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  1. Powerplay: All Powers, Rating tiers and benefits
  2. Utopian Dissidents?
  3. Faction Modules - Clarification Needed
  4. Archon Delaine Power Play Discussion
  5. Power Play - HOSTILE Explained and some other myths
  6. The great un-pledged...
  7. Is PowerPlay a complete waste of time?
  8. The preparation system; the bane of Powerplay
  9. Zemina Torval players, get united!
  10. Stop Powerplay merit farming
  11. Antal Utopia - Call to action
  12. Not getting merits for destroying enemy powers ships.
  13. Pranav Antal Supporters - Meet & Discussion pad
  14. Preparation: how much Propagands Units
  15. Can you have negative merits?
  16. Mahon preparations - Cycle 14
  17. Mahon fortifications - Cycle 14
  18. Where is my accumulated powerplay points from shooting enemy ships?
  19. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Power Play Cycle 14
  20. How to collect PowerPlay Salary ?
  21. Zemina Torval didn't get hr 8104 after winning the expansion
  22. Collapse Mechanics
  23. Made 1500 merits rank 4. Only got 1000cr woooot???!
  24. Power Play Merit Decay is over 50%
  25. What happens to a power with CC to spare, but does not expand?
  26. Power Play update wrong
  27. How to improve POWERPLAY
  28. way of making powerplay more fun and rewarding
  29. Has Frontier Quit PowerPlay?
  30. Zemina Torval - Power Play Cycle 14
  31. Powerplay for Dummies
  32. Quitting Power Play.
  33. New to PP
  34. Wings - and sharing merits
  35. How to view the current CC balance?
  36. Powerplay needs a proper mechanic to dispose of bad systems.
  37. Who really controls/owns a system?
  38. Considering returning to PP to exploit the broken mechanics
  39. Revert merit reward for Non-Open gameplay and other fixes
  40. Analysis of fortifications and undermining in cycle 13.
  41. Merits not handed in by week end
  42. Can not pledge to a new power.
  43. Attention All Zachary Hudson Pledges
  44. Pranav Antal Utopian Facebook Page
  45. Antal Utopia Players - Help needed
  46. New to PP, Questions
  47. Powerplay Question(s) for a beginner
  48. Antal Utopia videos - Memories of the week. - from Power Play day 1 to now!
  49. Power Play Wages
  50. Why isn't defeating a PP opponent who interdict a you worth a merit?
  51. Power Play Merits ? Can I hold them ? How long ?
  52. QUESTION: what happens to powerplay weapons when we defect?
  53. Zemina Torval: Where is the collapse?
  54. Do FDev employees read this forum?
  55. Protectores Zemina Nostri condemns pilots who prepare Warwa
  56. A question about Zemina Torval....
  57. Power Play special weapons/modules - What happens to them if their power collapses?
  58. How many players are actually participating in Power Play?
  59. The future of Powerplay Analysis is alive and well.
  60. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Power Play Cycle 15
  61. Cycle 15 Ranking, the titan is sinking
  62. With Horizons and other stuff coming will you bother with Poweplay the way it is
  63. Add a ship for each faction at level 5
  64. How to earn merit without doing prep. , expansion or control?
  65. *** Antal Utopia Active Friendship Drive Charging - Online Meet-Up - All welcome ***
