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  1. Active Engineers
  2. Engineering Database And Calculator [Engineers Update]
  3. About the 2.1 BGS
  4. First! : what are we going to have to do get these mods?
  5. Horizons 2.1 (From is it PTW thread)
  6. Post your new 2.1 picture here
  7. Beta backers are you copying folder
  8. Do they fixed the planetary surface lod bug?
  9. Should you try Elite again now that 1.6/2.1 have dropped?
  10. So what about the NPCs?
  11. Holy download speed Batman!
  12. FOV tweak gone in displaysettings.xml
  13. 2.1 Trailer - Did I see what I think I saw?
  14. Drones - Switching ships
  15. No known engineers
  16. Position of the Engineers
  17. My ships all Fouled up
  18. Galaxy map controls
  19. Brabens answers
  20. Meta Alloys Required but barnacles are broken
  21. Need to develop network with 5 black markets
  22. Incomming Neckinjury...
  23. Oh, come *on*...
  24. Engineers - Mission Impossible?
  25. size of patch ??
  26. Multi 4 class ANYONE?
  27. Horrid Blue stripe in hanger from light strip - please remove
  28. Meta-Alloys ? NO!
  29. Planets sure are looking much better now than in beta. Video
  30. Came Back for One Hour...
  31. 2 quick questions
  32. Thanks FD
  33. Combat zones eh?
  34. Sort out the clock and menus please
  35. fonts in SuperSampling x2
  36. Ship to ship cargo transfer
  37. exiting orbital cruise
  38. Both sides of the combat coin
  39. Great work FD Devs, what I've seen so far! :-)
  40. Got charged ship rebuy cost for destroyed srv
  41. Separate Forum For Engineers - Isn't This Part Of Horizon's?
  42. Not impressed
  43. Suggestion: Show if Mats targeted how much you allready carry
  44. So how exactly does an anaconda hurt an eagle now ??
  45. Bulletin Board at Robigo no more available ?
  46. empty cargo racks now lower jump range ?
  47. No POIs?
  48. Maps lies about system state
  49. Anyone else noticed lower fps on planets
  50. NCP Pirates accept Cargo now, Thank you FDev
  51. Finding different mission types in 2.1?
  52. My last few hours in 2.1 Beta....in a nutshell
  53. question about bindings
  54. Mining Improved and Welcomed
  55. Tod McQuinn - Bounty Vouchers?
  56. Difficult mission help
  57. Soontil Relics?
  58. Recall Landing Problems
  59. Felicity farseer joke
  60. Engineers - beautiful job well done!
  61. Lembava State: War
  62. Holy Materials
  63. Robigo Mines no longer gives missions after update.
  64. Overheating near Gas Giants Planet?
  65. Large invisible shards/walls around ground bases
  66. One more reason to buy 9 euro beta!
  67. Confusing Mission Board
  68. Exploration data gone?
  69. Smuggling / cargo missions are awesome fun...and scary
  70. Missing Bi-Weave's?
  71. Many THANKS from Russian community to FD
  72. Xbox 360 controller bindings on PC
  73. Are there any clues or is the player forced to google?
  74. Bounties
  75. I am pretty sure SJA had a surprise for us or then I just lost the edge. Video
  76. Mission Boards can become impossible to complete
  77. Engineers made Elite more beautiful than ever. Video
  78. Holy ploppers! NPC's on Steriods
  79. Soontill is lonely
  80. SRV scanning
  81. Can't turn in courier missions! (2.1)
  82. where do i find Hybred capacitors, and cracked industrial firmware?
  83. Massive Thank you to support staff
  84. Tip for finding engineer materials
  85. Engineer Bookmark?
  86. Livestream-love for shiny Ed and the rest of the FDers
  87. An inventory question
  88. New combat effects?
  89. Unable to complete redirected delivery missions?
  90. Needs An Urgent Change
  91. "NPCs are too easy" "No wait! they are too hard now" "They are too easy again" "Oh noes, I died!" Please, stop it.
  92. falling at sleep...
  93. Barnacle on Merope 5c - What to do...?
  94. Lost missions on upgrade
  95. Post-Beta Combat
  96. Perfect solution to the RNG controversy
  97. So, how does one advance with engineers?
  98. where are engineer invites shown?
