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  1. Quickly find all Frontier Developer posts
  2. Has any one experimented with OCR tools for scraping the commodities market prices?
  3. What is the most efficient way to crowdsource the 3D system coordinates
  4. External API Requirements Thread
  5. [Tools] ED-Board - A log book application (& a little more) for Cmdr
  6. Elite Dangerous Companion Emulator (EDCE)
  7. ED-Map.eu
  8. EDCodex: "A fansite full of community resources!". VOLUNTEERS BADLY NEEDED - for adding content/entries
  9. EDTS: A collection of scripts for route planning and other tools
  10. Open Letter to Frontier Developments
  11. Question: Is there a way for a third party tool to detect with absolute 100% certainty that a ship has just docked or is docked?
  12. Regarding this forum, a quote from Zac...
  13. Clarifying the existing API's usage
  14. Existing API resources
  15. Slopey's "BPC" Trade tool - v5 now available
  16. Collected Suggestions/Requests for Improvements to the API
  17. API bugs
  18. Accessing the API using Curl
  19. Real-Time Flight Data API Possibilities?
  20. EDDiscovery API usage
  21. Monitoring the usage of api-tools using EDDN as an indicator
  22. EDAPI - API query tool and Trade Dangerous plugin
  23. REST API for system data?
  24. API and Powershell - Questions
  25. EliteOCR 0.8 – Optical Character Recognition for The Commodities Market
  26. Mapping between IDs
  27. C# Libraries for accessing the Companion App Data
  28. Advanced command inputs
  29. What's going on with the iOS app?
  30. Request for code snippet: c# netlog monitor
  31. Locating the game files
  32. Is there any API to access in-game functions continuously?
  33. Developer information requested: api.orerve.net
  34. Adding to the NetLog Output - what and why
  35. ED Mining Tool - Screenshot Teaser
  36. Why was the "stats" portion of the API data dropped?
  37. [Voice Attack] Play Elite Dangerous without kb & mouse
  38. HP-42s Desktop Calculator
  39. Ships Log
  40. Elite Companion API Library for C#
  41. Faction API's
  42. EDclock v0.2.2 - A tool for Elite Dangerous players on a schedule. Serving as a launchpad for various tools, powerplay and galnet.
  43. Does anyone know of a control-panel app more powerful/flexible than Roccat Power-Grid? (for Android)
  44. Elite Dangerous 3rd-party tools appreciation thread
  45. Question about locations (filesystem)
  46. [Tool] Stellar body identifier
  47. Is there a tool that could tell me the star system info automatically when I jump to it, by speech?
  48. Got a question about space radio.
  49. GalNet RSS feed dates are wrong
  50. Looking for Wing Developer Update #1
  51. [App/API] Request for panels to be moved to Tablet
  52. Insterstellar Local News: Can I do better than EDDB for ruling faction state data?
  54. Looking for Wing Developer Update #2
  55. Starting ED with VoiceAttack
  56. 2.1 Patch Notes: "Add system X, Y, Z co-ordinates to network log"
  57. EDCommsBot
  58. Elite Dangerous Screenshot Utility
  59. EDDiscovery-Mac
  60. Pathfinder (AndDiscovered) - Android exploration companion application
  61. Is there an alternative to Roccad Power Grid?
  62. Slopey's Best Profit Calculator issues after 1.6/2.1 update?
  63. Looking for a tool to help in path finding.
  64. VoiceAttack profile for Materials and Synthesis Management
  65. Rare Goods System Distance Table
  66. Minor Faction Influence - CSV Download
  67. Automatic Elite log
  68. [Video Guides] Elite Tools - Introductions and guides
  69. API Standards
  70. The knapsack problem
  71. EDProfiler - Graphics Settings Profile Maker/Detector/Applier
  72. Full Ship API
  73. Something is very wrong...
  74. Checkout Collector-Drone: blueprint crafting and material collection assistant
  75. Thread prefixes for this forum
  76. Correct Category for 'Ion Distributor' and 'Trinkets Of Hidden Fortune'
  77. Not what I was expecting
  78. New Tool : Community Goal Participation Level Calculator
  79. [QUERY] Update on the External API
  80. Android
  81. Commanders log manual and data sample
  82. Starship Access Data Bus?
  83. Any way of retreiving local system news?
  84. EDCodex: celebrating its first anniversary
  85. Stellar calculations from journal scan information
  86. "Travelling Salesman" Fastest Route Solver
  87. A cheeky request for a client side api
  88. OnTopReplica
  89. jaaka.net: imperial bgs tracking tool
  90. Any news of a client-side API?
  91. Reading Process Memory
  92. [INARA] Is there a way to link with the game?
