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  1. Wing issues with players in other countries
  2. Pirate lady (NPC) is in love with me, what!
  3. Stuck in outfitting menu
  4. Delivery mission change in parameters makes mission impossible.
  5. HUD covered by black textures when in RES
  6. Strange patterns on Imperial Clipper Skin
  7. Anaconda stuck in HIP 6796 shipyard
  8. Outfitting be choppy
  9. Outfitting Ship Specs Total Mass line is partially off screen
  10. Lost cargo
  11. Avatar Images Slow Load Times
  12. Update changed controller button/configuration problem caused
  13. Game stuck cant move
  14. System Map stuttering
  15. Game crashing when jumping to hyperdrive
  16. Psychedelic Tiles / Coloured static in sky box
  17. Missing Bi-Weave shield modules in outfitting
  18. Docking at Coriolis stations since 1.6 update
  19. Private Group - group not in same instance?
  20. mega OP plasma ACC pirate ships.
  22. Cargo Scoop has to be held open?!?
  23. [v1.6] Xbox Controls Customisation Not Working As Intended
  24. button ui not working
  25. Frequent Crashes to Dashboard and other Graphical Errors and Stuttering
  26. Where the pages
  27. Ship drops from SC and flies through station.
  28. Imperial Hammers possible over nerf (Please Read)
  29. Using buttons A/B/X/Y to access menus is also activating main controls since update
  30. Radio Comms Chatter volume too low
  31. Rescue mission does not recognize mission cargo as valid
  32. Collector Limpets Problem
  33. [1.6] Mission Parameters
  34. (Mission) Cannot to deliver data AND Reward for expedient deliver timer is always at 00:00
  35. cannot complete cargo delivery mission
  37. Robigo Bug
  38. No rank progression missions
  39. Head movement and Galaxy Map keyboard freezes console
  40. (1.6)Undermining is Next to impossible with the new NPC
  41. fd you owe me..
  42. Invisible wall that ships/SRVs will get stuck on at Asire Legacy++
  43. Corvette Cargo Collection
  44. Turrets cannot fire without selection
  45. Bounty rewards not given
  46. Two Systems With Same Name
  47. Mapping and Graphics Glitch
  48. Just having a Cry really
  49. Ship at wrong location in galaxy
  50. Paint Job Glitch
  51. The recent 9gb + update on Xbox
  52. Able to complete trade mission despite insufficient trade rank
  53. Shield Charge Reset On NPC
  54. Unable to support SOL in PowerPlay
  55. LFT 65 Graphical error
  56. AI ramming always ramming/awfuls since patch
  57. Funky bounties
  58. Where is the language selection?
  59. targeting changes in xb1
  60. Audio Options drop-down menus cannot be used
  61. Known Issues that I have discovered
  62. Kamikaze Clippers
  63. NPC Infinite chaff
  64. Dashboard 1 Livery Outfitting on Viper MKIV
  65. Is this a bug ? (SOTHIS AND CEOS)
  66. Fix you bugs! Now! Please.
  67. Instant death syndrome in 1.6 caused by this??!!
  68. Game-breaking UI Glitch
  69. Where is my ship
  70. Few q uestions
  71. NPC 50% damage with missiles on hull of corvette with military bulkheads? Surely a bug?
  72. Still can't survive indiction
  73. Fer de Lance Shielding
  74. Crash to dash when Outfitting at George Lucas
  75. A list of frustration
  76. NPCs have machine gun plasma accelerators
  77. A Day No Drones Should Die (a.k.a. Mining bugs)
  78. Xbox one glitches I've encountered after the update
  79. Xbox one Massacre mission bug
  80. 1.6 broke the game
  81. Game crash during interdiction
  82. Accepting missions and opening galaxy map from that tab.
  83. Disconnect from Xbox live
  84. [v1.6] Private Group not working
  85. Frame shift jump stutter
  86. Several Graphic Bugs (Supercruise, Resource Extraction Site)
  87. AI weapon attribute bugs, numerous and varied.
  88. Can't play any Arena matches
  89. Issues report V1.6
  90. Powerplay U.I. bug.
  91. got blown up!
