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  1. Game freezes at Barnacle Forest
  2. [3.3 Horizons] Crashed (Error CE-34878-0)
  3. [3.3 Horizons] PS4 Pro - Hotas not working in game since update
  4. [3.3 Horizons] Game disconnects when calling ship from SRV
  5. Hotas 4 option disappeared from the control option menu
  6. [3.3 Horizons] Using a keyboard still makes the PS4 text input screen appear.
  7. [3.3 Horizons] Awful shadows/postprocessing in asteroid rings/clusters
  8. [3.3 Horizons] No PS4 Beybings for new content
  9. [3.3 Non-Horizons] Rebinding issue
  10. [3.3 Horizons] Can't find reported Codex entry in the reported system
  11. Complete loss of input after using FSD (possibly result of analysis mode)
  12. [3.3 Horizons] Ship engine flame animation flickering
  13. [3.3 Horizons] Landing gear failure
  14. Complete loss of input after using FSD (possibly result of analysis mode)
  15. Bugs Since Update
  16. PS4 power contact not available + session timer bug
  17. [3.3 Horizons] No System States showing
  18. [3.3 Horizons] Pinned Blueprints are Gone
  19. Controller no longer responds
  20. [3.3 Horizons] Crash CE-34878-0 when trying to browse system app for Dvorak or when jumping to Dvorsi
  21. [3.3 Horizons] 'Squad Goals' trophy issue.
  22. [3.3 Horizons] Broken Scrolling (Passenger Lounge, Missions)
  23. [3.3 Horizons] Mote worth nothing in commodities market
  24. [3.3 Horizons] Weird surface lighting + black square shadow
  25. The Issue with Shadows, Again
  26. [3.3 Horizons] Galnet Radio No Longer Available Post Update
  27. [3.3 Horizons] Repeated corrupted save files
  28. [3.3 Horizons] 3D Graphics exhibit increased flickering (aliasing) after the update
  29. [3.3 Horizons] "Open discovery" shortcut breaks controller shortcuts and occasionally all input
  30. [3.3 Horizons] Filter function of the message inbox is unusable
  31. [3.3 Horizons] Filters for squadrons either don't work or instructions very unclear
  32. [3.3 Horizons] Power Play quota allocation disappears
  33. [3.3 Horizons] Codex - Commander Archive - Unable to scroll text in right window
  34. [3.3 Horizons] System HIP 33654
  35. Ships Lights bind not working
  36. [3.3 Horizons] CTD When Entering Game
  37. [3.3 Horizons] Unable to locate Intergalactic Mining Union Squadron in the squadron listing
  38. Lost a ship and modules
  39. [3.3 Horizons] Exclusion Zone for Neutron Stars & White Dwarfs popping in and out
  40. [3.3 Horizons] Multiple bugs with star ports
  41. [3.3 Horizons] Exit of supercruise on planetary beacon
  42. [3.3 Horizons]
  43. [3.3 Horizons] Hotas 4 - FSS - bound keys work exept for zoom functions.
  44. Ship name erroneously persists after shipyard switch
  45. Bug with mission : Execute pirate lord: Bobby Jum
  46. [3.3 Horizons] List of BUGS I've experienced
  47. [3.3 Horizons] All PS4 sounds suddenly low/garbled. Requires exit.
  48. [3.3 Horizons] Frame rate drops when opening system > module panel.
  49. [3.3 Horizons] Keybinding changes not reflected in GUI
  50. [3.3 Horizons] Closing Application Caused PS4 to Shutdown with Error CE-36329-3
  51. "Switch HUD mode" can't overlap with an Interface Mode button
  52. [3.3 Horizons] Game Freezes
  53. Exiting navigation views has unpredictable effects on brightness
  54. Toggle HUD Mode and Enter FSS Mode can be bound to the same key
  55. [3.3 Horizons] Control setup: Triangle to expand/collapse nested items not functioning
  56. [3.3 Horizons] Capital Ships identify and act as enemy regardless of which faction you are apart of.
  57. [3.3 Horizons] HOTAS - newly assigned keybinds not working (does show in options though)
  58. Conflict Zone clean targets
  59. Game freezes at lava spout POI
  60. "Squad Goals" trophy issue 2
  61. [3.3 Horizons] Extremely Poor Planet Surface Rendering
  62. [3.3 Horizons] Distress Call gone in Luchtaine.
