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  1. SRV Fuel STILL stuck at 45%
  2. Refinery Lockup Bug (Phantom Cargo not being Abandoned)
  3. Planet darkside brightness enhancment issue
  4. SRV Scanner volume still too low
  5. Juri Ishmaak Requirements Unclear
  6. "NULL" faction?
  7. Missiles do not expire in combat zone with multicrew
  8. Orbital Cruise sound missing after leaving a planet
  9. Exquisite focus crystalls/Biotech Conductors are "impossible" to find in 2.3
  10. Symbol for stored ship in wrong system after ship transfer
  11. FDS (possibly FAS too) inner cockpit inconsistent with external model
  12. Sensors scale mapping to joystic's axis aren't working properly
  13. Convoy Beacon Empty
  14. Missing passenger type in passenger stats
  15. Hanging cables in Agri/Industry hangars lose resolution at close distance
  16. Oculus does not keep screen res size between logins
  17. Engineering results disappear on scrolling
  18. When setting module priority it jumps to the next like module.
  19. Player SLF kills not counting for massacre mission progress
  20. Planetary scan jobs stack and stack - mission template issues
  21. Nonsensical parameter for SCBs in outfitting
  22. Ancient Ruins Mission - Obelisks never 'reset' in solo/alone in private group
  23. Game is offering missions to DEV locked Planets
  24. Highest Single Reward - Combat - Statistics
  25. Planet Surface Jitter
  26. Odd blue print on my T6 console.
  27. Pirated cargo not registered in hold frim CMDRS
  28. bugged Civilian Broadcast still present in Shalatucas System
  29. HoloMe avatar shaking
  30. Communication logs use system time, not galactic time
  31. High Res Screenshot bug
  32. Fuel scoop disengaged audio no longer playing if tank is full
  33. Camera view blocked in outfitting
  34. "Accelerated shield regeneration" and incorrect audio alerts for various attacks
  35. Chat Functinality
  36. Our faction rep had a horrible accident.... she's gone ORANGE
  37. Two ships stacked onto one landing pad.
  38. IA Planetary Landing
  39. wrong gouvernment
  40. No Massacre missions for both sides of war
  41. Incorrect system information in Galaxy and System maps (Ross 620 and CM Draconis)
  42. Cannot get passed the spinning ship at start
  43. Engine take off GUI displayed when landed
  44. Planetary Scan missions create extra and empty 'Mission Critical Messages'
  45. Geysers not seen by MuCrew
  46. Flying a large ship and got offer for black box salvage mission which required to return items to an outpost
  47. Elite: Horizons Crashing
  48. UI element cutting off percentage 100%
  49. Utilities don't line up with Forward Utility Mount on the Dolphin
  50. Galaxy / System Map tag not pointing to target
  51. Impossible to reach mission objective
  52. Auto-Dock Message Stuck after Camera suite
  53. CMDR body not visible in Hyperspace
  54. Legal trade data salvage mission has illegal mission objective pickup.
  55. Orbital cruise / Glide transition camera shift / FOV change
  56. mouse widget gone is SRV hud
  57. Holo Me - Nose prefix glitch
  58. After Repairing Advanced discovery scanner I can't turn it back on
  59. Mouse speed is erratic in station services and Holo-me
  60. Cmdr body disappears during hyperspace jump
  61. DS4 Control Binding blank and refuse to configure ( was ok in 2.2)
  62. Huge Players Faction % drops
  63. 2.3 Current active CGs have disappeard
  64. Stored ship icon showing in Galaxy Map but no ship stored there
  65. Python Decals move to wrong place with distance
  66. Still low amounts of missions?
  67. Can't finish upgrading to 2.3
  68. Steam Controller Double Bindings not working anymore
  69. Time stamp error on messages received in game.
  70. Srv weapon no longer responds to fire button config never changed
  71. Colonic CG Rares from Bluford broken
  72. Friends list FPS bug still present
  73. Kill Mission Target Reborn
  74. Ship Crash Site moving?
  75. Multicrew energy setting gets reset after each session change
  76. Mission Destination Icons not being removed after mission is completed
  77. Update fails - 'denied access to files'
  78. Missing sound
  79. Star textures takes longer to load on jumping to system
  80. Can't use left right panels or rebind keys to use numbers
  81. Terrain Material Settings All Mixed Up
  82. Right side MFD defaults to Holo-Me instead of the Status tab main window
  83. Some station services menus locked-out for helm after other players leave multicrew
  84. Name Plate livery options only display ship id
  85. Frame Rate Killer
  86. Wake scanner can't be used by gunner or helm
  87. CQC - Unable to choose a game mode with the mouse
  88. Multicrew not finding any crew and cannot join another ship
  89. Fire groups blanking after each jump
  90. Camera suite UI completely visible while pause menu is open
  91. Turner's World (Alioth system) is missing city lights
  92. Error equipping item
  93. Purchased name plates not showing in customisation options
  94. Ship naming accepts 21 characters, not 22
  95. Sirius Permit
  96. holo me texture glitch?
