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  1. Landing in mid air with no landing gear on planet.
  2. Docked ships are positioned incorrectly
  3. Imperial Eagle Bug - bottom cockpit window frame not complete/with gap (design error)
  4. Simmers Diving Below the Planet Surface
  5. Mahon trade vouchers not working in certain systems
  6. SLI issue with pulsating planet lighting
  7. Audio Drops Out
  8. Transaction List incosistent on session change
  9. Mission Board Contact - appearance mismatch
  10. Mission board still slow on initial Load
  11. Ice Mining FPS drop VR
  12. POI Not Spawning Correct Amount of Cannisters
  13. Engineer inbox messages.
  14. Map route settings not saved
  15. Powerplay npc attack regardless of affilliatrion to major power
  16. Comms panel does not close
  17. Bobbleheads go nuts!
  18. No Bulletin Board at Robigo
  19. Exploration data missing
  20. Shield Strength in Outfitting showing wrong Text. ( German Localization )
  21. Python cargo scoop not opening
  22. Custom FOV not working
  23. Economical Routes
  24. Can't launch game
  25. Cannot hand missions in
  26. Scooping cargo in python
  27. Hyperspace visual pop-ins issue
  28. Unknown permit required in all nearby systems
  29. No Bi-weave shield generators at Jameson Memorial
  30. Aurora loose 3.1% influence after the release
  31. Interior Lighting in the Asp is still broken
  32. System cursor is not properly captured by game in windowed mode
  33. No Meta Alloys from Barnacels
  34. Barnacles can fly! [2.1]
  35. Salvage Mission - Search Zone does not have the items required
  36. Soontill Relics disappeared from Ngurii
  37. Salvage 8 Bootleg Liqueur Misson Bugged
  38. Compute Shaders Stops Game Loading
  39. Controller Issue
  40. Community Goal progress bars inconsistent
  41. Air Traffic Controller Voice too quite, its barely audible know.
  42. Exploration data missing
  43. Total system freeze - Hard restart required
  44. No Sound, at all
  45. plotted route disappears under certain circumstances
  46. Throttle after jump is not set to Zero when at desktop
  47. Audio Drop out
  48. Try to Open Galaxy map and game Freezes
  49. Double-Click when selling Explo-Data
  50. SRV control mapping not working
  51. Exploration Data Missing
  52. Can't hand in Delivery mission with New Destination
  53. Classified camera view defaults to under ship
  54. No data given to complete mission
  55. No Skimmers spawning at mission location
  56. will not upgrade
  57. Luyten's Star HazRes Bugged
  58. Mission Bug
  59. No Naval Ascension Missions at all
  60. Station internal graphics glitch
  61. Missions : Mulitple Missions of similar type can't be finished at once at Bulletin Board
  62. Strange black box is back!
  63. Base not present in mission
  64. Accent angle leaving planet straight up reads -360 instead of 90 degrees
  65. Wrong mission description
  66. UI hangs up inside station hangar
  67. Missing mission destination (Hawking Depot, Arbuda)
  68. Mission Reward cannot be granted if reputation increased during mission
  69. UI- Unable to navigate UP in message inbox
  70. Unable to hand in Delivery Mission, alternate delivery destination.
  71. Can't claim or delete PowerPlay weekly bonus after leaving the Power
  72. Corvette distant lods is broken
  73. No Portraits at on mission boards
  74. Cannot Turn In Mission
  75. trapped inside hostile station - incoming missiles every 5 seconds - kill me the instant I try to launch
  76. PP payment/voucher missing
  77. Landing gear doors legs on Cobra and Viper stuck shut
  78. game/video driver crash when approaching planet for landing
  79. Four bugs to report - Slow panel loading, Missing panel effects, unresponsive "panel right" button, and the game won't exit
  80. Duplicate messages from Engineers
  81. Controller Mappings Broken
  82. Edit bookmarks hangs on save
  83. Can't Turn in Mission
  84. Azure Milk and Leestian Evil Juice rare commodities are missing from George Lucas station
  85. Wetwork Job: The Big Cabloski
  86. Download Reset
  87. Mouse trouble in the menu
  88. Recall Landing Problems
  89. Planetary Audio muted/missing
  90. galaxy map bookmark edit option cancel button doesn't work unless there's some text in the bookmark name.