  99. Navy Progression Missions
  100. Mission Board - very jarring UI inconsistency
  101. Engineers trailer and what will we see this time round
  102. Mission Cargo
  103. Advanced Drives
  104. Station chatter missing?
  105. Permit unlock mission
  106. Tutorial please
  107. SELL MATERIALS - Please make it Happen!
  108. How fast has everyone managed to go with these new engines?
  109. To DEVs: why the unfair advantage to smaller ships??
  110. Some comments, metal scraps and salty tears
  111. We need better way of finding POIs
  112. Found a weird impact sight on a moon
  113. Little early but, does anyone know the requirements to meet Mr Palin?
  114. Increased Range FSD
  115. Day later: Highs and Lows?
  116. Why does subforum exist? Why live?
  117. Lack of missions
  118. Came back for an hour....
  119. Can you sell engineered equipment to your other ship?
  120. Hardpoints in supercruise
  121. where or how do I get: Incendiary Rounds
  122. Engineers: How come I only see 5 in the list
  123. FIRST THOUGHTS on loading up Engineers
  124. Traders? Any reports from you guys about your profits now BGS states have a greater effect?
  125. unable to complete mission
  126. So, I was sat here wondering about engineer mods...
  127. A few changes that I think must be made now that combat is harder
  128. Mining resources for engineers...
  129. Are NPCs cheating with massively boosted damage since 2.1 or are engineer mods just OP?
  130. My one hour impression of 2.1
  131. One last question for the night...
  132. Stuck after Powerplant upgrade class1 in FARSEER INC
  133. I just love those explosion effects. Video
  134. Engineers progression
  135. Meta Alloy for Felicity Farseer found!
  136. Nickel where for art thou?
  137. Anyone got the Liz Ryder invitation yet?
  138. Where can i find arsenic
  139. Efficent ways of getting stuff for the Engineers..
  140. Do the 1.6 npc's use the uprated weapons and modules that's in 2.1?
  141. Dear Fd, with all the complaints...
  142. Wanted after defending myself
  143. The Engineers Trailer
  144. Has anyone managed to make a mod yet?
  145. Spoiler alert
  146. First encouter of the third kind??
  147. Crashed CQC Ship?
  148. First time in a long time....
  149. Griefers in Maia again
  150. Where to find Cracked Industrial Firmware?
  151. Keep getting stuck between cruise modes..
  152. Why there needs to be a change to the NPC system
  153. Ways to get Praseodymium
  154. Some Questions
  155. Picture frames in Hyper space???
  156. Strange things a foot at Farseer inc, Mobius PVE
  157. Meta-Alloys
  158. Need a good guide
  159. Gone In 60 Seconds!!!
  160. I want a button....
  161. Security forces in hazres?
  162. Finding Upgrade Parts
  163. Keybinding for SRV Data scanning not working
  164. Getting bounty from NPC for ... Absolut no reason ???
  165. Galaxy Map, System Map - Time to Open greatly increased
  166. Engineers sucks. Ruined the Game.
  167. Storage?
  168. Best ship that fits all.
  169. Attention explorers!, you can advance your crafting rank with Felicity by selling exploration data
  170. Some questions regarding cargo...
  171. I hate the Engineers update
  172. 3 Hours of mining gone in gone in 30 SECONDS
  173. Did Galnet tell a porky about Meta Alloys in the Maia system?
  174. Cannot Bounty Hunt in RES - "Clean" Alliance Enforcer Always Spawns first
  175. Single player against land bases impossible?
  176. Is the New AI too Hard? - Sidewinder to HazRES (VIDEO)
  177. Where is this AI thread?
  178. Summary: Engineers, Material requests and Time.
  179. What happens if...
  180. Where are these other options for increasing rep/unlocking engineer upgrades?
  181. Any guides available for how get get Engineer resources
  182. Annoyed.
  183. Useful Links For The Engineers Update
  184. Tip offs! And a thank you.
  185. The game need to be fixed
  186. How to get the reward from a mission contract?
  187. Multiple modifications on same part?
  188. New AI are awesome. Thanks SJA.
  189. Hostage Rescue Missions Impossible?
  190. How to trade in space?
  191. Nav Beacon Mission Scan = Insta Death
  192. Unlocking the engineer in WOLF397
  193. Mission Specific Material Reward : design fail ?
  194. Thank you Game Masters. . . . but
  195. can i use a different ship to collect mats, and then transfer them to my chosen ship to upgrade it?
  196. Interdictions question
  197. Engineered NPCs are eating us alive ???
  198. Problem with Salvage Contract(s)?
  199. targeting change to xb1
  200. How do I get the Engineers update?
  201. Storage Lockers
  202. FAO Moderators
  203. Where do I find "Irregular Emission Data"?
  204. What's your favourite Engineers 2.1 feature?
  205. Soontil relics back in Ngurii system
  206. Lack of direction on where to find each material = FRUSTRATION and BORING GAMEPLAY
  207. To those who say "use turrets"
  208. ways to earn Engineers reputation?
  209. Missions not working
  210. Salvaging wrecks on planets
  211. Time required to find some micro-assets doesn't seem right
  212. Missions now handed out spontaneously in the field?
  213. which types of planets have germanium, arsenic and sulpher?
  214. Do engineers need to invite you? Or can you just go to their location?
  215. Squelch
  216. So tell me. How do you improve your rep with an Engineer?
  217. I saw an engineer that invites you after mining ten ores...
  218. How to get access to Dweller?
  219. Have a question about loot drops.
  220. Missions based on states... or not?
  221. So HUD color tweak not really compatible with 2.1
  222. Engineer Tod 'The Blaster McQuinn
  223. No Station Storage + Engineers = BAD/"Un-Fun" Focus on Ship Cargo Space
  224. Engineers upgrades just for that unit?
  225. Maia system no meta alloys ?
  226. are missions bugged??
  227. Enginieers Update or How to kill the Single Player.
  228. Incremental engineer ranking/ mod levels
  229. Some equipment advice for battling NPCs.
  230. USS Threat levels
  231. best way of finding poi's on planets?
  232. The Loving 2.1 Thread
  233. From the ship sometimes can't target skimmers, sometimes can, sometimes can only target for 2 seconds
  234. Advice on assassination mission please!.
  235. Ready made upgraded components
  236. mistaken, devs delete please
  237. Fantanstic Update -- Lemme tell you a story
  238. Swap my rails for missiles?
  239. Modular Terminals
  240. Losing mats on death?
  241. Asteroids with high content?
  242. Open mode & Serverload
  243. Unclear on the location on firmware...
  244. Where is the new Robigoo in engineers ??
  245. From 'Git Gud' Productions
  246. Moving cargo between ships
  247. Module Upgrades
  248. How I've been adapting to Engineers playstyle...
  249. Ground installation missions solo impossible
  250. Forget the AI difficulty or bugged insta-kill weapons - This is way more creepy
  251. 2.1 Bugs, and other problems with the update
  252. My experience with the engineers update
  253. 2.1 has changed my game.
  254. Wrecked ship mission, buggy?
  255. NPC ships in res sites drop lots of stuff