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  1. Known Issues for PC & Mac CQC Stress Test 4 (UPDATED 01/10/15)
  2. Prospector Limpets
  3. CQC BETA Bug Reporting User Guide
  4. [PC] Controller Settings are empty
  5. [PC] How to install the beta?
  6. [PC] Wrong model for the Imperial Eagle shipyard
  7. [PC] Fer-de-Lance paintjob looks damaged even when 100% repaired
  8. [PC] CQC After respawn camera won't go back inside the ship
  9. [PC] Crash at end of match
  10. [PC] Select next ship/hostile not working
  11. [PC] Medium hardpoint view inverted in outfitting screen for the Federal Assaul Ship
  12. [PC] Not respawning at all after death in Team match
  13. [PC] Thrustmaster throttle acting differently
  14. [PC] cannot mute players while in cqc match
  15. [PC] Federal Assault Ship, Outfitting, HP Camera View
  16. [PC] Two things noticed in the station repair
  17. [PC] Unable to log in, exits beta.
  18. [PC] loss of engine sound after crash in tunnel
  19. [PC] Hardware Cursor Off causes double cursor.
  20. [PC] CQC - Match starts without opponents
  21. [PC] Powerplay NPC interdicts someone not doing PP
  22. [PC] Federal GunShip, Outfitting, HP Camera View
  23. [PC] SCANNED INSIDE STATION - MAJOR change failure
  25. [PC] STUTTERS in SUPERCRUISE - Planet/Station approch
  26. [PC] Federal Gunship, HUD, Gunsights for Beam-Turrets are off.
  27. [PC] GUNSHIP - Chair not centered in COCKPIT !
  28. [PC] CQC - Microphone auto-activated. Cant mute self.
  29. [PC] CQC - Lobby with 8 players, game does not start
  30. [PC] CQC - Wing persists even after leaving a game to main menu
  31. [PC] Rogue comms pane
  32. [PC] GUNSHIP Landing gear MISSING compared to ASSAULT version
  33. [PC] Drop from open due to CQC invite
  34. [PC] CQC - Searching game for ever, not finding any
  35. [PC] Cancel or confirm cancel?
  36. [PC] next star in route not selected in HUD
  37. [PC] Typo in Signal Source Name: Salvagable Wreakage
  38. [PC] Outfitting problems on the Federal Assault Ship
  39. [PC] Linear and/or bad deploy animations on Federal Assault Ship, Federal Gunship and Imperial Eagle medium hardpoint
  40. [PC] System Map - wrong system
  41. [PC] Outrageous repair fee
  42. [PC] Imperial Eagle seems to get too hot
  43. [PC] SMAA Antialiasing not working
  44. [PC] Flight Assist (and maybe other Hold-mode buttons) reset
  45. [PC] High Intensity Resource Extraction Site - Not very high or intense
  46. [PC] Antialiasing activted but apprently not working
  47. [PC] Ship reference numbers on the side of the Federal Assault Ship
  48. [PC] HUD display not showing target, orbit liens and the like
  49. [PC] Anaconda hud scanner hologram vertical offset
  50. [PC] Squad Game Mismatch
  51. [PC] No red/green docking lights on LOW graphics setting
  52. [PC] Antialiasing not working
  53. [PC] Ended up in a single player Deathmatch
  54. [PC] Cannot activate Silent Running
  55. [PC] thottle to zero when entering SC or exiting Hyperspace (in 1.3 this was set to current speed entering SC or Hyperspace)
  56. [PC] Packhound missiles not expiring and causing crashes
  57. Custom joystick bindings not mapping
  58. [PC] Imperial Hammer Sound fx
  59. [PC] Crash on every launch
  60. [PC] Frequent short freezes in planetary rings
  61. [PC] Galaxy Map fails to open from Transactions pane
  62. [PC] Galaxy map ambient soundscape now counted as 'music'
  63. [PC] Can't connect to edServer: unknown error
  64. [PC] Unable to access Prismatic shields in outfitting in Beta CQC
  65. [PC] Login Lost on Launch
  66. [PC] Cannot retrieve one of my ships
  67. [PC] Unable to target a commander
  68. [PC] Throttling to zero after jump to SC or hyperjump
  69. [PC] Asteroid shadows are badly messed up (ULTRA)
  70. [PC] NPC Anaconda hull graphics missing/glitching
  71. Outfitting camera shows wrong placement
  72. [PC] One asteroid sometime invisible at close range in CQC
  73. [PC] Unable do see undermining and fortification numbers for turmoil systems
  74. [PC] Landing gear deploying/retracting stops thruster/ship movement
  75. [PC] CQC Deathmatch Score stopped going up after 1 min and when game timer hit 0 - match kept going
  76. [PC] Menu interface selection glitches
  77. [PC] Searching for match
  78. [PC] Super Sampling is broken.
