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  1. Galaxy Map performance
  2. Graphical stuttering/lockups
  3. UI text flickers in 4K resolution
  4. Vulture Clipping in 6000x 1080 Eyefinity
  5. various wing 1.2 issues
  6. Graphics Drivers Crash on Jump to Hyperspace - Severe Impact
  7. Assassination target not showing up after mission fork
  8. Graphical detail being harshly "culled" - Detail being removed too soon/harshly
  9. Unable to get cartography listing from webserver.
  10. ALT + any key combination makes a bell sound (Bug, Plz Fix)
  11. Starport menu screen freezes
  12. Stuttering and lock ups after RES combat
  13. Computer freezes on galaxy map
  14. Visible Ship Damage Not Showing
  15. Errors in the Russian localization, wrong translation
  16. Pioneer Rank Decal for Exploration is called Starblazer
  17. Failed to comunicate with server - Failed to perform mission transaction
  18. Direction of lighting on planets
  19. Midshipman but no sol permit. [Note - Permit is awarded at Petty Officer rank - QA Mark]
  20. Galaxy Map/Route Plotting Lag
  21. Minor systems not entering civil war when over 75% influence.
  22. Missing option to disable 'Fuel Scoop Complete'
  23. Eagle: Retro thruster becomes transparent when docked
  24. Almost Impossible to reach Dekker Base in a decent time in the Rho Cancri System
  25. Having to scan object twice to discover?
  26. Rings don't cast shadows on planets
  27. community goal exploit: don't turn in your CG too fast
  28. Drives Offline Perpetually, unable to move.
  29. Starport Services screen may freeze if clicking too fast
  30. Graphical stutters in RES - Video example demonstrating it seems down to area loading/calculation?
  31. Level 2 / 3 scans reversed
  32. Debug camera bug at Starport
  33. Police Scans INSIDE Station o.O
  34. Wing trading dividend works sporadically.
  35. Some asteroids models disappear if at certain angles
  36. Planet and rings not receiving any starlight (HIP 18972 A6)
  37. Vulture graphics cut off on ultra widescreen
  38. Medium landing pads
  39. TrackIR not working with Elite
  40. Profit from Assassinations despite Assassination Count is Zero?
  41. 3 Completed Naval Progression Mission not giving promotion
  42. RES background ring image Oculus Rift is different per eye
  43. Power Module Priority completely borked
  44. Anaglyph 3D not working with red/blue glasses
  45. Same station names
  46. Fireing on Criminals after basic scanning has completed makes you a criminal
  47. ADS 8444 system map not working
  48. Invisible rings around Mestra in the Prism system
  49. Invisible patches like "blind spot" in front of cockpit
  50. Could not connect to matchmaking server
  51. X55 Rhino hat switches has serious input lag
  52. Bump-map on planet surfaces seems to be inverted
  53. Throttle unbound while docked
  54. Python Internal vs External graphics mismatch.
  55. Can't roll when set to keyboard
  56. Trackpad zoom in Galaxy Map is far too sensitive on Mac
  57. Dark patches on windscreen on some ships
  58. Human Players aren't showing as hollow squares...
  59. OS X Firewall does not remember ED settings. ED is not signed.
  60. Wanted status when attacking wanted ship in Anarchy system
  61. Game crashes during hyperspace jump
  62. Gigabyte GTX Titan X in 2160p resolution, galaxy map star system name labels flicker
  63. Incorrect Information displayed between Galaxy map, and Commodities table
  64. Drop to desktop. No way back. Kill game in TM. Crash reporter pops up.
  65. Unable to drop out of Supercruise
  66. UI text corruption
  67. Ship integrity goes down very quick by jumping through hyperspace
  68. Alioth permit mission bugged
  69. Panels not displaying correctly on ultra-wide resolution
  70. Blurry textures on 4K
  71. Player and NPC ships are indistinguishable. All appear as solid squares.
  72. Windows 10 Preview BSODs upon entering hyperspace
  73. Slow downloads, disconnections and corrupt files.
  74. Game window often has incorrect resolution/position after returning from Alt-Tab
  75. Launcher problems
  76. elections held in wrong system
  77. [Wings] Lose my Wingmate(s) in Conflict Zone/RES
  78. Civil War not starting
  79. Saitek X52 Pro - Elite Dangerous cannot map Joy16, Joy17, Joy18, Joy19, or the Ministick on the throttle
