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  1. Mission board doesn't work
  2. Ship name plates not displaying correct letters
  3. Heat Cannon Cheat/Exploit Bug
  4. Payed for Cosmetics but I haven't received them in-game
  5. Can not exit title screen
  6. Pilot's hair briefly visible during h-space jump
  7. Landing pad repelled by docking computer
  8. Cannot start game after leaving a multiplayer session
  9. Game wont start past menu
  10. Bounty Claims listed in info pane twice
  11. Custom controller setuip
  12. UI control conflicting
  13. Holo-me eye colour
  14. Ship ID limited to 5 digits
  15. Ship Destroyed While docked (0%)
  16. CMDRs body vanishes during hyperspace
  17. Ship destroyed when starting 2.3
  18. Galnet articles cleared?
  19. Frontier Store charged me twice for the same product
  20. Pixelated skybox
  21. Contextual menu issues
  22. Thursters dont work in normal space in free camera
  23. Multi-crew Gunner no access to turrets
  24. Frontier Store purchase not showing in-game
  25. Can't login after logging out
  26. Graphic glitch on planetary surface
  27. over heating while in free camera
  28. Controller vibration for boost is gone after the 2.3 patch
  29. Stuck On Start Screen After Mode Selection
  30. Bulletin Board Broken
  31. Asp Rank Decals washed out.
  32. flickering 'behind' navigation panel
  33. Severe FPS drops near planets surface ONLY when targeting CMDR
  34. Invisible Planets
  35. Ship inside asteroid after MultiCrew session
  36. Extreme Dolphin Fuel Scoop Vibration
  37. Crashing while playing
  38. Wing-breaking Multicrew Bug
  39. NAmes plates dissapeared
  40. game will not start after chooseing what server..