  79. [PC] Vulture texture clipping in 5760X1080
  80. [PC] Combat profit from assasinations
  81. [PC] Typos/Inconsistencies in several Audio option descriptions
  82. [PC] Typo/Inconsistency in CQC: Deatchmatch description
  83. [PC] Typo/Inconsistency in CQC: Outfitting Super Boost Diverter
  84. [PC] Selecting targets in CQC
  85. [PC] Typos/Inconsistencies in Federal Gunship description
  86. [PC] Repair damage in station. Screen not updating.
  87. [PC] REPAIR ALL is always active, even if there's NO need
  88. [PC] Murder Bounty using Turrets
  89. [PC] Mouse control issues (Type 9)
  90. [PC] Text comms not working (local only?)
  91. [PC] No contacts in range when contacts are in range
  92. [PC] Federal Assault Ship : Multi cannons failing
  93. [PC] Dropship variants contacts icon
  94. [PC] Interdicted while interdicting
  95. [PC] No target reticle on HUD
  96. [PC] Galaxy map route plotting is massively slower than in 1.3
  97. [PC] Framerate issues when supercruising near non-atmospheric planets
  98. [PC] Gunship armour options
  99. Orbit lines and other hud info missing
  100. [PC] Repair option does not disable
  101. [PC] Entering the menus zeroes the throttle
  102. [PC] CGC Other players invisible
  103. [PC] CQC "Squad Invite" Menu - Jitter
  104. [PC] Various Bugs noticed in 1.4 Beta (1st Sept)
  105. [PC] Planets texture "jumping" near day/night separation
  106. [PC] De Bug Camera issue for Federal Assault Ship
  107. [PC] CQC Deathmatch - Pip's Reset on Respawn
  108. [PC] Typo/Inconsistency in the Traffic Report
  109. [PC] CQC can't respawn
  110. [PC] Windows 10 - Exit the game always shows crash report
  111. [PC] Empty Map
  112. [PC] Wrong/incorrect line-/word-break in ENTREPRENEUR in Outfitting/Decals
  113. [PC] Gimballed medium weapons on Assault ship stop firing
  114. [PC] X52 Control Deadzones wont stabalise on pitch and yaw in 1.4 Beta
  115. [PC] Federal Assault ship - minor graphical bug [ utility mount ]
  116. [MAC] No stations traffic lights at entrance (slot)
  117. [PC] beta upgrade 90% crash
  118. [PC] Sidewinder engine sounds turning off
  119. [PC] CQC Rank Lost
  120. [PC] Listed speeds in shipyard are wrong for all ships
  121. [PC] Astroid ring lod issue still present
  122. [PC] Decals 1.4 Beta
  123. [BETA 1] [PC] No loading sound with railguns in federal assault ship.
  124. [BETA 2] Imperial eagle scooping heat problems
  125. [BETA 2] Bottom text while loading suggests to use [not bound] for functions
  126. [BETA 2] Outfitting list order for Module Type is same as Class Type - not by Module Type
  127. CTD in squad death matches every time
  128. [BETA 2] Interdiction difficulty increased by 400%?
  129. [BETA 2] Cancel Matchmaking popup, bad UX
  130. [BETA 2] [PC] Map search function regarding systems ending with "-0"
  131. [BETA 2] GUI colours are locked and cannot be changed
  132. [BETA 2] Anaconda scanner
  133. [BETA 2] Options screen COMMS panel - Is it meant to be there?
  134. [BETA 2] Wingmate not visible in HUD
  135. [BETA 2] No Speed Control After Dropping Out of Hyper-Drive into Super-Cruise
  136. [BETA 2] "UI BACK" binding no longer works for Target, comms, sensor and system panels
  137. [BETA 2] No marker for RES site in normal space or supercruise.
