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  1. Beta 2.2 Request: FDev, please loan us the fish again
  2. Beluga Love
  3. Beta FAQ - 2.2 The Guardians
  4. Copying over current game to beta folder
  5. "Press Button to..."
  6. Update Issue
  7. unhandled exception?
  8. Limit of 1000 materials and 500 Data
  9. New Engineers
  10. Dear Frontier, Usual Beta I WILL NAME MY NEXT NEWBORN AFTER YOU Request
  11. Beta Testing Requests
  12. Feedback for heat meta
  13. Feedback for missiles, torpedoes meta
  14. Feedback for player fighters
  15. 2.2 New Star Screenshots?
  16. Feedback for NPC crew
  17. Please can any/all scheduled Beta PvP events take place in anarchy systems this time?
  18. Feedback for space game play
  19. Feedback for crime issues
  20. Got a 63Ly charge with a white dwarf
  21. Neutron star FSD boost info
  22. Slight Glitch on long range ship transfer
  23. First Thargoid Contact!
  24. Weapon color modifier question.
  25. mission speach in the training missions
  26. Clock can now be toggled
  27. FSD supercharge
  28. Cannot find my Python (oooer Mrs)
  29. Beta Screenies
  30. There was a problem retrieving Commander Data from the server
  31. Game Crash Issue in Beta 2.2
  32. Fighter construction time too high
  33. Crash on start?
  34. opening passengers beta, bring me into 1.6 game?
  35. Crashes a lot
  36. GPU Overclocking seems stable again.
  37. Jaques Ship Transfer
  38. How does 2.2 effect performance?
  39. New interiors.
  40. Passenger listing
  41. Ship transfer Times
  42. Wet piece of string
  43. The UI issue Thread..
  44. Please add option to set preferred Flight Assist mode
  45. UI issue.
  46. 3 days to download
  47. CTD while loading.
  48. My fuel Gage has gone?
  49. Is there any form of chatting by passengers?
  50. Combat Requirements for new Engineers too high
  51. Module Storage
  52. Graphics glitch?
  53. 2.2 Pulsar looks wrong when using Oculus Rift
  54. Might be a good Idea for everybody to checck the system map of systems you know
  55. Commander clone several days old
  56. All avatar imagery is stretched.
  57. Failed to read from response stream. Network connection closed.
  58. Suggestion: Increase Default FOV Slider
  59. Fumaroles & geysers
  60. Supercruise lines are gone?
  61. No White Dwarfs or Neutron Stars outside the bubble?
  62. PSA: DONT drop out off supercruise whilst in the White dwarfs polar jet
  63. Ship Transfer: Message
  64. Ship transfer to Jaques. Are you g kidding me?!
  65. Well that's unexpected and awesome ! Route planner.
  66. System map
  67. Well, that didn't go as planned!
  68. Weapon Colour Modifiers?
  69. Neutron star jet very small?
  70. Graphics Bugs
  71. Please tell me there are more variety among neutron stars
  72. Somebody slap me..... hard
  73. Didn't the system map used to tell us where our stored ships were?
  74. Cannot store ship-Possible Bug Report
  75. Next system info on FSD bootup
  76. couple of bugs
  77. Heads up, do not exit supercruise while inside a neutron star jet (video)
  78. Long range passenger missions to Sagittarius A
  79. New PP weapon for the emergent power
  80. Beta crashing
  81. New hyperspace + fsd charge time
  82. [Video] Ship Launched Fighter in Action
  83. where can i buy beluga ?