  41. Lost Jump Range on Asp Explorer
  42. Multi crew not working after previously working
  43. Bugs with NPC Crew
  44. SRV cargo bug
  45. Multicrew Bug
  46. Call in ship in no trespass zone
  47. Bobblehead menu view faces the wrong way
  48. Asset Total Decreased
  49. Can't dock at Alcazars Hope - Merope 2A
  50. Loading as Alternate profile does NOT change login
  51. Hip 22460 system permit mission.
  52. Unable to customise Ship name or ID
  53. Massive frame rate drop and input lag
  54. Missions to deliver illegal goods not a smuggling mission asit should be
  55. Stuck in an endless Hyperdiction Loop
  56. Unable to do anything after logging in and selecting (too fast?) starport services
  57. Nameplate displaying Ship ID and not the name of the Ship
  58. Star (sun) surface texture quality reduced and glitches when flying passed upon arriving in system
  59. Unable to equip some/most optional internals to Beluga
  60. Pitch control drifting
  61. Audio drops out in CZ
  62. Meterites buried and can't be zapped
  63. Systematic flight suit inconsistent coloration
  64. HIP 17692 - no RES sites in PG/solo
  65. Game Crashes on FSD jump
  66. Ship attack announcement during overheat
  67. Crash during supercruise
  68. Docking Computer tries to fly my Conda through the wall into its docking slot!
  69. No mission update
  70. Money Loss From selling ship
  71. Missing sound effects at Engineer bases
  72. Hit by PA, "enhanced shield regeneration" warning audio
  73. Mission list expired when accepting new passenger missions
  74. Missing Mission Destination
  75. [2.3] "Visited" systems appearing as "Not Visited" in Galaxy Map
  76. [V 2.3] Stored ships don't show up in Shipyard
  77. FSD boost persists between re-starts depsite using it
  78. Ship name display error when using special characters
  79. replacing weapon with new version of same weapon bug
  80. Gaining a bounty for shooting at criminals!?
  81. CTD while following wake scan
  82. 2.3 Gunship Sound bug and SRC Screen of Death
  83. 2.3 cannot assign chaff to fire groups in slf
  84. no ship displayed in SLF shield ring
  85. passing through stations when exiting supercruise in multicrew
  86. earthlike planet textures looking 'smeared' in supercruise
  87. white flashing glitches while in the hangar
  88. cannot recall SLF after multicrew disconnect
  89. no timer for passenger missions
  90. Base attack warning klaxon plays constantly in supercruise
  91. Graphical glitches when looking at target panel in anaconda
  92. Inconconsist playback of sound, clipped
  93. Floating objects
  94. Time on top right of screen (info panel) is 1 hour behind time in chat screen (top left) and GMT
  95. Ship Crash lands Upon Recall from SRV
  96. Shimmering lines in Python cockpit.
  97. Coloration inconsistent
  98. Galmap issues
  99. Missing systems in galmap
  100. Outfitting Fighters Fail
  101. Bug when swapping Modules
  102. Cant take passenger missions - "Failed tocommunicate with server"
  103. Jump range increase on initial jump after logging in.
  104. [2.3] Route plotting super super slow
  105. Pilot disappearing while in Hyper cruise
  106. Horizons not showing up
  107. 'Colonia Dream' - Outfitting and Ships cost 20% more
  108. Graphical glitches and questionable lights on DBX
  109. a graphic , and sound glitch problem . latest patch with horizons .
  110. 2.3 - items not showing up in frontier store
  111. Heatsink Deploy remap not working
  112. Can't load in
  113. AI crew bugged in 2.3
  114. Stars not loading correctly
  115. The sound man the sound
  116. I nudged a ship gently and exploded
  117. system faction influence lower since 2.3
  118. Not obtaining data from ship scans
  119. Goliath Mission does not span a Goliath
  120. GBounty while shooting at a WANTED ship
  121. Screen Shots.
  122. Imperial Rank - No progression Mission
  123. Graphical Error
  124. Power play standing and pledged power is blank
  125. can not complete misson due to 2 systems being at same point
  126. Multi-point sightseeing mission complete after scanning first planetary tourist beacon
  127. Being harrassed by 'clean' NPCs
  128. I can no longer plot routes
  129. LTT15068 unable to select on Galaxy Map or from missions - Must go to neighbouring system.
  130. Can't reload seekers after engineering missile launchers
  131. Game dropping to main menu
  132. Info Panel Time Display
  133. Game Crashing After Loading In
  134. Materials gone missing, or disappearing
  135. Passenger mission bug
  136. Lost access to horizons on shared account - fixed
  137. no side effects engineers
  138. Unretrievable error/transaction error
  139. Graphics glitch near Barnards loop
  140. Disconnects since this mornings server maintenance
  141. Broken passenger missions
  142. Discovery scanner sound (glitch?)
  143. when in galaxy map, game things you are pressing Y
  144. Continuous scanner noise
  145. Colonia 3 C A shows up as UNEXPLORED
  146. give me a little more time already ...