  93. Slopeys ED BPC Questions
  94. Windows 10 theme wallpaper - like Distant World Muzei android App
  95. edsm.net
  96. How to find the Saved Games directory (C#)
  97. Looking for trade calc.
  98. EDDI 2
  99. The Visited Stars cache
  100. Quickest way to get right pips tool...
  101. How to get access to API?
  102. Suggestion: In-game cockpit display for 3:rd party tools
  103. Pulling System News, Trade Data, Top Bounties Ect.
  104. EDFS and ReShade 3 - Need help
  105. Proposal: Cartographer’s API
  106. The rise of Tablets ... for third party apps.
  107. EDDI ...How do I ?
  108. A couple of observations about the Journal
  109. New Journal and AHK
  110. Component replacement between ships - what fits where
  111. HCS Voicepacks 'Verity' Now Updated for 2.2!
  112. ED Travel History
  113. Anything like EveHQ doe Elite : Dangerous?
  114. Communications Panel (App suggestion for boffins with free time :)
  115. ED PPS (Planetary Positioning System)
  116. Help with speech recognition and Voiceattack
  117. Looking for a ditance calculator with edsm support
  118. I've released an iOS companion app for Elite Dangerous - Stellar Cartographer!
  119. Scripts for using Journal from VoxCommando for Voice notifier
  120. Long Distance Passenger Mission Calculator
  121. Flight controller suggestions wanted.
  122. Galactic Exchange - A Place for Trade
  123. Login API (OpenID)
  124. CeosHUD - a Community Driven HUD Sharing Website/Application
  125. Companion API support for Xbox One players/accounts
  126. ED and Frontier's fight against cheaters
  127. How do I figure out which voice-packs will give me the best audio-tour of everything while I play?
  129. Question to the api experts: Mission commodities/materials and giver faction/system data
  130. Request for API fix OR Journal improvements
  131. Clear save + SAME cmdr name = api problems with ED Market Connector
  132. Some small improvements to the Commanders log
  133. VoiceAttack Material Reminder
  134. (Request) EDDI-like tool, only output text instead of speech
  135. [request] A way to get data into the game
  136. Question: Would a REST API publicly availible for developers that can't host their own servers be useful?
  137. Commander's Logbook
  138. Scan count and tally tool
  139. Packaging Funk in your Player Tools?
  140. Starting work on an open-source companion app for Android
  141. Sedati - Simple Elite DAngerous Trade Info
  142. [RELEASE] Limpeteer - Auto count materials
  143. Elite Dangerous Ship Assistant powered by Amazons Alexa
  144. Messages to speech?
  145. Elite Dangerous API - What ever happened to that Idea?
  146. what do i do?