  91. Unable to land on planets due to server connection
  92. Heat Sink firing during combat/ Full load of Heat Sinks 2/1 instead of 3/1
  93. Right ship menu text overlay
  94. SRV control mapping not working
  95. Barnacle does not spawn meta-alloys
  96. Combat Zone NPC Spawns
  97. Fell through planet in SRV
  98. Many post 2.1 bug reports moved
  99. Improper trespass response
  100. Community Goal progress bars inconsistent
  101. Docking bug
  102. Flat star "plates' in new hyperspace effects
  103. Broken Mission - Alternate Destination
  104. Indirect light will "step" instead of gradually changing
  105. Lighting/shadows of asteroids in belts change suddenly
  106. Rare commodities missing from numerous stations
  107. Game wont update
  108. Broken Mission - Alternate Destination
  109. lost rep
  110. Cannot takeoff station due to npcs firing at me
  111. Air Traffic Control Voices too quiet
  112. Shields made of wood?
  113. Planet textures gone again in 1.6 (Mac)
  114. Missing Bi-weave Shields in outfitting
  115. Galaxy Map - Routes setting "fastest/economical" is not persistent
  116. Redeemable bounty balance moved to fines after interaction with engineer
  117. Galaxy Map - Bookmark markers are not shown when shipyard marker is shown too
  118. Combat Zone NPCs not dropping materials
  119. System cursor is not properly captured by game in windowed mode
  120. Large black band obscures screen
  121. Connection error just before landing on a planet
  122. Multiple Map bugs
  123. Old Community Goal still showing
  124. Bugged mission - base attack, no skimmers spawned
  125. Landing gear doors legs on Cobra and Viper stuck shut
  126. SRV falling through the surface on deployment from ship
  127. Faction influence loss after 2.1 patch
  128. Can't claim or delete PowerPlay weekly bonus after leaving the Power
  129. Corvette distant lods is broken
  130. Mission unavailable when cargo space adequate but in use
  131. Mission Items lost on Destruction but mission still active
  132. Audio: "wubba wubba" sound normally associated with fast orbital cruise now plays constantly in Supercruise
  133. Mission changed mid-mission, and now I'm unable to complete it!?
  134. misaligned info box lines in system map
  135. Station internal graphics glitch
  136. Companion API is offline
  137. Redirected on a delivery mission. Gone to new target location. Cannot give in mission
  138. No sound
  139. Blanket system permitting trapped many explorers
  140. Drugs removed from Commodities Market but not Illegal
  141. Commodity Market: Inconsistency in the "Hydrogen Peroxide" Commodity Item description
  142. Galaxy map - Bookmarks
  143. Commodity Market: Difference between Commodity listing name & Commodity description name in "Methanol Monohydrate" Commodity Item
