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  1. Does this mean....
  2. Sorry sorry sorry - this is the is it not 7pm already thread?
  3. Unoffical Corvette thread.
  4. Unofficial Imperial Cutter Thread
  5. 1.5 beta and steam?
  6. Unofficial Keelback Thread
  7. So, assuming all goes well, what is it you're going to be testing/trying first?
  8. Specific Beta Tests?
  9. Teleport back to inhabited space
  10. Can we have some locations with capital ships in CZ ?
  11. 1.5 Launcher download has stalled
  12. It's the little things
  13. Beta station
  14. 1.4 bugs fixed in 1.5
  15. Materials
  16. Bi-weave Shields
  17. Good job :D
  18. Unofficial Viper MK 4 Thread
  19. Oh, this I like....
  20. Supercruise Stuttering gone?
  21. What does reputation 1% or 0% mean?
  22. Changes in interface
  23. Just lost over 600M !!!
  24. Where can you buy a Cobra Mk4?
  25. Planetary Approach suite?
  26. Anaconda cockpit offset still wrong
  27. VR things
  28. FSD Boost?
  29. FSD Boost?
  30. Wheres my download?
  32. Nav Route lost on Jump
  33. Corvette vs Cutter Megathread
  34. Typo in Corvette description
  35. Performance - extreme stuttering and choppy audio in 1.5 beta
  36. Bought a Corvette and lost my old ship
  37. What's the point?
  38. Controls Settings for DRIVING
  39. Network Timeout trying to Upgrade to Beta 1.5
  40. Asp Explorer for 666k?
  41. Tabs in Ship Yard are not fully clickable
  42. So... What about the graphics?
  43. Hard points are not retracting correctly
  44. Jump ranges of the new ships (bare-bones)
  45. 1.5 testing the ships.
  46. Shield Cell Banks and Heat
  47. Imperial Cutter and the slot
  48. Old ships dead cheap???
  49. How big is the 1.5 beta ?
  50. Target Panel and Systems Panel are smaller
  51. Corvette/cutter internals: too much?
  52. [Possible Bug] Dropped out at RES, all blue things aligned. Still 100km from centre.
  53. Doubling your jump range
  54. Thank you for designing this nice trade ship !!
  55. CQC imperial fighter?
  56. SCB recharge time unacceptable
  57. Shock mine launcher beta 1.5
  58. THE most important addition in 1.5... where is it?
  59. Lost more than half my credits!
  60. Unusual NPC actions
  61. Framerate drop on SC thread
  62. Major Faction Rank Bars...
  63. Request: Filter option for Internal Compartments
  64. The 1.5 Beta VR Thread
  65. Leaving the Station BUG.... in an Imperial Cutter...
  66. Opinions on Corvette jump range?
  67. New Mines
  68. Feedback on Rescue missions
  69. No Asp Scout thread yet? :)
  70. New ships to be found where?
  71. 1.5 Naval Rank Bar
  72. Rank requirements for Cutter/Corvette
  73. Mouse widget stretched
  74. New Mission Types: Hostage
  75. Livery glitches
  76. Panel Sizes
  77. Beware fsd bootup time
  78. Ships still spinning in RES when fired upon. Though they have seemed to sober up. No crashing into astroids.
  79. System map - Info tab - object info fading away
  80. effect on your normal game?
  81. The keelback has a fighter bay?
  82. Braben Bobble Graphical Bug
  83. NO Hull/Heat damage when crashing into a star, what?
  84. loading game screen freeze....cannot load game
  85. Unable to Re-arm weapons
  86. New Economy Type
  87. Scaling heat generation penalty for sequenced SCB's
  88. New Missions thread
  89. Viper MK IV Cockpit Design
  90. New Mission Type: 2 part Smuggling
  91. FSD Boost?
  92. Make it easier to swap betweeen your ships
  93. Fragment Cannons, still only 30 rounds!
  94. Does the "HORIZONS - BETA" in the frontier store give access to 1.5 beta?
  95. Cutter Power Plant B8
  96. System Map Tab Persistence
  97. No more iPad screen
  98. Beta FAQs
  99. Where to find cutter that is not in Jamiesons Terminal
  100. oculus view
  101. No Stutter in SC or entering /exiting Frameshift
  102. Beta 1.5 (first impression....WOW!)
  103. 1.5 Beta
  104. Hull tanking
  105. Cargo Material Refinery display
  106. Can't drop into Salvageable Wreckage
  107. NPC with Cobra Mk IV sighted
  108. Unable to self-destruct
  109. Premature Expiring Limpets
  110. The Imperial Cutter is nothing more than a trader.
  111. How to get the Cutter out of the station?
  112. desktop jump
  113. Can't find the toggle key for orbit lines in the settings menu
  114. Control Options is getting ridiculously long, here is the solution
  115. Module Power-up Times
  116. No new C4 weapons? That makes me a sad panda.
  117. Still Black screen in almost every hyperjump
  118. The moles are back
  119. They fixed the CQC annouuncement. Thank you.
  120. Systems Panel
  121. A look at the new damage decals on the Viper MKIV
  122. Missing ships when at station bug
  123. Federal Corvette Hitbox
  124. Chaff hard to see
  125. Anyone else seeing frozen NPC's in the stations?
  126. The Cutter IS a beauty!
  127. Spanish version does not seem available
  128. Stations to purchase Cutter and Corvette?
  129. Cargo transfer
  130. Okay, does anyone remember where I parked the Python ?
  131. new ships cockpits.... lazy!
  132. Anyone Else having Server issues tonight? Several disconnects?
  133. Ok, most important thing of 1.5 works
  134. 1 out of 5 do premium beta backers get their free ship?
