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  1. I'm on it3
  2. The Weapons of CQC Discussion Thread.
  3. The CQC Gamemode Discussion Thread.
  4. The Ships of CQC.
  5. Let us know your thoughts on CQC in here
  6. The CQC Matchmaking Discussion Thread
  7. What's the best way to get someone off your tail?
  8. CQC Timer/Kill Counter Broken
  9. Still no select highest threat.../??????
  10. Everyone is way above their level
  11. Sending you into already started games
  12. MVP stat broken?
  13. How to Mute Myself in CQC
  14. Wave Respawning
  15. WoW Already?
  16. CQC Credits
  17. CQC targeting... usual keys not working?
  18. Headlook and target ahead seems fiddly?
  19. CQC loadouts and required ranks
  20. What's the purpose of the "stuff" floating around you can shoot and blow up?
  21. Too much empty space in the CQC maps.
  22. Add an option to prevent me from joining in progress games?
  23. CQC in the main game
  24. CQC Voice Comms Question/Problem
  25. Last hit mechanism / Assists
  26. No players bug
  27. CQC power allocation after death
  28. Deathmatch glitches with final CQC
  29. CQC Waiting for Players Bug
  30. Kill stealers
  31. CQC Credits Earned
  32. Rank Decals
  33. Add a "Queue for Anything" option, please!
  34. CQC mismatching !!!!!!
  35. Hey which are the most important unlocks in CQC
  36. CQC?
  37. Are There Known Hacks in CQC That We Know Of?
  38. Who would like to see stats who who is online and playing?
  39. Make team games 3v3 for Hudsons sake!
  40. Favorite Mode?
  41. CQC Groups and Teams
  42. (Small Things) That would improve CQC
  43. Tournament - Unranked - training - Premade mode
  44. Bug or ?
  45. CQC Spawn camping
  46. Where is the fun in CQC?
  47. Missing keybinds which exist in the Main Game - Much Needed!
  48. Team Death match ... No one else here!
  49. [Request] - please leave the chat open after the match
  50. CQC Chaff???
  51. Elo system no need for ranks.
  52. CQC Ranks? I'm trying to get a sense of where people are.
  53. What's the most considerate & useful way to use voice comms in CQC?
  54. Heat sinks and weapon tracking
  55. CQC Contests - What is wrong about it
  56. First to Pretige?
  57. Noticed STATS...???
  58. CQC is a joke.
  59. galaxy map not working correctly on Xbox one
  60. CQC Power ups
  61. Is there a targetting bug in CQC?
  62. What are the CQC rankings?
  63. CQC very buggy tonight?
  64. Best setting for CQC
  65. CQC too fast.
  66. CQC?
  67. Crashes? Or is it just me?
  68. XBOX One: CQC needs Bots that replace with people as they enter. No one is playing because of forcing us to wait
  69. CQC decals for the main game?
  70. Phantom noises in the lobby
  71. Getting shot by your own team
  72. CQC Leaderboards / Hall of Fame
  73. CQC voice comms not working (PC)
  74. Oh No, Im close to dying, I think Ill just crash at full speed into the nearest asteriod
  75. Issues with gameplay in CQC release edition
  76. How many of you use flight-assist-off?
  77. Why is there no draw.
  78. Accessing CQC from INSIDE OPEN PLAY
  79. The CQC Forum Thread Index
  80. The CQC streamers list thread
  81. Can we make decent money in CQC?
  82. CQC Solo Mode?
  83. How did that look from your side, commander? My last frag in this deatmatch was very weird [video]
  84. CQC mode: Warzone
  85. CQC - No, thank you.
  86. Try Super Boost and Engine Power upgrades on the Condor, if you haven't already
  87. Guys, shoot the leader, not me
  88. Can anyone get into CTF?
  89. CQC gameplay Flight assist off.
  90. Inactive players a blight on CQC
  91. Free roam mode..
  92. Speed of condor in CQC
  93. Am i the only one...
  94. CQC Gameplay
  95. I like CQC
  96. A question to CQC players regarding rank display in ED
  97. What's happening here?
  98. Alexander the Grape, do I actually win against you on ocassion or is it just because you get buried in network glitches?
  100. CQC 0200hrs UK
  101. I'm baaaaaaack...
  102. New map(s) confirmed..
  103. CQC Rank Hexagon yellow ?
  104. Fair? I don't think so.
  105. CQC Coop Challenge Mode
  106. Please improve CQC
  107. Am I the only one exited for the Imp Fighter?
  108. How to revitalize CQC
  109. Some CQC Quality of Life Improvements for those waiting in the queue.
  110. How about a new type of play?
  111. Can't find a match (but all out of nowhere!)
  112. CQC Game Mode Suggestion Box.
  113. Have not been able to get a match for a week now
  114. CQC Dead? 1.5 hr wait lol!
  115. REQUEST : Add bot mode
  116. CQC Dead?
  117. Weapon Enhance
  118. Black Screen after the Match ends
  119. "If you are new to CQC, Don't."