  144. Sound lost when leaving planet
  145. Interdiction sound error
  146. no sound since uopgrade
  147. sound is off on new version
  148. ALT+TAB
  149. low texter on my ship
  150. Module page in ship is unreadble.
  151. Missions listed as Available when they're not
  152. Ship sound disappearing after going into Supercruise
  153. Turret fire not registering as aggression
  154. Ship Lost on planet
  155. Sound effects temporarily disappeared during hyperspace
  156. Ship lands succesfully at 7km from surface.
  157. BUG or Feature ?
  158. Can accept mission despite not meeting requirements
  159. Alternate Mission Destination Unknown
  160. dropping from supercruise crashed me right into orbis spaceport's rear end
  161. No missions for other minor factions
  162. Normal Delivery mission, no branching. No option at target destination to complete
  163. Asked to hand over cargo when I don't have any
  164. Available Mission do not fit to the rank.
  165. Wanted but being scanned as clean
  166. can't expand graphics options when using HOTAS
  167. Endlessly repeating mission message in message board
  168. Missions with cargo rewards
  169. Engineers: Inconsistency in Felicity Farseer Engineer description. "Meta Alloys" should be one! word "Meta-alloys"
  170. DK2 aliasing all messed up
  171. No option to complete mission after destination change
  172. Bringing Peace to Ngolibardu
  173. Random crash with exception code 0xc0000005
  174. Bounty Hunting not giving award
  175. Rammed by NPC Imperial Clipper
  176. Anti-Aliasing non-functional once again
  177. mission updated - bonus for completing the delivery in shorter time
  178. materials as rewards
  179. Teleported to random new system (Thargoids?!)
  180. outfitting -> modules -> more details info page is showing the item name in debug text
  181. Ngolibardu problem.
  182. SRV Taking more damage than usual
  183. gui is stuck while in "contacts" menu
  184. Powerplay: Preparation System didn't progress to Expansion Phase
  185. Nowhere to hand in mission. Possible Engineer/1.6 clash
  186. Impossible to win Expansion for Archon Delaine
  187. Pulsating shadow side on landable planets.
  188. Several Joystick Support
  189. No chat comms on outposts
  190. miscalculations of routes
  191. Terrain geometry not meshing with spawned moon base
  192. No access to galactic map from transactions menu
  193. Can't hand in delivery mission (correct system, have cargo, have cargo space, have material space)
  194. False war states all across galaxy
  195. UI Lockup Upon Refuel/Reload
  196. Crash: BadTerrainPhysicsPatches causes matchmaking errors and requires restart of game client in order to continue playing
  198. Can't progress mission - scanning Nav Beacon (or using Discovery Scanner) does nothing
  199. Game stopping at Farseer Inc.
  200. Save has become currupted - cannot load game
  201. Windows 10 - Stuttering and Sound Crackling Issue
  202. Alternative destination variable name instead of variable value
  203. Mission Update Showing Variable Name Instead of Station and System
  204. Permit unlock mission broken
  205. Spawned inside planet, ship destroyed trying to escape
  206. Bugs found in 2.1 Horizons - part of the dashboard disappears
  207. Update messed up Fire Group settings
  208. Crashed Anaconda wreck up in the air
  209. Steam re updating client again after was already patched vial launcher
  210. PC: - Scanner zoom level is now preserved when entering and leaving FSD
  211. No Sound In Game
  212. While landing on planets ship sinks into the ground thus SRV often spawns below the ground.
  213. Power play pirates YHAAAR!
  214. Connection Error
  215. Option sliders (mouse sensitivity), not sliding any more, lock to specific locations.
  216. Not Credired For Kills in Conflict Zones
  217. Fuel scoop interface moved
  218. "UI Focus - Directional" wont work if you have Contex Menu enabled. Xbox One controller - Win10
  219. Interdicted, My controls lock up!
  220. SRV throttle
  221. SRV control / ship to planet - bugs, heavy
  222. Bugged Mission. New Destination won't accept missiongoods
  223. Point Defense doesn't retract
  224. Bug when launching from station docking bay.
  225. Faction in war suddenly dropped to 1% influence, opposing faction did not gain that influence, please fix!
  226. Experimental wheel stops on blue section but it gives "no effect"
  227. Ship Thruster shutting down after Engineer upgrade / Stuck in FARSEER INC
  228. Can't upgrade : "Failed to read from response stream. Network connection closed."
  229. Flightstick throttle to zero before ALT-TAB no affect
  230. Fine at Engineer's base - unable to pay
  231. Various graphical glitches
  232. GraphicsConfigurationOverride.xml breaks Engineers colors
  233. Sirius Reach has gone :-(
  234. elvira martuuk and disappearing relics
  235. Super Cruise performance issues with GTX960/4MB since 2.1
  236. Throttle down doesnt work when alt-tabbing
  237. Two bugs
  238. Buggy interdictions
  239. SRV throttle stuck at 50% with xbox360 controller
  240. Accept action on engineers button releases also click action outside right panel
  241. Asp Explorer Bugged
  242. Frame Drop/Stutter @ 2 seconds into Hyperspace Jump Sequence! (Happens on every H-Jump After 2.1 Update)
  243. CMM and Ceramic Comp out of alpha order
  244. No Mission Board or Commodities Market at Akers Enterprise in Ottia
  245. Power priorities affect module function
  246. Massive hostile NPC malfunction (cheating)
  247. Pattern in craters on the moon - not looking random
  248. Super pretty hyperspace jump
  249. Collector Limpets Bugging
  250. Paintjob wear and tear gone
  251. Radar-scale resets wrong
  252. Tip off message vanishes
  253. Seeing vivid colors for a splitsecond when opening system map
  254. Orbit lines (still) visible in Debug Camera view
  255. Shield Booster Heavy Duty Modification Do Not Stack