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  1. Naval rank progression bars show 0%
  2. Buzz crash on Galaxy map
  3. Crash when dropping from supercruise into a salvageable wreckage site
  4. Dropping navigation markers/checkpoints during system travel
  5. No pirate kill missions
  6. coming out of supercruise causing my game to hard crash
  7. Buzz crash on salvageable wreckage
  8. Multi stage missions can't accept 2nd stage
  9. Exploration/System Oddities
  10. Sol pass?
  11. Crime sweeps completely broken
  12. Crash: System error a file has failed to load after multiple attempts
  13. Mission - planetary landing module required ??
  14. Contact mission debacle
  15. Hostage and Diplomatic Bag missions cannot be completed
  16. nav bug
  17. Exiting supercrusie into Frame shift wake sends to different location
  18. Can no longer throttle down while in FSD jump
  19. Elite missions appearing outside of Founders
  20. Exploration Data Missing issue, some screen grabs and info for you
  21. Courior missions everywhere
  22. "In safe hands" contact delivery mission impossible to complete
  23. T-9 Proximity Hazard Flashers Stuck On
  24. Bug: System Panel - Cargo Filter - Power Play option doesn't work
  25. Horizons exclusive missions
  26. Shield Cell Bank usage causes severe overheating
  27. Bug: Power Play Merits Earned less than it should be in results screen
  28. The System Map Cursor does not lock onto objects and present data on them
  29. Azreal faction
  30. Training missions Incursion and Incursion Advanced impossible to complete.
  31. Missing Info - Commodities Market
  32. Field of View not resetting to default.
  33. NPC Federal Assault Ship continues firing despite Power Plant being 0%
  34. CG CZ broken
  35. Safe and Sound Mission
  36. Random NPC ships crashing into mine for no reason since update
  37. Keelback HUD
  38. Merit halving bug?
  39. Landing vehicle needed to complete mission on Xbox one?
  40. Crash & bugs
  41. Elite dangerous xbox one issues after update
  42. Unachievable mission
  43. All PC controls on a simple Xbox one controller, here ...
  44. "Speeding" while in Hanger
  45. Undocking
  46. Some Li Yong Rui Exploited Systems Not Giving 15% Discount
  47. Route Plotting bug after update
  48. Game crahses when opening System Map and other 'issues' since update.
  49. [Video] System map planets and stations not "selectable"
  50. cannot make canopy active after afm repair
  51. Federation mission bugs
  52. Ship destoryed on liftoff from launchpad
  53. Graphics anomaly: Giant Space rug
  54. Diplomatic Emergency mission bug
  55. Can't see information/select planets in system map
  56. Killing grounds missions
  57. No discounts for Imperial ships at Denton Patreus control systems
  58. ED xbox one 1.5 update abduction missions
  59. Bug. Severe repetitive crash when entering salvageable wreckage in system
  60. Bug: Starport services UI freezes upon clicking refuel all button
  61. Bug: ED froze during Charging for FSD jump
  62. Going the distance & Running the gauntlet missions not updating
  63. Bug: Multipart delivery mission fails when requesting Gosalite
  64. No Win Mission
  65. Killing Grounds mission - surprise part 2 bugged pretty bad
  66. Ship destroyed by docking bay glitch.
  67. Docking computer useless since 1.5
  68. Can't buy fuel for Imperial Clipper
  69. Game Crashed, reloaded with about 800k missing
  70. Naval Promotion Mission Disapearing
  71. no mission specific items found
  72. Not getting trade percentage when completing smuggling missions
  73. Multiple buzz crashes to main menu
  74. Navigation computer clearing route after first jump.
  75. System Maps Broken
  76. Station Name follwing me out of station
  77. Bug: Galaxy Map lists wrong star type for LHS 1393
  78. Constant Crashing while exploring
  79. Crashing while using Hyperspace after 1.5 update
  80. Bulletin board
  81. Bounty vouchers and combat bonds not increasing naval rank rep
  82. I need to land on a planet for a mission, but obviously I can't do that.
  83. Ship Flies Through Hanger Bay While Ship is Docked.
  84. Request - Please Update Known Issues List For Xbox One
  85. Interdiction Bugs
  86. Supercruise maneuverability of Fed Gunship
  87. Losing Route Information While Travelling
  88. Navigation Bug Reports By Video And Other Bug Issues Explained.
  89. Grouping and instance issues
  90. Weird background glitch
  91. ship destroyed at launch
  92. Can't connect via comms and wing.
  93. Can't exit Sensor Panel View with the "B" button
  94. XB1 - Cannot Update Game
  95. System map does not allow you to select a planet after switching tabs
  96. Lots of crashes while exploring
  97. On-screen keyboard goes realllly slow
  98. 1.5 missions bugged on xbox one and I have less missions to do now that im at elite combat rank
