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  1. When does the Community goal start for the 2.4 Beta?
  2. EDCD Coriolis (Beta) (We Need Your Help)
  3. Thoughts on 2.4 Changelog
  4. Beta 2.4 spoiler
  5. Question about mission system upgrade (Chains and passenger/S&R)
  6. 2.4 Mission Stacking Fix!
  7. 1000ly+ routes
  8. Route plotting changes
  9. 2.4: death optional?
  10. Are engineered module properties back in the log ?
  11. 20K LY Galaxy Map Plotting and Faster Plotting overall awesome FD this rocks.
  12. SRV scanner audio still unusable....
  13. Alien mysteries: - The Canonn 2.4 beta version
  14. Missions Buffed
  15. Good news for explorers!
  16. Engineers and Beta
  17. Audio system
  18. Download link?
  19. new synthesis requests
  20. Beta CG is Broken, cannot turn in the items....
  21. Repair limpets - useless for explorers ?
  22. Livery previews not showing correct skins?
  23. Type-10 Defender, new ship (not yet purchasable)
  24. String lights?
  25. The good, the bad, and the 'seriously? this took 6 months?'
  26. Really weird sounds in stations
  27. I don't have beta. So could someone be so kind as to explain how the search and rescue contact works?
  28. So...What's a Type 10 Defender?
  29. No science contact at Silves Dock
  30. 19 billion creds for assassination??
  31. 2.4 Cmdrs appearing as NPCs
  32. 2.4....Alan Davies Simulator?
  33. 2.4 Beta 1 Feedback
  34. Solid squares for Commanders?
  35. CG items
  36. Station sounds
  37. 2.4 The Exodus
  38. Beluga Liner skin bug
  39. Ship Rebuy Penalty issue
  40. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Pilot's Federation Bounty Discussion
  41. No more ship discounts in beta?
  42. SRV fuel now shows 100%
  43. Search&Rescue missions?
  44. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Ship Rebuy Penalty Cost Discussion
  45. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Rebuy Update Discussion
  46. Ships visible in supercruise??
  47. QoL: Display engineered weapon attributes when selecting a fitted weapon in Outfitting
  48. 2.4 Beta test Reward Decal
  49. A certain "Wizzard" has reappeared in the Closed Beta
  50. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Holo-Me/Outfitting/Preview Discussion
  51. Potential Bug - Oculus - no audio in HMD
  52. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Audio Updates Discussion
  53. Right racket going on in Slives Dock
  54. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Route Plotter Discussion
  55. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] New Limpets and Synthesis Recipes Discussion
  56. Fish, cheap modules
  57. Beta through steam
  58. Notice: Mission Board Stress Testing - 2.4 beta
  59. Clarification
  60. Persistent saved commander even after wipe
  61. Lavecon Skins
  62. [Suggestion] Add slave liberation to search and rescue contacts
  63. so, no multicrew fixes then?
  64. Search and rescue
  65. I noticed that Frontier fixed the falling skimmers in beta, according to the chage-log.
  66. Thanks Frontier for the new hair. (Yep. Kicking that hornet's nest again boys)
  67. Request for help testing wing issues present since 2.1
  68. Mission rewards
  69. Livery request QOL
  70. Anyone else seen this?
  71. Mission payout scaling
  72. Cannot start beta2.4 Play gives black row and then nothing and back to ordinary screen.
  73. Filter ordering on message inbox should have back button at top?
  74. Where is all this Thargoid stuff we are supposed to deliver?
  75. Questions about route plotting with FSD injection
  76. Assassination mission rewards?
  77. fastest routes (max. 20ly)?