  80. Empty Bulletin Boards
  81. Headlook causes offset to user interface
  82. Sirius Corp reputation not increasing
  83. Chipped paint despite perfect maintenance and paint status
  84. Interdiction Problems
  85. Ship spin and destroyed when launch
  86. [Launcher] Launcher asks for verification code at every login if first hardware detection is not completed
  87. Government Type is listed as Unfettered and also Anarchy
  88. Premium Beta but no permit to Foundes World
  89. Unable to join open play, always put into solo play.
  90. Achenar Permit Not Received
  91. Accepted mission...station was in the wrong system
  92. Failed to perform mission transaction in Altair
  93. UI/UX improvements, please for the love of Braben kill the zeroes with the slashes through them
  94. When I download the new launcher and then launch it, it downloads it again
  95. New launcher downloads as *.dmg format
  96. Can't connect to edServer: Unknown error
  97. PC Launcher version 0.4.2743.0 "Root element is missing"
  98. Launcher Requires Update??
  99. ED downloaded but enable to start
  100. 0 preparation nominations for Ratings 1, 3, and 4
  101. Shields not on after server disconnect
  102. Steam updapte
  103. Private group not available after Power Play update
  104. Link from news doesn't open map
  105. Update failed due to missing file???
  106. Preparing Shaders crashes nVidia Surround
  107. Double Scanning More Often
  108. Game crashed to main menu with some unrecoverable error
  109. Language change
  110. Server crashes and shields
  111. Game crashes to menu upon every FSD jump.
  112. The Game Failed To Communicate With the Authentication Server
  113. Slecting target in system map still deleting route from Galaxy map
  115. All completed uncashed CG vouchers set to top 5%
  116. Holes in Hauler cockpit geometry
  117. Losing plotted route
  118. Stuck in nowhere
  119. Scanning sounds missing?
  120. Missing text: Powerplay Stats menu, control effects description misisng for some powers
  121. Federal Navy Ranking Mission did not change rank
  122. Mixed languages for powerplay cockpit GUI in game client
  123. Galaxy map resets to "realistic" mode when starting the game
  124. Unusually High GPU usage while docked.
  125. Problem getting into the game
  126. Ship Integrity Cost
  127. multiple problems
  128. Extra Mouse Cursor In Oculus Rift
  129. Ratings 3 & 4 are set to zeroes in Power Play Faction Profile
  130. Rating 3 and 4 0 credits
  131. Additional mouse pointer in VR
  132. Asteroids appearing/disappearing strangely.
  133. System map fails to load
  134. Minor factions suffer from reputation decay!
  135. Alternative to Assassination mission: target is $##altFactionToKill;
  136. System map issue
  137. Missions with garbled locations
  138. Connection Error with server everytime ship jumps between systems
  139. Sold Ship by mistake!
  140. downloader in new 1.3 launcher much worse than 1.2 not robust at all:
  141. Repair costs are much too high
  142. Login Problem after crash out of Jump
  143. WARZONE - Every ships are MOSTLY HARMLESS
  144. (Pc) navy progression mission broke
  145. Gimbled and turrets on Anaconda Cnnstantly dancing on targeting (like their perminently chaffed)
  146. Torval Imperial Slave bonus intended?
  147. 1.3 hogs entire 160MB broadband connection
  148. Strange commodity prices
  149. Alternative missions gives a time limit of 0 minutes
  150. Split Screen issue
  151. Low NPC population/Low-bounty NPCs at High-Intensity RES
  152. Problem Accessing System Screens
  153. FSD Routing in core almost impossible
  154. Strange NPC interaction
  155. Wrong Station text displayed
  156. Unable to pay wanted fine.
  157. Conflict zone mission, not registering kills after first one (PC)
  158. Lee Relay in Phekda has a shipyard which sells no ships.
  159. Vulture - Tactical Skin covers wing decals
  160. (Bug) Mission and Bounty Systems not Working Together
  161. Collection drones explode 90% when transferring cargo
  162. Multiple collector drones attempting to grab same mining fragment repeatedly
  163. Fuel costs for extra tanks seem bugged
  164. Aisling Duval Stats Missing from Power View
  165. Couple issues with enemy NPC after 1.3 update.
  166. [PC] No mission rewards!!