  135. This O'Neill Class Battle Cruiser mentioned in the Corvette's Description
  136. Cargo on new ships - Cannot use second Class 8 Slot - Reserved for Planetary Approach Suite
  137. Corvette, Cutter and Anaconda masslocks.
  138. Cutter/Corvette CZ value (Combat Bond)
  139. Distress Call
  140. Exception updating file...
  141. Keeping "balance" among ships :(
  142. Is the Cobra MKIV in beta 1.5?
  143. Booted out to main menu
  144. The fighter curse
  145. Galactic Map Size Varies
  146. More then 10000's LY away makes it hard for testing ships.
  147. Best place to try all ships? (I dont have founders world access)
  148. 15. and Russian localization (1.5. и русская локализация)
  149. Shield cell heat feedback poll
  150. Bug: All stored ships inaccessible
  151. Download still slow
  152. The new SCB/Hull meta makes combat much more interesting, please don't water it down.
  153. SCB Nerf not balanced between Small and Large Ships
  154. Waaaaay too easy...
  155. People getting upset by the extreme changes.
  156. Well, not liking the Justice System change....
  157. Imperial Cutter - Trader stats
  158. horizons beta should give access to 1.5 beta, no?
  159. Ship Comparison
  160. Adjusted a couple of the Anaconda loadouts to make sure all Anaconda's have turrets of some sort
  161. New mission types
  162. why lock the old ship in 1.5beta???
  163. Multicannon sounds
  164. Locations for Keelback and Asp Scout please
  165. Cutter Launch issue
  166. ship size and contact missions
  167. New Viper vs Federal Corvette - An action packed review
  168. heat sink launcher needs 1 extra shot
  169. CTD while fiddling with galaxy & system maps
  170. The status of Bi-Weave shield generator
  171. Are the New Commodities Icons Overbearing?
  172. Combat zones and haz res close to Shinrarta?
  173. One of the biggest annoyances to explorers, solved!
  174. Insurance screen: Confirm old loadout doesn't respond to mouse click
  175. Cutter Canopy
  176. Enjoyed My 4-Part Mission; Good Storytelling Potential
  177. The screen between the pilot's legs is gone!
  178. BETA TESTING in the DARK
  179. Problems on Mac
  180. [suggestion] Low Energy Wakes from Rendezvous
  181. Unable to download 1.5 beta due to server problems!
  182. Direct Contact Transport missions *might* want a larger payout.
  183. Server Problems.
  184. Transaction screen, bounty info
  185. Cutter/Corvette NPCs - anyone seen them?
  186. Stars and flares graphical glitches
  187. Cargo Filters
  188. Kicked out of game on almost every in-game transition.
  189. Hutton orbital mission
  190. System map finger trouble.
  191. Will 1.5 beta client/download be the same for Horizons beta/download?
  192. How are you guys finding the frame rate in the big ships
  193. NPC Shield Loadouts
  194. Anaconda vs Corvette vs Cutter
  195. Salvage mission with conflicting goal
  196. Ranking up!!
  197. Bad UI in system map
  198. FSD turn on delay time
  199. Graphics issues (ultra settings): shadow from my ship on ateroid level of detail sudden change and strange look
  200. Help. I'm in deep space.....
  201. Mission system generates multi-part mission with a station arrival point 156k ls from star
  202. No fines section in Transaction/Mission tab. ?! what has changed and why?
  203. Ship missing from station
  204. Salvagable Wreck sites broken
  205. PSA: Leave landing gear down for Cutter to egress station mail-slot
  206. Matchmaking sever problems
  207. Combined Cargo/Materials/Refinery Menu
  208. Ennemy shields are unresponsive
  209. The 10 cr bug
  210. Bobblehead Art Issue
  211. Will 1.5 Beta End Before Horizons Beta? Or Will We Have Both Betas At The Same Time?
  212. That's not a staircase, it's a...
  213. Garrison Supplies in 1.5
  214. unable to deliver misions
  215. Interior decals
  216. Suggestion re filters on 1.5 navigation screen
  217. Server disconnects
  218. Bye bye Tronda, hello Trutter?
  219. TrackIR problem after 1.4 still not fixed.
  220. matchmaking server connection issues
  221. Hyperjump Troubles!!!!
  222. No comms and crashes when entering system map
  223. Stuck on upgrade
  224. Does the Asp Scout need some love?
  225. Game freezes on loading screen
  226. Issues with leaving Station in Cutter
  227. Issues with display of utility mounts corvette
  228. Seven Ships?
  229. Quick Feedback for 1.5
  230. Imperial Cutter HUD just doesn't FEEL right.
  231. Show us when a module has finished booting up
  232. ObsidianAnt - Ship comparison vids
  233. BUG impossible to get out of a station. / imperial cutter
  234. How to attack a wanted ship with turrets/fire at will?
  235. Mouse cursor - hotpoint in the middle of the cursor graphic
  236. Galaxy Map Window does not fit screen
  237. DB in my Cutter!
  238. Mouse Commands on Shipyard screen spotty
  239. Multi Stage Missions
  240. What happened to the small center screen between pilot's legs?
  241. Hull reinformcements?
  242. A lot of empty signal sourses
  243. PvP is dead, long live PvP: Wing strategy in 1.5
  244. AI in 1.5
  245. Would not quit to workbench (I mean windows).
  246. Mac client VERY SLUGGISH
  247. Missions Tab for "Open Galaxy map"
  248. Request for Timeline Order in Transaction Tab Menu
  249. C2 Plasma Accelerators
  250. I killed the "Enemy" and found myself wanted
  251. Hull Reinforcement Packs
  252. Shipyard says "You have too many ships stored here"
  253. I Killed a Pirate ! But I didn't get credit for doing so ...
  254. Hazardous Goods missions
  255. Mouse buttons recognition suspect