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  1. TradeDangerous: power-user trade optimizer
  2. [Tool] ED3D Galaxy Map
  3. [Tool] SRV Wave Scanner Object Identifier
  4. Elite DMX Light and Effects Control
  5. Coriolis EDCD Edition
  6. New Immersive AI buddy and Trade Planner [NPC and AI Voice Synthetized & Speech Recognition]
  7. Custom Control Panel using RasPi
  8. ED Radio Ambience
  9. EDDN - Elite Dangerous Data Network
  10. E.D.I.S.O.N orbital and surface navigation
  11. New drop rate application!
  12. Drop rate application!
  13. E.D.I.S.O.N - Orbital and surface navigation / Waypoints
  14. EdNetApi
  15. EliteScanner - Button Clamping
  16. Elite: Dangerous Journal [WebSocket] Server
  17. ED Score - Alternative Soundtrack and AI Companion tool
  18. A.L.I.C.E Project - Community Support Request
  19. ED Hue Bridge
  20. Razer Chroma App (initially for BlackWidow X Chroma)
  21. Face Recognition to convert picture to avatar settings
  22. Custom E:D-Controls-Keyboard
  23. Program as Vocals
  24. StatusDisplay - status.json / journal display and surface navigation assistant.
  25. Can't access EDDB.IO
  26. The Elite Dangerous Wing, Trade, Roleplay and Bounty Site (EDWTRB)
  27. Game not starting headtracking when FreePIE is running.
  28. Pre-release: BGS Companion 0.9a
  29. ED-Router: A neutron router
  30. [WIP] LCARS Interface & X52 Pro integration with Journal API
  31. Remlok Intelligent HUD for VR
  32. Possibly new elite dangerous ship customizer
  33. Analysis of USS Drops
  34. ED-VOID.com anybody else using this?
  35. Cockpit Chair Model
  36. VA Profile for Explorers
  37. Beta tester/s needed for locally run trading and station app.
  38. EDDX52 - EDDiscovery X52 Pro Addon
  39. Wrapper for Elite: Dangerous
  40. Just developping an spreadsheet to keep track of materials
  41. TD Helper Lives Again
  42. Project A.L.I.C.E
  43. Cougar MFD displays
  44. Reactive Lighting For Elite Dangerous
  45. Must Add Keyboard use on PS4 Please
  46. Elite Dangerous Companion Codex App
  47. Jess clone de voice attack in free
  48. Need squadron beta testers -- ED: Squadron Command Center
  49. Location pinned news and player signals - need feedback