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  1. [INDEPENDENT] Misfits of Science - rogue scientist unite
  2. [INDEPENDENT] Wolves of Jonai - PS-Wolves
  3. Pixel Bandits Security Force
  4. Facebook group for when you can't get to your PC/PS4
  5. Welcome to Axios Prime
  6. Groups vs Factions vs Superpowers vs PowerPlay
  7. dark marauders (piracy group)
  8. Wolves of Steel
  9. Elite dangerous Australian New Zealand. Ps4 community
  10. Littlest Hobo
  11. Convoy Event
  12. Pigs In Space Suits
  13. A group for Dads?
  14. [Independent] Dark Echo
  15. [Federation] Federal Republican Command - Hudson
  16. [EMPIRE] The 9th Legion
  17. Searching for newbie elite friends.
  18. MAAN Clan In Space
  19. Gilde/Gruppi/Clan italiani?
  20. Terminus Corporation \ PVE Private Server
  21. Old Duck's Private CG Group
  22. The Nexus Union. (PvE/PvP Trade Combat Exploration group)
  23. Nightingales ED
  24. Any uk clans need any new members
  25. PS4 1k+ Member "Elite Dangerous Training Terminal" Community! READ for more info on how to join us :)
  27. [INDEPENDENT] The Rangers
  28. PlayStation 4 Group. Independent Pilots of Utopia.
  29. Christian Group
  30. Early Birds In The Sky With Diamonds (a message to the Founders)
  31. Desperately seeking Susans...
  32. Wet-N-Wyld (Friendly PvP) (Mature)
  33. [EMPIRE] Lavigny's Legion - For the Empire! For the Emperor! For Arissa! For more fun on PS4!
  34. ARC Mining Corp
  35. Partner for YouTube Series/Structured Shenanigans
  37. MobiusPVE
  38. [Federation] Shadow Company Solutions - Loyal Sons and Daughters of SP Winters.
  39. Was PC - Now PS4 ... controller problems
  40. Looking for Alliance PS4 groups
  41. Elite Dangerous Fighting Squad
  42. [ISS] Interstellar Space Smugglers
  43. Blitzcorp LLC now hiring independent contractors
  44. PS4 GROUP: The Dark Matter Pirates
  45. Looking for bounty hunters and traders
  46. sap Core Legion PS4 division
  47. only traders group
  48. PS4 Player Faction/CLAN RECRUITING NOW!
  49. occupied escape pod
  50. BlackWater Empire Recruiting
  51. Fleet of Friends (PS4)
  52. [LFG] Looking For Clan/group
  53. PS4 Player looking for Mature friends I use headset!
  54. [INDEPENDENT] The Black Void Syndicate
  55. Still looking for Clan/Fleet/Wing
  56. Federal? Casual? Looking for a group?
  57. New Recruits Wanted!
  58. [EMPIRE] Imperial Honour Corps
  59. The Patriarchs Are Recruiting. A Community Devoted To The Working Man
  60. [LFG] Looking for others to play with
  61. [LFG] Ps4 player looking for a group
  62. [LFG] Greetings all, I'm looking for Commanders to join up with
  63. [INDEPENDENT] Hot news The Code branches out to ps4, Join today...
  64. [LFG] Mining Party
  65. [EMPIRE] East India Company - PS4 Division
  66. [FEDERATION] Federal Democratic Command-casual gaming with purpose and meaning
  67. [INDEPENDENT] PS4 Exclusive group - Silver Thrusters!
  68. [LFG] The new Guy
  69. [LFG] Homeless Longjohn no more?
  70. [ALLIANCE] Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corp on PS4
  71. [LFG] Are there any large PS4 groups?
  72. [LFG] All alone in the galaxy
  73. [LFG] Looking for PS4 group (don't have discord)
  74. [LFG] Looking for group to join on Ps4
  75. [LFG] Looking for wing mates to help with missions.
  76. [INDEPENDENT] PathFinder Corp - PS4
  78. [ALLIANCE] The 351st Alliance Volunteer Wing (PS4 Recruitment)
  79. [LFG] New player looking for a home (PS4)
  80. [PRIVATE] PvE - Flight Club
  81. [FEDERATION] Looking for Winters/Rhea system CMDRs to run legal work with
  82. [INDEPENDENT] Large PS4 Wing Recruiting, MSR
  83. [INDEPENDENT] The Corsairs of Capo [COC] are recruiting
  84. [LFG] Solo Too Long....
  85. [LFG] New Player Looking For A Group
  86. [LFG] lets see how this goes
  87. [INDEPENDENT] Want to find friends and wing up? Looking for a casual group? Check out Sidewinder Syndicate!
  88. [LFG] Any realistic fleet or clans?
  89. [INDEPENDENT] Shadow of the Phoenix recruiting
  90. [INDEPENDENT] Pilot Syndicate 4 [PS4]
  91. [LFG] Looking for an active Ps4 Player Group
  92. [INDEPENDENT] Privateers Alliance PS4 Recruiting
  93. [LFG] Looking for Group
  94. [INDEPENDENT] Flight Club is Recruiting for The Guardians of AeSir
  95. [INDEPENDENT] New to elite? Look inside
  96. [INDEPENDENT] Armed Wanderers Enterprises
  97. [INDEPENDENT] Largest PS4 Wing Recruiting
  98. [EMPIRE] IHC Officially recruiting!
  99. [EMPIRE] Huntress Squadron.
  100. [LFG] LFG
  101. [LFG] Freelance CMDR looking for a family among the void.
  102. [LFG] Any rp heavy groups out on ps4?
  103. [FEDERATION] The 80's Business- The Retro Faction Of Voltrigones
  105. [LFG] PS4 Vanguard anti AX group
  106. Seeking a PS4 PVP Faction to assist a smaller faction
  107. Guardians of Aesir Recruitment
  108. [INDEPENDENT] Black Void Syndicate Recruitment
  109. [EMPIRE] The ICRN is recruiting new members.
  110. [INDEPENDENT] Radio Sidewinder PS4 Division
  111. Sap Core Legion (PS4 Squadron)
  112. Greybeard Delta Squadron
  113. Looking for an active Squadron.
  114. [PS4 Squadron] Titan Vanguard (TVNV)
  115. WINTERS WOLVES looking for Commander Commanders on PS4
  116. [INDEPENDENT] Want to find friends and wing up? Looking for a casual group? Check out Sidewinder Syndicate!
  117. [ALLIANCE] The Patriarchs Are Looking For New Commanders
  118. recruiting members squadron
  119. The Mercs of Mikunn are recruiting
  120. Don't fly alone, Join Dijkstra PLC to learn how the BGS works!
  121. [INDEPENDENT] Leviathan Scout Regiment (Recruitment Thread)
  122. Sirius Inc, living on the edge!
  123. [INDEPENDENT] Deep Recon X
  124. [EMPIRE] Lavigny's Legion - The Emperor's Might
  125. Dark Armada
  126. [FEDERATION] Shadow Company - Squadron 6612 (Federation - Felicia Winters)
  127. [EMPIRE] Armed Imperial Concilium Recruitment
  128. [INDEPENDENT] Communism Interstellar