  63. Nebula not appearing in galaxy map
  64. [3.3 Horizons] Boost not working
  65. [3.3 Horizons] Mining surface deposits stay visible in contacts panel & on surfaces after reaching 0%
  66. Station voice greeting uses call sign / NATO phonetics of previous ship
  67. [3.3 Horizons] Composition Scanner Not Working With New Discoveries
  68. [3.3 Horizons] Conflict zone vanished into the distance!
  69. [3.3 Horizons] The Stars Are Disappearing
  70. [3.3 Horizons] Squadron search issues
  71. [3.3 Horizons] Random trophies obtained for free after crash
  72. Lost Custom Key-Bindings After Crash
  73. Bounty incured in Conflict Zone
  74. [3.3 Horizons] CZ Assult/Murder Notoriaty 4 hours later
  75. [3.3 Horizons] Generation ship Atlas missing?
  76. [3.3 Horizons] Screen Hangs
  77. Mine launcher problems with T-9
  78. [3.3 Horizons] HOTAS4 flight landing override reversed
  79. [3.3 Horizons] Wanted Bruce Harlic blocks medium landing pad @ Colonia Barracks
  80. [3.3 Horizons] Search Areas "jump" a far distance just shortly before exiting orbital cruise
  81. [3.3 Horizons] PS4 Chat Box
  82. [3.3 Horizons] New 3.3 bonds donít check for conflicts
  83. [3.3 Horizons] Fuel scoop in Orca (size 6 compartment) not making sound effects
  84. We're being TOTALLY DEFEATED during an election while NOBODY is working for the other faction
  85. Status / Session log time (time zone) is incorrect
  86. [3.3 Horizons] Guardian Sites Freezes
  87. [3.3 Horizons] Failure to connect to comms and/or adjudication servers
  88. [3.3 Horizons] Framerate Hit - Right Panel
  89. [3.3 Horizons] Gaining Bounty & Notariety from fighting within Conflict Zones
  90. [3.3 Horizons] FSS distance and temperature of selected bodies disappears when zoomed in
  91. [3.3 Horizons] Wing Invite Notification Received - But No Invite Received
  92. [3.3 Horizons] Unbalanced CZ battle goals on PS4 compared to PC players
  93. Can not log into game after using PS4 "Suspend Game" Feature (without restarting the game)
  94. [3.3 Horizons] Surface Geological & Biological POIs Jump Around
  95. [3.3 Horizons] BE ABLE TO USE KEYBOARD ON PS4
  96. Subtargeting Thargoid interceptors not working on PS4
  97. [3.3 Horizons] Mining Bugs
  98. Generation Ship Venusian missing
  99. [3.3 Horizons] Unable to engineer DSS post-exploration update
  100. Missing headlook options
  101. [3.3 Horizons] Codex navigation
  102. [3.3 Horizons] PS4 Galaxy Map Configuration - Visited Stars not showing after application crash
  103. Chieftain canopy health as reported by right panel does not match station adv. maintenance report
  104. Guardian allegiance not consistent in galaxy map
  105. [3.3.01 Horizons] Selling exploration date: righthand info panel not scrollable
  106. On-screen 'modifier' prompt shows incorrect buttons for Hotas4
  107. [3.3.01 Horizons] Unable to accept new squadron applicants
  108. [3.3.01 Horizons] First Discovered/Mapped By Tags Missing
  109. [3.3.01 Horizons] Frame rate grinds to a halt when opening system panel in Combat Zone
