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  1. Nova Fleet: Sign up with your GT Here
  2. [INDEPENDENT] Apollo Flight - Casual gamer group
  3. [LFG] Trying to find an Xbone group is hard
  4. [LFG] Looking for wingman to trail the galaxy with.
  5. [PRIVATE] Fledgling Explorers
  6. [LFG] looking for group for combat
  7. Notice: Rules of the Dangerous Groups for Xbox One Forum
  8. [FEDERATION] Nero inc
  9. [INDEPENDENT] ONE: We Are Recruiting!
  10. [INDEPENDENT] Improvement Ideas
  12. [INDEPENDENT] Crimson State Group...Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Terrorists...
  13. [PRIVATE] =VX9= Gaming Community is recruiting Elite Dangerous players for Xbox One!
  14. apply if interested :)
  15. [INDEPENDENT] Pilot's Alliance against Purposeless Violence (ATTN Traders/Bounty Hunters)
  16. [INDEPENDENT] Fuel Rat recruitment for XB1
  17. [FEDERATION] Federal Black Ops
  18. [INDEPENDENT] Job openings for Traxus Industries!
  19. [FEDERATION] Shattered Star Spec OPS Open Recruitment
  20. [ALLIANCE] Alliance Pilots
  21. [INDEPENDENT] Harma pilots organizational group
  22. [INDEPENDENT] Pixel Bandits Security Force
  23. [LFG] Noob Looking for Independent Group
  24. [FEDERATION] Federation Defence Force (Now Hiring)
  25. Hudson Powerplay Announcement.
  26. Arissa Lavigny Duval Praetorian Guard Recruitment
  27. Hello Everyone! I would like to know if there are people interested in joining our Combat wing?
  28. [FEDERATION] Taco Corp
  29. [INDEPENDENT] Guardians of Harmony (Prenav Antal)
  30. [LFG] LFG 10-15 members minimum please
  31. [FEDERATION] Hudson wing
  32. [PRIVATE] Anyone out there?
  33. [INDEPENDENT] Python Owners Group
  34. [LFG] Just looking for some people to fly / do missions with
  35. [PRIVATE] The Horde is looking for members
  36. [PRIVATE] New guy looking for comrads
  37. [EMPIRE] Join the Shajn Security Flotilla (SSF) today! Long may Arissa Lavigny-Duval guide us!
  39. [FEDERATION] Keeping Winter Frosty, Winter's SubReddit
  40. [INDEPENDENT] Xbox Pilots Association (inara.cz)
  41. [LFG] aussie ed commanders wanted xbox
  42. Start a Movement
  43. [EMPIRE] Need some one who raise aisling duval to the top
  44. [LFG] [LFG] Looking for group
  45. [LFG] casual player from the great Scandinavia lfg to have fun with
  46. [LFG] Calling all bounty hunters and mercenary
  47. [INDEPENDENT] New Member seeking [ INDEPENDENT ] group
  48. [ALLIANCE] looking for group or community
  49. [PRIVATE] Swords of Achilles
  50. any fellow bounty hunters in empire space?
  51. [LFG] Bounty Hunting and Security Service
  53. [EMPIRE] Galactic Empirical Republic
  54. [LFG] nope looking for group to fly with
  55. [INDEPENDENT] Looking for a dedicated Pirate to adventure together in populated systems
  56. [LFG] im new and looking for a group
  57. [PRIVATE] Looking for a good group
  58. [LFG] looking for a group!
  59. [LFG] THE EDC
  60. [PRIVATE] Is there anyone out there who wants to be my friend?
  62. Corvos hunting pack
  63. [LFG] AUSTRALIAN / NZ Players
  64. [EMPIRE] Imperial Inquisition
  65. [PRIVATE] nobody i know plays. I live at g 122-60
  66. [ALLIANCE] Sap Core Legion
  67. [INDEPENDENT] Military/Prior Service Only Group
  68. [PRIVATE] Ashling Duval Players required.
  69. [LFG] just looking for a few people to play with
  70. [INDEPENDENT] Covenant of Helios Recruitment
  71. [LFG] ***** I am looking for a group under Felicia Winters ***********
  72. [INDEPENDENT] Old army of Cadia
  73. [FEDERATION] Looking for some wing mates
  74. [PRIVATE] Going from 440.000cr to almost nothing in 10Min ... :(
  75. [LFG] looking for players/group...
  76. [ALLIANCE] Looking for a wing or a role playing group
  77. [LFG] New pilot looking for a group.
  78. [EVENT] looking for ppl to wing for the community goal
  79. [INDEPENDENT] quebec clan qc fr
  80. [LFG] Looking for wing for bounty hunting on Kaushpoos.