  66. Just found this on reddit :D
  67. Powers Summary
  68. SNIPING in Powerplay
  69. Powerplay Analysis, Cycle 14, Fortification/Undermining - From the Alliance Office of Statistics
  70. All done with Power Play, but it's been profitable
  71. What if merit quotas were earned through missions?
  72. The 5 changes that could save powerplay
  73. Since we're talking about changing powerplay mechanics ...
  74. Preparation Sabotage in PowerPlay
  75. Edmund Mahon - Fortification Priorities.
  76. Edmund Mahon - Preparation Priorities.
  77. High-Res @HUDSON
  78. How to find closest control system to deliver intel to?
  79. Why would a stable power be in danger of collapse and removal?
  80. There, I Fixed It Again: A Proposed Overhaul of Powerplay
  81. A quick question - How is the preparation list populated?
  82. The truth about the 5th Column
  83. An interesting mechanic for contested systems
  84. Help with translation
  85. Valid gameplay-Quick question
  86. Disincentivizing the 5th Column in PP
  87. If I go on an exploration trip, being pledged to a power is wothless, correct?
  88. Cycle 14 powerplay discreprancy
  89. 5,000,000 CR/week maintained with less than 1.5 hours/week of 'work'
  90. Powerplay slighted perceptions
  91. Small Positive PP Changes with big impacts
  92. PowerPlay dumbed down the game [READ]
  93. newbie ship question
  94. suggestion rank 6
  95. FD You're disgraceful - Re: Torval (Empire bailout)
  96. Can you Defect from Rank 5 to Rank 5?
  97. Suggestion: Improving fortification & power loyalty
  98. 2 power play questions
  99. I for one welcome our new Federation / Alliance masters (cycle 16 PP rankings)
  100. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Power Play Cycle 16
  101. Powerplay faction weapons question
  102. Powerplay - Fail or success?
  103. stolen PP commodity undermining
  104. Powerplay credits gone!
  105. Choosing a side
  106. Why I joined Antal
  107. Finding your nearest control system..
  108. All your prep belong to us
  109. Powerplay Analysis Cycle 15
  110. Anarchy
  111. Proposal- No PP tick this turn.
  112. I guess the big question is... when do you head for home...?
  113. looking for wingmate tonight
  114. Balance issues (once again)
  115. Aisling Duval info help
  116. not sure what im doing wrong
  117. How so i find conflict zones to make merits for powerplay?
  118. People's Spoilt Royal Paris Hilton
  119. Zachary Hudson needs you! - A thread for the supporters of Zachary Hudson
  120. Most Efficient Way to Achieve and Maintin Rank 5 in Powerplay
  121. How about a PowerPlay Mode? or PP players can be seen in the map.
  122. Information on moving PP triggers
  123. A brief look into cycle changes
  124. "Faction Modules - Clarification Needed" Origionally posted by: Snarfbuckle
  125. Zemina Torval in Cycle 17
  126. ALD up, Aisling down, Sirius sneaking about hoping no-one notices (Cycle 17 PP rankings)
  127. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Power Play Cycle 17
  128. Quadruple bounty payout for Antal at Rank 5
  129. Why it is good to live in Archon's space: Seeking good convoys, insane profit!
  130. 10.000 merits gained but got only 5K?
  131. Legislative Record allotment
  132. Is this a bug or did i actually lose my salary because of auto docking
  133. Getting started - Defecting
  134. Been gone like, MONTHS what happened to aisling duval?
  135. How will 1.4 affect powerplay?
  136. noob questions about powerplay
  137. Crime sweeps...
  138. Enemy Powers - Is it just me?
  139. Suggestion: Hauling vs. Combat as means of Undermining
  140. Question about power specific modules after defecting
  141. Rate of change in background simulation
  142. Powerplay Efficient Merits & Credits Guide
  143. whats best for powerplay???
  144. Wing of 4 at High Intensity RES, Good Times
  145. Getting to rating 3 for the module unlock
  146. Gameplay balance in PP
  147. No current expansion attempts = no way to earn merits by fighting?
  148. Where to go?
  149. Do anyone know the specific time of the end of the power play cycle?
  150. Collapsing mechanic.
  151. Power Play factions and major faction rank progression
  152. Ingame communication between players
  153. What could be a simple fix for garrison supplies
  154. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Power Play Cycle 18
  155. XBone PP cycle
  156. Merits
  157. Please help Merrits question..
  158. Player groups are the worst thing to come to Powerplay
  159. Perhaps noobish question
  160. Aisling's not gonna last long now...
  161. Power play is to boring that way !!
  162. So, how is the list of systems to expand to determined?
  163. Current fastest way to grind merits
  164. Let's punch Zachary Hudson in his stupid face
  165. Power Play - Changes to be considered
  166. no cycle reset?