  110. [3.3.01 Horizons] Random ship explosion
  111. [3.3.01 Horizons] Last two entries of galaxy map missing
  112. Cannot reacquire a message from listening post
  113. Planet Dave Outpost treated as Guardian Signal
  114. Listening Post in HIP 79256 cannot be found in
  115. [3.3.01 Horizons] Listening Post shown as Guardian Signal
  116. [3.3.01 Horizons] Squadron statements not displaying - Requires relog
  117. [3.3.01 Horizons] No Audio/Audio Popping On Initial Info Panel Update
  118. If the FSS is bound to a key combination with a face button, FSS and face button input are activated
  119. Black Box Missions failing to complete.
  120. [3.3.01 Horizons] Mamba Landing Gear won't retract visually
  121. FSS: Planet info not shown most of the time
  122. [3.3.01 Horizons] Station Interiors - Loss of colour based on Economy
  123. Game Freeze has re-manifested in mid Hyperspace
  124. Exited warp inside a star
  125. [3.3.01 Horizons] Codex Not Updating
  126. [3.3.01 Horizons] Transmissive Ship Hulls
  127. Wrong information on Right Panel -> Status -> Session Log
  128. Commercial Salvage Mission does not update on successful completion
  129. Ship name under Ship Transfer shows as $KRAIT_MKII_NAME;
  130. [3.3.01 Horizons] Adjudication Server errors when resuming game after saving to menu
  131. Galaxy map frame rate issues
  132. [3.3.01 Horizons] Combat Zone doesn't work
  133. [3.3.01 Horizons] States Outbreak or Famine are not showing
  134. Megaship missions not showing distance to mission
  135. Game offers a follow-on mission that can't be accepted due to local faction reputation
  136. Game almost constantly disconnects from matchmaking server
  137. [3.3.01 Horizons] Ability to install parts of shipkits and bobbleheads that you don't own
  138. [3.3.01 Horizons] 5124095700107264 Hours Ago
  139. Stuttering on Planet Surfaces
  140. [3.3.01 Horizons] Powerplay Merit Allocation - Delayed by login time
  141. Squadron Achievement Bug
  142. Not get "First Discovered or First Mapped by" acknowledgements.
  143. [3.3.01 Horizons] An installation literally flies away
  144. [3.3.01 Horizons] Planets occasionally are shown as 100% mapped in analysis mode, despite not being so
  145. [3.3.01 Horizons] FSS Mode turns part of my HUD blue and then it never changes back
  146. [3.3.01 Horizons] Incorrect station interiors
  147. [3.3.01 Horizons] Game freeze + adjudication server kickout + matchmaking kickout...
  148. Detonation yield graphic only appears for the first player to fire a prospector limpet
  149. Module aiming doesn't work anymore in CQC
  150. [3.3.01 Horizons] Detonation time left on Detonation Yield bug when using outside camera
  151. [3.3.01 Non-Horizons] Collector Limpets Damaging ship
  152. [3.3.01 Horizons] constant disconnects
  153. [3.3.01 Horizons] Game keeps crashing
  154. Unable to make public post longer than 90 characters
  155. Golden Type-9 Paint job missing from PS4 console store (part of festive countdown)
  156. Material trader, starts with 1
  157. Anemones not scanable in Elysian Shore
  158. Dropping out of Supercruise at Gorgon Research not working correctly
  159. [3.3.01 Horizons] "Open Galaxy Map" in Transaction screen no longer enable navigation setting
  160. [3.3.01 Horizons] Megaship moves with high velocity after dropping from supercruise
  161. [3.3.01 Horizons] Censoring CMDR Name
  162. Special Krait MkII paintjob (event for gamers with disabilities) not in PS4 store
  163. [3.3.01 Horizons] Mission Influence Not Affecting Faction Influence
  164. [3.3.01 Horizons] installation moving at over 500 meters a second
  165. [3.3.01 Non-Horizons] Station Comms Bug
  166. [3.3.01 Horizons] random trophys
  167. Power play, Hudson no hostile enemy AIs
  168. [3.3.01 Horizons] Signal sources, especially high grade ones, with too low a lifespan
  169. Training videos do not play
  170. enemy viper is stationary in SLF training mission
  171. Cannot complete Massacre Mission. Mission Targets do not register.
  172. Conflict zones not spawning any ships
  173. [3.3.01 Horizons] "Locations: Scanning" after leaving the system
  174. [3.3.01 Horizons] Locations only showing in system map after body has been mapped
  175. [3.3.01 Horizons] Unable to leave planets, ship won't land.
  176. Low-res textures and shadows on asteriods
  177. [3.3.01 Horizons] Umable to affiliate Squadron to desired Faction
  178. [3.3.01 Horizons] Green Flashing/Strobing Thargoid Conflict Zones
  179. [3.3.01 Horizons] High Grade Emissions do not spawn correct Materials
  180. SRV divert power bindings
  181. accidentally shooting mothership while protecting it results in bounty and mission fail
  182. Slow UI rendering, freezes, server connection errors
  183. Squadron chat disappears / reappears
  184. unable to deploy 2nd SRV
  185. Failed to communicate with server. Unable to get an up to date mission list from server.
  186. [3.3.01 Horizons] Generation ships, not in planety obit don't appear with a fss scan
  187. Can't scroll through discoveries in a given system at Universal Cartographics
  188. Hyperspace jump resets the "neutral" position of head-look
  189. [3.3.01 Horizons] CODEX Wipe
  190. [3.3.01 Horizons] First to Scan system. Name Not Showing on Planets
  191. not showing all planet info
  192. [3.3.01 Horizons] Game keeps freezing, getting tired of it
  193. Scanned system still showing after selling data
  194. Change squadron power allegiance
  195. [3.3.01 Horizons] Game freezes when loading then crashes PS 4
  196. [3.3.01 Horizons] SRV gets stuck for no apparent reason
  197. [3.3.01 Horizons] Bug weapon Guardian plasma charger?