  120. Silent running is underrated
  121. Start the matches once 2 players are queued.
  122. Laser Tracking Question
  123. Reinvigorating CQC idea as community goal
  124. Good Game Thread
  125. Seriously Bad Game Design
  126. Question on CQC
  127. Owning Some Derrieres in CQC - :D
  128. This is how you own in CQC
  129. What do you think about auto kick for these reasons?
  130. Questions about ranking, permits and pilots federation rank.
  131. Bobbleheads in CQC Ships
  132. CQC revisted :-(
  133. Are projectiles too easily countered by spiralling?
  134. P2P shenanigans?
  135. Beating the eagle in condor
  136. Control setup
  137. Finding a game to begin with
  138. Proposal for new map.
  139. Playing Deathmatch on Xbox One...
  140. Seems that matchmaker treats prestige rank reset same as full clear save - I've been pitted with level 1-3 players whole day (until I got to rank 20)
  141. need an admin!!!
  142. whats going on..???
  143. Imperial Fighter?
  144. Sell Elite Dangerous CQC as a Cheap Standalone Game
  145. What is the point of hacking CQC?
  146. CQC gripes
  147. What I would like to see
  148. CQC and Team Killing?
  149. CQC on Xbox - where are the players????
  150. Can you setup friends-only matched?
  151. CQC: Dead?
  152. CQC not showing any games?!....
  153. Imperial Fighter Feedback thread
  154. 1.5 CQC feels way too slow
  155. Ice Field is too bright in 2.0!
  156. cqc having trouble locking targets
  157. Score Limit for Deathmatch
  158. Idling in matches
  159. Stuck in "Searching for Match" - problem or just no other players?
  160. Let's schedule a CQC bout so we have enough players
  161. How to fix CQC (Ideas for FD)
  162. LFG: CQC
  163. CQC Map glitches (invisible walls, see through textures, etc.)
  164. Can we make dying more punishing?
  165. Give us access to CQC from the launcher!
  166. The should be some sort of punishment for leaving matches.
  167. Layout being reset
  168. CQC server issues
  169. Cannon bug.
  170. Long road...but worth it...is CQC worth doing?
  171. Proof That I Am Human
  172. Fastest 180 turn
  173. Code of conduct while "matchmaker is broken"
  174. Asteria Point and countering the Weapons powerup
  175. Hardware matters?
  176. Current Interest in CQC?
  177. Are we ever getting private matches?
  178. What is a reasonable kill/death ratio?
  179. 39 min wait times for CQC, and;
  180. The CQC/Arena Suggestions thread.
  181. Couldn't connect to a matchmaker server error. It plagues me when I play good players.
  182. My channel of CQC live sessions
  183. If anyone's wondering why I'm not winning so much lately...
  184. Exploits or fair game?
  185. CQC Lovers Training
  186. New kind of ranking exploit
  187. i'm terrible at CQC apparently
  188. Please create Private Lobbys
  189. Crutch back in place
  190. Something I don't understand
  191. Asteria Point: tips to find the shield booster ring
  192. Complaining... About stuff.. And things.. :)
  193. How about pre-arranged combat? (not in CQC)
  194. CQC Imperial Fighter Shielded hitbox too small?
  195. Looking for CQC friends
  196. QCQ ship loadouts not saving?
  197. Tannik Seldon vs Ubernostrom
  198. How do I get better at CQC?
  199. Plasma Accelerator won't fire
  200. Relatively new to CQC, plenty of questions
  201. CQC Match Making
  202. CQC and skill
  203. What is your preferred loadout per ship ?
  204. CQC connection error.
  205. CQC Prestige icon in open mode
  206. Harmless or Helpless
  207. Worse matchmaking than League of legends.
  208. [VIDEO] Decision making in CQC - Commentary PvP video
  209. D'ya know what's irritating about CQC..?
  210. Last ship selection / loadout does not stick as default
  211. Tips from our Elite Friends .
  212. Is there any way to speed up matchmaking?
  213. Too quick between games
  214. CQC Problem
  215. Elite Dangerous: Arena is Out Now
  216. New maps, and possible Surface battles
  217. We are 2 vs 2 - let us play already!
  218. [Steam key question]
  219. Dedicated servers?
  220. Arena on Xbox
  221. Did they do something to CQC?
  222. Can we merge this subforum with the CQC subforum?
  223. New Further Info
  224. Already cheaters? maybe?
  225. Arena VS CQC
  226. Matchmaking nightmare
  227. Unbalanced matches
  228. The Gladiators Challenge
  229. A PvP exclusive with nothing to do while queing.
  230. CQC homeworld permit ?
  231. Problems connecting...
  232. Rename CQC to Arena
  233. CQC and Arena
  234. How do you start arena?
  235. I used to think I sucked at CQC
  236. Please be gentle... It's my first time.
  237. Does CQC Elite rank give access to Founder's world?
  238. Was this the result of really bad desync with the server?
  239. CQC armor
  240. CQC Systems
  241. Match maker disconnect.
  242. First night in the "arena"
  243. Comms in Arena and other questions...
  244. CQC Top 5 Tips
  245. Arena vs AI
  246. Nice surprise!
  247. [VIDEO] CQC/Arena full match against experienced players
  248. Loading Screen Bug
  249. Help
  250. List of Extant CQC/Arena Balance issues in Modules/Outfitting/Ships
  251. Gave CQC a try today--won't be making that mistake again.
  252. Poll: does the Weapons power up need a rebalance?
  253. CTF Broken ?
  254. CTF Broken ?
  255. CQC without any waiting? it IS possible