  78. Heatsink and Chaff Synthesis destroys FDEVs balance
  79. Why would you combat log in beta?
  80. Running the beta in VR?
  81. Multiple holo-me save slots: Can we name each slot or is just 1, 2, 3, etc.?
  82. Unusual unidentified signal source
  83. Are the (blue) Mission: Unidentified Signal Source new?
  84. New AspX bridge view shows ladder down AND up
  85. Heatsink and chaff synthesis destroys fdevs balance
  86. unable to drop at alien base
  87. 2.4 closed beta Unable to test anything, Prices the same as main game, used to be 10% of the price, Also still no love for the ASP Explorer! RANT
  88. Beta question Beta newbie
  89. Significantly improved framerate in stations and on planets
  90. Unusual high number of CTDs
  91. Suggestion: Have Comms default to first message and not filters
  92. Galaxy Map Interaction Seems To Be Improved
  93. [Suggestion] Search and Rescue Agent UI
  94. Crashing when Alt-Tab / Switch to other app
  95. Good Job W/ Missions
  96. Beta bug? Player contacts don't show up as hollow. Keep it!
  97. Match Making Server errors on "Loading Screen"
  98. Incoming Message Box - THANK YOU !!!
  99. Life Support Synthesis
  100. Mission Board Stress Testing
  101. Plotting bug - System shown as Unidentified Signal Source (an empty one)
  102. Can you buy into this beta if you didn't do it before
  103. Scavengers able to go underground and hide from being shot at?
  104. Perceiving several small graphical improvements and liking them . . .
  105. Life support Synthesis required.
  106. Meta Alloys float away?
  107. Capital Ships
  108. Make Black Holes Dangerous
  109. Synthesis of Limpets, can this be done without cargo space?
  110. Did NPCs got a some touches? Just saw a Eagle doing corks!
  111. Salvage Cargo cannot be delivered. ( not even on Black market!)
  112. So whats this Thargoid inprint stuff
  113. Things I've Noticed
  114. Patch notes?..
  115. How to find the Thargoid structure?
  116. Cannot install the beta
  117. Damage on icon of ships now have difference.
  118. I will view ED 2.4 as a success based on ...
  119. FD Any Love for the VR side of things?
  120. Seeing as we're closing exploits, can we close a few others?
  121. 1.9 Beta & community Goal
  122. Distances in the Mission panels
  123. PowerPlay level 5 salary went up
  124. It's easy when you know how, I know
  125. SRV Sensor Range Weirdness
  126. Reduce shield pip influence and combine diminishing returns.
  127. 2.4 Beta Starting Location?
