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  1. Isn't Commanders already out?
  2. "TOO CLOSE"
  3. Some observations:
  4. Ships / Modules still full price.
  5. How do the ancient relics work?
  6. Failed to read from response stream. Network connect closed.
  7. selecting menus with mouse is allmost impossible.
  8. Shenanigans at the Ancient Ruin
  9. New Moon
  10. CTDs?
  11. Super high mouse sensitivity and unable to click things in Galaxy view
  12. Network stress test failing miserably at the moment...
  13. galaxy & system map
  14. I *Did* Take My Meds Today...
  15. Fast Start Option?
  16. Connection dropped every time I attempt to enter glide to land at planet
  17. SRV damage multiplier bug still around
  18. Can't Transition from SC -> OG
  19. Did the Minimum Specs Change?
  20. I cant mine in the cutter
  21. So, Open only or not, and does this set a precedent?
  22. Limpet testing is prepping for Tharglets
  23. Blue throttle zone incorrectly indicating in supercruise
  24. Fighter and srv panels not displaying
  25. Collector Fail?
  26. Planetary vehicle bays not available
  27. Beta keybindings reset again!?
  28. Mouse not working in the beta
  29. Crash/freeze when trying to drop from SC to glide mode when nearing ruins
  30. need fuel scoop
  31. Can't update using steam
  32. Stop heat generation when loading
  33. New multicrew options?
  34. Decal conditions?
  35. SRV restarts upsode down after a game crash
  36. Depleted Asteroids
  37. Pertinent information?
  38. bug found-max throttle indicator wrong
  39. Blue throttle indicator does not change. Relics under plant surface.
  40. star map filter colours not working
  41. station queue
  42. Missiles at Alien Ruins
  43. Wedding & Tour Announcements
  44. Stuck for Samarium?
  45. Ancient Items in OPEN Never Respawn -- Never Found a Single One in Three Instances
  46. Asteroids not rotating
  47. Ship frozen above ground seconds after launching off of ground near ruins
  48. Anaconda cockpit missing...
  49. Beta CG timetable?
  50. non-consensual PvP at ruin site
  51. Beta install name ? see picture.can't upload the pic a .jpg
  52. Can't turn in CG artifacts at 'no moon'
  53. MultiCrew is a mess
  54. FD Livestreaming Beta tonight
  55. Does the open beta and normal characters are related to each others?
  56. Cursor is still acting up in station services.
  57. Multicrew things fixed/not fixed yet
  58. NZT is not the best time for the Alien Ruins stress test...
  59. Ship's scanner not picking up srv's
  60. What are you doing to clog up the instances?
  61. Can't access fighter/crew screen
  62. [BUG] Reload after exit game in Asteroid belt = Self Destruct
  63. Poor performance on entering glide and super cruise
  64. Cursor acting up in system map
  65. No Guardian site in Synuefe XR-H D11-102 & PLanet 1b unlandable
  66. Thoughts on Anaconda cockpit in the Beta
  67. Over Saturated Holo-Me
  68. Livery: ship name not appearing in liverymenu
  69. [Multicrew] Can we get the option to fully disable GUNNER role?
  70. Mining, bigger yields
  71. Cargo going missing
  72. Ancient ruins site testing
  73. Plasma Accelerator Rounds Appear Like Small Dots in the Beta
  74. Qestions on Ancient Guardians and T6
  75. So I did it wrong, or...?
  76. Beta feedback
  77. Landing pad radar shows wrong direction
  79. [Bug] problems with crew and SLF
  80. Outside no moon and "contacts" panel is empty
  81. Mining Samarium
  82. Noticed echo of ship computer in Anaconda cockpit
  83. There Seems To Be Alot of Ships "Called Your Mom"
  84. Docking Computer became smarter, or is this happening only to me?
  85. Wow.. ship destroyed in seconds
  86. Couple of issues with conda
  87. The Biggest Problem With Open Beta...
  88. Connection Error on transfer from Orbital Flight to Glide (3 Fails out of 3 Attempts)
  89. Gamebreaking lag/rubberbanding during combat...
  90. Beta "restart"
  91. Dropping down from supercruise/logging in is very slow
  92. Tyres and other bits lying around are a nice touch
  93. Anaconda paint job missing during H-jump?
  94. Patch 2.3.10, Beta Update 2
  95. The "Critters" sound like they're really close
  96. not sure if it was just me..... chatting / messaging in beta
  97. FD, did you switch off the beta Matchmaking server for the live stream?
  98. Ship sunk beneath surface in 9.77 G Planet after I recalled it.
  99. Open beta yet limited to base game?
  100. The Dangus Run (No Moon to Ruins and back at 1% hull and no windshield)
  101. QuestOf Ships Bought In Beta System ...
  102. Help! Is MC broke or are there actually no ships available right now? And fighter launch disconnects
  103. Some real sad kiddies in this game
  104. Missing API Engineering Data
  105. Companion API
  106. We are the Thargoids welcome wagon !
  107. Beta quiet!
  108. I'm a poor beta tester...
  109. GTX 1080 Ti SC2 iCX and Oculus Rift are on order - I have two days to prep!!
  110. Cannot disc able upnp from network options
  111. Could not enter supercriuse while being attached at ruins, charge stopped 3 bars
  112. Dumb Dumbfires
  113. Landing bug and decal bug
  114. Good job, Devs! Network Code Working Great!
  115. Beta closing on monday
  116. Won't come out of glide mode when approaching the planet
  117. Planets not visable
  118. No acknowledgement of kill
  119. Do the Thargoids show up at the barnacles in BETA?
  120. Prospector limpets sometimes fly through the planet.
  121. Some strange monoliths sited at the Ancient Ruins Site
  122. Security Operations now happening in Synuefe