  167. Devs / QA Contact me - Major Exploit Found
  168. Game drops to desktop / possible graphic issue
  169. Selecting System Map Freezes Game
  170. Cannot hand in "Resistance Pocket" expansion vouchers for Archon Delaine
  171. Unable to wing up in private groups
  172. Broken mission code on Bulletin Board
  173. PC - Cannot turn in Patreus Military Strike Vouchers
  174. Combat Statistic Bug \ Enable Camera Lock on typo
  175. Buttons on system map block clicking on the space station
  176. Docking computer nearly wiped me out
  177. Imperial rank progression, not working...?
  178. [PC] Cannot get docking clearance > 7500 m
  179. Incomplete Mission Verbiage / Descriptions
  180. Bulletin Board text issue
  181. Entirely broken missions
  182. Stuck on the Landing Pad
  183. two collector drones mirroring each other and acting as only one
  184. Bulletin Board filled with garbage
  185. Galaxy map displaying WAY more stars than before, slowed to a crawl
  186. Disappearing Drosphip
  187. No pirates as RES sites
  188. Possible bug with new tactical Vulture paints
  189. Launcher update lockout [pc]
  190. UI up/down/left/right controls are overridden by WASD inside 'Galactic Powers' screen.
  191. Taunts started before Interdication
  192. Unable to complete CZ kills mission
  193. [PC] Low Payout from Power Play Combat Vouchers
  194. (OS X) Huge performance drop around stations only
  195. Bug: Selling star data not working.
  196. Bug: No contact-/scanpicture for Diamond Back
  197. Unmatched Template Variable
  198. Collector Limpet Issue if using more than one.
  199. All NPC are mostly harmless in nav. beacon
  200. Mission: Given mission to kill Military ships in a system which is not in civil war
  201. Mission Rewards only a fraction of displayed value
  202. List of problems encountered since update
  203. Cursor in Modules Panel
  204. Plotting routes in Galaxy map seems to have stopped working
  205. NPC Interdiction through hyperspace jump
  206. Collecting Drones not functioning properly
  207. Scan success plays scan fail noise
  208. Impossible to cancel route planning
  209. [Mac OS X]Mouse pointer always visible in HUD
  210. System view item overlay prevents selection of planets
  211. I know trading is meant to be one of the easier ways to make cash...
  212. Mixed Language
  213. [PC] A LAVYGNY-DUVAL doesn't pay 20% on bounty vouchers as promised
  214. Spaceships are only lit from one lightsource if exposed to mulitple suns.
  215. Navigation pannel does not list all reachable destinations
  217. [GALAXY MAP] No longer showing details of multiple issions
  218. [PC] Adder canopy still has gaps
  219. [PC] Adder pilot POV still not fixed since original retail release
  220. Options not saving
  221. System Power View not working for rival powers
  222. Mission alternate target shows up as markup language
  223. Tear and wear cost has increased 10x or more times
  224. Cannot get past "Preparing Shaders"
  225. Belly turret on Diamondback Explorer become a landing gear
  226. Auto Field-Maintenance ammo fully restocked
  227. Galmap no longer appears to show stars further than ~18ly away from cursor, even if zoomed out.
  228. Receiving no Elite Rating Increase or Bounty for Hostile Kills
  229. Cargo rack
  230. Combat rank bug or just plain ridiculous?
  231. Collector Limpets aren't really working
  232. [French version] Unwanted strings in interface text.
  233. Random freeze during gameplay, have to hard reboot my PC every time
  234. System Map object selection
  235. Bug of Rating in PP
  236. Imperial Mission Rank for Prince Broken
  237. Target next system on route
  238. Exploitation Impact
  239. "Preparing Shaders" at every launch of game client
  240. Server Problems
  241. Resource Extraction Sites
  242. Mission Timer not correct in details
  243. Volta Station, Kremainn is a bugged right now
  244. Npcs blocking landing pads
  245. Interdiction while in external view - no hud
  246. Cant Hand in Bonds for Denten
  247. Universal Cartographics is very slow
  248. Cargo canisters showing 'SURGE DETECTED' when targeted
  249. Expanding System Demands Media Material instead of Sealed Contract
  250. I love this game, but...
  251. Can't deliver expansion items in 2 of the 3 systems in Aisling expansion list.
  252. Strings in bulletin board minor faction name
  253. Rewards are different than advertised in the mission description - got about half the reward advertised
  254. NPC Interdictions
  255. transaction tab showing wrong reward for community goal