  138. [BETA 2] Throttle always set to zero when exiting hyperspace
  139. [BETA 2] [PC] Framerate in SC drops continuously
  140. [BETA 2] CQC powerup - hitting edge of ring yet still awarded
  141. [BETA 2] Next target/hostile key bindings don't work in CQC
  142. [BETA 2] spellings error in controls options screen
  143. [BETA 2] Unable to change Xbox controls
  144. [BETA 2] Graphical Glitch with Federal Gunship
  145. [BETA 2] Collector limpets are not transferring ore to cargo scoop.
  146. [BETA 2] CQC Progress percentage differs between main game and CQC stats.
  147. [BETA 2] Plasma Repeater SOUND stuck on repeat after a round with it. Only exit from the game helped
  148. [BETA 2] Several wrong system descriptions in Galaxy Map
  149. [BETA 2] Targets not visible in HUD
  150. [BETA 2] Can't get a match?
  151. [BETA 2] CQC TrackIR 5 not recognized
  152. [BETA 2] [Federal Dropship] Debug camera when docked starts below the floor
  153. [BETA 2] 2nd Monitor goes black.
  154. [BETA 2] [PC] WAT YU system's stations have no inventory in outfitting
  155. [BETA 2] Orca - No target around objects
  156. [BETA 2] [PC] Timout in a Deathmatch but Game does not quit
  157. [BETA 2] CQC Voice comms won't close
  158. [BETA 2] Collector Limpet Drones Bugged
  159. [BETA 2] Legal salvage shows as stolen cargo
  160. [BETA 2] Repair which can't be fixed
  161. [BETA 2] CQC multiple bug
  162. [BETA 2] Background Sim 5 factions pending civil war, same system.
  163. [BETA 2] Interdiction Submission = Evaded
  164. [BETA 2] CQC on PC, got points for game despite game not starting
  165. [BETA 2] Beta will not launch
  166. [BETA 2] Sound and framerate glitch when cycling landing gear in stations.
  167. [BETA 2] CQC Respawn menu keeping on screen
  168. [BETA 2] Bug in CQC countdown timer
  169. [BETA 2] Audio Stuttering
  170. [BETA 2] No live countdown on PowerPlay allotments whilst the clock is alive this should be too.
  171. [BETA 2] Sun visible through gas giant/s
  172. [BETA 2] Turret Beams with "Target Only" in menu panel needed fire button continuosly pressed.
  173. [BETA 2] Mission Targets Not Showing as Mission Targets on HUD
  174. [BETA 2] Federal Assault Ship - Large gimballed hardpoints fire through cockpit
  175. [BETA 2] Landing pads not aligned. Ships unable to dock.
  176. [BETA 2] Federal Assault Ship - Utility mount number 3 and 4 inverted
  177. [BETA 2] Target icon left of the compass still shows the station after using Docking Computer.
  178. [BETA 2] Imperial Eagle Displays As Normal Eagle In Menus
  179. [BETA 2] [PC] CQC can't close information panel in lobby with HOTAS
  180. [BETA 2] [PC] CQC Selscted Team Deadmatch but next window sends me to Capture the Flag
  181. [BETA 2] Going to menu resets throttle to 0
  182. [BETA 2] Prospector drone replacement order gets stuck
  183. [BETA 2] Input lost when transitioning
  184. [BETA 2] Landing Gear toggle interrupts key/button input
  185. [BETA 2] CQC validation fail
  186. [BETA 2] [AUDIO] Crackle in audio when boosting in Diamondback Scout
  187. [BETA 2] Unable to join CQC match for ~2 days
  188. [BETA 2] Background Star Sky Box Glitches
  189. [BETA 2] Blue loading circle on mouse cursor
  190. [BETA 2] Squad invite page UI bugged
  191. [BETA 2] [UI] Edit loadout - modules text cut off
  192. [BETA 2] When only player in Deathmatch, game does not end.
  193. [BETA 2] Phiince system still wrong
  194. [BETA 2] "Self destruction" audio playing when entering or leaving SC / HJ
  195. [BETA 2] Mining: transaction server crash when >1 hopper is unallocated
  196. [BETA 2] HUD not showing in center of cockpit in CQC
  197. [BETA 2] Graphic LOD bug on planet textures
  198. [BETA 2] Control Pad profiles cannot be modified. No Landing Overrides?
