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  1. controlls need some work!
  2. xbox one verion needs some work.
  3. Extremly low fps in hyper drive
  4. Game Crashing in open play
  5. Can't use my current character on Xboxone
  6. "Not Bound" shown in tutorial.
  7. Extreme lag in LHS 3885 and Eravate systems
  8. Is it working?
  9. Start unavailable!
  10. Head look invert!
  11. Initial backer start-points not avaialble
  12. Crash in Commodities market
  13. Control input stops working
  14. Controller layout screen does not match actual default controls
  15. System map left menu extends past the edge of my screen
  16. xbox preview... screen calibration needed
  17. Unable to clear Galaxy Map navigation search text
  18. Graphics Options
  19. CMDR name not visible on right panel
  20. CMDR name not visible on the Starport services home screen
  21. Docking/Landing issue
  22. Cannot cycle firegroups
  23. Open Play Mode not Working
  24. Minor Faction Pending States not displaying
  25. New game option greyed out
  26. Cant buy!! :(
  27. Cannot map lateral thrusters to triggers in landing mode
  28. Private Group, Wings and the Social sector as a whole.
  29. Rotating solar flares
  30. Bug and Missing Features/Suggestions for the game.
  31. Connection error
  32. Dashboard Brightness and GAMMA
  33. Kinect integration?
  34. Vertical Thrust Axis Invert PLEASE!
  35. Either a bug or I don't know what I'm doing
  36. game extras not working
  37. Start button still red and cannot start after purchasing
  38. Press Not Bound For FSD
  39. Some odd messages about what button to press...
  40. Persist current route after Saving/Exiting
  41. Missing Missions On Station
  42. XBOX Record not working
  43. Can't select trade route buttons in Galaxy Map
  44. Can't Connect At All!
  45. game crashes constantly
  46. FTL/Supercruise Crashes and TV width cutoff + trading descriptions?
  47. Controller options limited (i.e. no forward / back thrust axis binding)
  48. Hyperdrive Graphic Effects Lag and Stutter? - Is this going to be fixed?
  49. Landing at Starport(Station), Entire screen will flash black for a split second
  50. Mission: Safe trade routes, Eliminate pirates
  51. Feature request: Ability to CHANGE Menu Color to user selected color combos to reduce Eye Strain!
  52. Stuttery Graohic Performance in ALL MODES. Much worse after latest XBL Preview Program Dashboard Update
  53. Cartography crash
  54. Rear View Camera? (Feature Addition)
  55. The worst lag ever experienced
  56. Bulletin Board showed only variables
  57. Plot Route Not Working on Majority of Systems?
  58. No Commander Name
  59. Bugs in the game and improvements that could be made. A LOT TO READ AND CONSIDER.
  60. Lu Installation Docking Bug
  61. Some things I've noticed so far.
  62. Communication recommendation
  63. [Preview] No option to resize to fit TV screen
  64. Random switching flight flight controls in training
  65. The Lag Is Real!
  66. Powerplay broken
  67. Alternative Flight Controls Disable Pitch & Roll
  68. dimond back scoit utility slots not working
  69. frame rate dropped?
  70. Random Allegiance Change (Causing Catastrophic Crash)
  71. Galaxy Map->Powerplay shows nothing
  72. Crashing 100% on galactic power
  73. ships internal clock is wrong.
  74. Error 401 when purchasing Utility modules for my Diamondback Scout
  75. Not sure if this is a bug...
  76. UPDATE Frequency? - How often will we see new builds of the game?
  77. Xbox one crashing issues
  78. Powerplay MIA
  79. Can't complete any cargo missions (give cargo is always red)
  80. Diamondback Scout Utility Slot Bug
  81. Unable to load commander data error after buying Imperial Courier
  82. Galaxy Map
  83. unable to invite or find friends
  84. Loading "System Map" or "Galaxy Map" during flight brings the game to its knees!
  85. Please let me map throttle contols
  86. Eravate Bulletin Board Errors
  87. Various Bugs (Severe - Minor) (Launch - 19th June 2015
  88. Game locking up
  89. RUMBLE?? (Controller Rumble for Various Effects)
  90. Game restarts
  91. System Search Issue
  92. Training "Travel" bug
  93. Friends not showing up in coms
  94. Dead Controller Battery does not Pause Game
  95. Elite Dangerous not showing up in Dutch Live Store.
  96. Income received is incorrect
  97. No target for Supercruise destination in local system
  98. play button greyed out
  99. Can't take any missions.
  100. Paints/Skins - Game DVR
  101. Game doesn'r reconise a change of controller
  102. Various and Sundry Bugs
  103. crash while buying ship now cant play the game.