  81. [LFG] do you want to join a community group
  82. Are you looking for a Elite Dangerous Group to join?
  83. [LFG] are you looking for a friendly group
  84. [EMPIRE] Prometheus Corporation
  85. [INDEPENDENT] Criminal Group
  86. [LFG] LFG
  87. [LFG] Archon Delaine
  88. [EMPIRE] [PT-BR] Grupo focado em Power Play - Aisling Duval
  89. [LFG] The Kumite Cartel (PvP/Smuggling)
  90. [LFG] New Xbox One E:D player looking for a large group oof active players
  91. [INDEPENDENT] The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse [FHA]
  92. [LFG] Veteran player looking for a group
  93. [INDEPENDENT] Dark Syndicate ~ Flying Under the Vail
  94. [INDEPENDENT] Guardians of Harmony - All welcome - Take a look it's rather cool. Active recruitment.
  95. [EMPIRE] Imperial Vanguard
  96. [INDEPENDENT] Free Trade Alliance (F.T.A)
  97. [INDEPENDENT] Free trade alliance lunch
  98. [INDEPENDENT] will horizon be on xbox one?
  99. [LFG] Freelancer looking to be recruited!
  100. [LFG] new player looking for group
  101. [LFG] Bounty hunting grind (Kunti System)
  102. [LFG] ALD Merit grind
  103. [EMPIRE] Lavigny's Legion welcomes you!
  104. Military Militia Wants YOU!!
  105. [INDEPENDENT] Slator Industries needs you!
  106. [LFG] Frigaha (And Surrounding Systems) New Player Group!
  107. [LFG] Looking for a group to bounty farm.
  108. [FEDERATION] Looking for people to explore and get rich in space with.
  109. [LFG] I am looking to play with pirates.... US EST TZ
  110. Hagglebeards Heroes Recruiting..
  111. [INDEPENDENT] Atlas Industries
  112. [FEDERATION] Zachary Hudson Federation Rep Group - NEW PLAYERS WELCOME!
  113. [INDEPENDENT] Calling All Explorers!
  114. [FEDERATION] Looking for Friends
  115. [LFG] Edmund Mahon: Trader Wing
  116. [INDEPENDENT] Swords of Achilles
  117. [LFG] Looking for an Independent pledged clan of mercenaries/bounty hunters to join
  118. [FEDERATION] Starship Enterprises
  119. [FEDERATION] [Felicia Winters] Looking for group.
  120. [LFG] New pilot looking for some wings
  121. [EMPIRE] LFG or Wingmen
  122. [EMPIRE] Aisling Duval : New Player looking for Group
  123. [EMPIRE] Aisling Duval : New Player looking for Group
  124. [FEDERATION] Crimson Guard
  125. The SSP - Starter Systems Patrol
  126. [LFG] Any Groups recruiting? Pref Empire Space
  127. Corvette Armada
  128. [INDEPENDENT] Forming a Player Assassination Group
  129. Corvos New Leadership & Restrcture
  130. Ravens of Fusang: Elite For Xbox One
  131. [INDEPENDENT] Pixel Bandits Security Force
  132. [FEDERATION] Hudson Aligned - Player Looking For Wingmates
  133. [LFG] /r/EliteOne would like to advertise your player faction!
  134. [INDEPENDENT] New Explorer looking for a group to explore with.
  135. [EMPIRE] East India Company XBOX One Division
  136. [FEDERATION] [EDMUND MAHON] New Trader in ED looking for groups to join up on
  137. [LFG] Looking for group/clan/whatever it would be in this game
  138. [LFG] New Player Looking for other to Fly and Learn with!
  139. [LFG] Looking for a group
  140. [FEDERATION] looking for people/group/crew to play with
  141. [LFG] U.S.A players post gt and location and add
  142. Attention All Xbox One Commanders
  143. [INDEPENDENT] Newcomer Homeport
  145. [LFG] CQC Championship, looking for a squad
  146. [EMPIRE] Imperial Discord Server community (Attn: All players, even those in other groups)
  147. [EMPIRE] Fight against piracy
  148. [EVENT] CQC anyone
  149. [FEDERATION] LFG to Bounty/Rank up/Farm Merits
  150. [INDEPENDENT] Kremainnian Sector Independants
  151. [FEDERATION] Felicia Winters Xboxers
  152. [LFG] Need help
  153. [EMPIRE] For those with AIsling Duval, Prismatic Imperium is now recruiting on xbox
  155. [INDEPENDENT] "Spectre Squadron" Wants you!
  156. [INDEPENDENT] "Spectre Squadron" Wants you!
  157. [INDEPENDENT] Corvos (Original Pirate/Griefer Group, PvP Anyone?)
  158. Starship Enterprises Active Ventures sheet.
  159. [LFG] (Non-Federation) New, Loyal, and Daily Active Player
  161. [FEDERATION] Merit farmers...
  162. [EVENT] liberation of WIRNAKO (xbox ALD)
  163. [ALLIANCE] Old Guy Gaming
  164. [LFG] CQC League Group
  165. [INDEPENDENT] New Diplomacy Group Open for Xbox One
  166. [LFG] Looking for a group to hang with
  167. [FEDERATION] Looking for mexican or spain or somebody speak spanish
  168. [FEDERATION] C&S mining corp
  169. [PRIVATE] Nemesis Corps Recruitment Thread - Galaxy Griever Security
  170. [LFG] casual gamer looking for players to hang with
  171. [EMPIRE] Looking for Group - Kamedhenu System (Couper Hub)
  172. [LFG] [Independent] Looking to found a new group (Rogue Squadron)
  173. [EMPIRE] Ghosts Of Pachita
  174. Looking for Fleet Members in Elite Dangerous for XBOX One
  175. [LFG] LFG just for some fun.