  84. And you thought the wedding barge was annoying...
  85. Possible bug with menus when switching to head lock
  86. Does the game look visibly darker for anyone else?
  87. Weird UI bugs
  88. [SUGGESTION] Jump to next system information tab
  89. Toggle clock
  90. The Biggest Question of all.
  91. Beluga: Jump range too low
  92. Poll: Neutron / White Dwarf boost range bonus: 25%, or 300%+?
  93. [2.2] This is actually art
  94. PvP - New Defences blueprints added + Changes to heat damage = shieldless and/or silent running back on track?
  95. VR performance
  96. Do NPC pilots take the empty co-pilot chair?
  97. [SUGGESTION] Ship sell option 'retype' yes
  98. Passenger cabins: Someone care to explain how they work?
  99. Ship Movement and End of Beta
  100. No Beluga available on 1.7?
  101. Controller No Longer Works + Where TF Am I??
  102. Rank-locked ship-launched fighters?
  103. [SUGGESTION] small VIP passenger cabin for.. Courier
  104. Ship transfer - only the option to "Transfer ship to the current station", really???
  105. Anyone have pics of the new blueprints?
  106. Beluga Liner full outfitting/handling/visual guide
  107. System map not working?
  108. The 2.2 beta loads my status from many weeks ago, ignores current progress
  109. Could someone clarify this for me please?
  110. Passenger mission income
  111. FD, any chance of unlocking all powerplay modules during the beta?
  112. Sound keeps going off
  113. Selling a stored ship loses your current ship also
  114. My thoughts about Listening Posts quest (SPOILERS INSIDE!)
  115. Unable to install Beta 2.2
  116. Ship launched fighters
  117. Sound volume too low?
  118. Wings
  119. Missing some of my ships in 2.2 Beta
  120. [Video] The Guardians in 5 minutes - demonstration of headline changes
  121. Passenger cabin arbitrary sizes
  122. Thruster startup 'turbine' graphic
  123. I'm sad that fighters finally need internals
  124. Should Size 5 passenger cabins be in the game?
  125. Beluga's "massive" fuel tank
  126. "Click and drag" to tick or untick all filters
  127. Tionisla Graveyard?
  128. Has anyone found the new surface features like geysers?
  129. Please let us set coords on a surface planet map!
  130. About Dolphin
  131. Ship transfer to Jaques: Arrival message being sent early.
  132. New Engineer Blueprints Feel Like Placeholders
  133. Broken Thrusters on the Condor?
  134. Gluttony's Attempt at Pirating NPC with Fighter
  135. Passenger missions to ....
  136. Mission: Sightseeing Adventure in.....
  137. Ship-launched fighters + gimballed weapons?
  138. Tiling on plnet surfaces
  139. Planetary performance
  140. Fuel bar disapeared in main ship interface after using launched fighter
  141. Where do I find fighter bays?
  142. Help Needed!! - 2.2 Beta Loader runs but display is 1.5 times my screen size so I can't see Graphic Options!
  143. Beluga cannot have fuel scoop, shield and fighter bay...
  144. Yuri Grom Power Bonusses
  145. Exploration Data Reset?
  146. Instant crash when trying to load a game.
  147. RES is Great Again with Fighters! Great Job Frontier!
  148. How to install beta 2.2 via Oculus Rift Home ??
  149. 2.2 - buy it now or wait?
