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  1. Fastest way to get 10000 merit with Hudson?
  2. CQC Question
  3. Can Pc and Mac players meet in an instance?
  4. Queue Information
  5. CQC weapons
  6. The Imperial Eagle
  7. Federal Assault Ship
  8. Well, about CQC
  9. New Anaconda damage model?
  10. Please give us a dedicated Team Deathmatch option
  11. Steam download speed impacting launcher download speed?
  12. Federal Gunship
  13. Ship downgraded / money removed / status reduced on CQC update
  14. Flight Model Change?
  15. CQC Arena
  16. where is everyone?
  17. CQC is stupendously fun
  18. Where is the CQC pc beta?
  19. CQC combat exposes bad Thrustmaster joystick response
  20. Out of game modules
  21. kudos to the optimization team
  22. The launcher freezes when I attempt to install the CQC Beta
  23. Salvageable Wrecks
  24. What's it all about then?...
  25. Damage that won't repair in Open play
  26. Line-of-sight limitation coming to normal play, too?
  27. Voice Comms how to or explained pls
  28. Sound tweaks are superb
  29. CQC Assets a game changer in main game for smaller ships?
  30. Actually think CQC is excellent and thats not waht I expected to say but................
  31. Beta play
  32. New ships......
  33. A little tweecking required?
  34. So? Only deathmatch tonight?
  35. Cues...
  36. Unofficial/Official Theme Tune of CQC
  37. 1.4 graphics performance & quality much improved - thanks!
  38. About scanning your target
  39. Sync file download speed
  40. anyone else getting crashes when editing control bindings in beta?
  41. Compromised Nav beacons
  42. OpenTrack / FreeTrack not working? (Head Tracking, TrackIR?)
  43. [CQC] Open chat before match starts?
  44. Xbox One control method added to PC/Mac
  45. FDL and 1.4 update
  46. CQC - Good Start - but Speed & Maneuverability - or is it just me?
  47. CQC in Oculus Rift - stuck in chase camera following death
  48. Mission Board - Still biased since 1.2
  49. New Missions?
  50. Still no astroid colour missmatch fix and wear and tear on vulture not working
  51. REALLY need all ships in all stations.
  52. CQC Assets In-Game
  53. I'm almost scared to ask but... did the medium pad speed get fixed?
  54. CQC Kill Assist Mechanic
  55. CQC Kill Assist Mechanic
  56. Voting for next map and being ready
  57. Respawn point is too close...
  58. Interesting Hazard-RES behaviour
  59. Cannot really understand...
  60. Please change jumping to SC and Hyperspace back to normal !!
  61. CQC mind blowing in the oculus rift.
  62. First impression :)
  63. Landing Gear Retraction - Thrusters Stall
  64. Matchmaking Servers Problem ?
  65. XBOX Control Pad Plus - No Landing Overrides?
  66. Imperial Eagle
  67. CQC is wrong with it?
  68. Interdictions different?
  69. CQC beta testers
  70. Unexpected changes
  71. Bought Lifetime pass and cant log in to CQC
  72. Docking Computer efficiency increase
  73. Could we please have AI bots in CQC one day?
  74. new weapons of 1.4
  75. CQC: Plasma Repeaters Bad Weapons
  76. Start from scratch?
  77. Various station optimisations? Where?;)
  78. Compromised Nav beacons, the new RES sites?
  79. Watch The CQC Tutorial Videos
  80. Yesterday evening was 1-2minutes till matchup. This morning 25+ minutes and it's too long for me.
  81. Some observations/bug reports after playing for a couple of hours
  82. FDEVs: how about a HARDCORE mode for CQC?
  83. Stations traffic lights missing or is it just me?
  84. CQC initial impressions
  85. leagues and tournaments
  86. I believe Super Sampling may be broken.
  87. Windows mouse pointer visible within the game
  88. NPC Pirates are bolder!
  89. CQC respawn bug
  90. Salvageable wreckage
  91. [SUGGESTION] Separate bindings for CQC
  92. Mining Changes/Bugs
  93. Out of range indicators
  94. CQC - to queue or not to queue
  95. [SUGGESTION] Custom matchmaking CQC
  96. My hot wish list for CQC
  97. gaping gutted anaconda- bug? or featured Damage Effects?
  98. CQC : let us choose the MAP we wanna play on
  99. More variation in Dropship huds.
  100. AA issues
  101. CQC - Voice Coms
  102. Team rebalance
  103. CQC - Open Play - Startup
  104. CQC broke my heart....
  105. CQC rank RED icon : make it ORANGE as others plz
  106. Background Sim feedback - We need you!
  107. This is not a KILL-CAM, people! Know your CQC :D
  108. plz put CQC architecture into the main game
  109. Ship feedback
  110. CQC - Matchmaker suggestion
  111. CQC ranking system discussion
  112. Redesign of the normal game outfitting screen (vs CQC screen)
  113. Searching for match...
  114. Is hull tanking viable now?
  115. Zero speed when exiting super-cruise
  116. Can't login to CQC from Australia, can't get home from 13,000LY
  117. CQC not suprised
  118. CQC = Rammed Rammed pew pew Rammed again?
  119. CQC: First impressions
  120. [CTD] Crashed to desktop on squad matches
  121. The Federal Gunship
  122. CQC download size
  123. Deathmatch exploit
  124. Why is my tread locked?
  125. Galaxy Map can search again, bug is fixed - Tnx to FD!
  126. FSD exploit in 1.4
  127. Why no lobby chat?
  128. CQC 'Good Game' / Favorite Moments Thread
  129. Fsd Interdicter
  130. New medium landing pad annoyance
  131. CQC is so much more fun than PvP in open...
  132. Did they change the colors/shaders/gamma/... ?
  133. New training missions in 1.4
  134. Great long term issue improvements in 1.4
  135. CQC Icons?
  136. Release Notes - HTTP 404
  137. Auto-dock now needs you to slow to 0?
  138. [SUGGESTION] Drawn-out CQC battles
  139. Gunship in Night-time-mode and Dropship sound
  140. Kill Cam /Re-spawn pause Replays Need Big Improvement
  141. Where to buy ships and modules? At Dalton Gateways
  142. [SUGGESTION] Manual control of lobby (private/open) or direct challenge option for team matches
  143. Next target doesn't work, did I miss a memo?
  144. have to upgarde to CQC beta again?