  198. [3.3.01 Horizons] Deep Core materials hiding inside blasted out asteroid chunks
  199. Faction stuck in pending expansion
  200. [3.3.01 Horizons] Missing trophy
  201. PS4 game 'Start' on Main Menu says 'Not connected to Internet"
  202. Pharmaceutical Isolators near impossible to get
  203. Listening Post Alpha Missing, IC 1848 Sector IS-T d3-29 A3A
  204. [3.3.01 Horizons] Was the krait mk2 canopy fixed?
  205. Destroying powerplants
  206. [3.3.01 Horizons] PS4 Controller bindings for new functions missing after chapter 4 update
  207. [3.3.01 Horizons] RES asteroids glitch
  208. [3.3.01 Horizons] Listening post data does not appear in the codex archive
  209. [3.3.01 Horizons] Impossible to read long descriptions in codex archive
  210. Stuck with passengers after game crash
  211. Button combinations involving L2, L3, R2, or R3 do not execute properly
  212. Mission menus scroll in a really weird way.
  213. It's possible to drop from supercruise to a planetary-surface POI without using orbital cruise
  214. "Time played" is massively exaggerated
  215. [3.3.01 Horizons] Bgs bug?
  216. [3.3.01 Horizons] Pending expansion not going active
  217. [3.3.01 Horizons] Confirmed (and reported?) data missing from the codex
  218. [3.3.01 Horizons] Crime Not Progressing
  219. Failed to communicate with server
  220. [3.3.01 Horizons] Game Freeze and Constant Disconnects
  221. [3.3.01 Horizons] FSS Telescope Needs WD-40
  222. [3.3.01 Horizons] Frame Shift Wake Scanner not working anymore?.
  223. [3.3.01 Horizons] HUD of throttle control,compass vanished etc
  224. Strange graphical bug in AX CZ
  225. [3.3.01 Horizons] Landing gear on Mamba always down in external camera
  226. [3.3.01 Horizons] Cutter bridge too bright since lighting change
  227. [3.3.01 Horizons] Scan Job drone explosions causing game crash
  228. [3.3.01 Horizons] Key bindings donít work / conflict check
  229. [3.3.01 Horizons] Leave Me Alone!!! (Pirate spawning broken)
  230. Respawn at wrong location after ship destruction
  231. [3.3.01 Horizons] Graphics error on Imperial Clipper paint jobs
  232. [3.3.01 Horizons] Invisible damage in Asteroid Field
  233. [3.3.01 Horizons] SLF Fire Groups - Assigning Composition Scanner Doesn't Persist
  234. Playlist audio useless when disturbed by various announcements
  235. Power information in Outfitting screen inaccurate?
  236. Ships have no "Frame Shift Drive" subsystem, and two "Drive" subsystems, except in supercruise
  237. Bugged surface planet NLTT 36689 2 C A
  238. [3.3.01 Horizons] HD 63154 system (HD 63154 B 3 A planet) going through the ground in SRV
  239. [3.3.01 Horizons] Federal Navy Contract pirate bug
  240. [3.3.01 Horizons] Unable to bookmark locations
  241. Prospector Limpet Core Detected Bug After Playing in a Wing
  242. Squadron lists not updating
  243. [3.3.01 Horizons] AI is Broken
  244. [3.3.01 Horizons] Cannot turn in mission
  245. [3.3.01 Horizons] I FOUND A FIX TO THE BUGS OCCURRING IN WING VOID OPAL MINING... (Detonator Display not working etc)
  246. Squadron Leaderboards have been wiped since patch
  247. 1.29 update. Can`t Make PLOT ROUTE to any system on MAP
  248. [3.3.02 - Horizons] Faction issues massacre mission for own faction
  249. [3.3.02 - Horizons] Wanted Ships Suddenly Switch to Clean
  250. Can't Reach POI
  251. [3.3.02 - Horizons] Targeting Rectals Go Crazy After a While
  252. [3.3.02 - Horizons] My ship "Returns to Surface" whilst STILL in Outfitting.
  253. [3.3.02 - Horizons] Assassination missions totally bugged
  254. System chat sometimes doesn't work & also sometimes crosses systems
  255. game hangs on start, then hard crash of ps4 on force close application