  176. [INDEPENDENT] Eclipse Industries; Positions available
  177. [LFG] Looking for Clan/Guild/Company
  178. [FEDERATION] New Player
  180. [INDEPENDENT] Explorer
  181. [FEDERATION] Why cant we be friends!!!!
  182. [FEDERATION] The new update for XBOX ONE
  183. [PRIVATE] Mobius X Dedicated Player vs Environment Groups on the Xbox
  184. [EVENT] Cannot physically see wing member please help!
  185. CZECH Elite Xbox one community on Facebook !!!
  186. [LFG] Lfg to help me relearn combat
  187. Corvos in Sothis
  188. [PRIVATE] [GAMING COMMUNITY] Eternal Gaming Force
  189. [LFG] Looking for friends to play with
  190. [EMPIRE] Looking for friends to play with
  191. [FEDERATION] experienced player looking for folks to wing up with
  192. [EMPIRE] Wing up?
  193. [FEDERATION] wing up
  194. [INDEPENDENT] Looking for Founding Members
  195. [INDEPENDENT] For Vectron!
  196. [INDEPENDENT] Group forming: Onyx Pride
  197. [FEDERATION] Down Under Squadron
  198. [INDEPENDENT] The Browncoats need you!! (Recruiting)
  199. [FEDERATION] Looking for people to play with
  200. [FEDERATION] Looking for people to wing with
  201. [INDEPENDENT] Routing doesn't work
  202. [LFG] Let's wing up
  203. [INDEPENDENT] Far Bound Enterprises - "See you in the Fringe!"
  204. [EMPIRE] [ROGUES] Can't Be Arsenic'd
  206. [EMPIRE] Undermining Wingmen, Merit Farming
  207. Imperial Combat Pilots Wanted
  208. [LFG] <<<
  210. [INDEPENDENT] The Lords of Hel - New wing, now recruiting.
  211. [LFG] Knights of Karma are looking for more xbox players
  212. [EVENT] Looking to organize PvP event. Need participants and people to help organize!!
  213. [INDEPENDENT] Nova Elite wants you
  214. [FEDERATION] Looking to wing up.
  215. [PRIVATE] Help with wings on Xbox one
  216. [INDEPENDENT] Silver Hawks want u to help defend the Galaxy
  217. [LFG] Looking for Imperial player group.
  218. [INDEPENDENT] Atlas Corporation - We have a PvE Only Private Group
  219. [LFG] Starting a racing group for xbox!
  220. [INDEPENDENT] Elite X-1 Racing!
  221. [INDEPENDENT] Looking to join an ACTIVE player group
  222. [FEDERATION] Looking for adult cmdrs to fly in wing
  223. Intersys is Recruiting!
  224. [FEDERATION] looking for active wing members or group.
  225. Last Resort Defence Team
  226. [PRIVATE] No results when searching for groups in Xbox one version
  227. [EVENT] Unknown Probe Breakthrough
  228. [INDEPENDENT] VarietyGamersUK Armada
  229. [PRIVATE] United Legions group is now open.
  230. [INDEPENDENT] Requesting Photos
  231. [FEDERATION] Greetings From Ambassador Aedaho!
  232. [FEDERATION] Aedaho's Aegis wing - Now Recruiting!
  233. [INDEPENDENT] dark marauders
  234. [LFG] CQC Group search no more
  235. [FEDERATION] LFG to Wing up!
  236. [EMPIRE] Lorcan Syndicate
  237. [INDEPENDENT] The Explorer's Consortium
  238. "Guys With Ships"
  239. [INDEPENDENT] Last Resort Defence Force
  240. [FEDERATION] Fox Council: New group looing for Commanders
  241. [INDEPENDENT] Meta alloys farm.
  242. [LFG] mature player looking for group with collective goals and active members
  243. [FEDERATION] American Players?
  244. [INDEPENDENT] Galactic Bounty Hunters Calling All Players
  245. Looking for a fun, mature group, preferrably for Rping.
  246. [ALLIANCE] New player
  247. [FEDERATION] The 301st Armada " The Churchill's' "
  248. Knights of Karma looking for Xbox cmdrs
  249. [FEDERATION] Epsilon Eridani Fleet: 743rd Task Force
  250. [EMPIRE] Solo vet pilot allegiance to Aisling looking for small wing.
  251. calling the pirates of elite
  252. [FEDERATION] Looking for trade focused group
  253. Hello Commanders, I welocme you to the Fireflies !!
  254. The Colonia Citizens Network
  255. [FEDERATION] The Aegis Wing - Recruiting