  97. Mining laser not working. Bug?
  98. "Founder or Elite" missions incorrectly unavailable to Founding Members of The Elite
  99. Games messes up the system mouse driver
  100. Crashing to Menu while mining using collector limpets
  101. My Save Game is gone.
  102. Failed to communicate with server missions bug now at Ceres Tarn
  103. 2.3 Packhound (presumably all missiles) have infinite ammo
  104. Cucumber
  105. Holo me and NPC portrait texture glitch
  106. Felicia Winters decal still missing from decal pack
  107. Asp Explorer - Badly placed name decal
  108. Various permanent bugs
  109. Fuel scoop disengage not sounding
  110. Asp Explorer - Front Decal always mirrored on one side of cockpit (back to front text)
  111. Ship missing on scanner when landing/lifting off
  112. Multicrew information panel displays incorrect information
  113. SRV decals have a solid black instead of transparent background
  114. Unable to Upgrade
  115. Decals all seem to have picked up a strange metallic effect
  116. CMDR names misaligned in chat
  117. Cannot update to 2.3
  118. SRV Jets
  119. NPCs still not subject to FSD cooldown
  120. Crew Member (Gunner) gets notice of Murder and 6K Bounty on Wanted Ships, No Bounty is gained
  121. FSD jump sequence bugs out if initiated from Camera Suite
  122. Inconsistency with FSD Jump Range in outfitting
  123. Graphical bug - Blocky textures - LOD?
  124. Cant ativate discovery scanner
  125. No materials/data stored after quitting a multicrew session
  126. Spontaneous switch on Silent Running in Free Camera
  127. Store not allowing me to add items to cart
  128. Engineered Power Plant not counted in rebuy price
  129. "Front" AspEx Decals don't show from inside cockpit
  130. "Toggle Headlook" command no longer disables Head Tracking with Track IR or other similar products.
