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  1. Red target marker showed up right in front of you occasionally during combat
  2. Rare artwork federal navy retrieval
  3. Sound Distortion
  4. Chevrons around target still not displaying (intermittent bug)
  5. Disconnect after interdiction and NPC destruction
  6. Are Spec Ops missions bugged?
  8. Planet (Laksak A1) loaded without texture or collision
  9. Krait MKII Artifacts
  10. NPC fighter keeps shooting after host is dead
  11. Wing Beacon not staying set
  12. HUD Disappearance
  13. Cannot apply a new experimental effect
  14. NPC interdictions not spawning ships if second interdiction started after submitting
  15. Engine sound fails after boost
  16. Missing target caret
  17. Bug module
  18. Having issues with AI and ship launched fighters after 3.2 patch
  19. Fighter does not respond to commands
  20. Geometry of planets surfaces interferes with shadows whilst in hangars
  21. Game crash (screen hang) in VR in Asteroid belt
  22. Guardian Structure didn't give me a blueprint
  23. Multi-crew, Disabled comms re-enable themselves
  24. Route plotting failed
  25. Police still attacking me from time to time without me being wanted
  26. icon of mission
  27. Demotion after legal missions
  28. Multi-Crew gunner has no access to turreted weapons.
  29. Planetary Vehicle Hangar Inventory Bug
  30. Federal Security Ship turns hostile at Hi Res site
  31. Game crash when fighting Thargoid Interceptors
  32. Rescue mission missing targets
  33. Terrains failing to generate
  34. Outfitting freeze
  35. Visuals freezing / game crashing at starports
  36. Killing / Being killed in pvp with crime report off causes respawn on prison ship even if no bounty
  37. The Lance - crew pilot does NOT react to any orders in The Lance
  38. Signal Sources detected but not showing up in Nav panel or HUD
  39. The Conflict Zone is in Ceasefire, but the war has just started in the system
  40. During Hydra destruction, game crashed
  41. Viewing engineers blueprint shows all mats as grade 1 mats
  42. Switching ship in damaged starport removes heat damage immunity
  43. Planet surface bug with the texture
  44. No combat bonds
  45. Fighter Orders
  46. Quick maintanence red: no fine, no lockdown
  47. Got stuck in the entrance to a station and got a 7 million Cr Fine
  48. unpinning engineering recipe and pinning another results in no pinned recipe after logout/login
  49. game keep crashing
  50. Graphical "Judder"
  51. No Glide and a Mysterious Permit @ LHS 510 3 C
  52. Unable to plot route
  53. Persistent Interdiction
  54. No missions in boom state system
  55. Heavy fine for missions complete
  56. Immortal Cmdrs in the conflict zone
  57. Instancing more than 30 people not possible
  58. Texture Bug at Thargoid Base on Outotz ST-I d9-6 2 A
  59. Fighters lunches with weapons switched off.
  60. Could not engage FSD, had a malfunction even though module said it was 100percent
  61. Died for no reason
  62. Instance problems CZs Today
  63. Unable to scan Sagittarius A*
  64. Mentor missions problems
  65. Massacre ships mission USS
  66. Wrong rank/size targets in Elite Assassination missions
  67. Killing Mission Targets In Pirate Massacre Mission Not Updating Mission
  68. Can't choose mission rewards and only very low paying missions on offer from faction that im allied
  69. Mining Rush for XXXX Missions fail to be registered correctly
  70. NPC ships and SLF freezes in combat zone
  71. Game freezes (and crash) inside station
  72. Jump range mismatch
  73. Asteroid Fragments are placed/move within the asteroid - Limpets crash
  74. disappearing npc targets in liberation missions
  75. Double Interdiction, No Enemies
  76. Serious drop of FPS using Star Map and landing at Engineer sites
  77. Cant turn in completed missions
  78. 7A power distributor glitched and performing worse than it should
  79. Mission Notification Linked missions
  80. Mining asteroids disappearing from view
  81. Cockpit, text and hanger brightens, darkens, brightens, darkens as you look around in VR
  82. Secondary fire button acts like its being held down
  83. Passenger missions cause disconnect when selecting accept
  84. Distance displayed increases when travelling towards an object !!! not reduces
  85. Cant find missions on any of my accounts to consistently do.
  86. Audio volume galnet + background voices
  87. FSD and disconnection from server
  88. Missing info from the codex
  89. Server out in engineer
  90. Dolphin overheating in normal space, outside of any planet gravity wells.
  91. Select wingman's target button stopped working again
  92. Star Glare at certain distance only appears in one eye in VR
  93. Picking low temprature diamonds up
  94. Universal Cartographic Turn In No Longer Gives Secondary Report
  95. Severe Terrain Glitches on Planetary Surfaces
  96. Sounds missing and changing in volume
  97. Crash to Main Menu with Bookmarks
  98. Invisible planet. Crashes
  99. Ambiguous Hotspots