats, this is great!!! and can I have........ :)
  164. Bi-Weave shield generator.
  165. Imperial Cutter
  166. Any tips for SRV controls?
  167. Posting my 2 cents on Horizons
  168. SRV mapping gamepad
  169. Switching between Horizons and Ships
  170. Ive had to abandon 3 New Mission Types...
  171. "We choose to go to the Moon..."
  172. What impressed me most on the Horizons release...
  173. Is horizons just planetary landing?
  174. Where do I pay bounties gained on planets?
  175. The New ride...... just a few hundred million lighter on the bank account.
  176. One feature I keep requesting that will reduce grind...
  177. Never play a X.0 release
  178. Horizons Desktop Icon
  179. No surface dogfighting? Maybe not the case...
  180. How to increase range by 25% on the SRV without materials
  181. Who was the CMDR I flew past on Europa last night/this morning?
  182. 4 menu choices...can I uninstall?
  183. PC Performance and Horizons - Good/Bad?
  184. Help with re boarding ASP
  185. Shield cells firing on their own? Help please...
  186. Are you still able to play the old elite dangerous after upgrading to horizons
  187. Grrr. No planetary NPC dogfights.. So what's this?
  188. Really annoyed at the horizons update
  189. ATI Radeon 5870 with horizon, does it work? anyone tried?
  190. Planetary Materials
  191. SRV turret control settings
  192. Few questions regarding interface and controls.
  193. Active mission VS server updates?
  194. What's the deal with discovering metals/minerals/etc
  195. SRV Handling? Any tips?
  196. Is interdiction a criminal now a crime?
  197. Bit confused
  198. Lag 'build-up' in supercruise
  199. Interdiction of npc's seems tougher.
  200. Am I supposed to take damage while landing on planets?
  201. Cool ! Now the NPC's are responding to Frontier's server messages ! :)
  202. Scanning of outcrops beneficial?
  203. Bounty on me for trying to do ''Cut the power''
  204. Mercy mission question
  205. Anyone else been 'skiing' in their SRV yet?
  206. *gets bounty on hed for shooting at bounty..*
  207. Anybody playing Horizons on 950m GPU? Please advise
  208. Plagued By Crashing/Disconnecting
  209. Can't Shoot SRV weapon anymore.
  210. Cobra MkIV through Steam?
  211. Horizons Custom bind not showing after todays update
  212. The challenges of gravity
  213. Should I come back and pick up an srv?
  214. Polaris permit?
  215. Sooooooo mr. Cobra
  216. Can I (should I?) Delete the 32 Bit ED?
  217. ok, i admit it....I'M IMPRESSED
  218. Let's celebrate - first human landing in NGC 1931
  219. E:D Horizons rendering isuue
  220. I don't understand this game or its missions. At all.
  221. Why is Elite Dangerous Horizons flagged as being in early access on steam?
  222. FREE auto SRV Repair = Infinite SCBs for Explorers
  223. Ican fly in my srv ;)
  224. Wait for contact
  225. Sell my trade-conda for what ship...
  226. Disappointed Hardcore of Elite:Horizons and Rants about Elite:Dangerous
  227. Random ship wreckage found 100ly away from civilization :P
  228. Elite Horizons on Steam - a Little Confused
  229. One of our pilots is missing
  230. What's the best hanger bay for my SRV?
  231. Am I losing Exploration Data?
  232. I'm not able to download Horizons cause the speed is to slow.
  233. Making a cache of cargo
  234. Questions about the Horizons 64 bit client
  235. Mission of Mercy
  236. Question... I have lowered my cargo scoop but cant pick up any miniarls?
  237. Trouble Starting Horizons
  238. Horizons Newbie question
  239. Will my main game save move to horizons?
  240. 1 Hour with Corvette in Hazardous RES! First impression
  241. Win 7 vs win 10 sli x64 Horizon
  242. Why do we not have NPC Corvette or Cutter even in HazRES?
  243. Confused about upgrading to Elite:Dangerous - Horizons on Steam
  244. [VIDEO] Secret base?
  245. Most popular system in 1st 24 hours
  246. Unable to enter glide mode always get "Dropping: Too Close"
  247. Zachary Hudson expansion: planetary base military strikes (PLEASE!)?
  248. Beta or normal now
  249. Stuck on new horizon quest
  250. Your Ship lands to far away you say...
  251. need tips for planetary landing?
  252. Sentries+Stinger on planet 100ly out of civilization
  253. Shouldn't we receive a free ship, if we had upgraded ?
  254. SOS cargo scoop function is negative, repeat negative, over......
  255. Graphics mods and tweaks for horizons?