  92. [v1.6] Point Defence shooting at allied missiles
  93. NPC pirates are unreasonably greedy
  94. Low performance / Unresponsive UI
  95. 1.6 My experience and Issues I've seen
  96. Ships not turning hostile
  98. Cannot join wings
  99. Controls don't work right following update
  100. More and new mining issues
  101. Very minor graphics issue
  102. Toggle orbit lines custom control doesn't work while in Classified Camera mode
  103. Boom Data Delivery
  104. 3 game logic bugs related to exploration + 1 intermittent witchspace crash
  105. Completing Imperial Haulage missions has no effect on Imperial reputation?
  106. federal agents swarming me for no reason
  107. Ranks reset
  108. Mission-breaking trade bug with new updated destination "feature"
  109. AI turned on me when I came into the spaceport
  110. Game crash and now just a black screen!
  111. Blow me up
  112. Buzz crash in CQC
  113. Ranking in empire not working since 1.6
  114. Game crash during multiple interdictions
  115. Collector limpet expiration
  116. Missing Bulletin Board, Commodities and Outfitting
  117. Bug or noob? Not receiving community goal reward
  118. Xbox system means by which screenshots / bugs may be transmitted.
  119. Ngolibardu Missing BB, Commodities, and Outfitting.
  120. Sudden interdiction from ghost npc?
  121. Galaxy Map Bug - No Systems Selectable
  122. Fer-De-Lance Drive Spooling Effect
  123. Various Bugs
  124. Plasma accelerator instakill
  125. Graphic Issue/Nav Beacons Won't Scan/Can't Turn in Completed Assignation Mission
  126. Mission updated required planetary landing
  127. RB not working correctly
  128. Mission updated destination unable to turn in
  129. fault in missions
  130. 1.6 Private Group - Wing up Issues
  131. No Solo mode.
  132. Fuel use/consumption
  133. Game crash and issues
  134. Unable to select system on Galaxy Map
  135. Boost initiates when exiting Galaxy Map.
  136. [1.6] Private xbox not work
  137. NPC plasma accelerator
  138. Agricultural Liberation Missions
  139. Bounty/Fine collection/payment location displaying faction name not system
  140. Universal Cartography
  141. NPC strength bug/fast death?
  142. Multiple bugs
  143. Auto Dock - Ship heading in wrong direction on Landing pad and won't dock
  144. Unable to select mission specific system on galaxy map.
  145. Pirate Lord gets killed, then kills me, then gets killed again and mission still fails.
  146. Missing Mission Board and Commodities Market
  147. Headbutting the dashboard
  148. Missions
  149. Horrific Lag
  150. Community Goal
  151. Mission not showing on Mission Board
  152. Can't hand in mission at destination.
  153. Audio momentarily cuts out during battles
  154. Text formatting broken in details screen of XBOX
  155. Felicia winters security attacking federation in Mehet
  156. Security forces in HAZRES
  157. Xbox lost game play
  158. Xbox horizons video tutorial links missing
  159. Interdiction bug.
  160. Game froze in outfitting screen
  161. 2.1 Planet vechicle bay not buyable
  162. Promotion message gives wrong rank
  163. Horizons access removed after launch from surface station
  164. Planetary Approach Suit
  165. ship stuck after recall back to planet
  166. Frozen HyperJump? Idk what to call this.
  167. Super powerful AI still using 1 or 2 shot kills
  168. Buzz crash
  169. 2nd family profile doesnt recognise Horizons on the home xbox
  170. [1.6 and horizons] 'bug' with a certain type of Mission Update
  171. Liberate Precious Gems, no gems.
  172. My Anaconda spawned underground...
  173. Live Stream of my first look at Horizons on Xbox One!!!
  174. Error when purchasing Scarab
  175. incorrect promotion messages
  176. Almagest's Port 'Sirius Reach' Gone. RIP ASP
  177. Orca broken.
  178. Please help - cannot enter glide at all!
  179. [v2.1] - Sensor Zoom gets reset
  180. [v2.1] - Duplicate mission messages in Comm's Panel
  181. Frozen in orbital cruise over planet
  182. Some bugs
  183. XBOX keeps crashing
  184. broken messages
  185. Npc's still way too hard post horizons update
  186. Landfall Planet Settlements Disappear From Navigation Panel
  187. Missions Stuck In Comms
  188. Crash followed by disconnection when docking on planets
  189. No Ship Sounds in Supercruise/Hyperspace
  190. Navigation Panel Freezes
  191. Wing isnt working! (Bugs included)
  192. Crashed to Dashboard on killing skimmer
  193. error 0x87de0017 when launching game, i can play all other games.
  194. Still Having Multiple Issues Post Horizons Update
  195. Unable to select Paint Jobs
  196. Federal Agents: Oh the bloody turn coats
  197. Collector Limpets freezing in combat
  198. Horizons landing at Ehrlich City
  199. Launch highlighted in docked menu on landing
  200. Difficulty finding suitable terrain; when I do ship lands "in" planet. SRV spawns beneath surface
  201. Ship destruction glitch
  202. Docking computer struggling to land
  203. bug/crash
  204. Missions not working (unable to hand over at target stations)
  205. AI Attacking Unexpectdedly
  206. Planetary base has invisible object near red gate
  207. Unable to launch from docking causes station to kill you.
  208. Fined for illegal goods that are actually legal
  209. Constant Buzz Crashes
  210. Ship / Srv stuck inside a planet
  211. Constant crashing/freezing
  212. Missing Planetary Surface Texture's
  213. Ship destruction bug
  214. Cobra MKIV missing
  215. "Clear sentry skimmer" mission glitched
  216. Very Buggy since I bought horizons
  217. insurance didnt give me all my fittings back after destruction
  218. Data sync issues
  219. Placeholder shown in mission message instead of destination.
  220. Discrepancy in engineers panel display.
  221. Weird buggy launch glitch/bug
  222. No Engineer Panel?
  223. Horizons on Xbox has messed my game up
  224. Wanted Police Attacking For No Reason
  225. Elite/Horizons X1 bugs and performance issues
  226. no cg reward at mehet
  227. Cannot delete message
  228. Mission items not present at crash site [Horizons]
  229. Missions Missing In Multiple Systems
  230. yet another problem
  231. Elite dangerous horizons bug xbox
  232. Source and Return missions
  233. Oxygen Deprived Load Bug
  234. Loss of engine sound
  235. All Faction Ships Hostile
  236. Big while landing on planet
  237. Buzz crash made me unable to play the game without a 20mil rebuy
  238. SRV not working
  239. Unable to explore / deploy rover
  240. Cobra Mk IV not showing up.
  241. Graphical blackout of entire cockpit upon station approach
  242. Dangerous Games Event/Alliance killing on sight. Event preventing me from leaving Dock.
  243. Empire rank keeps dropping
  244. Bug with destroyed SRV
  245. Destroyed instantly when leaving dock.
  246. Graphical issue with Federal Corvette
  247. Hyperdrived inside a star
  248. BUGS POST 1.6 AND HORIZONS hard reset key map now required.
  249. Route plotting failed
  250. Horizions update for Xbox
  251. Game Crash on Dock Select and Menu Exit
  252. Unrecoverable error on transaction server
  253. Unable to rebuy items sold at station
  254. Wake Scanner does not deploy in Supercruise
  255. Overheating orbiting a planet