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  1. Elite Dangerous for ps4 question
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: Elite Dangerous: Horizons for PS4
  3. PSVR support? PS4PRPO features?
  4. Congrats the PS4 Players
  5. Launch Trailer for Elite Dangerous on the PS4
  6. HOTAS Support
  7. Lifetime Pass
  8. Cross-platform play
  9. Greetings from a fellow console player and some advice!
  10. Salutations
  11. Incentives for alpha/beta backers
  12. to the ps4 players
  13. Welcome to the Elite galaxy!
  14. First Discoveries question
  15. PC Account Transfer
  16. Will PS4 get the Cobra Mk IV?
  17. Will ps+ be required to play Elite Dangerous?
  18. I'm looking forward to ED coming to PS4.
  19. Fuel rats need you.
  20. Where is Elite: Dangerous?
  21. Playstation Camera support!
  22. Bought a PS4 Pro just for ED
  23. Hud Colour Change For PS4?
  24. Pre Orders and Incentives?
  25. Customizing commander name
  26. A question for PC CMDR'S who trade (Trade Tool)
  27. Time Machine!
  28. Welcome to the Galaxy" (soon™) Player Groups on PS4
  29. Thargoid Encounter
  30. Will founders have to buy it again?
  31. [Spanish] ARMADA Corp te necesita! Responderás al llamado?
  32. How important is this game for mass vr uptake?
  33. PS4 Beta?
  34. Sony's Robigo
  35. This forum is very, very quiet.
  36. PS4 release and the Kickstarter backers
  37. Custom keybindings?
  38. Just saying hello and thank you Frontier
  39. TPF needs you.
  40. Ahoy there.
  41. I wonder if Elite on PS4 might take advantage of the Second Screen feature...
  42. Number of Players
  43. "Career" paths in ED:H
  44. PS4 Hype!
  45. Custom Logos
  46. Speculation about release date
  47. Elite Dangerous PS4 Feature Requests and PS4 FAQ
  48. Ahoy there PS4 Pirates, give me your PSN IDs? ;)
  49. Guide to Story/Lore?
  50. Play your way - any interesting ways you are playing on PS4?
  51. Conflicting CMDR names?
  52. NASA press conference
  53. When will we see PS4 gameplay?
  54. HCS voice packs
  55. PSVR sales closing in on 1 million units in 6 months (E:D PSVR?)
  56. Transfer Saves Game Across Console Platforms
  57. For those that are stuck with PSN names.
  58. PS4 playthrough confirmed for PAX
  59. Dedicated Discord Server?
  60. PS4 Speculation - Starting System?
  61. PS4 - DualShock 4 Control Scheme
  62. ED PS4: Looking for Friends
  63. PAX Livestream was it running on Standard PS4 or PS4 Pro
  64. PS4 camera tracking
  65. Community für deutschsprachige Spieler steht bereit. [D, A, CH]
  66. Is it out for ps4 already??
  67. Here is some PS4 footage . Looking good!
  68. Elite Dangerous Video Creator's
  69. PS4 Regions, Language and Localization question/request
  70. DEVS if you see this please add a HUD change colour option if you can
  71. Elite Dangerous Inspired Art Thread : Share Yours Guys
  72. Are you ready for ED on the PlayStation?
  73. The Potted Playstation Guide
  74. Undiscovered Country
  75. Discussing the future of space travel and Elite’s long-awaited PlayStation debut with David Braben
  76. Youtubers
  77. Will there be private servers or private groups on ps4?
  78. A Plea to Sony Sideys: Help With CG Early!!!
  79. When you see a new PS4 article with Interview with Sandro Sammarco......
  80. PS4 Voice Control
  81. Fuel Scoops.
  82. Fire Groups.
  83. Any U.S. Elite Discord?
  84. Port Or Exclusive?
  85. "Wanted" Status.