  104. Problems Connecting with Friends
  105. Game invites sending me invites to other games.
  106. Sticky for known issues?
  107. A temporary work around for intant crash as soon as you start open or private game
  108. Screen zooms in a stays that way
  109. Game Crash when opening Bulletin Board
  110. Feature improvement suggestion: "More variety of space port interiors?"
  111. FEATURE ADDITION SUGGESTION: "Map of player progress through the Galaxy" ?
  112. Bulletin board text errors
  113. Unable to load commander data please Help
  114. Unusually Long Travel Time
  115. Suggestion. Payment options
  116. controls unresponsive after reset of character
  117. failed to load cmdr
  118. Insurance: Rebuy Cost gone completly wrong (18.446.744.073.709.547.520 CR)
  119. Simple 'Light' Suggestion
  120. Throttle changes by self when returning from FA-off
  121. input lag severe on game
  122. Startup from Sleeping Xbox
  123. Save date failed to load.
  124. flickering HUD during Interdiction
  125. Screen locking and buzzing on logging in (xbox one)
  126. Shadowing gently broken (Minor Graphical Glitch)
  127. Minor Shadowing Glitch
  128. Really Bad Audio Distortion @ 16 Eta Sagittae / MACGREGOR CITY
  129. No open play?
  130. Screen Cut off
  131. interdiction and beyond
  132. Loss of function for weapons, landing gear and cargo scoop after completing hyperdrive or supercruise in solo or open play
  133. Search box bug in Galaxy Map
  134. Game crashes and missing cargo
  135. Selling a ship gives connection error on transaction server
  136. Fail to sign in
  137. no options on main menu screen
  138. Diamondback Scout Utility slot error.
  139. you might want to edit your website
  140. LOAD FAILED: Problem Retrieving Commander Data...
  141. Unable to Load Game properly?
  142. Unable To Load Commander Data
  143. Bug when firing guns, drains the wrong ammo clip
  144. Drunken NPC pilot in super cruise
  145. A few problems
  146. smuggling missions do not improve trade statistics
  147. Front Menu Problems
  148. Collection of bugs & some dreaming
  149. Load failed! On Xbox One.
  150. Load Failed text error
  151. trading in ships credit error
  152. Game BACK UP! :o)
  153. AUTO DOCK: "Crashing Ship Into Advertising Buoys on way into station airlock"
  154. federal security forces constantly attacking each other in RES
  155. Can't scroll down when turning in cartographics
  156. Shield Cell Banks not working?
  157. Imperial Courier Purchasing Issues
  158. My latest bugs and or issues
  159. Really annoying freezing.
  160. Two big bugs
  161. federal promotion mission bug.
  162. Rebuy cost
  163. Xbox One Trial Bug
  164. crashing on exit from hyperdrive
  165. Game Crashes Upon Approach to Destination
  166. Searching in the Galaxy Map doesn't allow multiple search.
  167. Game freeze
  168. Get paid...to die?
  169. Drones
  170. found a bug that has only happened for me in system lhs 3479
  171. Bulletin Boards not working properly
  172. Crash to Dashboard upone exit of hyperdrive
  173. Bulkheads not showing info
  174. Crashes Frequently
  175. Screen diming
  176. Bulletin Board showing Variable Names
  177. Cannot outfit utility hardpoints
  178. Galaxy Map
  179. Game Crash - Can't connect to multiplayer server
  180. Stuck in planet's rings
  181. Module outfitting error
  182. Crashed when coming out of hypercruise
  183. Multiple text input fields
  184. Upload and Achievements in ED Preview
  185. SIGNIFICANT AUDIO DROPOUT/DISTORTION WHEN FUEL SCOOP ENGAGES (primarily effects rear channel of my DTS surround sound system)
  186. Label for A+Up while in SuperCruise should indicate Disable/Exit FSD mode
  187. RFE: death by no-O2 should fade to black, not explode
  188. The word "artifact" is misspelled in game missions (artefact)
  189. errors with the game xbox one
  190. Unable to join Open Play
  191. Game crashed, now with loading save it keeps crashing.
  192. Crash on Splash Screen
  193. FSD Crash
  194. Game Crash While Picking Up Mission
  195. New ship achievement failed to unlock
  196. Federal promotion
  197. Bounty B.S.
  198. Trading old ship for new one makes me pay more for the ship?
  199. Xbox One - Sound Tearing
  200. Unidentified Signal Source Have Nothing In Them
  201. Fuel Reservoir Depleting
  202. No Reboot/Repair or Self Destruct Functions
  203. TARGET Panel Zoom Mode
  204. Wing invite crash
  205. Trading Statistic
  206. Blackhole's heat will not let you escape.
  207. Hard crash traveling to Eravate
  208. main menu bug
  209. Game crashing & Exiting to XboxOne Dashboard - Open Play
  210. Galaxy Map Search Bug
  211. Downloaded the Xbox One trial version and get an 0x8000000b error on install
  212. Show build/version number on startup screen, or corner of screen in main menu
  213. sound distorts at RES site in High density fights
  214. Internet drop out
  215. Failed attempt with Cargo scoop
  216. Sound Tearing
  217. galactic map freezing on certain search (crown ring)
  218. Rank promotion in wrong faction
  219. Help with controls
  220. Skins from the store
  221. Xbox seizing?
  222. Galaxy Map - Controls
  223. npc interdiction from hell
  224. Regarding the Audio Distortion Issues listed in the KNOWN ISSUES thread above.
  225. Graphic/Rendering Lag Frame Rate Dropping Issues using the Preview Dashboard
  226. Crash to Dashboard after new patch 26th June
  227. Can't acces the game on XBOX ONE
  228. No key binding for selecting next system in plotted route
  229. FOV slider/HUD slider
  230. Transaction text disappears
  231. [XBOX One] No Boost with full capacitors and all power to engines.
  232. Sound Tearing Still Present After Update
  233. crash in start area
  234. Can't see other players in open play
  235. I miss the 'dot' in the center of the screen
  236. Game Crashing
  237. Graphical bug/gameplay bug
  238. Money making bug/Maybe?
  239. Game Crash when switching ships
  240. Mass lock stuck
  241. Stuck Bounty
  242. Waypoint Not Showing Up On Screen At Times
  243. Game keeps crashing
  244. First impressions and questions about XBox One ED Capabilities
  245. Game crashes Shortly after joining wing with friends
  246. Crash to dashboard
  247. Game crash every 30 seconds. [Public and private]
  248. Game Crash on loading screen - Open Play
  249. Xbox one Screen region/Safe area
  250. Crash on jump too Mbayo
  251. Ship Voice barely audible
  252. Can we have an option to turn on/of FXAA please?
  253. Lots of crashing
  254. Xbox over heating
  255. Constant crash to dashboard!