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  1. Upcoming 2.1 Beta Test List
  2. Reminder: This forum is for feedback and discussion. Please post all bugs and issues to the bug reports forum.
  3. Beta install is on the Steam launcher?!
  4. Beta FAQ - 2.1 Engineers
  5. Module and Ship prices have no discount!
  6. engineers Donate button
  7. Problems With Beta (Not Bug)
  8. Lifetime pass owner bought 15-08-2016 with beta
  9. Things of note
  10. Keep getting error after finishing download..
  11. found bug when interdicting a player
  12. Mission Board Feedback
  13. FDL heat nerf is crazy
  14. Is there anyway to change the FOV in beta ?
  15. "Reduce camera shake" is so good (for me).
  16. Shiny
  17. How do I disable fog inside stations?
  18. Nav beacon system info, how to access?
  19. Unplayable
  20. 6000 Ly from a station
  21. Please reconsider limited lifetime on materials in space
  22. Planet Search - recsue and surface exploration - update / upgrades
  23. Loot
  24. Is there a 4 class pulse fixed
  25. System map unusable with hotas.
  26. Outfitting the Livery, Spoiler, Wings, Tail and Bumper!
  28. How're the new performance size 2-3 drives?
  29. Outfitting - Thumbs up
  30. Who made the npc portraits ?
  31. System Map - Issue with delayed opening
  32. Server disconnects after Donating 240.000 Cr (donation mission)
  33. Same old stuff not fixed?
  34. Encrypted Data Salvage Mission
  35. people run away
  36. Outfitting Navigation -
  37. How do you hand in missions?
  38. Conda Multicannon setup and USS Threat Level 4
  39. Please show discovered engineer names on galaxy map
  40. Mission Giver - giving attitude to high influence player. Why? What is giver's Rank? Clues?
  41. Any good stuff for PvP piracy in there? If so, how efficient is it?
  42. Anyone seen any planet siide missions?
  43. Please give us back auto-throttle-down when game is unfocused!
  44. FDev - Please give some guidance on Expansion and Retreat, or they will not get tested properly during beta
  45. new reflection in cockpit is terrible
  46. timezone for the clock
  47. Self Destruct..
  48. No beta for me?
  49. Hyperspace hypersleep
  50. A few issues
  51. Key Bindings
  52. New Traffic Control, isn't it supposed to be personal - type of ship/part of cmdr name?
  53. Salvage after battles
  54. Well....
  55. Outfitting UI
  56. Can the button combination info popup be disabled?
  57. I am liking it
  58. AI Brave Sir Robin'ing?
  59. Why two separate downloads, 1.6 Missions and 2.1 Engineers?
  60. Positive feedback
  61. Shipyard missing from system CD-61 6801 Moon CD-61 6801 1D Gamow Bastion (Ground Base)
  62. How to level up crafting?
  63. Return of the 5minute plus hyperspace jump.
  64. Liking the new USSes FDev
  65. View engineers
  66. How to get the Known Engineers screen?
  67. Anyone got the Bookmarks Working ?
  68. Cant locate engineers base...
  70. New planet graphics
  71. Can't Download Beta "unhandeled exception during project update"
  72. Multiple CMDR Addition
  73. Before I post to the bug-thread, has the Discovery Scanner changed?
  74. Bounty hunters better rethink their loadouts and power requirements
  75. Screenshots
  76. Materials - space vs ground
  77. Datalink SRV not working?
  78. Near surface Ship to NPC Ship combat
  79. Less headmovement??? Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  80. NPC's Not Fun To Fight
  81. silent running pvp meta RIP
  82. Trying out engineers upgrades?
  83. Which Beta Should We Use?
  84. Blowing up srv to teleport home with exploration data loophole is closed
  85. fuel scoop is ninja quiet
  86. Mission System broken?
  87. 'upgrade' button does jack squat
  88. Can't upgrade? Can't play?
  89. Where to buy every ships and modules ?
  90. FD Please remove the big black banner.
  91. Solution to not being able to upgrade
  92. Some Feedback So Far
  93. FD don't listen to the complaints, NPC are smart now and ppl have to adapt
  94. SMAA not working in beta 2?
  95. cant get in
  96. Where's the HMD reset button?
  97. How to improve standing with engineer?
  98. How are missiles now?
  99. Camera Clipping Through Lights In Ground Station Outfitting
  100. System Map : How are people using this in VR?
  101. FSD range modification
  102. Overal feelings from The Engineers
  103. How the .... do I reset HUD colors to default?
  104. Is there a list of where to source Engineers components (or have I started one?)
  105. Heat Sink Ammo??
  106. Still impossible to store more than 24 ships at one station
  107. Material Storage needs increase
  108. Shipyards
  109. Scooping with Clipper?
  110. Railgun Heat
  111. cobra 4 engines
  112. Failing to update
  114. What are Ship Kits and how do I get them?
  115. Solar Panels on Stations and Outposts
  116. Low Temperature diamond
  117. Elite Beta: A Quick Look at Lots of Bits [Long Rambling Vid]
  118. Server issues anyone ?
  119. The Baron Aint Overly Impressed
  120. Asp Explorer HUD issues.
  121. All the PP modules at Jameson Memorial...
  122. Mission reasons
  123. Is there Too Much Grinding for Engineer Upgrades?
  124. Faces of Faction leaders - a small observation (V2.1.02)
  125. Mission Givers are ... Blue?
  126. "- Add system X, Y, Z co-ordinates to network log"
