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  1. Can't scan planets while in Wing
  2. Transparent drop down of sort options
  3. Mission board has Matchmaking server issue
  4. Incorrect images for first 2 beards in holo-me
  5. Low-res Planetary Textures
  6. Travel through stars
  7. HOTAS Throttle bug
  8. Connection error
  9. Safe disengage ready BUG
  10. Screen error, can't play!
  11. Approximate Time Played in always 0H 0MIN
  12. Purchases failed to unlock
  13. Screen tearing / syncing
  14. Resuming Elite Dangerous from rest mode causes frame skip fast forward mode
  15. Cargo scoop engaged when its not
  16. Just a minor bug i've noticed so far.
  17. Login Failure after crash
  18. Scan problems
  19. Dualshock 4 calibration
  20. Chamunda B1 Checkpoint Crash
  21. PS4 can't load past logo screen
  22. 'Refined' material in bin not moving to empty cargo bay in solo play
  23. Audio settings not used in tutorial
  24. T.Flight Rudder Pedals for HOTAS 4 not recognized
  25. Can't link account
  26. Discovery Scanner does not work when mapped to X button on PS4 controller
  27. Nav beacon not showing
  28. Game Crashes in Conneda System
  29. Context Sensitive Control Clash
  30. Missing a control option for UI panels and cycling
  31. Server transaction error
  32. Private groups not found when group owner is not also a friend on PSN
  33. PS4 ED Horizons available only on 1 PSN account
  34. Consistent Freezing on Supercruise
  35. PS4 Horizons DLC only working on 1 account
  36. PS4 PRO - Performance, Screen tear and visual cockpit bug
  37. No Horizons on Shared PSN Account
  38. Galaxy map is not working!!!!!
  39. Life support only bug
  40. Horizons not working for all console accounts
  41. Horizons only work on account I bought the game
  42. Can't move left or right, no pitch no yaw "Use Not Bound To Pitch"
  43. HUD Panel random jitter / shake / movement
  44. Ingame time uses wrong timezone
  45. Planetary surface mentor does not appear where he is supposed to (at all?)
  46. Headlook randomly backwards with DS4
  47. Spacestation, landing pad not active
  48. Graphic smearing as you jump into any system
  49. Headlock backwards when in autodocking
  50. You spin right round, baby round roud
  51. bugs elite dangerous commander deluxe edition ps4 pro
  52. Lave Community Goal stuck at 0H 0MIN
  53. Space Station Railing Collision Error
  54. Preorder gold sidewinder painjob has vanished.
  55. Orbital station not there!
  56. Cobra MKIV missing
  57. Stuck in witchspace...
  58. Headlook is moving/veering ship when I am looking left
  59. Game Crashing every time I start a game
  60. Galactic Map keeps reverting to a system 262 Lys away from me
  61. Game breaking bug
  62. Stations, planets, ships Stutter and move suddenly
  63. [System: Asellus Primus] Asellus 3 icy ring mining resource instances are broken