  86. Q2 Release for E3?
  87. Commanders I really need your help Soon!!!
  88. Vita remote play
  89. Multiple accounts on console = multiple CMDRs?
  90. Psych eval/Launch Date
  91. PS4 Region Locks And Servers
  92. plea to Veteran Commanders
  93. It's a shame me and many ps4 players won't be able to join in with the formidine rift mystery...
  94. Inhabited Space.
  95. Question about NPCs and Combat
  96. Q: PS4 distribution & gifting?
  97. Single Player on Playstation4
  98. PS4 Techy bits
  99. So when are we going to actually get any news regarding PS4 release?
  100. Passing The Time
  101. PS4 to get physical disk release
  102. Bad news incoming? PS4 release date pushed back?
  103. Elite Dangerous 2.3 Manual - I didn't think they did these anymore.
  104. Deal to upgrade from PS4 to PS4Pro in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  105. What will be your Space Jams
  106. Outpost Landing Pads.
  107. PS 4 Still on for Q 2 release
  108. How many PS4 users are likely to play Elite:Dangerous?
  109. One-time gamesave copy PC to PS4?
  110. The Art of the Grief: A Primer on Open Play Expectations
  111. PS4 Founding Fathers Private Group
  112. Unlock More Thargoid Content before PS4
  113. Elite Dangerous, FDev and the PS4 - Serious question. :)
  114. Rep increase to elite dangerous Facebook page
  115. Satellites.
  116. Game Preview / Closed Beta
  117. Where is the Ps4 release? :(
  118. Get ready, Retail version?
  119. What are you plans when the game releases?
  120. Elite Dangerous Legendary Edition is in some places
  121. ED-PSVR As DLC / Separate Game?
  122. launch trailer, but no launch
  123. SERIOUS FDEV Question
  124. Hotas Thrustmaster - worth it?
  125. Practice While You Wait
  126. Are You Going to Keep Your Ships?
  127. For Sale; Possibly
  128. Dreadnought
  129. PS4 Powerplay
  130. Keyboards [and other UI's}]
  131. Favourite ED Movie / music video?
  132. This is intresting. PS4 Launch Date
  133. So PS4 CMDR's....Physical or Digital?
  134. Greetings CMDRS
  135. Interesting David Braben interview on PS Blog
  136. Thank You Frontier
  137. FAQ Page Doesn't Explain the Difference between Normal and Deluxe Editions
  138. first complaint to David Braben from most pilots after day one :p
  139. it's on the ps store to pre order just need to know one thing.
