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  1. Big Horizons Beta SRV meetup
  2. Server refused to provide installer
  3. After 25 years. Thank you.
  4. Where do we get an SRV??
  5. your client is too new
  6. No 64-bit Horizons Beta launcher?
  7. The framerate seems to be very low...
  8. Amazing
  9. SRV ships
  10. Beta FAQ - Horizons
  11. No Planetary Landing Modules
  12. Fer de lance - jump range
  13. SRV Throttle - Big Issue!
  14. SRV Axis - No Mouse sensitivity
  15. middle console. need to be abel to turn off
  16. Download successful, Unable to connect to server
  17. 32 & 64 bit 1.5 beta but no 2.0???
  18. Beta thinks I don't have Horizons?
  19. Download link not present
  20. Statistics for CMDR reversed.
  21. Planetary starting position / SRV not equipped
  22. SRV fuel consumption - too fast
  23. Right Hand Panel - Status-Statistics
  24. So no Cobra MkIV for beta?
  25. Beta download not showing up.
  26. Lifetime Expansion pass but no 1.5 beta
  27. FPS issues during descent and glide.
  28. VR camera still causing nausea in horizons beta
  29. Thought so I need a new GPU!
  30. Ship purchase locations
  31. Might need to check your resolution in options.
  32. Rather cheesed off..
  33. Some issues but overall impressive!
  34. Once again: kudos to the sound department
  35. How do you get back in your ship
  36. Track ir problems
  37. Loving the System map showing planets with stations and landable planets
  38. Hostage Missions
  39. How to get back in ship when ship is below surface?
  40. possible bug: ship frozen on surface after returning to it
  41. I'm New - Beta & Horizons Question
  42. Really Peed off - lost lots of stuff!!!!!!!
  43. help!
  44. Estimated download time display in launcher
  45. Srv problems
  46. Found a chunk of bronzite chondrite - now what to do?
  47. Please change the control panel size
  48. Anyone figure out how to get materials yet?
  49. Cobra Mk.IV Feedback
  50. dont friend yourself
  51. Can you see what your ships are at a station?
  52. Some screenshots from Horizons
  53. Dear FD, have I already won Horizons?
  54. Beta 2.0 start position problem
  55. Frag Cannon Not Fully Stocked
  56. Cannot Install "Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  57. Planet Landings...so you can only...
  58. Initial reaction...
  59. Can you dock with an SRV?
  60. Exploration data (system maps missing?)
  61. Crafted ammo overpowered
  62. Fix for the auto center for us VR users...is it coming?
  63. Horizons Launcher
  64. Distress Beacon bug
  65. What a waste of time and money.
  66. Alocating joystick and throttle stick controls to SRV clears the flight control ones in options screen
  67. What is the total size of the download?
  68. Could getting the Horizons Beta be any less intuitive? :-( Confused here.
  69. Holy God Beta is AWESOME.
  70. first impression
  71. No control options for SRV
  72. First SRV drive - got lost at a starbase and could not find the ship again
  73. Control Via Keyboard and Mouse
  74. So I did it..................
  75. anyone else getting stupidly slow dl rate ?
  76. Drive on the Left...
  77. Someone help me with the planet landing
  78. No Apparent SLI Support
  79. Horizons screenies
  80. Floating star port on Hyroks 2
  81. Wave Scanner thingy
  82. SRVs reaction to Throttle axis after tapping fixed Reverse Button weird ?
  83. PC restarting
  84. OK so how good a buggy driver are you?
  85. To the CMDR who's Sidewinder I destroyed.
  86. Major Canopy Problem
  87. FSD Boost
  88. Stuff I miss on the SRV
  89. Missions are now JUST right
  90. Rather disappointed to be honest Launcher issues again.
  91. Beta first issue?
  92. My first impressions of Horizons, with some suggestions FWIW
  93. A rare mineral indeed
  94. Journey to the centre of Asellus 3B (and a little feedback)
  95. Devs, hear my plea :(
  96. can we post images and video public?
  97. Anybody got elite dangerous horizons is needed to access this content ?
  98. New Key Bindings Should Have Logical Defaults Under Custom Controls
  99. Theres really nothing to do, i feel like i wasted $60
  100. Cannot take off
  101. Is there a keybind to toggle menu activation in VR?
  102. binds profile, anyone who has a good one?