  199. [BETA 2] My God! It's devoid of stars!!!
  200. [BETA 2] Imposition of icons to the ranks of commander name
  201. [BETA 2] CQC Death-Respawn Camera
  202. [BETA 2] Inconsistent throttle coming out of SuperCruise
  203. [BETA 2] Training Cobra Face Off - Rail Gun Not working
  204. [BETA 2] Advice for enabling Netlogs is wrong for Mac
  205. [BETA 2] Inconsistent mode names
  206. [BETA 2] Introduced Typo in Imperial Slaves in CQC. "Agrculturali" should be "Agricultural"
  207. [BETA 2] CQC - Select target ahead sometimes do not work
  208. [BETA 2] Bug Report CQC September 2, 2014 -Multiple Bugs
  209. [BETA 2] Inconsistency in Indium Commodity Item in CQC - swapped words "Industrial" & "High Tech"
  210. [BETA 2] Player Rank Shows Combat Rating instead of CQC Ranking while in CQC
  211. [BETA 2] Text cut-off (long ship names, specially Diamondback Explorer) in Shipyard/Ship Locations
  212. [BETA 2] [PC] Popping textures in SC near planet
  213. [BETA 2] Deathmatch never ends
  214. [BETA 2] Typo/Inconsistency in INVITE SQUAD. "commanders" should be Uppercase "Commanders"
  215. [BETA 2] Typo/Inconsistency in the CQC Elavate Arena description
  216. [BETA 2] Destination marker has gone - flying blind in Open ED Beta
  217. [BETA 2] Game progress set back by ~1 week
  218. [BETA 2] Sometimes showing wrong reward when handing in long-range delivery mission cargo
  219. [BETA 2] (CQC) Game Crashes quite often.
  220. [BETA 2] Truncated/Missing text in OC BEAM laser description. "Retuned beam laser that???"
  221. [BETA 2] Federal ships have wrong shadow maps
  222. [BETA 2] Commander taking no damage
  223. [BETA 2] Unable to capture the flag
  224. [BETA 2] Screen Incorrectly focused / mouse conflict with x53 Pro
  225. [BETA 2] CQC Deathmatch - winner not always showing
  226. [BETA 2] Unable to mute microphone of players
  227. [BETA 2] FA OFF status not saving
  228. [BETA 2] Strange Graphical bug
  229. [BETA 2] Squad members on other side when launching game?
  230. [BETA 2] Invite system
  231. [BETA 2] Capture the flag - cannot deliver flag
  232. [BETA 2] loadout?
  233. [BETA 2] Type 9 shows engine exhaust plume while docked
  234. [BETA 2] Plasma repeater uses no weapon energy
  235. [BETA 2] bug when repairing ship
  236. [BETA 2] Federal Assault Ship Class 2 Hard Points Inverted
  237. [BETA 2] Federal Assault Ship: Received no unassigned fire groups warning when leaving outfitting
  238. [BETA 2] Ship ballance - Eagle agility vs Condor agility
  239. [BETA 2] Inconsistant return options from Galaxy and System Maps
  240. [BETA 2] Two Carry overs from 1.3 - HR 7767 Still broken & External Cam Issue prior to Jump
  241. [BETA 2] Inconsistant "Critical Temparature Warning"
  242. CQC Other players not visible in game
  243. [BETA 2] CQC Other players not visible in game
  244. [BETA 2] AI Pirates in Hazardous RES not firing
  245. [BETA 2] Fed Assault Medium hard point graphics
  246. [BETA 2] Windows cursor stuck on screen
  247. [BETA 2] Contacts List Display Error
  248. [BETA 2] No deathmatch opponents in game
  249. [BETA 2] AI never opened fire on me.
  250. [BETA 2] CQC Deathmatch crash
  251. [BETA 2] Typo/Inconsistency in the CQC MULTI-CANNON/TRACKING MULTI-CANNON & SCATTERSHOT weaponry description
  252. [BETA 2] Cannot search on galaxy map for too long system names
  253. [BETA 2] Prospector drones failing
  254. [BETA 2] Loading screen tips wording.
  255. [BETA 2] Unable to skip map