  64. Training - Combat: Bugs
  65. Just not working!
  66. Assassination contract disappeared from transactions tab
  67. Can't redeem Lave CG mission
  68. Open galaxy map bud from mission info
  69. Long load times, especially in FSD between systems but also loading galaxy maps and safe exit from supercruise
  70. PS4: Severe framerate dips and stuttering when in a area with other players
  71. Bounty credits not received after initiating the fight and delivering the final shots at my target.
  72. Respawn Point not Refreshing
  73. Autocannons fire at halve range only
  74. Server Won't Register Restock Purchase
  75. Ships Not Dying and Npcs Stuck!
  76. Bouncing of the wall for no reason.
  77. Inconsistent call sign from station operators
  78. Landing Gear In Tutorial Bug
  79. HOTAS Galaxy map switch on left yaw
  80. Texture Pop-in when Approaching Stations
  81. In-game cosmetic purchases not appearing
  82. PS4 Pro Audio and Other Bugs
  83. Commoities Market takes 5-10 seconds to load
  84. Game generating double lights at dynamic planetary outposts. Too bright and killing framerate
  85. galaxy map navigation discs disappearing on zoom
  86. Poor performance on regular OG PS4
  87. TFlight Hotas Mapping Issues
  88. No boost/engine sound in Sidewinder Tutorial?
  89. logo screen freezed for 10 minutes
  90. Some Targets Do Not Appear Until Witchspace
  91. Exploration screen not registering time played
  92. Black Market trophy not being awarded after selling illegal goods.
  93. Getting killed for no reason
  94. Not able to land on planet
  95. Audio cuts out
  96. [OG PS4] Getting out of supercruise causes freezing, lag, and disconnects
  97. [PS4] Missing System In Navigation Panel
  98. [PS4] Onscreen time is different
  99. Game sits at title screen when started, doesn't proceed for 15 minutes
  100. >20 FPS while fighting/flying in RES Sites even in Performance Mode on the Pro
  101. Problems with invite to wing??
  102. Could not connect to adjudication server
  103. Game jumps always to the first screen
  104. Accessing 'Contacts' to fast freezes the main screen
  105. [CRASH] Game client v1.03 crashes while surfing the in-game store
  106. Federation ships at Barnacles
  107. Pilot lost control
  108. Stuck in Hyperspace
  109. Planet scan mission does not indicate target
  110. Server issues make game impossible to play
  111. Horizon Sidewinder
  112. Not getting Bounties at RES sites
  113. Can't get to quince.
  114. Frame rate drop after 1.3
  115. Cannot plot route further than 1000Ly
  116. Cannot Join Wing
  117. Hyperspace initiation 'tunnel' animation shows a circle then a square on departure
  118. Music goes quiet for approx 1 or 2 seconds then restores
  119. Time out by 1 hour
  120. FNS Boxer Capitol Ship
  121. HOTAS 4 not fully supported
  122. Bugged Text String in lower (UI Focus) Ship Panel Text
  123. I Can Select Missions Above Recommend Trader Rank
  124. Connection Error to Adjudication Server
  125. Destroyed entering dock under auto dock
  126. Galaxy map cursor always selecting previous selected system!
  127. Hard Crashes to PS4 menu every time error code ce-34878-0
  128. [PS] - X button on controller not working
  129. Assassination window missed notification hours before window
  130. eravate community goal note updating properly
  131. Stuck on engineers screen after viewing a pinned blueprint
  132. lost meta alloys
  133. No mission critical update and reward after scaning obelisk.
  134. Mining
  135. Text Bug in Crew Pannel
  136. Lost my Cobra 3 even though i had more than enough to buy it back
  137. Bounty Hunting Bug
  138. Community Goal - Collect Rewards ?
  139. Glitchy CMDR's when in Open Play - Scanner and Open Space
  140. Targeted systems distance not in lightyears.
  141. Cant change out thrusters keeps saying will exced mass limmet even on lighter engines
  142. Server problem at HIP 17692 event
  143. Matchmaking server
  144. Blackmount station skipping and crashing my ship
  145. repeatable crash while re equipping.