  140. Which Start Point Are You Going to Choose?
  141. To FD. Advice on setting up Frontier account for PS4 launch?
  142. DualShock Controller
  143. So the Legendary version comes with 1,000 Frontier Points, what does that buy us?
  144. Frame Rate Tip
  145. PSVR [Tinfoil Hats required]
  146. Greenhorn CMDR Ship Builds
  147. I play every other version of ED. Why not PS4 too.
  148. Remote Play Controls?
  149. HOTAS is cool, however, if you prefer a game pad, this might interest you.
  150. ElitePS4: A Community-Oriented Discord Server
  151. Sol permit
  152. Just leaving this here!
  153. Linking ps4 elite account to pc elite account
  154. INARA.
  155. Naming things
  156. ANZ CMDRs PS4
  157. PS4 E.D. trailer
  158. PSN+ account vs off line
  159. Elite Dangerous is not in ps store for preorder in Norway
  160. Dear FDev, please allow 100% trophies in solo mode (and no CQC trophies)
  161. Legendary Disk Delivery Date
  162. Will the PS4 version be up to date with PC?
  163. digital ps4 pre order
  164. PS4/PS4 Pro info?
  165. SALT
  166. I'm predicting this first...
  167. Got my T.Flight Hotas 4 and BT keyboard.....
  168. PS4 Exploration Event
  169. Season Ending Soon: PS4 Owners getting the short end of the stick?
  170. HDR on ps4?
  171. Looking for a buddy
  172. Recording Videos on PS4
  173. The tech behind Elite Dangerous’s PS4 debut - Red Bull article
  174. Elite Dangerous: The Legendary Edition - PlayStation 4 on Amazon
  175. PS4 de-bug/free roam camera?
  176. Sub-Forums for PS4?
  177. Elite Dangerous PS4 Theme
  178. PSVR Support at launch?
  179. Naming your commander
  180. Planetary Landings- are they worth it?
  181. Max jump range?
  182. First things first
  183. Deep Recon X Presents "A GRAND DAY OUT", the very first player-organised event on PS4!
  184. WOW dev confirmed current play rate 10 years for 1% of the total systems
  185. A disturbance in the force, ..Something I haven't felt since....
  186. Potential Key Maps/Controller Layout
  187. ED PS4 Hijack?
  188. PS4 Fresh Galaxy/Unexplored?
  189. The Gold Sidewinder
  190. PS4 Social groups
  191. Happy Pre-Order Day for our Friends in the USA
  192. Reddit forum
  193. Happy Pre-Order Day Canada
  194. Up To 99 Network Players!
  195. Server downtime - June 27th launch day!
  196. Shut Up & Take My Money
  197. The Real Goldwinder
  198. Elite Dangerous 2.2 Ship Scale Video
  199. Do both preorder versions on psn include the Horizions content?
  200. Posted this a while ago on suggestions. Thoughts ([Suggestion] Add Left and Right Trigger (LT/RT) to the context UI menu)
  201. Planetary Textures and the PS4?
  202. Clan/Playergroup Tags
  203. For FDEV - Frontier account question
  204. Your first flight in the Sidewinder? What to expect?
  205. Naming of a ship
  206. HUD UI Color Change!!!
  207. Elite Dangerous Legendary. £31.99 at Grainger Games in UK
  208. Second alien encounter, they're back
  209. Posting Elite screen captures from PS4
  210. PSVR - Please FRONTIER! Take my money!!!
  211. North America Alliance
  212. DS4 Keybindings
  213. PS4 Pre Buy, which version?
  214. I've been thinking...
  215. Lore Primer for PS4 Players
  216. Star Gazers
  217. New PS4 users - getting new Commangers up to speed with what has gone before.
  218. Elite Dangerous Lore, everything PS4 players need to know (Lore Primer)
  219. PS4 and Voice commands
  220. ED app for tablets
  221. Elite Dangerous - PS4 Social groups
  222. Question for FDEv - Pre-order availability on Playstation Store Asia
  223. The wait is killing me for my ps4 ed
  224. PS4 HOTAS Compatibility Index
  225. What You Need To Know About Elite: Dangerous Before You Buy It On PS4.
  226. Your Name Here
  227. Commander Deluxe Edition Vs Legendary Edition
  228. Hardware Subsection
  229. Fair trade - Now you guys are getting Elite...
  230. Empire, Federation or Alliance
  231. Call me crazy, but I bought a PS 4 Pro just for Elite Dangerous
  232. Useful tips for new players
  233. Come to Utopia
  234. Average Bandwidth Required - one for Billl
  235. Scale of the Galaxy
  236. Will PS4 have it's own unique universe?
  237. Mods for ps4
  238. Welcome to Axios Prime
  239. Ps4 store purchases - frontier points?
  240. Ps4 Elite controls.
  241. ps4 starting point
  242. What'll be your commander name?
  243. ED with Shareplay?
  244. CH Throttle Pro and Thrustmaster 16000m Joystick - ps4?
  245. Elite Dangerous: Lifetime Pass - Free on PS4?
  246. So what does 1000 Frontier points get me?
  247. Cheap Pimped-Out Ride or Expensive Plain Vanilla Ride
  248. Live stream now live
  249. Crossbone Vanguard Clan
  250. Exploration cross-platform
  251. I took the plunge...
  252. Want to buy, have questions
  253. Comms
  254. PS4 query, fao Frontier
  255. So now its been announced and confirmed by Ed that Xbox One X is getting 4k on launch.