  131. No joystick support - X-56
  132. Overlapping status display messages.
  133. Heralds still missing
  134. Tiana Fortune DSS
  135. Dolphin front decal camera position underneath docking pad
  136. Cannot enter Gunner view on 2nd account
  137. No point to ever toggle ROTATIONAL CORRECTION ever again plus Imp Courire is way too loud
  138. Audio SFX not Stopping - Surface Scan Sound
  139. Both Ship Holograms dissapear when we use Target Wingman's Target in Multicrew
  140. Unable to upgrade - Failed to read from response stream Network connection closed.
  141. After Multi-crew Session, ship teleported from Surface to Space.
  142. Sound breaking up
  143. Rare commodity pricing glitch
  144. Server Crash when Host Ship Jumps With SLF Deployed
  145. All players in wing get booted when multicrew ship enters instance
  146. Companion API stopped having Engineering Data
  147. Game Crashes on Load
  148. Repeated Alien interdiction
  149. Timestamp in messages doesn't match ships clock
  150. Low amount of missions
  151. Incorrect Data: Tourist Spot 0683 - Commander Salomé Hijacked In Cemiess
  152. Comms panel text position glitches
  153. Missing audio on buy/sell quantity change
  154. Ship at 0% health when logging in.
  155. shield boost voice message when under fire from enemy
  156. Ship ID Plate partially covered by shipkit bumper
  157. Elite no longer recognises inputs from CH Products joystick, throttle or Saitek pedals
  158. Supercruise: Station Orientation
  159. Speech sound levels way out of balance
  160. HUD is too close in Multicrew's co-pilot seats
  161. Game Freezes in VR
  162. Ships paint jobs are the incorrect colour while in another players MC ship
  163. Laser turrets show "out of range" message behind power bar even when in range.
  164. Nameplates on Classic Wireframe Cobra Mk III are poorly placed.
  165. Wing connection lost when I remove my VR headset for a moment
  166. Hotas Warthog yaw not working smoothly
  167. Python / Anaconda Ship kit parts are not visible from within cockpit
  168. Problems in conflict zones
  169. Being teleported to pilot chair in Multicrew
  170. Mac launcher exits after attempting to start downloading update
  171. Can't join multi-crew.
  172. No ships available always
  173. Various mouse bugs, holo me, etc,
  174. CQC Silent running causes game to crash
  175. Discovery Data
  176. Walk away from PC - Shipped destroyed in hangar
  177. Galaxy Map shows ship markers where I have no ships
  178. 'Leaving wing' always on screen
  179. Missing Eye Patch
  180. Tiana Fortune DSS
  181. Engeneer problem , have all materials but cant role
  182. FSD Synthesis boost issue
  183. Can't pull up missions at Ceres Tarn
  184. GFX : Light Cone bug (Light post near Pads)
  185. Launcher crashes with MSI Afterburner/RTSS running
  186. Can't finish the patch
  187. multicrew - fighters
  188. Game is muting all other audio sources on machine in version 2.3.
  189. Material info UI element misaligned when looking at Engineer blueprint
  190. Engineers - Grade Next Unlock progress bar broken
  191. Waterworld Mesh is back
  192. Various issues...and a suggestion
  193. Strange Galaxy Map behaviour - Always showing pop up for next location even after route deleted
  194. X-52 Pro Throttle acting up
  195. Doubled text in Distress Call USS
  196. [ED64 - 2.3] Cannot plot route longer than ship's jump distance
  197. Galaxy Map search is broken
  198. 360 contoller binding are messed up
  199. Starport menu UI Issue
  200. Phantom ships shooting at me after I killed them
  201. Incorrect Legal Status in CZs
  202. Cutter console light still pulsating...
  203. Ship alignment graphics go off during jump
  204. Galaxy Map - Can't plot a course to Yum Kamcabi
  205. A.I Acting up banding against player even if there are other targets
  206. Weird beeps and stuff in the background constantly. Linked to sound effect volume.
  207. Intermitent "Failed to Connect to Server" Errors when loading mission board
  208. Mouse leaves the game window in VR, causes game to lose focus
  209. Frag Cannon sound almost inexistent
  210. Steam Overlay not applied to game
  211. NPC Pirates demand specific CR value of cargo instead of tonnage- intended?
  212. Cannot turn adv discovery scanner module on after repair
  213. CQC - Sound of incoming weapons fire is very low
  214. Journal Missing Pending/Recovering states
  215. Connection Error on Merope 5c
  216. Unable to load ship from shipyard
  217. 2.3 Horizons Crashes during startup splash screen
  218. Voice comms breaks during Hyper Jump
  219. Grounded, unable to leave station
  220. System map not showing planetary info correctly
  221. Mission Board fails to load on station Stargazer
  222. Can't install game since 2.3
  223. No ships available
  224. HoloMe Undo Feature does not work correctly.
  225. Unable to fix adm in asp explorer
  226. Ship console info pane draws in the wrong place
  227. Spinning screen - matchmaking error - 2 evenings now
  228. Unable to access Missions Board
  229. Station hologram is not of the correct station
  230. Lost modified thruster
  231. Camera bindings not shown in camera UI (says "not bound"
  232. Outpost view from SC is in wrong orientation to actual outpost
  233. Multicrew bugs
  234. Bug with camera and docking computer
  235. Major credit reduction for Entrepenuer level missions
  236. No sound
  237. Unable to dock at mining station
  238. Multicrew - Gunners should not control dumbfire missiles
  239. Can't dock at Alcazars Hope - Merope 2A
  240. Chat Icons Overlap sender names, Ship Voice always saying "hull compromised"
  241. Graphic Bug or messed up settings?
  242. Low res (and shaky) texture on rock in front of landing pad in asteroid base
  243. Auto-Docking while in Camera View does not remove Auto Docking Notification
  244. Navigation tab shows incorrect destination when in hyperspace
  245. SRV Suicide results in ship at 0%
  246. Outfitting, Shipyard and Holo-Me unavailable AFTER a multi-crew session
  247. Unrecoverable transaction error during MultiCrew (Fighter Con).
  248. Disconntected from matchamaking server when in the same instance with another player.
  249. ALT-F10 Issue
  250. Crew disconnect on fighter launch
  251. Static in crew voice comms.
  252. Docking at Folland Port / Nyalayan
  253. Permanent FSD Countdown Glitch
  254. Sensor disk now bright orange
  255. MultiCrew Missing UI Gunner Seat