  146. Docking Computer music delayed start
  147. Remoteplay + docking = input lag and death boost while docking
  148. Failed to communicate with server during passenger mission
  149. SRV Cargo Scoop Problem
  150. Audio bug: Docking sequence "Please approach within 15 minutes"
  151. Communication message error
  152. PS4 Open Play - General Deterioration of Gameplay Experience when other human players are about
  153. Station greeting messages playing at wrong time
  154. Blackmount Orbital - Unable to connect to mission server
  155. The training video "Multi-Crew" links to the wrong video.
  156. Hip 17692 res and navigation beacon missing.
  157. Can't initiate FSD due to server disconnects
  158. Connection Error specific to completing Donation Missions.
  159. Cash Donation Missions Crash
  160. Docking Computer Running into Station
  161. Can not transfer bulkheads from storage to ships
  162. Passenger mission complete, server failure?
  163. Failed to comunicat with server - Missions
  164. Can't claim reward because of a repeatedly connection error
  165. Supercruise left right no response
  166. Stuck on FDS - Game chrashing - Unable to play
  167. Mission to scan Data link on Star port
  168. The dweller won't update stuck on 2/5
  169. Severe lag and performance issues in crowded areas
  170. My Ship Exploded when launching Game
  171. Donating credits mission crashes game
  172. Game breaking bug with systems
  173. Goliath bounty while I'm auto dock.
  174. Accept mission > Galaxy map : System not highlighted in Galaxy map
  175. Constant connection error
  176. Game crash when dropping from orbital glide to tourist beacon
  177. Can glitch the game to run at 2 - 3 times normal speed.
  178. Liftoff from pad glitched directly to ship destroyed - Blackmount Orbital
  179. Unable to plot courses
  180. Blue Screen Crash at Chelomey Sation
  181. Why am i getting attacked at a station with no bounty...
  182. Severe disconnects while mining
  183. Login in station causes ship to explode
  184. Camera Suite Imperial Courier
  185. Galaxy Map Bug
  186. Killed for no reason
  187. Empire rank-up missions not appearing
  188. No missions available on mission boards
  189. Slow and jagged transition between side Panels and Galaxy/System/Mission maps
  190. Comms UI settings - switching off voice still allows incoming voice requests
  191. Bookmarks & Galaxy/System Map
  192. The fuel in the interface remains at 0.00h
  193. NPC crew Disapearing on ship change
  194. It appears impossible to remove the Wing "Voice Comm" panel when taking screenshots with camera suite
  195. Shieldless Shields
  196. Graphical bug with AspX SRV bay on first planetary deployment
  197. My ship got targeted and destroyed after getting docking clearancr by the station.
  198. Could not connect to matchmaking server
  199. Spelling and Grammar - Research 11/20
  200. Crew members not working
  201. Severe FPS drop at Palin's Research
  202. Ship Heats Up When Using Escape Target
  203. Start Distances
  204. Options to close Cargo Scoop (SRV)
  205. Empire REP bar in status tab not displaying proper percentage
  206. Stuck at engineer station (bug)
  207. Lava Spout / Ice Geysers missing
  208. Bug with sightseeing mission
  209. Decoding the ancient ruins not working
  210. Bug in Quince
  211. Tour mission did not pop CZ notification
  212. Sightseeing bug at gysir A
  213. Cannot Dock the ship
  214. Reputation not updating in bars and missions available, but is in dialogue and notifications
  215. Not connected to the internet error after 1.04 update
  216. cant dock ship
  217. UI bug
  218. Dock Station disappear... impossible to landing
  219. Comms Panel Messages Not Clearing Down
  220. My tale of woe
  221. Active crew dies even when you pilot a ship without fighter bay and destroy it
  222. Auto Docking keep ramming the station's wall
  223. Auto dock in reverse!
  224. Quickly hiring new Crew members crashes the app
  225. Wing members sometimes appear only as a Wake Signal
  226. Mission Board has no available missions
  227. Modules stuck without priority and showing in red when selected
  228. Chained mission / donations blocked?
  229. New Mission Destination Garbled & Unable to Deliver
  230. Screen Judder in Supercruise
  231. Denied docking to stations. Stations looks like hostile
  232. COL 285 Sector TZ-O C6-22 port Farmer Forum missing, found only two stars and no planets
  233. Log in Failure - "No Internet connection" Bug
  234. The crab nebula expedition is moving around 600-800 Km/s
  235. Secondary menu screen scrolling
  236. Bug with the Galaxy Map
  237. Delivery mission being given to station on planet that is restricted. Lave 2, Chern Terminal.
  238. VRS/SRV very slow in drive assist OFF (1/3 normal speed)
  239. Violent 'Wobble' Whilst Interdicting
  240. Assigned Custom Buttons keep changing/disappearing
  241. Shipyard fails to transfer to stored ship, re-loging teleports player to different station
  242. No Soontill Relics Sold At Cheranovsky City
  243. Federal Dropship sound bug
  244. 4K display glitches
  245. Galaxy ans System map take long time to load irrespective of FLight status
  246. ED crashes and signs me out of PSN
  247. Lost stuff
  248. Base weapons armed
  249. Crashing to PS4 menu when re-buying ship after dieing
  250. Shot down for shooting a wanted
  251. Dropship steering broken?
  252. Connection error after suspend session or rest mode
  253. Graphical Artefactes on planet surfaces
  254. Other ships are very choppy in supercruise (PS Pro Quality Setting)
  255. CQC Matchmaking Problem - Full Lobby, but Game doesn't start