  103. Loving the new look for the planets
  104. Mission: "one of our pilots is missing" on Planet...
  105. Flying the Ship in the shadows (Canyons) or the dark side of a Planet
  106. So.... Anyone else crashed yet?
  107. VR DK2 Testing - SRV easily cases nausea at present and menus too close
  108. SRV are Ammo
  109. Higher end hardware demands
  110. Trespassing after logout?
  111. Materials: Anyone find any yet?
  112. Best place to park your SRV
  113. L:ifetime member launcher shows horizon with Play button but have not downloaded it.
  114. Bored...
  115. I have my share of omplaints having played Horizons Beta
  116. Orbital cruise..
  117. Note ot all SRV users - turn drive assist ON
  118. 1.5 and 2.0 Installs
  119. Planetary Vehicle Hangar - Energy
  120. 2.0 beta in launcher, play button doesnt work
  121. If anyone is wondering about shooting from the SRV cockpit ...
  122. Open the gates - Mission
  123. Thank you FD!
  124. Dont run out of power, How the heck do I return to Docks on Surface?
  125. Repair SRV
  126. my 2 hours
  127. They weren't kidding about the min requirements!
  128. ctd's
  129. Relogged Inside Planet
  130. Can someone suggest a control scheme for SRV or is there a default one?
  131. My favourite feature of Horizons so far...
  132. lost items
  133. "Can`t connect to Frontier Servers"
  134. Can't return to my ship!
  135. SRV - Fuel and Exploration
  136. Just Mitterland Hollow
  137. Constant matchmaking errors...in solo.
  138. Planetary CZ
  139. Hey FD! where my Horizons launcher???
  140. Anyone Getting 2.0 Installation Errors on Launcher for Connection Timing out to Remote Servers?
  141. SRV fuel suggestion (solar panels and florescent materials)
  142. Is this supossed to be legal?
  143. Points of Interest?
  144. Skimmer Bug
  145. Accelerate SRV
  146. Thank you lord for teaching me patience and humility...
  147. Panels blocking view in SRV
  148. Launching the SRV
  149. Europa following me around
  150. So I lost my ship
  151. From space station to planet surface, in normal flight...?
  152. Snappy snaps
  153. Epic Fun - FPS OK - keeps throwing me out with Matchmaking Server error
  154. Cobra Mk IV: Speed... did frontier make a mistake?
  155. Set off in buggy, but now I can't remember where I parked my ship.
  156. wheres my buggy?
  157. Horizons Beta - Where do I get the SRV hanger?
  158. Takes me longer to land on a moon in ED than it does in KSP
  159. SRV Maintenance
  160. SRV Makes Me Want to Puke
  161. Beta noob question money
  162. Ships interior colors now change with HUD colors
  163. Glide mechanic?
  164. SRV seems a tad too fragile
  165. Cool discovery
  166. SRV Drive Assist and Thruster Operation Seems too Weak
  167. Oddball : Galaxy Map is showing me one of my Ships is stored in a System that has only an Outpost (?)
  168. Performance
  169. First try at landing on the planet
  170. Anyone else....
  171. Nice Job on the Sound Effects !
  172. Anywhere besides Dalton Gateway selling the Federal Corvette?
  173. The Moon
  174. Did anyone said...scale?
  175. Found Cargo Rack on ground
  176. Rank for Cutter/Corvette known yet? Still downloading.
  177. Error 404: Planet not found
  178. Curious if there is a Beta Manual?
  179. Data Link usage?
  180. So how do I find points of interest on planets? Missions etc?
  181. Open query/opinions about the Planet Graphics vs. Performance
  182. After SRV destruction..a new planetary hangar ?
  183. Galaxy Map is off Left Side of Screen again
  184. iCutter SRV unit missing?
  185. How Do I enter or interact with a planet base?
  186. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!
  187. Is It possible to set turret control to "Mouse Look" ?
  188. Can you add these "Materials" to Mining as Well?
  189. Editing graphics setting from graphics config.xml
  190. Either sidewinders are very much weaker, or combat is very much more difficult
  191. Landing on planets
  192. Why are there 4 vehicle slots?
  193. Running horizons beta on intel graphics cards
  194. SRV
  195. Midnight paint jobs - not available?
  196. How to pick up metal I find on the surface?
  197. SRV refueling.
  198. SRV needs more axis options
  199. Laser Rangefinder for geographical features is needed
  200. Can't connect to Frontier servers
  201. Diamondback Explorer No Longer Viable
  202. Data Point?
  203. Start session clipped under planet
  204. Question on Full Planetary gear costs
  205. Purple circles on radar
  206. How do you find your ship once docked?
  207. The Surface Maps purpose?
  208. On the surface how to use outposts?
  209. Feedback: Ramming skimmers incurs no penalty.
  210. Planet Geology is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!
  211. please help with planetary landing
  212. Login Failure - Different than other kinds?
  213. Question about Horizon Beta
  214. Anyone having trouble docking with the srv?
  215. [REQUEST] default selection when returning to ship in the srv
  216. How to call back your ship when on the surface?
  217. Throttle forward to reverse?
  218. Server crashed while flying over the surface and when I relogged I was inside the planet
  219. 2nd Cockpit??
  220. I need help with SRV controls
  221. [Video] Comprehensive Overview/Guide: New Features & Mechanics (concise)
  222. I need help with SRV controls
  223. New Black Hole feature or bug?
  224. SLI not working
  225. Clingy Planets
  226. Graphic bug on every planet..at least for me.
  227. Explorers and Srv use.
  228. The "can I land this?" thruster thread.
  229. SRV
  230. Returning to ship near outpost?
  231. {Audio} Constant, high pitched engine whine present in a ships
  232. Fun: Raid Mining Installation
  233. Glide flight
  234. Someone should record a ship performing a low pass being recorded from the SRV
  235. Whats the difference between the Hangar Modules?
  236. servers down?
  237. SRV multicrew
  238. [Suggestion] Due to SRV module addition, create combined limpet and scanners to save internals
  239. The SRV is awful
  240. Scarab turret mouse controls reversed
  241. Falling through the station floor in my SRV
  242. Dear Frontier, Lets Try Something Different For This Beta
  243. Post where to buy beta ships here
  244. Cannot Land on Silicate Volcanism Moon with no atmosphere
  245. So I found a mesosiderite in my SRV
  246. Can we have SRV auto pickup all materials it drives over?
  247. That must be a bug? right!
  248. New and Confused - SRV and Planet landings
  249. Unable to complete download "Validation error"
  250. Planet's textures change brightness as you close in
  251. Disconnected and unable to re-enter ship
  252. Control Options for the SRV
  253. Planet landings aren't ship exclusive!
  254. Client too old? was just in.
  255. How to complete a surface salvage mission?