  127. Failed to read from response stream. Network connection closed.
  128. Engineers Beta stops the sounds from all other apps on the PC
  129. The Deweller's Outfitting Revealed
  130. Can mission boards still be exploited ?
  131. Loot drops
  132. Distant Worlds Decal
  133. NPC running away (NOT A RANT!)
  134. NPC portraits take long to load
  135. The New AI is Brilliant
  136. Do cutters/corvettes appear in Naval beacons and RES sites?
  137. Reusable limpets
  138. Did 2.1 break this "feature" or was it a bug all along?
  139. I like it a lot.
  140. Engine inhibitor beam/hull upgrade
  141. Please reconsider allowing you to sign up to CGs from any station
  142. For those with No Beta Access....
  143. Anyone else's 5.1 sound not working in Beta?
  144. Lack of clarity for engineer progression requirement
  145. Increase maximum volume of traffic control com's
  146. Please confirm, Heatsink ammo reduction from 3 to 4
  147. 300 micro resource limit isn't enough storage
  148. ED64 1.6 Beta Install - Failed to read from response stream
  149. Weird star textures from great distances
  150. The sounds have improved, but .....
  151. SRV throttle stuck on..
  152. Perfect update
  153. pictures random?
  154. Awesome
  155. Outfitting why so many clicks!!
  156. I'm not sending pizza for the devs.
  157. The mission, nav beacons and new uss for mission.
  158. New imperial seats.
  159. Do armed to the teeth Pythons an Anacondas still get interdicted by harmless sideys?
  160. Mission to destroy generator but cant destroy nothing on the base
  161. Poll : Should engineers progression be mission based
  162. Sound FX possible bug?
  163. Format of Outfitting window - resize icons and modify formatting - Request
  164. Only indication of shipping lanes is text?
  165. Can't connect to matchmaking server
  166. Ice mining needs MASSIVE buff
  167. [VR] Any other players finding the new head position uncomfortable?
  168. So, about those new small enhanced thrusters...
  169. Materials in space
  170. I think I'm going blind...or missed something! SRV hangars?
  171. Local Chat Messages Fade Away
  172. Beta 2.1: My first impression
  173. How do the thruster buffs work?
  174. How to download beta from Oculus 1.3?
  175. Fuel scoop sound missing?
  176. Two American Accents... WHY?
  177. Micro Stutter in Astroid Belt
  178. No stock on SRV?
  179. Nerf the game breaking robigo missions
  180. Ice rings are back to awesome
  181. AI scales with combat rank?
  182. Secret missions? How do I?
  183. Met 2 lawless ships above planet surface, deadly combat.
  184. Small ship reverse speed.
  185. Are RES sites somewhat broken in location placements?
  186. Can the Sidewinder Perpetually boost now?
  187. FSD malfunctions
  188. Raise the materials limit to 1000 or higher
  189. FSD jump range mod?
  190. The new NPC's and the Cutter.
  191. How Engineers Should Work
  192. Paintjob wear and tear and damage decals
  193. Beta Installation Error-Oculus Version
  194. Robigo No Smuggling Missions
  195. At risk of being shouted at i have no 2.1 beta option in my launcher after upgrading.
  196. Ships' Kits - Tell me more....
  197. [Oculus] - The system map starts too close to your face
  198. News regarding the big ships - Vette, Conda, Cutter, Python, and Clipper
  199. Galaxy Map: Jump lines 'spiderweb' issue
  200. New Huge Weapons Impressions
  201. I own Horizons, Am I???
  202. Improved looting
  203. Request...
  204. Mining gots complicated
  205. Black Bar has to Go
  206. Beta beginnings - Start point changed!
  207. Police response is much better!
  208. Vindicator Jones - Beta First Impressions
  209. crash to desktop when open engineers window
  210. System security in HAZ RES
  211. So carrying a large bounty is brutal now.
  212. Is there a way to turn asteroids back on for the radar? Also might be time for some minor collector limpet pickup control
  213. Having trouble making more than 3 jumps
  214. Sidewinder Time Trial Race - Enhanced Drives vs Regular Drives (Video)
  215. Radio comms
  216. So I decided to give planetary POIs another shot in engineers...
  217. Do we need to change when bounties pay out?
  218. UAs, Barnacles & More **The Betanaught** - The Canonn
  219. Foreign language setup problems finding engineers
  220. Need more areas like Engineer bases
  221. AWESOME job FD on Planet Grafiks and AI
  222. So the big noob derp question - where do I get the materials for the engineers?
  223. Desktop Shortcuts Move (DSR)
  224. Launcher : Upgrade button not working
  225. Nope, just nope...
  226. can not upgrade
  227. What is "New Materials Cartographic Data" for?
  228. Combat impressions from an Elite Commander.
  229. Second impression
  230. power play weapons
  231. Adam, Engineer Mission interface issues.
  232. You Nailed the Atmosphere, FD
  233. landing problems
  234. Engineer invitations...odd
  235. Wrecks on Planets
  236. Outfitting: Discovery Scanner 10 degrees
  237. So it sounds like FDev should perhaps include some large ship content?
  238. Synergy suggestion
  239. GUI / menu elemment to big
  240. Missions info please ��
  241. Nice increase of difficulty.. but...
  242. Interdictions by NPC's. Any major differences?
  243. Can't update to Beta
  244. Mission screen scrollbar on the "wrong" side?
  245. 3A Enhanced Performance Thrusters are AWESOME
  246. I'm going to miss the descending blast flaps
  247. Complete missions finding named wanted targets.
  248. Where is Jaques Station in 2.1
  249. When is 1.6 & 2.1 available for the masses?
  250. Enhanced class2+3 thrusters location
  251. Shock Mines
  252. Commodities from Missions as rewards
  253. Option to disable the clock?
  254. Changing FOV in beta?
  255. 2.1 Beta suddenly disappeared from launcher