  147. Multi jump tool
  148. ED Numbers 0.51
  149. EDFX Problems
  150. Need some help from the community
  151. Issue with Journal and planetary gravity not matching in game
  152. Game Note
  153. X52 Elite Setup 2.0! Update Video! Very Excited...
  154. VoiceAttack Voice Packs - Worth it?
  155. Very complicated question
  156. Make ED:API a priority
  157. Saitek X52/Pro Elite Setup 2.0 installation video released!
  158. Question about updating Inara profile
  159. Elite Dangerous Ship Assistant (Amazon's Alexa)
  160. Player Journal Feature Request: Discovery Scanner Results
  161. Obtaining Shield Strength Percentage as a Variable?
  162. Commenting code out in EDDI scripts?
  163. Calling all C# developers
  164. Journal Feature Request - Supply and Demand
  165. New Inara Upload Tool for Engineering Materials
  166. CollidedAtSpeedInNoFireZone_HullDamage : Meaning ?
  167. EDDiscovery vs Captain's Log 2 Beta
  168. Filename of Journal file.
  169. Which Tools for Game Recording, Resolution, Quality Settings, Editing?
  171. [SUGGESTION] Option to turn off TAB wrapping on Left/Right Panels to aid VA Macros
  172. Orrery For System Map?
  173. It's Here! New Release: Saitek X52 Elite Setup Version: 2.2.3!
  174. It's Here! New Release: Saitek X52 Elite Setup Version: 2.2.3!
  175. Ship name generator
  176. Ship Namer
  177. Motion Platform Pilots - What Are You Using?
  178. Is there an API to exit Elite given conditions?
  179. Mobile Tools using journal files?
  180. Recomended Video Editor with Voice Over Capes
  181. Any way to import/export in-game bookmarks?
  182. Event type "Died" is ambiguous.
  183. Journal log writer fails to produce well-formed JSON object in "Interdiction" record type when player name contains special characters.
  184. Journal files for beta and multiple commanders
  185. MS to release text to speech
  186. Display "X Jumps to X" externally?
  187. few up to date 3rd party tools
  188. Is it possible to get the influence % of an minor Fration with on of the APIs
  189. API Commander Data
  190. Excel Function to put EDSM coordinates into spreadsheets
  191. The AVATAR PROBLEM: GUI Editor with Color Picker - Source Code (help requested)
  192. Using a USB Encoder to create your own cockpit switches
  193. TTS4ED: speech synthesis for NPCs (and players) [win]
  194. 3rd Party Devs Submission Form
  195. Please add to the journal
  196. Suggested Feature For Player Co-Ordination
  197. Is there a planetary/system api out there?
  198. Voice Log
  199. Malic's Voice Attack Profile for VR
  200. Exporting ship loadout
  201. Request: multiple tool manager/opener
  202. Triggering VoiceAttack music playlists on in-game events
  203. Elite Dangerous Voice Commander Programmable in Groovy
  204. EDMC Overlay - DirectX overlay for EDMC
  205. HTML based control system like Roccats Power grid
  206. Do any existing tools track system state changes?
  207. Could pre-2.3 data be formatted into a 2.3 format Journal Log file?
  208. [SUGGESTION] Signed External API
  209. Inara won't load?
  210. Neutron - A desktop front-end for Spansh's neutron router.
  211. [SUGGESTION] Journal event for 1,000 ly visible bodies
  212. My understanding is that the old trd files is same as journal?
  213. API documentation?
  214. BGS Cheatsheet
  215. Using VoiceAttack / EDDI to trigger dynamic music
  216. Need help on PHP with EDDB API
  217. API entry for entering a system
  218. EliteBGS API
  219. QUESTION: Who Runs elitedevtracker.com?
  220. Need Help Please! (EDTracker)
  221. Commander Log netlog etc
  222. Faction Rep
  223. Can I use AutoHotKey to prepare messages without typing them in the chat manually?
  224. ED Ribbon Maker
  225. EDMC still missing engineer upgrades
  226. Ancient Ruins events
  227. EDMC - Timestamp error?
  228. Edengineer not overpaying ingame
  229. Elite: Dangerous Wiki Alexa Skill
  230. EliteBGS
  231. Integration with client?
  232. Custom Button Box
  233. Tool to upload mined material findings?
  234. Reset menu positions
  235. Contact with the people that run Inara from us Truckers at Hutton
  236. From Ninjaripper to UE4
  237. ASSISTENCE SOUGHT - Multi-point Navigation APPS
  238. Any iPad apps in development?
  239. HELP with Thrid party software - Looking for one that only get the logs and is very LIGHT.
  240. Decent alternative to Thruud's?
  241. Changes to Companion API - 2.4 Open Beta
  242. EDDB (dot) io site issues?
  243. ED Codex Down
  244. API Documentation/Basic Getting Started Guide?
  245. EDMC Invalid Credentials
  246. When will game support Console add-ons?
  247. EDDI not completing login into API
  248. So what's happening with Fdev fixing the API , this time ?
  249. Reading out mission info
  250. The EDMC CAPI Is Working Now.
  251. Why we are forced to use the companion API for market data instead of commanders journal?
  252. EDDB seems to be up again!
  253. 2.4 Companion API Changes
  254. Not saving journal files..!
  255. Data flow from CAPI/Journals via EDDN and APIs to third party websites.