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  13. Players Population
  14. Can we get more players into Open Play?
  15. ED "Beyond" Disappointing, anyone have similar feelings?
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  17. [Suggestion] How to incentivise open play and make it relevant
  18. Get off Solo/Private groups and onto Open play!
  19. Master Griefer List
  20. Genuine question for those who get "repeatedly killed at station".
  21. Open vs Solo - 3 years on
  22. WARNING: A new type of trolling.... (MOVING TO MOBIUS)
  23. Flying in Open? Last night, EDR saved my life. It could save yours too!
  24. Contraversal but Crucial: Lets be OPEN
  25. For Petes sake.
  26. C&P System vs. Official PvE mode: is Frontier attacking the problem from the wrong direction?
  27. Don't snub player preference by incentivizing modes
  28. Elite Dangerous PvE vs PvP and who needs a Solo play if you had PvE server
  29. The real question about modes.
  30. Why spacelegs?
  31. Splitt Open to PvE Open and PvP Open servers
  32. What's with all this 'lets get more players in open' nonsense?
  33. Vox Populi The place that lets you really tell people how you feel!
  34. Harry Potter and Zarek Null, plus a debate on Solo Play and the community.
  35. Why I play in Solo - Frame rate drops with multiple connections
  36. PvE Mode for Open?
  37. Restrict or remove PvP from the game, making Open a nicer place?
  38. Restrict or remove PvE from the game, making Open a nicer place
  39. Couple of Quality People
  40. The modes are brilliant!
  41. Easy mode vs open play.
  42. Easy troll vs open discussion
  43. Ideas to stop people moaning on facebook groups!
  44. When FDev turn the servers off, will we get an offline mode patch?
  45. talk to other commanders?
  46. Why trade in open ?
  47. How to incentivise Open without buffing its rewards
  48. So, I Have The Solution to Crime and Punishment
  49. The Open PvErs thread.
  50. Elite Dangerous - An inside look at BGS PVP (SAW Parody)
  51. Balancing Grind and Risk
  52. The solution to the different interpretations of the modes and the misunderstandings that are a result of that
  53. Interesting fact about Elite's past.
  54. Noticed A Lot Of The Game In Colonia Is About The BGS
  55. Going to solo mode
  56. Multiboxing is a spreading pestilence....
  57. Two reasons i personally need PG and Solo
  58. T90K Short : Hotel California
  59. 30 minute cooldown on switching modes
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  61. Three Hours in Open
  62. [video] OPEN vs PRIVATE vs SOLO
  63. Almost Two Hours in Open (first time)
  64. Almost Four Hours in Private Groups/Solo
  65. Benefits of Solo Play
  66. [video] BGS & Power play in SOLO & PRIVATE
  67. Another major update and we STILL have modes!
  68. Will 3.0 Increase, decrease or have no effect on Open population?
  69. A Solution for Board Hopping
  70. Reworking the game modes
  71. Invoke the Berwyn Protocol
  72. Crime and Punishement update seems to have worked...
  73. The reason I don't play in Open right now.
  74. Why no mode exclusive content?
  75. Open and private MOD
  76. Biggest QOL still missing in Elite: Dangerous
  77. Play in open is not what some would have you believe!
  78. I play solo
  79. Elite: Dangerous from fresh player's perspective
  80. Open Play, Private Play orSolo Play?
  81. Open Play is too Scary for Some...
  82. The modes are brilliant!
  83. Don't snub player preference by incentivizing modes
  84. PvE stealing from PvP? I can't see that!
  85. Open seeming terribly safe these days?
  86. A territorial game for PvPers?
  87. Ironman Mode, Python
  88. Legacy Modes in ED
  89. Mobius
  90. These arguments are tedious.
  91. Statement that "all game modes are equal" is naive and completely false at the moment.
  92. Open mode balancing proposal
  93. To Corvette in narri that merced me and my buddy for literally no reason then killing us as we fled
  94. Open Mode Balancing Proposal... Open PvE
  95. The last thread died
  96. Time to get clarification questions in
  97. Confirmed - All Modes are not Equal
  98. Soft modes - an alternative to mode differentiation
  99. Obligatory "Merge solo, open, private groups" thread
  100. What is Sandro playing at?
  101. If Open is to get something exclusive then PG and Solo also need something
  102. Dear solo players...
  103. Believe it or not...
  104. "Open Play" Should be the Ideal Mode
  105. Solo Players: Exercise Your Freedom
  106. My experiment n OPEN
  107. Open PVE mode - partial solution to community division?
  108. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility : discussion on ethics in Open
  109. Why do you want me in Open?
  110. Bonus for doing CGs in Open
  111. No longer playing open
  112. Reimagining Open Mode
  113. Nothing changed - my experience in open at 1st day and now
  114. Powerplay, Consoles, and Open Only
  115. This is precisely the reason i stay out of open
  116. Mode Feature Exclusivity...AKA..."Render unto Caesar..."
  117. New CMDR - Choosing Game Mode Forever
  118. Today's unpopular post
  119. So Open is the most popular mode according to FDEV
  120. The Wall of Information.
  121. How to make open attractive to solo players: Mission Rebuy
  122. Dear Solo and PG CMDRs...
  123. On Chilling Out About the Modes
  124. Should FDEV remove SOLO mode and add a PvP/PvE toggle instead?
  125. The difference between open/solo mode-none, between people-everything
  126. PvP for the average player otherwise know as "Oh-no, not again!"
  127. Make SOLO a stand-alone game!
  128. Open vs solo
  129. BGS is a joke, inf should be for open only
  130. ED should be Solo only
  131. yeah there are probably times you should head for solo or pg
  132. Open only powerplay
  133. Accidentally logged into Open last night.
  134. Should credits not earned in open be accessible in open?
  135. Why no passive mode?
  136. Open Only PvP Criminals (another controversial topic!)
  137. 1 mission board. 1 mode. Set protected areas for new to mid game players.
  138. PvP mode in ED?
  139. Help me understand pls
  140. Idea for game mode resources being non transferable
  141. Is attacking clean players (not npcs) in Open harassment?
  142. A thought.......
  143. Open vs STILL does not change with the final update to Horizons...
  144. Mega ships open only content?
  145. Switching to Solo - am I alone?
  146. Can we all just get along in Open ?
  147. Some food for thought...
  148. Is BGS PvP a Myth?
  149. Powerplay open-only
  150. Open-Only Open Mode
  151. BGS weighting
  152. Why does PvP in open even exist ???
  153. The joys of open play
  154. Today's adventure in Open.
  155. Modes and the Diaspora of PvP ps. ( MODS) dont like it
  156. Happy Modemas
  157. Modes are still here, right?
  158. What happened to conflict zones? Can't find them any more
  159. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but we need official PvE servers
  160. Update to "elitedangerous.com"....
  161. Analysis Mode Help
  162. CQC but with your own ship
  163. Can we secede Open Play data from other modes.
  164. And this is why the modes have to go away?
  165. Hey, anybody remember when we were asking for an official PvE mode?
  166. Solo vs Open...
  167. Block CMDR's with 'SYSTEM' chat.
  168. game 2 broken plz fix
  169. An old gripe, revisited... [apologies]
  170. Distant Worlds 2
  171. No griefing in Open
  172. Groups
  173. Have the hope and dream brigade been by?
  174. Why I choose to play in Open instead of Solo.