  128. Crimes reported flag suggestion
  129. Ship massacre missions - Know anywhere I can pick these up ?
  130. Where to find scavengers
  131. SRV Damage changed?
  132. Question for Devs-any plans to make Science & Research a permanent feature?
  133. Can't connect
  134. When out exploring a little ways all systems show as Anarchy and warned off!
  135. For beta players: skimmer rain, fixed?
  136. QoL: allow muting the messages of friends logging in and out
  137. Random thoughts re: Assassination Missions (in 2.4 Beta)
  138. System map planet sounds gone?
  139. Suggested additional Full bonus for Explorers
  140. Beta servers down ?
  141. Please fix AspX cockpit UI overlap
  142. Comms window: Inbox focus
  143. Smokey doke.
  144. [suggestion] Universal Limpet Controller
  145. First Discovery Bonus all zero
  146. Rounding issue...
  147. The new Docking Computer behavior
  148. QoL: Please make system bounty boards visible even if < 5 player bounties exist
  149. Launcher still loading Closed Beta (1.9)
  150. SRV controls not working at Tharhoid structure
  151. Is My download finished!
  152. Free Cam - full throttle.
  153. question about beta decals
  154. [Suggestion] Delayed synthesis - chaff and heatsinks
  155. What is the point of wasting my time testing when GRIEFERS are not allowing it?
  156. I want to beta!!! How do i buy in?
  157. Breaking news!!! Beta participation stops time!!!
  158. Where to give feedback/bug writeup for Beta Chat upgrades? Got a nasty one
  159. Custom Display Panels for 3'rd Party Developers
  160. Suggestion for the effect of Powerplay on bounties
  161. Matchmaking Server down ?
  162. Have passenger bonus payments been improved?
  163. Make more relevant missions, instead of just rolling more random ones.
  164. Heat sink synthesis; Happy/Unhappy.
  165. 2.4 downloadsize
  166. Planetary Scan Jobs - bugged or just me?
  167. more storage
  168. Is this new - Capital Ship docks?
  169. 2.4 Quality of life features
  170. Journal Scan Event for Nav Beacons
  171. [SUGGESTION] Tourist Guide
  172. Request: Improved Notification system for follow-on missions
  173. Inbox Threads UI Problem/Suggestion
  174. Some minor NPC/USS "complaints" (suggestions)
  175. Suggestion: Increase speed limit around stations to 150 m/s
  176. As I did this in the Beta, posting here, are the vents at the alien sites bleeding energy from weapons
  177. Outpost medium Pad flipped
  178. PVP Changes
  179. Where are all the new voices?
  180. Distress Call USS
  181. The Mark of a Good Beta...
  182. Alternative Rebuy Penalty
  183. The effect of the increased volume of available missions on the background sim
  184. Ominous message.
  185. Exiting Hyperspace appears to have changed
  186. Unable to dock with shot up sensors?
  187. Has the volume for ship and ATC voices been dropped?
  188. Still no expansion of the Favour System?
  189. [Sugestion discussion FOR BETA] Powerplay + Superpower bounties + Federation of Pilots Bounty Idea
  190. Request: Please make Surface Scans more DANGEROUS
  191. Cutter ship kit in the pipeline
  192. Repair Limpet Animations
  193. Request: Improving Passenger Missions
  194. Premium heatsinks
  195. Piper at the Gates of.............. the Silves Dock spacestation?
  196. Are Engineers not accepting Fish in the 2.4 beta?
  197. Are Engineers not accepting Fish in the 2.4 beta?
  198. [New Feature Proposal] In-flight multimedia interface
  199. Neutron boost route plotter
  200. Any FDev thought to a landing camera?
  201. The Galaxy Map
  202. suggestion: behaviour optimization of the new inbox (1/2)
  203. suggestion: behaviour optimization of the new inbox (2/2)
  204. Search and Rescue rewards
  205. 2.4 Beta1 Unable to connect in Open
  206. Mission Board STILL lacking Planetary Surface missions :(
  207. Suggestion: Ship load-out slots like Holo-Me
  208. Shields only show 99% charged Hull 100%
  209. Station Sound Too LOUD!!
  210. 112 Mil to 153 Mil in 2 hours
  211. We could really do with more storage, even just a little bit.
  212. Congratulations to the planet surface devs!
  213. Game Breaking Bug: All exploration data has been reset
  214. Shield Cell Bank Chugging is back
  215. History Sorting
  216. LOD-graphical environment settings
  217. Anarchy systems everywhere!
  218. Mission Board, Suggestion for simple improvement.
  219. Multi Crew Mining
  220. Materials now also counted in tonnes?
  221. ED Market Connector?
  222. New Chained Missions
  223. Ingame tool for Coordinates
  224. Beta closed ?
  225. Any news about hud color change in option menu?
  226. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Showing engineer mods and effects in UI menus
  227. FDEV PLEASE more STORAGE !!
  228. Has the beta borked my standard Holo-Me?
  229. Dare i mention the system map from 2.2 & please bring it back?
  230. "Mining" destroyed ships, something to do during Search and Rescue
  231. close beta not visible anymore
  232. How to launch the beta?
  233. mission briefs : Station distance - a little longwinded?
  234. PROPOSAL : context based INFO pages to replace / support cargo manifests.
  235. Proposal criminals should spawn at prisons
  236. Powerplay QoL - voucher gained Info/Journal entry?
  237. The BETA launcher has gone from my list on the game launcher?
  238. What FDev Should be doing with the syntesizer ...
  239. [DISCUSSION] Thermal Cascade/Broken Heat
  240. [Suggestions] Add Thargoids to Powerplay
  241. How to enter the beta?
  242. 2.4 The return (I thought there were also "QOL" updates....)
  243. Gobbled up my Hard Drive need some advice
  244. Battle instances
  245. Gameplay around CQC installations
  246. Is there any hope of seeing the "Elite or Founder" missions returning?
  247. Bubble reshaping for trade and piracy
  248. 1 question for beta players around Base UI
  249. Noticed in live server, dont know if fixed in beta, thought id just mention it
  250. 2.4 Sensors
  251. SRV Tire Noise
  252. Anyone tried multicrew in 2.4
  253. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Complex synthesis through dedicated module
  254. Suggestion: kil and disable stacking for missions from different factions
  255. Where else are the roles for the multicrew? Will they add to 2.4?