  99. Promotion Opportunity vanished
  100. Missing Decal
  101. Graphic error
  102. Exploration Routing Bug (loading circle of doom and performance tanking)
  103. instance issues
  104. Space station menus freezing in docking area
  105. Weapon Priority/Power management oversight
  106. FIX IT!!!
  107. The borg are coming
  108. Crash Exiting Supercuise
  109. Buzzing crashes happening during exploration and turning in exploration data
  110. Lost My Ship and Credits from an Exploding Launch Pad
  111. can't deliver supplies to fortify
  112. Problem when interdicted just before making hyperspace jump
  113. Cannot deliver goods - Mission Failure
  114. Target not in System - unable to complete mission
  115. Sling shot while being released from dock
  116. Unable to deliver message
  117. Glitched in station
  118. Buzz Crash System Map
  119. no money
  120. Game Crashes every hour
  121. Companion API issue with XBox Cmdr
  122. Game exploit
  123. BISMUTH COMMODITY. Unable to accept mission and cannot exit the accept screen
  124. Rectangular smudge on cockpit window
  125. No Bullitin Board missions for new CMDR's [Not posting this for my self]
  126. Game crashes while exploring
  127. Money from missions never save
  128. Imperial Rank cant find any contracts anymore
  129. Mission Sending me to non-existing port
  130. Shadow Missions Randomly failing
  131. Sent to deliver mission goods at non-existing location. Again.
  132. Mission completion requires Planetary Landing Module - Xbox One
  133. Continue a mission
  134. Landing Pad Bug
  135. [Critical] All Abducted and HT Missions Uncompletable
  136. Game crashing all the time
  137. My ship was destroyed!
  138. ship destroy by a station bug
  139. Refuel bug
  140. Bug Report - Hard crash - Xbox One
  141. display annoying bug
  142. 1.5
  143. Sensor tag not working
  144. xbox one hard crash
  145. CQC Ship Loadout Changes Do Not Save
  146. CQC Instancing Issues (certain players unable to see each other in matches)
  147. Still haven't found a CQC match since GPP
  148. Locked in UI
  149. Losing trade dividends
  150. new patch, old story
  151. Can't wing up no matter what i try
  152. rescue mission still not fixed
  153. Crashing more often after update
  154. Cannot see destination star system when using Galaxy Map in the mission menu
  155. Missions disappear from Transactions tab. Again.
  156. Crashing after handing in Cartographs
  157. Lost my Conda
  158. No Ship Scan Notification
  159. Trouble Logging In
  160. unable to connect on Xbox live
  161. Ship disappearing when power plant at 0%
  162. [Video] Hostage in Cargobay not registering as Mission item.
  163. Overly Agressive Security Vessels
  164. Too close, dropping loop.
  165. FDL heat resistance
  166. Kepler's Eye achievement
  167. Giant yet smaller than the sun?
  168. Capital class bugs
  169. Wing inv's not working on xbox one
  170. Changing profiles on XboxOne disables controller ingame only
  171. Horrible instancing
  172. Imperial rank up mission dissapeared
  173. Problems with lateral thrust after being interdicted.
  174. Constant Crashes after hyperspace jump
  175. Servercrash and lost internal modules
  176. cant see influence percentage
  177. Wing invites broken
  178. Linking xbox one to frontier
  179. bug in mission - bringing home the bacon
  180. Multi part trade mission - last part Ackerman market not available
  181. Planetary Landing Module Required to Complete Multi-Part Xbox One Missions?
  182. Multi Part Missions Taken in Large Ship Ending with Completion at Outpost!
  183. First to Discover dialogue box not active
  184. orbital flight engaging for xbox one
  185. Meta-Alloys Unavailable
  186. System map graphical bug
  187. Please fix interdiction
  188. Still can't go 100km without disconnecting
  189. CQC Matchmaking taking sometimes hours to get a game
  190. Safe disengage infinte loop
  191. Elite crashed and cost me my ship
  192. Cartography Data Re-sell
  193. Rank money never came in
  194. Xbox One players are not included on Bounty Boards
  195. Community goal not working (Emperor's Dawn at Ch'i Lin)
  196. NPC interdictions are ridiculous
  197. War but no CZ
  198. Issues in High Intensity SitesA
  199. No Bulletin Board Missions - Any Station
  200. Bulletin board will not load on Xbox
  201. System map not working.
  202. Mission Types not working
  203. Graphical artifacts
  204. Wingmate Issues
  205. Buzz Crash while loading system map
  206. Bounty bug
  207. Latheral thrusters do not work after interdiction
  208. Mission Icon Missing from System Map - Salvage Missions Lack Final Destination
  209. No scan message but mission failed
  210. NPC unwarranted ramming
  211. Galaxy Map from the Transaction Tab
  212. BGS broken in LTT 8517
  213. Transaction server error
  214. Help
  215. Controller unresponsive for player two
  216. Some bonds/bounties not creditting to the transactions tab.
  217. Idling NPC Flotilla, reported only once before.
  218. Constant game crashes since last weeks server update.
  219. Wing issues. There are a lot of them
  220. Mission bug - cannot deliver my cargo! Stucked in two missions / Nangutsu / Roosa HUB Station
  221. Frame locked in REZ zones
  222. Rescue Starship One CG not working on XBOX
  223. G Map course plot impacting game
  224. Ship scanned without actually being scanned
  225. Can't select in system map
  226. Terribly Inconsistent NPCs
  227. Hard crash (wow) to Xbox Dashboard
  228. Missing Outpost (Volta in Kremainn)
  229. Nav Computer
  230. Potential Instancing Issue
  231. Comms Panel Freeze
  232. Possible empire rank up bug
  233. Incorrect bounty for NPC pirate
  234. Connection Issues = FRUSTRATION
  235. BB missions and still seeing Horizons only missions on xbox
  236. Constantly crashing to the Xbox One dashboard
  237. Imperial ranking up percentage bugged
  238. 10000 merits mais toujours rang 4
  239. Wohler Terminal not there (open play)
  240. Cannot launch without game crashing
  241. Instant logout on attempt to lauch
  242. System Map Issues
  243. Full Game Unplayable "Can't Connect to Frontier Servers" after purchase
  244. Lose of my ship
  245. (Mission Specific) Cargo failing to register in many, many missions!
  246. Cannot launch game
  247. can't connect
  248. Weird Interdiction Bug
  249. Oxygen depleted bug
  250. Cargo scan while inside the outpost hanga
  251. NPCs docking
  252. Supercruise exit into station
  253. System map glitches
  254. GT became unlinked from Frontier Account.
  255. Takes too long to find a CQC Championship match