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  1. Invisible Scans by Authority
  2. Weird graphics artifacts, not game breaking
  3. Account & Technical Support
  4. Can't install 64bit 1.5 - the given key was not present in the library
  5. Version number still displayed
  6. Planet surface models suddenly shift render when approaching it
  7. Naval rank progression 0%
  8. Missions disappeared!!!
  9. Can not log in!!!
  10. spelling missed
  11. Material type not displayed in left lower Panel when one is locked
  12. Throttle sometimes at zero when coming out of hyperspace
  13. Discovery scanner sound barely audible
  14. Planet surface textures dissapear
  15. Black Friday Paintjob for the FAS is broken
  16. Landing without shields causes 1% hull damage
  17. Clipper co=pilot seat missing in debug camera
  18. Plotted route disappears after each jump
  19. SRV scanner makes sounds but doesn't show blips for metallic POIs
  20. 1 trivial typo & 1 Inconsistency in the New Launcher v0.4.4347.0
  21. Game crashes/reboots computer when driving on the surface
  22. Cannot claim Steam key for Horizons
  23. Horrific graphical draw issues whilst trying to land.
  24. Adding VerboseLogging=1 to AppConfig.xml causes Error: Login Failure...
  25. Mission specific hostages don't spawn
  26. ambient station sounds persist in flight and super cruise after launch
  27. Update repeatedly fails
  28. Can't launch 64 bit (1.5) from steam
  29. No outlines on HUD font
  30. Modules Tab Blank After Switching to Different Ship
  31. Undocking from station landing pad and propelled into wall at warp speed
  32. Ship insurance amount changed
  33. Power Priority changed in existing ship
  34. Low quality LOD and Textures being displayed
  35. All planetary bodies and planetary landing sites disappear from System Map / Navigation
  36. Collision with invisible object when taking off from a settlement
  37. Cartographics data
  38. Ship sitting in launch area of my hanger bay... see screenshot...
  39. We need attention too..
  40. Game crashes when setting keybinds
  41. FPS drop near land stations.
  42. Server refused to provide installer: Not available
  43. Given Mission to planetary Location that doesn't exist
  44. Imperial Eagle Black Friday Skin Appears Incomplete.
  45. Kidnapping mission disappeared
  46. Plot route is broken
  47. C3 patreus damage
  48. Planet surface missing
  49. Missions: Diplomatic Bag mission specific cargo not accepted
  50. Bug- Modules and power
  51. No option to install horizons 2.0 in the launcher
  52. Shot a Viper but no bounty
  53. "Fuel scooping complete" is heard even if "Fuel Scoop Retracted" is set to OFF
  54. matchmaker server connection error and pc freezes
  55. Escape pods can be used from any planet on missions
  56. Materials changing into other materials
  57. Crash to blue screen of death
  58. Denton Patreus - Imperial Ship Discount not working for the Cutter?
  59. visiting system map seems to cause NVidia GTX770 gfx driver hang
  60. Black screen when boarding ship
  61. Loss of exploration data (again!)
  62. Crash on Wingmember's Illegal Cargo Transfer
  63. Same low res textures problem as in Beta 6
  64. Can't recall my ship
  65. Black Ship is White
  66. Ship got blown up while standing on top lading pad inside station
  67. Refuelling sometimes doesn't work
  68. With vessel in hangar in planetary outpost, SRV deployed 700m above the surface.
  69. Black blocks on planet where texture should be
  70. Planet had no atmosphere, but I was not permitted to land
  71. Some skimmers are wanted and some clean
  72. Seam in Surface Terrain
  73. Economy type not shown in market
  74. Exploration data deliver bug
  75. Loitering timeout is extemely short on takeoff
  76. Ship exploded on launch
  77. Exploration data deliver bug
  78. Ship damage on hyperspace jump if destination hidden by planet
  79. beta save now in live launcher?