  145. No
  146. My first CQC experience and some comments on the mode
  147. Racing Please :)
  148. CQC Beta - Appreciation thread!
  149. Beta testing - I'll help, err! no I wont
  150. Hull reinforcement and PP changes in reality
  151. Where can I find a Compromised Nav?
  152. |CQC weapons in main game?
  153. Throttle to zero in maps and menus; intended?
  154. Settings Not Saving in Beta - fine in open version...
  155. New starmap filters?
  156. New discoveries
  157. CQC matchmaking ?
  158. Targetting subsystems?
  159. Feedback and suggestions for CQC
  160. Nerfed Condor
  161. CQC Survivor Mode
  162. turns out..... I aint that bad!
  163. How do you reassign controls during a match?
  164. Does this mean... It can't mean...
  165. PowerPlay in 1.4: is it working?
  166. CQC Game Mode Idea
  167. Bug? Targeting Stations/Systems
  168. cqc button mapping not working correctly (with x52 pro)?
  169. Mission Target no longer indicated in HUD?
  170. Can we get a CQC menu item added to the Nav menu tab like PP?
  171. Searching for match...
  172. Win by default if opponents leave
  173. capture the flag?
  174. Can't get a game
  175. CQC 1.4 Beta download question
  176. Stuck at Launcher Play Button Mocking Me
  177. Hazard RES spawns inconsistant
  178. exploit (?) Secret deathmatch wingmen
  179. CQC Beta update game errors, or am i being a noob!
  180. Imperial and Colony Government Types of Galaxy Map Filter
  181. New ship cockpits in 1.4
  182. CQC Wings UI for team members ?
  183. Assassination data still wrong
  184. What do you think about co-piloting in CQC ?
  185. Background Sim: Allegiance, Foreign Control, and Crime
  186. The comprehensive CQC review
  187. Recorded a long session of playing CQC
  188. Its a bit jumpy
  189. Thought update was going to fix merits for wrong factions?
  190. People check your microphones before you enter the game !
  191. How works friend list /Battles
  192. CQC Beta: anyone seeing additional skins?
  193. Quick death
  194. Send Friend Request from within CQC Lobby
  195. reticle options
  196. Missing info reticle?
  197. Just played CQC for the first time...
  198. CQC Spectator Mode Please
  199. CQC Feedback + Raw 60 fps CQC DM footage
  200. Plasma Repeaters are OP
  201. [SUGGESTION] Please add a text chat to the CQC lobby
  202. CQC - AUTOBALANCE/panels role/scorelimit/timelimit/spawn/flagdrop etc
  203. Increasing the Number of Players in a Match?
  204. Where are the player hotspots in the Beta?
  205. Flag unrecoverable?
  206. SUGGESTION: loadout information for the CMDR who killed you in CQC
  207. The more you reconnect to DM - the easier opponents it gives you.
  208. VOTE to remove CQC Rank in main game.
  209. FOV in CQC
  210. Credits disappeared!
  211. Bug Report from 2 hour playsession
  212. [CQC Suggestion] After action screen with all the commanders table including awards
  213. Salvageable Wreckage?
  214. Balance - there isn't any.
  215. how to activate voice comms in game
  216. Stuck on loading screen?
  217. Why is the update so sloooow?
  218. Why exactly are CQC "fixed" weapons called "fixed" weapons...
  219. Imperial SEATS - Courier/Imp Eagle OK - Clipper KO
  220. Is there a case for having more choices of play style within the current options?
  221. CQC game types
  222. Open Galaxy Map from Bulletin Board
  223. CQC - please reduce the match-start delay or implement a "ready" feature
  224. Level 22 player vs level 2 & 3 = essentially invulnerable.
  225. My own enquiries about the current beta.
  226. CQC and HOTAS - dual setup for "Controls"
  227. NEW RES hazzardous???
  228. Hunted for failing a mission?
  229. AI stronger ?
  230. [REQUEST] More player stats for CTF
  231. A couple of things wrong.
  232. CQC instructions Where?
  233. Ready to go crazy on my first beta!
  234. CQC ships die too fast?
  235. Some ill-informed Thoughts on CQC Rewards and Matchmaking
  236. Thanks for CQC. This may have rekindled my interest in Elite.
  237. Upgrades should be downgrades.
  238. Simple explanations for the CQC game variants
  239. CQC Feedback / Suggestion (mainly focus on Friends features)
  240. CQC - Unable to select targets
  241. Feedback on CQC
  242. Finding a match - too long for me
  243. Just wonder where is....
  244. After a good few months of not touching Elite, I've finally started to have fun again.
  245. Finally i can see my pilot, hug's all round
  246. Quick look at leaderboard - Key bidding?
  247. Ideas for future game modes of CQC, and how it could all be used in the galaxy
  248. Hide and seek, thank you CQC :)
  249. Line of sight - Shared with wing mates?
  250. What CQC is to me (video)
  251. Witchspace tunnel bugged
  252. Were T9 thrusters always rotating like this? Cool stuff, never noticed before
  253. Who hosts the instance?
  254. Bugged?
  255. Conflict zones locations