  167. npc interdiction not making sense
  168. Power play points
  169. A lvigny duval your power contact is unavailable
  170. What happened to my salary?
  171. Been away for months. Question about powerplay.
  172. Wild swings in system faction percentages
  173. Archon Delaine Dominates the Galaxy (Well, moves 1% past Antal) Cycle 19 PP Rankings
  174. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Power Play Cycle 19
  175. Help a noob powerplay leveling..
  176. Junga... or when players are fooled to destroy both themselves and their power
  177. The Trans Galactic Slave Trade Corporation... Help by stepping down...
  178. Have more than I noted controlling factions now at 0%?
  179. Mixing Power play and normal Map in Galaxy Map
  180. Economic Warfare
  181. The Powerplay Reddit list. (AKA - where are the leaders and experts?)
  182. New interdiction-stuff
  183. Congrats on the new interdiction! One suggestion
  184. Interested in Power play
  185. Hostile environment?
  186. I dont like the change
  187. Christ on a bike! Undermining is soooo boring now...
  188. Power Play question
  189. supporting of systems far away from main system should give higher amount of merits
  190. So how is powerplay?
  191. 1.4 and Powerplay : I don't get it.
  192. VERY IMPORTANT -> Arissa Lavigny-Duval Groups Registry !!!
  193. exploited/ controlled system bonus question
  194. Powerplay..where are the 10 powerplayers standing for?
  195. Powerplay interdictions are annoying
  196. Powerplay & Rank 5
  197. Packages - Spare me those clicks plz
  198. Faction leader bonus questions
  199. Question about missing rank 5
  200. Merits for enemy kills please!
  201. Reputation gain for powerplay actions
  202. How does Hudson Intel collection work?
  203. Naval accension missions
  204. Merits don't add up
  205. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Power Play Cycle 20
  206. Someone Fire Up the FSD
  207. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Bounty Bonus Stacking
  208. Not as much PP.
  209. PP Livery Pack
  210. Pledged my allegiance to Aisling Duval, picked up some propaganda...now what?
  211. Powerplay What am i missing about the merits\points ratings??
  212. hudson HQ in danger?
  213. A Question about power bonusses
  214. Overheads, how do they get applied?
  215. over 17 weeks in - things could be better.
  216. Edmund Mahon - Week 20 Overview
  217. Missing Merits
  218. Conda on Sale. Come grab it.
  220. Community Goals?
  221. Rewards if you leave/defect
  222. Real problem with Powerplay (IMHO)
  223. Rating 5 Salary
  224. Nerfs to Archon Delaine
  225. Alliance - Mahon Fortifications at a Glance - Week 20
  226. Li Yong Rui - Week 20 Lists
  227. Power Play What to do and is it worth it? Guild?
  228. Power Play is slowly dying....
  229. Why I keep coming back to Power Play (Traveller!)
  230. Best undermining ship.
  231. Bugged system flipping rollback: are you going to take into account all our work or wipe that out?
  232. Killing Powers from Within [SUGGESTION]
  233. Collecting and clearing bounties
  234. Power play ranking question
  235. Archon Delaine ACTIVELY RECRUITING!!!
  236. New Minor Faction in Rhea? Not on Registered Groups list,
  237. Merit points, a quick question.
  238. Arissa Lavigny-Duval Power Play Cycle 21
  239. Bug in PP reward for me this morning?
  240. Edmund Mahon - Week 21 Overview
  241. Raw data for Cycle 20 (2015-10-15 to 2015-10-22)
  243. Resistance Pocket
  244. Powerplay - Ethos missinformation?
  245. Utopian News Network Special: A Distant Thunder (self.EliteAntal)
  246. Coming Home 6 mo exploring The Black. Joining Power Play. A couple questions
  247. Got some garrison supplies while undermining...
  248. Can I prepere any system with marked items for expansion?
  249. Powerplay modules.
  250. Low Conflict Zones
  251. Li Yong-Rui and the Sirius system.
  252. PowerPlay + Server issues + a life side of Elite Dangerous
  253. Please FD, please make it stop!
  254. Obtaining Prismatics
  255. Is there a way to increase CC profits?