  147. Loss of credits after debut screen due to legacy fine payment.
  148. heat sinks gone after deploying them while jumping in sc
  149. Planet landings
  150. Passengers dont show up in the cabins + cant use luxury cabins
  151. Available Passenger missions incorrect
  152. Cannot turn in passenger transport missions.
  153. Modules in limbo/cannot be transfered
  154. Engineer mods malfunctioned in combat
  155. Insufficient cargo space, but my cargo is empty
  156. Anaconda paints deforming when zooming out.
  157. The store is not working properly
  158. Other system's stars not loading correctly
  159. Beluga Liner destroyed as soon as ship raised in station
  160. Engineer Commodity Disappears From Ship Cargo Enroute To Engineer
  161. graphical/texture flickering when landing on planet/monn
  162. Transferred ship not registered on Galaxy Map
  163. wrong information on galaxy map
  164. Controller Bindings Get Confused When 2 Controllers Connected
  165. Multicrew
  166. Orbital planes not rendering correctly in star system
  167. CQC Silent Running causes buzz crash 100%
  168. parked properly+ safely/ loaded game and exploded
  169. Multi crew and wing problem
  170. Invisible Mining Lasers
  171. Tip off in Ceti sector doesn't progress
  172. Kicked..."Could not connect to matchmaking servers"---for hours
  173. SRV cargo scoop does not stay open anymore
  174. Bounty issues not clearing
  175. Discovered or Not?
  176. Still getting bounty for hitting wing member after engaging wing
  177. Passenger mission bugged
  178. Station Bug
  179. Planetary scan job can't claim reward
  180. conflict zones disappearing
  181. exploit- cartographic data sold multiple times (after death)
  182. Doncking Request Failed
  183. Passenger missions not always counting towards rank upon turning in
  184. Comms contact issue
  185. Completed Passenger missions are not showing in lounge for hand in
  186. Drop in bug at nav beacon
  187. missions not being issued
  188. Can't launch due to pre-flight check
  189. Marco Qwent invite
  190. Marco Qwent invite
  191. Glitch when docking, ship teleported and unable to move, then destroyed. (lost all my merits)
  192. Headlook near comms panel
  193. Failed to Communicate with Server - Unable to get an up to date mission list from server
  194. ship destroyed when offline
  195. Consistent Transaction Error
  196. Removal of First discovery names on systems in the bubble, and galaxy as well
  197. Interdicted by bounty hunter immediately after interdicting target
  198. Can't turn in Merits for A Lavigny Duval
  199. Game crash when buying and storing Packhounds
  200. Mission rewards differ on completion
  201. Issue with silent running
  202. Pirate mission fail due to low mission target spawn rate.
  203. Passenger Transport Won't let you turn in mission if you don't have cargo space for reward.
  204. SRV won't deploy glitch
  205. Discovery tag on planets still missing for Xbox one
  206. Col Bris is broken. Thinks I have turned in 10M combat bonsd but I have only turned in 7,540,000
  207. Cannon CG dissapeared
  208. To whom it may concern,
  209. Planetary scans and the like
  210. Keep losing my controller bindings!!!
  211. Endless loading screen glitch when near ruins
  212. Asp Explorer ID plate alignment is off.
  213. multicrew leaves ship, i become wanted
  214. Ship Exploded Without Warning
  215. Crashing
  216. Can't land on landable bodies
  217. Game locks up trying to jump to SC.
  218. Sign in with profile used for purchase, (0x803f9006). I am the purchaser
  219. No making benefits selling Rares at the CG
  220. Entire interface stopped responding to controller
  221. Crashing
  222. Xbox ID in second wing "slot"
  223. No Broo Tarquin
  224. Improper Rendering of Skybox
  225. Exploration Rank Not Being Given Correctly
  226. It's over 21000 yl !
  227. Stored ship dissapears from current system then appears on galaxy map elsewhere cant use or transfer though
  228. Selene jean not registering any ore that im mining.
  229. Docking computer moves all over the place.
  230. unreachable nebula
  231. Jump tunnel not lining up propoly
  232. Not possible to finish mission.
  233. Strange combat related lag or instancing issue, regarding player ship positioning after interdiction.
  234. Tourist mission objective not loading
  235. Stars Disappearing
  236. White Decal on White Paintjob
  237. Attacked by security while not wanted
  238. Crashes on Entering Checkpoint
  239. Stored ship is gone / disappeared
  240. do you own this game if so please use disc..and sorry ed couldn't launch.
  241. Multi-crew credit loss
  242. Outpost appears as Corolis on HUD
  243. Listening Post location doesn't exist in Galaxy Map
  244. Cannot find/buy Cobra MK IV
  245. Merit ship kill bug
  246. Transaction server error while mining
  247. Massacre Missions and Combat Zones
  248. Peliades Resource Enterprise Home System
  249. Possibly bugged name for discovery of a planet.
  250. Credit loss on module upgrades
  251. Stuck inside a planet
  252. Passenger mission board not updated for new reputation
  253. Ship locations not showing on Galaxy Map
  254. Ship controls locked while in camera
  255. Probleme combinaison