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  1. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 for the Apple iPad and iPhone
  2. Does this include Soaked and Wild or is this just the original game?
  3. Great RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 app but some (bug) fixes needed
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  5. Multiple user profiles?
  6. Synced game saves between devices?
  7. There are plans to bring it to Android Devices ?
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  9. Compatibility
  10. Have option to choose language in the app
  11. Unsupported Language Fix - Update in Review
  12. No water on iPhone 5S
  13. Atari?
  14. Music Playback in the Background
  15. after language fix update no dutch language anymore
  16. Sandbox without unlimited money
  17. Unable to save.
  18. Sandbox Mode for LIMITED FUNDS or LOANS
  19. Black Scrolling Ride Signs Broken - They Stop Scrolling
  20. Park expansion
  21. What to do now?
  22. Is there any chance this also comes to Android?
  23. How do I get water rides? I have increased the research but still have none.
  24. Queues with elevation change
  25. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Bloom Lake Tycoon Achievement
  26. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 on iPhone 5c ?
  27. Will the game work on the new IPhone 6s and plus?
  28. Suggestions/Bugs and a Question
  29. Terrain Problems
  30. Can't finish LIM Roller Coaster
  31. How to rotate in Isometric View
  32. Can you move anything in this game?
  33. Help? Sandbox Question
  35. Expansions
  36. "Park full"
  37. Hohe so do i make Special Tracks like roofed Chart Tracks?
  38. How to turn off Paint
  39. Crash at launch- iOS 9.3
  40. The Expansion packs?
  41. Still Crashing!
  42. Features available?
  43. Go-Karts have an extreme excitement level.
  44. Is it possible to simulate in any programme of own virtual roller coaster Park?
  45. I wanted to buy this
  46. iOS 10 touch problem.
  47. Using iPhone features (Gyro, Taptic, 3D Touch etc)
  48. RCT 3 User Manual - is there a free source?
  49. Iphone 5
  50. Checkered Flag - River Rapids BUG
  51. Scenario Editor / Sandbox without unlimited money
  52. Firework Editor
  53. Entrance Park - change price/fee
  54. Entrance Queue Issue
  55. GameCenter Button
  56. Help. I can't seem to save rides
  57. Please update
  58. Box office park full
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