  150. Passenger capacity seems extremely small?
  151. Eravate, Gateway, Lave, Achenar and Sol
  152. Beta stat discussion: Shields of beluga
  153. Problems downloading beta
  154. Hyperspace jumps: didn't expect this to be so significant!
  155. Ship Launch Fighter tutorial should include docking manoeuvre with the ship
  156. Black rectangles - a new UI trend?
  157. System-Targeting should show the Startype
  158. [SUGGESTION] Support Limpets
  159. Keep getting "Your Client is out-of-date. Please update your client" message
  160. Ship Naming
  161. Tourist beacons cannot be re-read if deleted suggestion(s)
  162. Passenger Missions are loss leaders?
  163. Crashing and Client is too old
  164. Dictator Yuri Grom #1 in Powerplay?
  165. Constant disconnects and crashes
  166. Steam needs beta acces code to download elite horizon beta 2.2.
  167. 60 seconds in, and i like it
  168. Can you only launch one fighter at a time?
  169. Open shows as solo mode
  170. Asteroid Outpost!!!
  171. Feedback: Reworked Tutorial Missions
  172. Sothis/ceo vs passanger missions
  173. Estimated time to download: 854 days
  174. Missing Driving settings
  175. FDev, please unlock all Powerplay modules again but most especially Dictator Yuri Grom's!
  176. Fighter throttle??
  177. FDev, please unlock all Engineers, especially the new ones!
  178. Beta scan data
  179. Costmetic Feature : Show Ship transfer Progress on Galaxy Map
  180. Extremely aggressive NPCs at LFT 926 base?
  181. Passenger mission - Is this for real?
  182. "Failed to read from response stream"
  183. [2.2 Suggestion] The passenger mission board is so hard to read
  184. Ship launched fighters not working?
  185. Feedback for passenger missions
  186. small fuelscoops got buffed and large fuelscoops nerfed as a sideeffect of new arrival point
  187. System Planet Maps - Too bright?
  188. Skimmer mission with fighters
  189. npc apparently "clean" after they interdicted me and attacked me..... passenger mission
  190. Role Panel feed back
  191. New planet surfaces.
  192. Ship Transfer has been made useless
  193. Passenger cabins and where to find them
  194. 2.2 BETA First Impressions...
  195. Mining changes
  196. Fighter Stats?
  197. New Alliance ship ??
  198. No crew for you. Boo hoo.
  199. 2.2 beta - Day 1 impressions
  200. Beluga is severly UP
  201. Galaxy Map filters - Lawless/Anarchy
  202. Wrong station themes
  203. 'Jolt' 'Stutter' Occasionally on screen
  204. Federal Navy ship just sitting on surface
  205. Some thoughts on 2.2
  206. Just when I thought I was rich!
  207. Route plotting at the extremes
  208. Let's play a game of skipping stones!
  209. Old bug still not corrected
  210. The Keelback
  211. 2.2 Ship inteface feedback
  212. Supercharged Fuel disapears if you land
  213. FSD hyperspace jump NEW GRAPHIC
  214. Out side ship cam SLOW
  215. Transfer pricing (not what you think) this one is a negative amount and broken text
  216. PSA: Smoking is bad for your health!
  217. The time delay on ship transfer is amazing (if you have other things to do)
  218. Passenger mission rewards are just pathetic
  219. Getting crew to (Wo)man a fighter - I'm missing something
  220. Tweaked WD/NS FSD boost in Beta Update 1
  221. This is what you get for distributing througfh STEAM . . .
  222. Interesting idea for added passenger gameplay: hostages
  223. disconnects
  224. Piloting Fighters
  225. Vanishing commodities
  226. what happens when you shoot your own ship with ....your own ship..... video
  227. Question: active/inactive NPC pilots ... how do they travel?
  228. 2.2 BETA My impressions
  229. Cabin sharing
  230. Imperial Cutter - Engine sound missing
  231. Make all the engineers stuff free again for this beta
  232. Neutron/White Dwarf FSD boost - a completely different approach
  233. Lot of choppiness when Hyperspacing into a system
  234. Passenger Mission to VY Canis Majoris - collect data
  235. DO NOT make fighter bays optional internals
  236. Can't fix ua-bombed station?
  237. Does the Beta rollback player progress?
  238. Sothis / Ceos nerf
  239. [Feedback] Ship UI
  240. Where can I find Fighter Bays?
  241. NPC Fighters not wanted
  242. Elite trader - petty combat pilot about npc crew.
  243. 2.2 Beta Downloading Issues
  244. Question about new planetary map.
  245. [SFX] Supercharged FSD needs more UMPH! in the sound effect.
  246. A quick question....
  247. Watch your wingtips!
  248. Some Odd beta bugs I found.
  249. Requesting Screenshots of Tourist Beacons
  250. Passenger mission bug w/screenshot
  251. Ship transfer times - Utterly ridiculous - this ones on squarely the community!
  252. Message when selling a ship is misleading
  253. PSA: switching back to your wanted ship from clean fighter makes you wanted.
  254. Should AI pilot survive ship destruction?
  255. Suggestion: Passenger cabins & occupied escape pods