  80. "Speeding" indicator pops up when entering/leaving Hangar
  81. Advanced Plasma Accelerator still bugged
  82. Station interior brightness oversaturated
  83. Vertical Thrust input stops after deploying landing gear.
  84. Horizons version text in lower left corner - shouldn't it be removed now that beta has ended?
  85. Gamepad button-mapping woes
  86. CPO Fed Rank Reset to 0% and cannot increase
  87. Escape vector flips behind me when being interdicted
  89. For QA-Donny - Corvette approach display too high (orginally beta 6)
  90. Pilots missing mission failing on finding pods
  91. Stopping mid flight over a planet
  92. Large gimballed cannon impact sound and visual effects reduced
  93. Midnight paintjob on FGS not working
  94. Wing member not visible in SRV
  95. Loading/falling glitch when driving the Scarab
  96. Significant Graphical Performance Issues
  97. SLI still not working
  98. Stuck SRV
  99. SRV keeps dropping trough planet surface
  100. Stuck on landing pad after launch from planetary settlement
  101. Crash when 160m above planets.
  102. The game doesn't launch
  103. Directory Tree for Elite/Horizons [Under Steam]
  104. Srv can't scan, hit invisible walls while exiting planetary starport
  105. Recalled ship autopilot doesnt like high gravity planets much
  106. Imperial Ascension missions vanishing
  107. Ugly textures in stations
  108. Rebinding Controls is currently broken
  109. Free Viper Mk IV?
  110. Opening+closing the galaxy map auto re-selects the next plotted jump target
  111. Unable to give in an assassination mission
  112. In-system destination not selected after final jump of a plotted route
  113. Sys Map doesn't remember tab
  114. Assassination bug still in game
  115. Could not connect to transaction server
  116. Cut The Power Quest bugged? Scanning data points bugged.
  117. Planetary Hanger for ship is not available in outfitting list
  118. All man made objects missing textures
  119. Uninstall?
  120. Unable to complete or decline mission asking for Thorium
  121. Mac client FPS decrease
  122. Unable to deliver mission cargo.
  123. System/Planetary Map display bug
  124. Strange name of the minor faction
  125. "Free" Cobra Mk IV not present.
  126. Adam's Orbital missing?
  127. SRV deploys under planetary surface.
  128. Asp missing heat sink textures
  129. Surface mission to system with no planets
  130. Still bumping into invisible walls around outposts
  131. Connection lag/stuttering/FPS/lockup for 20,30, 40 seconds...
  132. Screen freezing during heat of pirate battle
  133. Several Little bugs
  134. Python's shields much weaker than in 1.4
  135. Ship collision on wing beacon, signal sources, distress etc
  136. Advanced Discovery works while firing weapons
  137. Python burning up on shield cell deploy
  138. Navigation error?
  139. Planet "HIP 10049 3 C A" is glitching.
  140. 13 System Authority indertictions in 15 minutes
  141. Ever returning cargo
  142. Texture Bug / HUD BUG
  143. Exclusion zone around neutron stars no longer present
  144. Game crashes on launch (while "preparing compute shaders")
  145. Uber AI for Traders
  146. SRV scanner - signal audio but no visual on some targets
  147. Archon Delain Control Systems - Imperial Slaves and Slaves not legal at all(any?) Control systems
  148. Archon Delain Control Systems - Consumption (Demand) for Narcotics/Weapons not present at all Control systems
  149. Skimmers flew into me when I was docked, and I got Wanted for "assaulting" them.
  150. [BUG] Game Freeze
  151. AI ships stand still and take no damage, you deliver no damage, opponents blow you up
  152. Ships landing on top of each other
  153. SRV Falls through planet surface
  154. Save Game Progress between ED1.5 & Horizon
  155. Datalink Scanner *STILL* doesn't work without enabling "Firing Deploys Hardpoints"
  156. Rescue Hostage Mission won't complete after scooping Hostage
  157. Damage taken when closing Hardpoints - horizons
  158. Federal rank progress at 0%
  159. Thrusters still firing on planet surface, even when disabled
  160. Been to several stations, can not refuel????
  161. SRV sinks on any moon I land on while driving
  162. Menu text is black
  163. Graphics bug (Plinatary Settlements)
  164. SRV ship deployment graphics
  165. Wings unplayable
  166. Unable to Use Weapon Groups with SRV
  167. Lost last item of equipment in every ship
  168. Invincible ship hull in a Conflict zone
  169. SRV throttle axes
  170. Missiles in Conflict Zones do not disappear
  171. Surface Extraction Economies do not have Commodity markets
  172. Huge black circle obstructing much of the system match
  173. Blank Screen when starting game
  174. Navy missions are accepted but when delivered they disapear
  175. adhoc missions offered in space are bad
  176. Surface Salvage Missions expiring before they're due to
  177. Disappearing POIs
  178. Landing noises - sounds like crashing
  179. 5-10 seconds freeze on Alt-TAB - no multi tasking possible while flying
  180. Crash when approaching planets
  181. All ED versions (32bit, 64bit, Hoizons) immediately crash within 5 seconds of starting
  182. Hostages not counting towards Mission Cargo.
  183. Ship/Driving UI Focus Mode Switches Will Not Share Binding
  184. Bounty gained for attacking wanted ships.
  185. Federal Assault Ship - Black Friday Paintjob is white!
  186. Loot containers at POIs not synchronized between wing members
  187. Huge Plasma Accelerator clipping through hangar floor in outfitting (Fer-de-Lance)
  188. Abduction mission does not recognize cargo
  189. I am thinking there are memory leaks in 64bit Horizons
  190. Masterchefs not available at Webber Gateway
  191. Planets not on radar after launched from planet
  192. Ship destroyed on launchpad
  193. floating rocks and ship
  194. SRV Throttle not continuous
  195. Unable to complete mission-Dangerous Cargo
  196. Powerplay weekly bonus unable to cash out/turn in.
  197. SRV throttle direction flips
  198. Still no idea what to do with an escape-pod, it stil doesn't make sense
  199. SRV throttle forward does not work
  200. System Map glitch
  201. Mine Launchers on T-9 Small Hardpoints Issue
  202. Bugged planet surface
  203. Poor quality belt
  204. Commodities market trade data filter incorrect list
  205. Unable to detect "Constructed"/"Wreckage" POI's from ship, only Materials
  206. SRV Sliding backwards bug (no breaks), 100% reproduction steps.
  207. Galaxy Map Glitch
  208. Some turret HUD elements, don't change color with rest of HUD
  209. System map intermittently shows strange artefacts
  210. Mission resets.
  211. Pilots head outside of ship on SRV deploy
  212. naval ranking counters at zero
  213. Refuel slightly bugged.
  214. ED64 - Horizons Server disconnect issues
  215. Undiscovered planets show in VR while exploring system map
  216. Serious Dedync Bug - Cloaked/Phased CMDR
  217. missions failing at beginning of scan, not scan completion.
  218. SRV still auto repairs in ship
  219. Serious problem with ship collision [ when dropping from supercruise, wing beacon, signals etc]
  220. Station launch pad just bazooka'd me from it
  221. A few bugs. Cobra Mk. IV model and preorder paint
  222. Screen goes black
  223. Freezing and crashing
  224. Cannot select control options in main menu and unable to use any control method ingame
  225. SRV falling inside planet.
  226. version text visible in game ++
  227. Got killed by station for no apparent reason
  228. No Black Friday paint job for Viper Mk IV
  229. Graphical glitching
  230. Going the distance mission => invalid destination
  231. Game freeze/crash in outfitting
  232. Freezes can't play.
  233. "Ship scan detected" causes huge blur
  234. System Map light source bug (or is it a feature?)
  235. NPC's now possess super weapons in CZ's (it seems) and never miss (again - it seems)
  236. 64bit not launching
  237. Disconnect after longish period in SRV Still
  238. There is no appearence animation on some items at side and bottom HUD menues
  239. Left mouse button not recognised in Starport Services
  240. Galaxy Map Info on Systems with Governments changed by Player action (flipped System control) didn't update
  241. Crashing while entering SRV Bay
  242. Game unplayable due to disconnects
  243. Not able to user Data scanner.
  244. has shield strength been changed
  245. Instant interdictions
  246. Station Info : Bounty Hunter/Crime Report bug
  247. Ground not displaying
  248. "Speeding" Warning while docked
  249. Nav system not remembering targets
  250. Hostage Rescue mission bugged
  251. SRV Wave Scanner Looses Targets
  252. Losing plannned route and lock on plantes when opening system map/galaxy map
  253. Continual syncing with cartographies when purchasing exploration data
  254. Focus for galaxy map not correct when viewing mission target systems.
  255. Sequencing difference between system view and exploration data sales view